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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of stylish historical mysteries. She/her. I still believe if I spin fast enough, I'll become Wonder Woman.

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@MsAnnAguirre That's what it's for, Ann. @MsAnnAguirre YOU CAN HYDRATE WHEN YOU'RE THIRTY. @marthabwaters It sounds delicious! @Literature_Lady I have your back. @alyssaharad OMFG. @MsAnnAguirre GET SOME FRESH AIR. @AveryFlynn Of course! @MsAnnAguirre Plus the soccer-mom-arm-save instead of actual seatbelts. We are warriors. SURVIVORS, ANN. @MsAnnAguirre "Have fun, honey. Be back at SUNSET." What. @MsAnnAguirre I had literally all of these. @AveryFlynn Wait, you're in DC? GURL. I'm signing in Boonsboro in April. SO CLOSE. @AveryFlynn @authorMsBev @mostlybree Also, @AveryFlynn? I have not met you in person and we must rectify. @dixiehellcat @loventhunders I'd have paid premium prices for that movie showing. @AveryFlynn @authorMsBev @mostlybree Help. Help. I've been attacked. @cmclymer You're my beautiful pal Charlotte. Who matches her mani to her pearls like a fancy bitch. @librariansti @_AdeleBuck 2021 is the setting. I got some modern bitches. @authorMsBev @mostlybree @AveryFlynn It's practically a substitute for a...never mind. Mama raised a lady. @JennaUland @spockerel @AveryFlynn OMG, you petty, gorgeous soul. FOLLOWED.she could’ve singlehandedly defeated thanos
Retweeted by Deanna Raybourn @scandalwomen @FarrahRochon Big auntie energy! @thejeffreymarsh You spend so much time and effort loving everyone else. I hope you know how loved you are too. *smooch*Jeffrey is a lovely and generous human. @FarrahRochon I have no doubt, sweet one. @KwanaWrites @FarrahRochon Don't argue with me. I have flawless taste. @suleikhasnyder Thank you! @KwanaWrites @FarrahRochon Hush. You are gorgeous and would OWN this. @KwanaWrites @FarrahRochon Double dog dare you. @FarrahRochon OH MY GOD. @_AdeleBuck Contemporary! @SpoolandThimble @IjeomaOluo Tanya, I'm trying to be cool here. @cmclymer @IjeomaOluo I am forty kinds of dead right now. Thank you! Bought yours and I know it is going to shift my tectonic… @IjeomaOluo Love!
@handsfullmama @marthabwaters Yep.Just so y'all know? Every day that passes this book gets angrier. @anne_theriault That is Big Ash Mood.Is it the About Damned Time Bill? @themaureenlee @fuggirls Yay! I LOVED meeting you last time! @Kris10Callihan I am DEAD that the Earl of Devon married an American and she's baking scones with Mary Berry at Powderham Castle. @TheRippedBodice @JenJChow @fuggirls This! @Kris10Callihan I'd love that job. It's like running a private museum. @Kris10Callihan The rabbit holes, man. And we get paid for it. Excited as Birthday Girl by that. @Kris10Callihan I have very strong feelings about 21st-century nobles trying to keep their estates because it's the… @fuggirls Y'all know I'll be in LA in March, right? RIGHT? @Kris10Callihan And you are a QUEEN for doing the work. It means a lot to readers who know the ins and outs! @Kris10Callihan Also okay for a viscount and if you did Earl Archer but not Earl OF Archer. Next time, ask me if you like. I gotchu! @fuggirls @lindaholmes @sternbergh Okay, but what if you keep them? @kristinlwrites Was going to harass you about following me on IG until I realized you followed me and I hadn't foll… @handsfullmama @marthabwaters Of course! Happy to help any time. Feel free to ask! And I asked about Beauchamp beca… @handsfullmama @marthabwaters Depends on the rank of the character but either Lord John or Beauchamp for sure. Hope that helps! @nkjemisin He didn't call himself. Clean. That. House. @handsfullmama @marthabwaters Also, you know Beauchamp is pronounced Beecham, right? Might make a difference in you… @handsfullmama @marthabwaters Whose inner monologue? His? @handsfullmama @marthabwaters He could absolutely be Beauchamp to his friends. @RaquelEatmon Bless. You're lovely. @nerdette @CRHillJohnson @RaquelEatmon It is HEARTBREAKING to be a woman and know you lose credibility the minute y… @FelicityDisco Oh, Sherry Thomas is SO GOOD. @nerdette @CRHillJohnson @RaquelEatmon Girl, I am so cute at rage. @CRHillJohnson @nerdette @RaquelEatmon Because anger is the one emotion men are allowed and the one we are denied. @marthabwaters Also, glad you're back! @marthabwaters 😂 I never grump at readers for that but bless, honey. @FelicityDisco I love BOTH of those series and am delighted to be mentioned in the same breath. @am_lehr @rachsyme It was RIGHT THERE. @rachsyme @DoNaytion @devviepuu @FKettle_Witch @Drunk_Austen I hate him so much. @WendyMolyneux But the feelings of the menz... @dani_nightshade @_AdeleBuck @NicolaMDavidson And it's possible for a woman to hold a title in her own right, but it was RARE--so mu… @PirateQueenKate Come on, now. You know they suggested prostate cancer too.It turns out that it’s pretty hard to figure out how old fairy tales are using simple historical data.…
Retweeted by Deanna Raybourn @BrennanML @FuckboisOfLit Rochester about the creepy noises from upstairs: @FKettle_Witch EXACTLY. (The lady could use traditional style of Lady Smith if she chose but I can't find a single… @NicolaMDavidson Those are some mighty curious letters patent you have there, Aloysius DeWitt von Scarpington-Renlow. @FuckboisOfLit That thread blessed my timeline today. Thank you. @BrennanML @FuckboisOfLit All the Reeds: @PeaceBelle73 It is my greatest hurdle because my brain is doing this: @NicolaMDavidson Girl, I will HURL a book. There are resources all over the internet, so no excuses for screwing it… @FKettle_Witch Austen was such a solid stone-cold bitch who knew things. She even correctly noted the extremely sub… @FuckboisOfLit @BrennanML, this was definitely the best use of my time in the past 365 days
Retweeted by Deanna RaybournThis also applies to the rules of British aristocracy and royalty. Princesses are not Majesties, baronets are not S… @FlippinPagesRev @BerkleyPub Thanks for taking the time to review. @pronounced_ing The goodest.I don't know who needs to hear this* but you can scroll right past someone in your mentions with whom you disagree.…😮The startlingly story of how Betty Boops black origins were whitewashed from history
Retweeted by Deanna RaybournAuthor @deannaraybourn will be in the store Tuesday March 10th to talk all about it her new Veronica Speedwell Myst…
Retweeted by Deanna Raybourn @babssignal @MIRACLECHARLIE Unspeakable, Charlie. I'm so sorry. @babssignal I mean, I DID. But it was stupid of them to assume I would. @babssignal I couldn't believe they fired me and were all, "But put the money in the safe and lock up, kthnx." @babssignal Aren't they? It makes me rage., literally every answer on that thread is worse than mine.I got laid off at Flowers To Go and they made me close. Alone. @deapoirierbooks @ludditeparent
@sarahmaclean "The same teacher who taught me how to identify unnaturally tight sphincters, Sharon." @scandalwomen Being a complete drama queen after his grooming. He told us he's leaving home to find you and said we… @NathanDunbar Oh, god. I just snorted Buffalo Trace. It burns. @cbwendybird Ha! Never say never.