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@lukeunabomber Aye, he’s revolting @steveflatman @lukeunabomber @jackalluk Ah, he’s gone and said cockwomble lads @blucu he nailed his handle. @hassinator_69 @Alison_McGovern @gavinesler ✔️ @hassinator_69 @TurnerandGeorge Keep flipping that bad boy over on the reg big boy
@djbone313 @truncate_la 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @djchloeharris BleachReal men have potbellies
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @djbone313 @truncate_la @posthuman @BBCNews His PR teams are referencing their shit turnout as ‘the hundred’ and that it’s symbolic 😂 @lukesolomon Trapped Wind’s second LP is ace @hassinator_69 @GuyHornsby AgreedThey’re finally out there. Still a few copies available 🙂
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @PaulWoolford He’s here. Now.Truants receives no money from advertising and is ran by a group of volunteers. If you enjoy our writing and mix se…
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @WezSaunders @andydaniell Mate! Smashing it!French house maestro Pépé Bradock is releasing his first album in 21 years
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@mmtowns Poetry
Retweeted by Dean MuhsinDrum & Bass speaks out on #Brexit
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ABSOLUTE FUCKING 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣’s !!!!
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @SimonDunmore Looking good mate
✔️✔️✔️ to
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @SHFTD_AVN When the pinger honeymoon wears off @blucu And you’re celebrating your 20th birthday!.@mixmag are looking to borrow some big flight cases for a shoot in London tomorrow. Can anyone help?
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @djbensims @Coldwar_Steve Yep. I’m gutted to even have to tell you @djbensims @Coldwar_Steve Rustie’s pro-brexit bollocks has ruined memories of my youth @aalice_tweetz Jazz FM on in here. Massively increasing the vibewho's throwing good parties in glasgow? I'll be there for a panel in april and would love to play somewhere (since I'm gonna be on my ones).
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @aalice_tweetz Sometimes humanity just peaks and it’s a sight to beholdGot an estate agent round. Also doing some housework. It’s all go. @MatthewLBishop C@ntsMulgas @mikeservito This!!!! @carinabdula Much love mate - donating shortly xhi friends - my family’s hometown in mozambique has been 90% destroyed. communication has been cut for days now, we…
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@96Back1 Only if you ask @Chrisduck for permission.For the latest in our In Conversation series we spoke to Max D @FutureTiming about the history of the music scene i…
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @dontbeafraid I’m burning my sex and the city underpants
or you could say the stimulants were so good that people didn't hurl themselves off cliffs and bar terraces into th…
Retweeted by Dean MuhsinGeorge by Asda're delighted to announce our next fundraiser in collaboration with Choose Love, raising money for @HelpRefugees.…
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @MellaDee_ People are silly billys
@ENGLISHFUTURES @YorkshireTomsk @Jim_Cornelius @ByDonkeys @Nigel_Farage 👏🏽 bravo
Me mam’s been in a bad way for a couple of weeks. Now recovering thanks to amazing care from wonderful people in th… to @DJmag ,if you missed it. catch up here !
Retweeted by Dean MuhsinIf you are in the Surrey area I’d be happy for anyone to take these racks off my hands. Not want anything for them,…
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@onlyz It said lemsip but tasted like pingers @EmmaJayMarsh Lovely @chaos_fm Basically, aye @EmmaJayMarsh This!We all need to be a bit more human. A bit more compassionate. A bit more understanding. A bit less shouty at each o… @PhotonzZz @OrisJay @Man_Power_Music 😘 @artworkmagnetic I haven’t got three friends ArtieToday from 4pm we've got the legendary @reallukeslater LIVE from #DJMagHQ! Lock in via our Facebook and YouTube cha…
Retweeted by Dean MuhsinHuge thanks to the @bandcamp team for the big up! The vast majority of my recorded oeuvre is now available to purch…
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"The fragility a lot of artists experience is a direct result of putting everything out there about themselves in t…
Retweeted by Dean MuhsinBest thing about treating yourself to Zalto wine glasses is smashing one just before you pour a drink @hassinator_69 I’ve got a kilo of Galician Blonde coming from @TurnerandGeorge - stand byArtist Tips: Man Power – "...the fragility a lot of artists experience is a direct result of putting everything out…
Retweeted by Dean MuhsinHe was in the TA you @Tipping_PointUK for a very interesting talk with @Man_Power_Music at @thecluny. I don't know much about…
Retweeted by Dean MuhsinWhy is Mark Francois always on television and not where he should be, offering unsolicited advice to people using fruit machines.
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@Man_Power_Music It was a poo, wasn’t it?Geoff’s having a poo lads gyms do the best full English? @MellaDee_ @_noncompliant_ You have mail geez ✔️The nice folk @ResidentAdvisor have shared the recording of me at their Gain Stage for @dgtlfestival in Amsterdam l…
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @MellaDee_ @_noncompliant_ Yes you have 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽💥What should happen next: • Quietly revoke Article 50 • Tell Brexiters we left with no deal • Send them blue passpo…
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @reallukeslater @DJJontySkrufff @UKParliament Lost souls @pariahbeats Killer mate
When being ill impacts my appetite it’s time to start getting annoyed @chefcalum Dirty swines @KirkDegiorgio Heavy @rikmoran Looking for ‘mags’ in bushes @R_McCormack Lamb’s heartOh good @itsandygeorge BrexitHearing mates in music getting good news is 👌🏽on @NTSlive in the daytime for a change today. tune in to channel 2 from 12pm 🍓
Retweeted by Dean Muhsin @manueky Winter is coming @MellaDee_ @jgdrakeSickness update. Worse
@posthuman There can be a multitude of legit reasons for this though. @Laurence_Guy @medlar_ Erdinger 0 is great @blackmadonnachi I still watch it. It’s like a soap opera with dead fuckers bowling about. @harrypeacock17 Rhythm is Rhythm ‘strings of life’
@DeejayMosca Knee chanceWork for three weeks straight then get ill on a weekend off. Cheers @dontbeafraid @BAKEGLA She’s sound.
new episode now LIVE on itunes / soundcloud 😘
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Juno Records has started a new mix series ! It was decided to start it with mixes from a group of fierce women in t…
Retweeted by Dean MuhsinI have the weekend off from DJing but here's my Re-Textured podcast to help you deal with the loss…
Retweeted by Dean MuhsinWhen @spencer_parker drops off a large batch of forthcoming bangers 💥 @Herring1967 Respect, Rich!
@Huxley_Music People are fucking lazy perhaps?