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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of stylish historical mysteries. She/her. I still believe if I spin fast enough, I'll become Wonder Woman.

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@elamin88, can we share this again for VA pals? The deadline to register to vote is TOMORROW. 👇🏻
Retweeted by Deanna Raybourn @LilyMarsWrites @benharnett I still want to shove him in a locker.
Unplugging for the rest of today--don't break anything while I'm gone! [behave gif] @LishMcBride @mel_thegreat @suleikhasnyder Hey, look! It's New Walmart!"But all my friends are on Facebook." "I'm going to miss out on things." "I need it for work." They want you think…
Retweeted by Deanna Raybourn @ya_habbibi He got a short cut last month! Going to let it grow just a bit for autumn. @ya_habbibi He does this thing we call mountain goating--climbs onto your lap and puts his paws on your chest while… @mel_thegreat @suleikhasnyder Will do! I'll also make all the employees stand in one small fitting room while I thr… @mel_thegreat @suleikhasnyder I'm just going to go to Target and take what I want off the shelves. @ywrite You're very kind. And I too only wear comfy shoes! But I draw the line at those. 😂Sir, you are not a cat. cloak for new snow on the moors, in the birch woods, for bright stars tumbling to earth, for hares trembling thei…
Retweeted by Deanna Raybourn @piperhuguley I have to work really hard to get into a book that's present tense, first or third. [I don't like i… @DreamSong77 @benharnett I would totally alibi you. @benharnett It's like you're a woman on the internet. I'm very tired. [sleeping woman gif] @anne_theriault @anne_theriault "Be a bit more humble"??? @TwinsieBlue07 I'm also not convinced they'll even exist in the current form in a few years depending on the 2020 e… @AnneLouiseAvery She may be disinclined to wear it because of the weight, but no way is she unaware of exactly the… @TwinsieBlue07 Their practices are hella predatory. Plus the algorithms are SKETCHY. @TwinsieBlue07 Good for you! So important to own a space you control and that people don't need an account to access. @KevinHearne Welcome to the resistance!🧡🎃
Retweeted by Deanna RaybournGot rid of FB two years ago and have never looked back. Also, if you're a small-business owner, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD… @pinkrocktopus @pinkrocktopus I can absolutely tell. I said goodbye to my own very good boy in May. It's so hard to let them go. Big hugs. @KeriStevens "Winter! Get me out of here." @pinkrocktopus I'm so very sorry, Angela.
Still floored by Elle Fanning's custom Gucci gown for the Maleficent sequel, which includes not only ribbons, tiere…
Retweeted by Deanna RaybournI needed to be checked today, and it got me thinking about the ways I see folks respond to constructive criticism o…
Retweeted by Deanna RaybournVeronica approves. @kencf0618 I knew a woman who named her dog Rififi and shot her husband to death. I'm not sure how that's pertinent… @_AJCousins Same, girl. And there are so many people who shouldn't have to publicly display their pain but they do… @msheatherwebb I feel like otters have fabulous technique.I related to her expression of resigned disgust so hard. @CityJohn I hope she bloats. @kencf0618 Also, I'm WAY too old never to have seen it. The shame is real. @msheatherwebb I could watch this ALL DAY. @kencf0618 Rififi is on my list of Things To Watch! @_AJCousins And if we're decent people, realizing the ways we've unwittingly inflicted harm hurts. But we'll never… @cmclymer @feminist_ellie @iansmadrig That looks AMAZING! I hope it was as fabulous as you, darling girl. @BCDreyer also appreciate a stylish art heist or jewel theft. @JuliusGoat will never not retweet this darling. @sarahmaclean @DreamingReviews Yeah, we've seen the "flying by the seat of his soiled pants" approach. It works so… @BriannaShrum It's a big ask. @BriannaShrum To pique interest or curiosity? Or A PRELUDE TO SEXYTIMES. @dianarowland Darling!This scene from Stormy Weather (1943) was shot in one take 🎬 Fred Astaire called it one of the greatest dance sequ…
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@babssignal "SVEN, YOU BITCH." @barbarajhancock Uuuuugggggggh. And good for you. @4gottenflapper Girl, there is a reason I have a "no beverages after 7pm" rule.I'm 100% sure Gustav just saw a tiny girl ghost. @suleikhasnyder @rachelcaine There's no such thing as woke--only waking. (For me, I mean. Anybody else's MMV.) @barbarajhancock That is A Mood. I am here for it.I wonder about The First Guy Who Thought of Stuff quite a lot. It plays out in my head a lot like this. ✨😊✨…
Retweeted by Deanna RaybournIf you are using the work of a Black woman academic who is pre-tenure on your syllabus, e-mail her your syllabus so…
Retweeted by Deanna RaybournLol! My first lsugh of the day.
