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Qamar @death__231 This hell hole called “home”

idk an artist a demon , m9yarchya , i like to meet new people , love my love so much cats are adorable owls are my sprit animals SMORT pansexual

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666👀 childhood 🤝 watching all parts of blade mind ain’t right
Retweeted by QamarIf you have to drain your pot of rice, you don't know how to make rice correctly 🥴
Retweeted by QamarI woke up before my alarm and i tried to turn my alarm off only to realize i never set it up last night
@P0114_A 😂😂 @P0114_A You know you drink tiger and not eat it rightNaw man... WTF⁉️🤯🤯🤯🤯
Retweeted by QamarWaish a vision Is the first step in art
Retweeted by QamarWhite rice lmaoaoaoao only took a year but I finally finished knitting my blanket
Retweeted by Qamar @lazha73339664 @alifaxiir Aweee cute cute @lazha73339664 @alifaxiir U can put lipstick on even as a tomboy and rock it (without overlining ur lips) lipstick is for everyoneI have been saying this for ages bitches cant accept the fact that they dont have big lips just stop overlining ya… cutest picnics ever @f0lake A cultural reset
Retweeted by QamarTHE FIRST 😩 ngl I love it the lecturer always says do the students pay you like noo i just dont want them to get low marks thats why im defending themMy MFA exhibition is next month
Retweeted by Qamarmen’s jeans have bigger pockets to help carry all their audacity
Retweeted by QamarI needed to see THIS ending
Retweeted by Qamar @death__231 🥰💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 we just vibed
Retweeted by Qamar @AELO1999 Quite literallyكارا ديليفين مع خطيبتها أشلي بينسون في أسبوع ميلانو للموضة.
Retweeted by QamarIts all because hndav is irresponsible and im a nice person also saya had a hand in it and darwyn is adorable it al… enjoying the fact that urban outfitters decided to wrap this book in plastic
Retweeted by Qamar @satanaic_ 🥰💕💕✨ @satanaic_ 😂😂😂 nah
I was reading through teachers pet (the song) comment section and one comment was like age is a number but so it 91… this bitch @michaelscat2 Omg im so happy for u 😭 my cat is missing as well i hope i find himشيخ العتاوي sorry them 2002 are very questionable @satanaic_ Damn G u gorgeous and nice and sweet nice to meet uالمهم النية 😂😂😂 @aya_yasir19 Yalla its all for a good cause 🌚😂 @aya_yasir19 Damn we have our second semester finals in may yall really gonna suffer @aya_yasir19 Damn yall still in the first semester @shappy__ Thank youu 👏🏼👏🏼✨💕💕 @sarah__azeez Waish thank youYo i passed first semester 🎉🎉Stop vaping
Retweeted by QamarMan yall make it seem like my highschool sucked adding lol on a serious message
Retweeted by QamarI can’t believe we all had a phase where we hated being viewed as girly and hated the color pink and thought wearin…
Retweeted by QamarLemme correct yall it’s scorpio + pisces i dont even know capricorns wtf r they that remind me why i use twitter
Retweeted by QamarIm pretty friendly so 5 What do yall think genuinely struggle to believe anyone actually finds this show funny and if you do you have a shit sense of humour
Retweeted by Qamar @rozaa64 It hurts deep @AELO1999 We love *^ @AELO1999 Yes so @AELO1999 LMAOAOAOA bitch @awkhxo We will love them extra @awkhxo 😭😭🥺 @shappy__ 😭🥺The fact that your pets will probably die before you want lace or silk elbow length or wrist length gloves if you know where to buy them tell me pleaseMore gays = less reproduction = less people like you its a win win do “men” on twitter call me a feminist as an insult as if I don’t proudly call myself 1 every single day lol
Retweeted by QamarUhhhh not again i need to rest morefashion school in italy... sigh
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@Monetsmoney @Monetsmoney I got a new header 👀 check it outgoodnight sapphics
Retweeted by Qamar @softiicecream @KaniBarzani Stfu its therapeutic @Andr01dPeach @silvermilk_ @SH01IQ 🥺😩💕💕💕Can't stop thinking about/quoting this video
Retweeted by QamarI got suspended from seeing my man in jail for a month cus I flashed him 😤😤😤 lmfaaooooo
Retweeted by Qamar @hellsbae 😭😂TW⚠️ this will be a thread of sexual assault stories. Feel free to share your story or dm me if you want it to be a…
Retweeted by QamarFruits >>> fruit juice >>>> >>candyimagine being this closed minded... like... why does makeup bother you so much??? people enjoy it and it doesn’t ha…
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Retweeted by Qamar @hellsbae Man I usually dont flinch and i didn’t flinch when I first saw it but it just caught me by surprise becau… fellas gather around she illogical @daner99d Bahhahahaha @AELO1999 😭The notes i have ready for finals:
Retweeted by Qamar @affendifadak @nooriiiy Damn thats cutee if we were friends id have so much fan scaring u with very living thing 😂🥺that tik tok of the girl cleaning her friends depression mess is a sweet concept but none of y’all better ever come…
Retweeted by Qamar @hellsbae Kche 🤡🤡 these things dont scare me but this one i 😩Assholes got me this time its 5 am for fucks sake WANNA TALK ABOUT RANGE
Retweeted by QamarSuch a pretty figure we love @affendifadak @nooriiiy 😂😂 its not that scary once you see it😂😂😂 I love this video this always happens to me its so entertaining
A mother and her children returned to the same beach 18 years later😁😁
Retweeted by Qamarbeing pretty without makeup is a serious flex
Retweeted by Qamar @ZeydAli1 @AELO1999 Ikr he is adorableBurning is the smartest choice @aanimebitch rin from free! and karma from assclass
Retweeted by Qamar @aanimebitch
Retweeted by QamarI need to know who's ur fav red haired anime character??? Bcs I LOVE red haired anime characters
Retweeted by QamarStop scrolling. You NEED to watch this🥺
Retweeted by Qamar @RoudyFran6 Honestly idk its supposed to be a building but it is what it is 🤡