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Tennis and mathematics. What else is there? OK: My name is not Inigo Montoya.

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@ajayvb @thecaravanindia Yes, close in some ways. @runbikehurry @satishs Too bad he died the way he did.Kota boasts several “fake schools,” where kids register so they can appear for their board exams without having to…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaLet's just be clear about two things though. She is not cretinous. She is not a priestess. She is a blot on us all. doesn't exist. who turned up with Indian flags to watch Pakistan play India at the World Cup -- were they all Indian citizen…
This is 2019. 117 people are dead in Bihar because of a heatwave. So we must build a temple. always thoughtful @shaileshgan with clear-headed ideas again. following the exciting World Cup that's on these days? You know, the one in France.You certainly are a glutton for punishment if you're out searching for stupid idiotic behaviour by Indian "fans" af… @MonkofMaude Well, actually I was always a little wary of late RK Hegde -- but certainly there was respect. None fo… @MonkofMaude Is that true? I hope RK Hegde is turning over, wherever he may be.Wait, so there are dudes whose hackles rise at "harami"? They've clearly never heard "bastard" or "maa ke laude" an… naïvete to expect any one of, let alone all three of, humility, humour and grace. you suggesting by any chance that this is a higher priority than a temple? Eden Gardens in 79-80, the sirens went out at 11 am on Jan 30. Imran threw the ball down & asked everyone to sta…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaLet's see. If Ananth Hegde had NOT been a BJP MP, would he have thrown his weight about and beat up people knowing… makes up this garbage and puts it out, and why? And why not make a claim like, for exam… Thackeray tells us that "in a democracy the sentiments of the people must be respected" and therefore wants… reminds me: there was a time when Pakistan regularly beat India at cricket, and I heard any number of Indians…
It always seemed to me that Kota was fertile ground for stories. I thought a film might do it justice. And now we h…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaThere's a vast, looming water crisis threatening several of our biggest cities. Of course it's our greatest nationa… father in his day. inexorable decline of a once-great journalist, @madhukishwar. lovers this is the better shot that you're saluting the martyrs of Gadchiroli, Oriental Insurance. But surely "speedy settlement" of cla… takes special bigotry not just to lie and make up stuff about this video, but to gloat because it's Muslims in t… took those words "bigoted ignoramus" out of my mouth. Only thing is, I might have used the plural. @TarekFatah
Please don't slow down, SL! Keep that run rate up and pull off a magnificent win! @b50 This article explores some of the joys of compounding: @b50 i.e. you're saying people don't get the difference between simple and compound interest? With simple, you are… @Bidnurmath1 Glad you found it interesting! @powerofyogesh Thank you! Delighted that you enjoyed it. @adityeah @deepakmohoni @b50 I have strolled on that Lalbagh hillock, drenched in ignorance! @DrMAzam @ROALY Sadly but tellingly, very few people.
Fabulous shot, Mr Vij. boy. Absolutely. Aside: When will we find politicians willing not to be parochial? (Ans: when we are willing not… right, who IS this guy giving people laughs in the town I called home for 7 years? See…, which one’s the tallest? Antilla? RT @DilliDurAst: Second tallest church in Asia, St Philomena’s, Mysuru @VijaySales we just found that there were 7 missed calls from your delivery people at about 130pm today. So cl… @VijaySales My 86 year-old mother bought a fridge from you two days ago. She has waited at home for the delive…"Why is 42 the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?" @jonesjoseph Why, thank you! So glad you found it stimulating.Shouldn't we try to find why upper caste Hindus voted for the BJP like never before? No Hindu-Muslim angle. No need for anyone to get worked up.
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaCrow lovers's a memorial being built to this man. Say it again and let it sink in. There's a memorial being built to this…! In a strange series: Golden State won 2 of 3 away, Toronto won 3 of 3 away. Only one home victory and that’s the difference. @Pogonokwap Fascinated by your recent paper on Veromessor pergandei and spiders! So I wrote this as my regular math… Friday maths+ column for Mint: Finally I found a way to bring together ants, my time with denotified tribes, chi… @Mktimeforsports Well, of course! That's the whole point of a 15-man squad. If more than 4 guys get injured, call f… courageous, remarkable life, and well-lived till the end. praise!