Retweeted by Deanna Raybourn @ErikaSwyler Glare. Glare for all of us. @MayberrySarah Thanks for the info! I had no idea. And I'm so happy you're enjoying the series! If Australian libra… to turn down lunch with a fascist — BERTRAND RUSSELL to Oswald Mosley, 1962
Retweeted by Deanna Raybourn @MayberrySarah I'm sorry, Sarah. That is SUPER frustrating. I don't have an Aussie publisher and didn't even know t… @FoxTale @ahoffmanwriter @KarenWhiteWrite @authorbeatriz @laurenwillig @KYBookWoman @goraina @EliotSchrefer
@mattiOgreen Eve & the wolves are gathering up by Gallow Down farm. The November sky is dark with snow. She puts on he…
Retweeted by Deanna Raybourn @hrcastor @katemond What is this witchcraft? @MagiRomance Oh, lord. I remember those days. Sleep will come again, I promise! @lynngr When I tell people I sleep 9 hours a night they act like I'm Caligula. @dani_nightshade Never enough Schitt's Creek! @nerdette @Hegemommy I mean. She's the hero we need. @Hegemommy You see it, right? @BriannaShrum Ugh. I'm so sorry. Helen at the front desk needs smacking with a stale jelly donut. @Hegemommy This child is starring in her own adventure series with a sassy talking raccoon sidekick and a laser gun. I love it. @BriannaShrum Were they genuinely unaware in this godforsaken timeline of the existence of Yom Kippur? I mean, it happens every year, Terri. @pronounced_ing @davekarpf "Bretbug" will never stop being funny. NEVER.FASCINATING. @CityJohn Oh my god.Just saw someone refer to people who don't pay their way as "dead beets" and we can all just go home now. [beet g… @sethpollins @GlendaBurgess Seth, you realize we're all taking notes. It's like we're forming a bidet club thanks to you. @MsAnnAguirre @ahugheswriter I always take the first. It's always clean. Shhhhhh...
@SusanjBreen Congratulations!! @amahnke @ChuckWendig @feliciaday BUSTED, MAHNKE. @NerdifiedJen @ChuckWendig @amahnke @feliciaday I mean, I read this as Aaron is definitely going to poop on you. @fuggirls I have never loved you more. @fuggirls I'm wearing it now. Be cool. @AdaptedPodcast Yes! @SherriADub Delighted you're enjoying! @katybeevt I ADORE those books. I'm bereft there weren't more. @DresdenRose @JennMcKinlay Yes! @DresdenRose @JennMcKinlay I've read them! You would not be surprised to know that she's charming in person. @cmclymer Every woman: [it's expensive to be me gif] @EmilyCorwin1 @RachelLapidow Phryne! @katherin_e_hunt Yep! I think I'm caught up but I might have missed a Hamish or two.BONUS POINTS FOR FUNNY. I NEED THE FUNNY.Want book recs! Looking for contemporary cozy Brit mysteries. (Not historical or procedural.) Loved CC Benison's Ja… @mjpcuervo DISINVITED.