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The ultimate Advent Horror Anthology. Available now on VOD (USA, Scandinavia), Blu-ray and DVD (Canada, Germany) 🎅 And on VHS!

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About a year ago, from January 11-19, we had our German premiere with 7 screenings at @FFF_FearGood in Munich, Hamb…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the legend known as Mr. John Carpenter! To celebrate in style, save up to 48% on some of his nota…
Retweeted by Deathcember @BDisgusting Last in 2020: Kadaver / First in 2021: Candyman 2 (once again) 🐝🎅
Mach was Cooles aus dem Lockdown: Schau einen Winterfilm ☃️ Wir empfehlen DEATHCEMBER - hier zu bekommen:…
Happy Birthday to our magnificent composer @andrewscottbell! Have a majestic time, maestro, and keep pumping out th…
Interview link re @DeathcemberFilm etc. ✌️♥️
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Last chance to get the great uncut #DEATHCEMBER release from Raven Banner dirt cheap! call to grab a KILLER deal in our winter sale. From 🅰️(utopsy of Jane Doe) through to Z we've got something sp…
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@60MWPodcast @PollyAMcIntosh @DeathcemberFilm @grimmfest Great interview with @PollyAMcIntosh ! Listened to it a wh…
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Our Kickstarter super-backer @ChristopherEtr8 has reviewed the #Deathcember VHS that has been released by… Time With..Dominic Saxl from Deathcember ( @DeathcemberFilm ) #filmtwitter via @FromPage2Screen
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We made this! It stars our kids and me. Directed by @Sean_Tretta . Spot the horror cameos. shot during lockdown. I…
Retweeted by DeathcemberProducer/Writer Charles Horak (@thefilmsalon) gifted me this sweet print from the set of @LuckyMcKee's "They Once H…
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It wasn’t easy to come up with a list of favorite films with 2020 being such a mess. In Germany, cinemas were close… you speak Flemish, don’t miss this fun podcast video from @ingebliktweets with #DEATHCEMBER director @RooverSd 🎅 2020, es ist Zeit zu sterben. #DEATHCEMBER hilft ☺️🎅 Hey 2020, it’s time to go die. DEATHCEMBER helps. Says…
Have you already watched the Hello Horror holiday special starring @barbaracrampton, @viviennevomit and… @DeathcemberFilm The whole concept of Santa Claus is so freakin creepy. Someone who watches you all year then break…
Retweeted by DeathcemberZum Jahreswechsel soll man die bösen Geister ja mit einem Knall vertreiben können - der muss dieses Mal aber besond… @IsaacEzban Soooo dark! 😈 @IsaacEzban Have you seen this? Should be right up your alley.Why didn’t anyone tell me about this film any sooner? 😮 It’s brilliant!
@brendohales at these two beauties! NOW or suffer the wrath of Psycho Santa 🎅 we already shared this, but can‘t say it often enough: You better watch out and check this review out 🎅 S4E3… @weirdoughmation @TodClark No, that’s region code free ☺️
To help us with our round of 2020- and what a wild year its been... We would love to hear your favourite from our…
Retweeted by DeathcemberKeine guten Gaben unterm Baum gehabt? Schenk dir selbst das Richtige: #DEATHCEMBER ist jetzt überall in D,A,CH erhä… may have stopped us seeing the fabulous @barbaracrampton in person this year, but UK fans have enjoyed her…
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If you’re looking for more great things to watch in-between the years, definitely check out @JCaseyChapman @brokehorrorfan @IFI_Dub @WitterEnt +1 @Scream_Factory ☺️🎅 We hope so!Happy Birthday @barbaracrampton! 🎉 Thanks so much for being a part of the #DEATHCEMBER adventure. Here’s wishing yo… @TodClark +1 @Scream_Factory 🎅December 27th - so what?! Keep the Christmas spirit alive and watch #DEATHCEMBER today! Find your preferred streami… @DeathcemberFilm now available on iTunes! 24 Christmas themed horror stories - perfect for these in between days.…
