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scary version of my alter ego for Halloween

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@andraswf @paperghost @kristianvanders my work wanted 3 original pieces of ID to process my promotion even though I… @PublicChaffinch @NonagonCity you sure Greg didn’t do that? not that I actually know all the shit I’ve shopped but… @PublicChaffinch @NonagonCity i wear mine in my heart @NonagonCity cool dip holder, very @PublicChaffinch @IrradiatedMouse she would be useless in an emergency @IrradiatedMouse when we got to the top of the lane just before the “no entry sign” where you turn into the trees,… @FelicityPage3 I love walking in the dark, but yeah I get that it can be dangerous - walked this path yesterday in… @peterbreda2000 it cost 52p to film and that included feeding the crewjumping out of the shadows and caught in the camera flash it’s laser eyes dog (or Minnie) will end like that video of the young lad constantly falling in the mud, except there is no one here to help m… country walk through the trees and mud with a sometimes visible Minnie think if my voice sounded the same in my head as it did on recordings i’d talk a lot less @paperghost ok time to go, safe to say this place have given me the equivalent of a hangover headache @Nibus should have gone there then imo @paperghost after this as a warm up @paperghost she fuckin’ did it here she is, almost but not quite going on it @ClippedHussar @JMS78 they said before that they’re only going to do two seasons for basically everything from now… @Luiseach Diving is genetic and you’ve let down your ancestors @Luiseach I use to find the middle ones worse - the bounce adds an unknown element and makes the landing harder to… @Luiseach I’ve never dived off the top ones, but used to jump as a kid (not so sure I would now!) @Luiseach which height are we talking about? The middle bouncy ones or the high none bouncy ones? @Luiseach i jumped and felt like I’d broke every bone in my body @Luiseach there is a high board into a foam pit at the trampoline park and she spent like 3 while visits just stand… just appeared in the corner near where i’m sat covid the volume in these places has reduced due to limiting numbers, they’re still loud thoughoh good they have a vertical slide, so the 6yr old will now waste an hour almost but not quite going on itit’s actually not drinkablecoffee is particularly bad, even for a soft playno wait it’s ok, i can hear themaaaaaaand i’ve lost my kidsat a soft play, it’s called kids world but they spell it as one word and with a “z” to make it seem extra cool @coachoram @drphiliplee1 this wasn’t fake, but as I’m blocked I can’t link it, has probably deleted it now anyway @rich028 @paperghost the home office should just have a department of wallet inspection and be done with it @Littlemisskatyb @EmuHp Cancel democracy @coachoram @drphiliplee1 mate @cam_sf @coachoram @bemoredoggie @seahorse4000 one day they might even stop asking everyone which party they are vo… @Craigadd @paperghost and, as I learnt from @Helen_Something, Irish stew, because apparently the epic stew my Irish… @paperghost @Craigadd big wet dinners @Craigadd @paperghost well that’s ruined the moon for me @Craigadd @paperghost moist moon @macTredo @paperghost you know what’s better that a big dinner? 2 big dinners. @macTredo @paperghost hate it when the units change and you’re stuck in the past @macTredo @paperghost i was busy yesterday and missed gary bigdinners, i’m still measuring things against feral hogs @andraswf @HKesvani we’ve gone from 2 min boiled eggs to 10 min poached eggs in the space of a day @andraswf @HKesvani i just can’t believe he has the gall to call that chicken curry - and how do you fuck up not 1 but 3 poached eggs? @andraswf @HKesvani don’t fucking tar me with his brush! @disappoptimism there’s a gym with a small “endless pool” (you can turn on a current to swim against) which is shar… got out the pool, went to get changed, and discovered i’d left my boxers on under my swimming shorts - how’s your day going? @andraswf @SaintTheJase i think when they designed the system they assumed that there would be a natural balance wi… @caitiedelaney did not know Americans called them a backsplash, it’s a splashback here.