@Mktimeforsports There are 15 players in the WC squad. I'm saying a replacement for Dhawan should come from those 1… @deepakmohoni But take a look at this report from 3 days ago: -- a lift, for crying out lou… @b50 @deepakmohoni I went up there with someone else a year or two later too. @b50 @deepakmohoni Of course I remember! @Mktimeforsports The message to the rest of the squad. Dhawan's replacement should come from those 15 or 16 or what… that I have anything against Rishabh Pant, one of this country's finest young cricket talents. But shouldn't a… Apollo 11 spacesuits were made by a company famous for making ... bras. Cup blighted by rain. Two matches abandoned before they started. Another abandoned after just a few overs. A… repairs at Bandra station over last several weeks, and just as we might have expected, they are not finished.…
Mohammed Amir 5-30 with 2 maidens thrown in! Is this a sign that this wonderful fast bowler is finally finding his skills again?Head of a 30,000 year-old wolf found nearly intact in Siberia. the kind of thing the series and my article(s) touch on. wants a Hindu Rashtra, no government can tolerate this...they must change their mentality- Sardar Patel’s speec…
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4.5% actual. 7% reported. Acchhe din. that those who raped and killed an 8 year-old girl in Kathua have been sentenced to life imprisonment, let's re… you SC, for ordering the release of Prashant Kanojia. thinking about. Again and again.“I never tried to think ... am I gonna catch Roger or not. ... You can't be frustrated all the time because the nei…
The Moon is "a part" of Mars. So I've learned from Donald Trump.There is nothing, nothing, more urgent than this.
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaThis is a classic. Read it if you have not already. @linusjf Don't think so, but this was a once-in-a-lifetime era.Straight-talking, forthright Girish Karnad has left us. Go well, sir. We will miss you.
But with Thiem down 2 sets to 1 and 1-4 in the fourth, hopes for a new champion are nearly extinguished. @azadony I think I'm coming down with a case of Angular Dystrophy. @Raj29343472 @noconversion One last response to your nonsense, make of that what you will. Yes, circumcision does n… @sachi_bbsr if find the 143 degree angle, will I understand nothing? If I locate the 26 degree angle, will I feel a sharp pa…'ve heard of the Madden Julian Oscillation. (well, five minutes ago). Have you? @Raj29343472 Bindi on the forehead means the woman is Hindu. Got it. Allow me to tell that to the dozens of non-Hin… and become super rich. And become a politician in the ruling party. And win elections. it again, Lodha's excellence:
@SauravDatta29 @shakilindia1 @waglenikhil @pbhushan1 @CMOMaharashtra @ram_puniyani Shakilbhai is always here. We sh… three years ago, Ashleigh Barty was playing professional CRICKET in Australia. Thank you for returning to tenn…राम पुनियानी को धमकी भरे फोन, उनसे कहा गया के आप हिंदू विरोधी हो पुलिस ने उन्हें सुरक्षा प्रदान की है इस घटना की…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaAs great a fan as I am of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, I'm longing for new trennis champions to emerge among the me… which are those? this the time of Thiem?"I have been in the revenge business so long. Now that it's over, I do not know what to do with the rest of my life… @pankajbagri1212 @aundhe @b50 It's true. Whatever rules there are, @aundhe Benz. @b50 @aundhe Audi manage to come up with that, I wonder? He must have had nothing else to do.The sheer arrogance of this woman- and she actually calls herself a Sadhvi!
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaA definite Audi-ty. RT @b50: Special benefits for CAs? Really? Is Audi that desperate? John has died! The first time in half a century that a team has defended its French Open mixed-doubles title! Go Chan/Dod… sorry for Pragya, please. Yahan jhadoo bhi nahi lagti.! Just saw (and tweeted) another report about this same atrocity.