Retweeted by DeathcemberWishing Team @DeathcemberFilm a Merry Christmas. Hope the holidays have been good to all the amazing filmmakers tha…
Retweeted by Deathcember @FromPage2Screen Thanks so much, Stuart! Same to you 🎅🖤
@PeteBakewell @AATApocalypse @nightsb4xmas It is! But seems it’s pretty hard to get; hope it hasn’t sold out. Theor… @PeteBakewell @AATApocalypse @nightsb4xmas Oh, that’s a crappy disc in 4:3 open matte ... But more importantly, tha… @deadnsudburied Oh yeah, it is ... protagonist is on his way “down south“ for a few Christmas concerts, right? Weird beyond belief film.Keep the Christmas spirit alive with @Adam_Fn_Green's Holliston: The Christmas Special & @DeathcemberFilm on VHS!…
Retweeted by Deathcember @PeteBakewell @AATApocalypse @nightsb4xmas Saw Anna and the Apocalypse at a festival 2 years ago, finally got aroun… are you watching this year? #deathcember #christmashorror #holidayhorror directores internacionales con distintas ideas y visiones se unen para crear una serie de cortometrajes animados…
Retweeted by DeathcemberEspaña! #DEATHCEMBER premieres on @DarkTV_es tonight at 19:00 🤩 Full details at 🎅 DEATHCEMBER –24 DOORS TO HELL am 4. Dezember auf DVD und Blu-ray
Retweeted by DeathcemberWeihnachtsmüde? #DEATHCEMBER ist das perfekte Gegengift 🎅 Gleich streamen bei Amazon, iTunes, Videobuster, Apple TV… getting a chance to see @DeathcemberFilm! Highly recommend for your Scary Cryptmas viewing!
Retweeted by Deathcember @FrightSchool Glad to hear you enjoy it! 🎅 @SarahPo29854752 😆 Naughty! 🎅
Merry Christmas! For a special little gift, open the 25th and final door of our Advent calendar at… @MissAmaLea Same to you! 🎅A merry scary Christmas, delightful #Deathcember and happy Ho-Ho-Horror holidays from the three of us! We hope you… me tonight at 5pm PT / 8PM ET on @BDisgusting’s special episode of Hello Horror with @HorrorVixen__ and…
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You all better tune in a little later tonight: 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET, live on @BDisgusting‘s Facebook page - the “Hello… out today's door on the @DeathcemberFilm website for a little peak behind the making of the score!
Retweeted by DeathcemberToday’s the day to discover the magic of Christmas ☺️ Open the 24th door of our Advent calendar at… ⁦@kcrw⁩ review Deathcember on Press Play with ⁦@TheMadBrand⁩ 🎄🤘🔪 (Deathcember review starts at 7:16)
Retweeted by DeathcemberHow’s that for Christmas? @kcrw discuss #DEATHCEMBER right next to @WonderWomanFilm, @PixarSoul and @netflix‘s Jing… @andrewscottbell @MissAmaLea Here you go: España! #DEATHCEMBER premieres on DARK this Christmas, December 26th at 19:00! 😍🎅 #deathcembermovie the Malls ! enjoy cack ! & watch @DeathcemberFilm !!! #happyholidays #FroheWeihnachten
Retweeted by DeathcemberWith 24 short stories told by different directors, #Deathcember is a cinematic #advent that promises gifts of terro…
Retweeted by DeathcemberGet some @DeathcemberFilm this Christmas! It's what the festive season is all about!
Retweeted by DeathcemberUK horror friends, Santa has delivered just in time! You can now rent or buy #DEATHCEMBER from iTunes - and enjoy y… @weirdoughmation @LenkYvonne @conmagazin @andrewscottbell Uh-oh 😳 Wo denn? @weirdoughmation @DeathcemberFilm @conmagazin @andrewscottbell Vielen Dank, dass du Dir die Zeit für uns genommen h…
Retweeted by DeathcemberAuch in der Schweiz und Österreich gibt’s #DEATHCEMBER auf Blu-ray und DVD, zum Beispiel bei BeyondMedia, D&T, cybe… @HorrorDaddysRUs Uh-oh.
