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Jacqui Shine @DearSplenda reporting from backstage at the culture wars

Mr. Rogers in jorts

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@sdpowell1 The first ep of OJ: Made in America is very good on this period @sdpowell1 Not the chillest dude and on some Watts documentaries from 65 that are on internet archive, an asshole2-yr-old [to his father]: I don’t really like you. 4-yr-old: We don’t really know him, do we?
Retweeted by Jacqui Shine @LDBurnett @prof_gabriele @varsha_venkat_ @HC_Richardson @davidwblight1 @KosherSoul Where’s my invitation VARSHA @besswww The Redwall books!
@drjessigold @MollyJongFast @thekjohnston well, it doesn’t make a woman, either @MollyJongFast except we all oppress women sometimes, alas @amelianewburg bb I don’t think anyone is judging you 🧡 @melnickjeffrey1 If you’d said “Steely Dan” you would have hurt people so I think yr ok
@pankisseskafka SCURRY STORIES 2 TELL IN THE DURK @jjkamensky CHIKN FINGRS @natachakennedy @weel @Quinnae_Moon @wagatwe @NewStatesman uh, they, not she. @susanstryker @AnneOgborn @Quinnae_Moon JB uses the singular they these days.hey if your workplace cannot accommodate your needs as a parent or provide equitable resources to everyone, whether… @Ethnography911 YES @Ethnography911 am I on the syllabus @Ethnography911 I didn’t even know!!!! @Ethnography911 Wait is there new @aaronmedwards i respect this stanceI can’t wait for the book of child rearing advice from this font of generational wisdom @jourdayen DBT is great. @ivamarie @jdesmondharris No, unfortunately! @jdesmondharris I use wix. super easy.
Suddenly u see
Retweeted by Jacqui Shinedisappointing followup to the grunge slang lexicon
Retweeted by Jacqui ShineThe reason they so adamantly tell us to vote is because they don’t have a plan. Fatalistic are they are about the e…
Retweeted by Jacqui Shine @Ethnography911 @imhartshorn A BLUE CHECKMARK HAS ENTERED THE CHAT
2020 @EmilyRNunn The VVitch!!! @hystericalblkns @ztsamudzi @blacklikewho I thank him for his service @paperdispatch It in no way resembles the actual book, which is about ... the instability of gender and how gender is performed @paperdispatch How on earth did you arrive at that summary of Gender Trouble, Alona? @Ethnography911 @nanaslugdiva brave manlol how did this woman even arrive at this summary of Gender TroubleJudith Butler, GOAT @graceelavery kween @diamonde ... yes, it’s bad
"excuse???? sorry???? we r not ducks we r beautiful lawn ornaments what r u talking abt don't look at us" @pfeil @rokwon do you want me to just come over and show u @MistressSnowPhD I still want to know about the locs @rokwon You have a tennis ball? you can do some trigger point therapy yourself! @housewaif @graceelavery I respect that, with sorrow @HealeyParera @LDBurnett @susandamussen @school_tales @katisjewell No, I don’t know why I didn’t like the cut of that guy’s jib @HealeyParera @LDBurnett @susandamussen @school_tales @katisjewell wow my girlfriend just reminded me of the time I… @HealeyParera @LDBurnett @susandamussen @school_tales @katisjewell It’s important to me that people can trust journalists @LDBurnett @HealeyParera @susandamussen @school_tales @katisjewell she got in a lil beef with @MistressSnowPhD, which is when I got blocked @LDBurnett @HealeyParera @susandamussen @school_tales @katisjewell Unfortunately, I think it’s just a blockchain to…
@graceelavery oh i speak structurally strictly which is what they like anyway @graceelavery Anyway, shall they all run and tell M*ther B*rlant on u @graceelavery what abt faggotry @housewaif @graceelavery sad for u @graceelavery EXCUSE ME lol yes I know which u mean @dansaltzstein Ruth Ozeki! @MrsFridayNext I spent the entire day feeling like a loser, very timely @tweeterbull @GeeDee215 @KiaJD If she were Joan Rivers it might be better
@taffyakner @doree As someone who identifies as having Big Dad Energy,me: baby I think I love you more than coffee gf: me, too, honey me: ... but I’m not sure I would choose you over co… @pfeil just take my advice
@mollylambert I just trust the accountant, is this what’s keeping me from big success @mollylambert hahahahaha this is BIG entrepreneur energy @mollylambert girl hire an accountantand from their sworn enemies Saturday from Butter & Margarine @prisonculture oh I didn’t say I thought there were two sides lolol @blgtylr all it took was the booker shortlist, how do they like u now, etc @arielkaminer @BuzzFeedNews I know this is big because you don’t do all caps for just anything @prisonculture were you too busy to go on their little program, is that why they are mad @Nicole_Cliffe I did not need to know this why do you know all the worst things @mervatim I was going to suggest styling it without pants, goodUnless you weren’t and grew up in a majority black district As you were
Retweeted by Jacqui Shinegf: it's about how they acted like charles bliss invented evidentiality me: wow that's even hottergf: i just sent a letter of correction to Radiolab me: this is sexy to meSaturday cleanse ok not to express an opinion @thewayoftheid did she even TRY
@carigervin my neighbors did! @Remember_Sarah SARAH @SeeJaneMarie @mollylambert oh they confirmed that it's from a wedding-shaming group on FB, i'm still sort of confused about it @tkiramadden THIS BEAUTY @mollylambert @SeeJaneMarie I’m assuming this is for a ritzy fundraiser, not a wedding?hi from Butter and Margarine @tomandlorenzo @SorayaMcDonald d i t t oThe 1776 Commission.
Retweeted by Jacqui Shine @elizabethcatte 👀👀👀👀👀 @mervatim neither PUCKISH nor PARISIAN @graceelavery I think arguably Black studies is collaborative in that spirit but it’s expressed through citation, not shared authorship
Woah this is amazing. @spj_tweets and @TransJournalist have launched a race & gender hotline so reporters can get h…
Retweeted by Jacqui Shine @Nicole_Cliffe does she even respect the concept of a GRIFTsatchuel paigelyn? COME ON @gabrielroth oh snap @clairewillett @Nicole_Cliffe oh they are doing as much as they can without attracting attention @gabrielroth IT WAS A SAN FRANCISCO THING FIRST, GABE @Nicole_Cliffe @zacharyherz I got excited for a second, booooo @LDBurnett oh lordt is this at hillsdaleYes, that IS a Members Only jacket tyvm @yeah____no @artwormsbrown @Ethnography911 @GeeDee215 I left it at the frame shop and paid it in installments and t… @GeeDee215 @artwormsbrown @Ethnography911 like DAMN is this worth the cost-per-feeling of adult competence???? @artwormsbrown @Ethnography911 @GeeDee215 I have an extremely valuable thing and it cost $500 to frame @Ethnography911 @GeeDee215 Good picture frames