@snigskitchen @Wer_ko_der_ko now @DigbyWhat @FelicityPage3 oh I wouldn’t - plus no right of way anyway, it’s part of the farm we’re stopping on but that bit is… @agirlcalledlina @robotattack who doesn’t like to drink their boiled egg? @Firesnakious what did you get? @agirlcalledlina @robotattack good, saves us also from his terrible opinions @agirlcalledlina @robotattack at 2 mins a time it might be cooked by the end of the dayBaby cow, moo moo moo moo moo moo @SpillerOfTea those 2 min eggs though, mmmmm see a lot of lefties complaining about house prices, but one Rosewood Red Multi Brick only costs 62p. Are you tel…
Retweeted by 🦇 frightening franky 🧛🏻‍♂️ @RichFiend can’t escape the cache 2 minute egg @Rachel_Mantell we went for a walk in the fields but it’s cold and wet and keeps raining, she’s ok thoughthe girls are all in the theme park riding the carousel but there are no dogs aloud so I’m sitting with Minnie @cam_sf @MisterRatt @keewa @ohgodwhatdoiput but the rules are leave one urinal space until only the gaps are left,… @cam_sf @MisterRatt @keewa @ohgodwhatdoiput Unpopular opinion but i talk to everyone in pub toilets when I’m pissed @ScornflakeGrrrl @JimMFelton sugar? Not staying true to the original recipe @JimMFelton do you have dry skin on your face? have you tried everything? is it affecting your confidence? is it p… @gremisch @Helen_Something @bchadwickfrance @gremisch @Helen_Something @bchadwickfrance if I ever become obscenely rich can I employ you as my private chef? You can name your salary. @HansGr00ber didn’t you weigh the peanut butter out?world. beating. @Bouri_D anti-trump/republican tweets all good though right?
@Sorrelish also can’t believe she doesn’t randomly bump into strangers out and about talking about their social anxiety @andraswf @gremisch 8 but i’m English @Dannyg010203 that crackling looks good @Sorrelish dog snores while she is awake @soapachu tried to send my eldest to bed at 6.30 and was then like oh, never mind @Nibus @IrradiatedMouse @chompmancobra we’ll be heading back through on Friday - will see if timings work out, woul… @DigbyWhat @bchadwickfrance like I grew up in a good size 3 bed semi and would never complain because I was very lu… @DigbyWhat @bchadwickfrance i grew up in Streetly - are we calling that posh? Relative to a lot of brum you probabl… @DigbyWhat me and all my mates did it, it was like we were the roofing crew in shawshank redemption but getting the… @DigbyWhat loved school dinners, throughout secondary school I always volunteered as games room monitor because the… @DigbyWhat would eat if given it, wouldn’t order it or make itLee Hurst currently getting destroyed on Twitter.
Retweeted by 🦇 frightening franky 🧛🏻‍♂️ @Michael_Dunn4 this feels like a subtweet but I have no idea what it’s referencing @milquetoastable @antic2000 @freepearn @Michael_Dunn4’m on it too hike eyes @Rachel_Mantell witches outfit
@rich028 @bchadwickfrance @MannyGoldstein2 @Dannyg010203 @IrradiatedMouse this isn’t a murder, I’ve covered this, d… @DigbyWhat @colken16 @Glitterbeard_ yes, and the other 3 @colken16 @Glitterbeard_ it’s incredible how a person can look punchable @rich028 @MannyGoldstein2 @Dannyg010203 after a couple of weeks representing me @rich028 haha, yeah, joke interested in meeting one of these shifty types in deprived areas who can somehow easily source hard drugs b…
Retweeted by 🦇 frightening franky 🧛🏻‍♂️ @JenHasSocksOn @DigbyWhat @CzechOutLuci @Depaysement classic digby food crime @DigbyWhat @CzechOutLuci @JenHasSocksOn @Depaysement should have had the cheese and bacon on it