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jacqui shine @DearSplenda reporting from backstage at the culture wars

kind but not nice

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@blgtylr Do u have an essay in the hopper about it days as a historian too??? @ztsamudzi @dreamoforgonon we all have different struggles @ProBookNerds MY MOM SUGGESTED IT @prisonculture wonder if the book American Sutra might discuss? @prisonculture hmm, can you say more about what the squads did?
@mccanner "This isn't a profile that starts with overt disdain for the very form of the celebrity profile" etc @mccanner and i'm not sure that would add much, either! @mccanner but you could also write a lede about acknowledging the whole realm of possibilities, right? @mccanner maybe there's something self-reflexive i'm missing here but a celebrity profile written alongside a promo… @mccanner this seems like an unnecessary amount of shade @graceelavery "this old thing" @marikapea GREAT joke tho @marikapea what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... the stepford wives @aedwardslevy ... sourdough starter FROM HELL @gjcharlet dont you already have minei mean, that's what prison aboliti-- @Scaachi @jayasax Just wanted to confirm @Scaachi @jayasax which tho @jgarrettgilmore @proseb4bros remixes would be cool tho rightOMG This feminist pendeja made it onto the front page of the school newspaper, the High Life!!!!! 🤓😅📚
Retweeted by jacqui shine @erikhinton this man works with taffy akner so idk what he thinks the celebrity profiles in this publication are typically likep-hack me Daddy @prisonculture @netabomani spray some scotch-gard on that patch @dreamoforgonon @ztsamudzi HIGHLY RELATABLE, BABE @ztsamudzi @dreamoforgonon just going from Aquarius sun straight into my Pisces moon (yes my emotional life is a confusion) @esmewang @blgtylr UGH who needs to hear this, but the first sentence of your short story does not need to include every possible detail to locate the readerAm well aware no one wants to talk about this!! @AdamSerwer @cjane87 (PB is Moses book) @erin_bartram File DMCA takedown with google @analydiamonaco Like all of these statements are corrections but some are punishments. @analydiamonaco It’s the response with the more openly hostile energy to it. Penalizing. @analydiamonaco Yep. @analydiamonaco “What are you, a dyke?”lol take away my smith diplomaHeterosexual women have the most dynamic range of sexual desire? Get the entire fuck out.Heterosexual men are socialized to bury attractions to other men from boyhood. (Other research also shows that plen… @emilyrm I keep thinking I’m misreading it because it implies there is a corrective coming but I don’t see one?This is false consciousness, girls!!!“We’re all victimized” still doesn’t admit possibility—FACT—that men are also sexually violated by partners of every gender.This just isn’t adequate to me. interest here is in one side of this binary construct. The other’s, what, accepted as true?Like is this ACTUALLY for real? Men are supposed to “undo” this while you project it DIRECTLY back on to them?Hi WOW this is toxic masculinity so I’m not sure I’m super interested in what you think about “female pleasure,” mu… @hystericalblkns moment Americans can clock better than any other in the film @hystericalblkns really interesting (“interesting”) in context of film that lots of audiences don’t have full knowl… @MrsFridayNext ty for this validation @blgtylr @lithub Brandon do you like ANYTHING u do @tressiemcphd Partly why Claudette Colvin was not put forth as face of boycott movement, I believe @MrsFridayNext 3 gimlets talking sorry @MrsFridayNext Oh too bad I DO have proof of prowess 🛌 @joshsternberg @gabrielsnyder trash is in the eye etc etc @joshsternberg @gabrielsnyder you write about advertising, my guy @elissawashuta ok so it's ALMOST enough, ha @elissawashuta girl i found you a doctor isn't that good enough @pessoa31227525 SIRyou don't "HAVE AN ASK," you want to ask ME to DO SOMETHING for you or GIVE SOMETHING to you @DearSplenda aka back that ask up
Retweeted by jacqui shine @awoo_ LOVE U AWOOplease nuke the phrase "i have an ask" from orbit ty
@elissawashuta have asked mine this and she says yesthe academy in 2020: i like u but not enough to join academia dot edu @SkinnerPm you know you're an outlier, rightshe/her/ur boyfriend @AlanaMassey AMAZING @fosterhood It’s obnoxious @elisewho @NPR I think it’s probably more like this:
Retweeted by jacqui shine @CAMONGHNE this is an aside but HOW ARE YOU ONLY LIKE 10 YEARS OLD???lol amy @cmkoeb women on this website love to do that to me, lol @SandwichJudge They all look the same so @PKhakpour Virgo rising Pisces moon but a fave ♒️ description is “loves humanity, lowkey hates other humans”ugh should I spend the money I don’t have applying to vsc today or not @hoodqueer had a dr who was like “how have you even managed to get to ABD without medication, HERE, PLEASE, TAKE THIS” @PKhakpour sowwy @askeptibearical u can find a supply local 2 ur area, I can only do so much @askeptibearical please eat a cider donut or accept the ambit of ur ignorance @ItsTheBrandi oh goodwait is deblasio still “running” @sestrongman of course, we r best sign @askeptibearical Youll need these @askeptibearical ABSOLUTELY NOT Cider taste is not FILLING @askeptibearical appreciate your openness in this time of strife over public discourse @askeptibearical excuse me cider donut called and wants its title back
@Olivianuzzi @GMPaiella @KDonhoops right but five hours ago it wasmy parshah was b’shalach ok @cari_luna @chick_in_kiev Yes, because this happens to me a lot and I’m real tired of explaining to other Jews that I’m Jewish @cari_luna @chick_in_kiev I KNOW FROM FUCKING YIDDISHKEIT @cari_luna @chick_in_kiev I AM JEWISH @chick_in_kiev If you mean “it’s a Jewish style,” I am also Jewish and understand what it is. @eirencaffall @askesis 4 yrs ago u cleaned my apartment and I have wished 4 ur intervention ever since @chick_in_kiev Can I still not like that he yells :( @chick_in_kiev also could it be need new patch or gum bb @chick_in_kiev’m told “rapid-cycling Orlando” is my gender, always the last to know @max_read everyone needs a hobby @elissawashuta COUNT ON IT @cmkoeb isn’t that the best partTHAT’S NOT WHAT “FACTOID” MEANS