@MissAmaLea I can perfectly relate 😄 But how awesome is that 🤩 @MissAmaLea Wow 😳🎅KCRW reviews @DeathcemberFilm!!
Retweeted by Deathcember @MissAmaLea That’s awesome! (What kind of station is KCRW?) @civilgorepod‘Tis the season to listen to podcasts! Here’s a good one: - Their discussion of…'s the Season 4 finale of CIVIL GORE, & we've picked an epic film, DEATHCEMBER (2019), one of the most ambitious…
Retweeted by DeathcemberHead over to our Advent calendar at to learn about the dangers of Christmas - by way of an… ganz frisch am Kiosk ist die neue Ausgabe des MovieCon-Magazins @conmagazin - mit einer GROSSEN Strecke zu… härtesten Weihnachten ever die passend harte Gabe: #DEATHCEMBER als Blu-ray von @BuschMediaGroup! Unser Produze… stoked for people to get to sit around the campfire with “They Once Had Horses”! Out today in DEATHCEMBER- so…
Retweeted by DeathcemberDEATHCEMBER is ultra fucked up holiday fun- featuring 24 horror shorts from around the globe
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@zachforzombies @brokehorrorfan @WitterEnt Deservedly so! 🦌🩸Got my VHS of @DeathcemberFilm from @brokehorrorfan & @WitterEnt. Pretty cool to see our segment made the back cove…
Retweeted by DeathcemberGet DEATHCEMBER on VHS – it’s “the perfect Christmas gift for the horror fan in your life“ (@IFI_Dub). FINAL copies… giallo segment in #Deathcember was so good! @SohoHorrorFest
Retweeted by Deathcember @SohoHorrorFest I'll stop fawning over the giallo to say I also thought All Sales Fatal, Santa Is Coming, Milk and…
Retweeted by DeathcemberTime to get behind the scenes of Jason A. Rostovsky’s “Before Sundown“ – open door number 22 of our Advent calendar… Christmas Calendar Door # 22 With a comment by @wayneley CC is a tale of @DeathcemberFilm Check out all d…
Retweeted by DeathcemberUh. Look at this beauty. My article about @DeathcemberFilm is featured in the new issue of @ArtofHorror1. Two pages…
Retweeted by DeathcemberMy personal top 5 from @DeathcemberFilm: The Hunchback of Burg Hayn by @BobPipe X-mas on Fire by @warnuts_film T…
Retweeted by Deathcember @weirdoughmation @andrewscottbell @khaleesi_101 @SohoHorrorFest @DeathcemberFilm Crappy Christmas had my jaw on the…
Retweeted by DeathcemberThank you @starck_dominik 🙏🎅Die neue Ausgabe der @ArtofHorror1 ist jetzt erhältlich - mit einem feinen DEATHCEMBER-Review über 2 Seiten 🙂🎅 - La… with so many delights on the Christmassacre smorgasbord, we would love to hear what your *favourite* segments of DEATHCEMBER were? 🎄🎁
Retweeted by DeathcemberDEATHCEMBER was a great way to finish @SohoHorrorFest Out of all 24 shorts, pretty much all of them provided me w…
Retweeted by Deathcember @Tiggy_Cambridge @SohoHorrorFest @MichaelVarrati You got most of the names right - the film with the carolers is “V…
Don’t forget to open the 21st door of our Advent calendar at today, for a really cool poste… @TonyRDB @maljutley @SohoHorrorFest Thanks! *crosses name off naughty list* 🎅All I want for Christmas is @barbaracrampton and @TiffanyShepis! @DeathcemberFilm was great fun @SohoHorrorFest las…
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