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Tennis and mathematics. What else is there? OK: My name is not Inigo Montoya.

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@mirchiwalaaadmi Not me, actually! Someone I know who told me all this. @nuts2406 No, the message says the carriage of the things "by air is prohibited". Meaning not in the hold either. @ravyas75 Yep!Seen on another hoarding: "Early retirement ke baad karunga mera passion ko follow." Ugh. That's all. Ugh. Can't stand this lingo. @chackowacko Bom. Paper ticket to enter terminal. No checkin bags, so headed for security and the gate, ready to sh… sends mobile boarding pass. Have it on phone. Security guy at airport refuses to recognize it and insists o… before a flight, this message arrives from the airline: "Carriage of older generation Apple MacBook Pro laptop… a hoarding in Hyderabad saying something about how 200 sculptors worked for some number of months to craft the… @appadappajappa Yeah? Well what are the other dogs you have?That's right! Good riddance too. @gauravraikar @aliamjadrizvi Thanks!Fabulous!
No sir, you said “national language”. You need to clarify whether you want Hindi (or any other language) as a “nati…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaA second Modi biopic is coming out, perhaps because the first one released in the same week as Aladdin, and people…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaI always used to criticize Modi Ji, but today on his birthday I'll share some lesser known good things about him. D…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaThere is an old Narendra Modi tweet trolling himself for everything. Everything.
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaHe just turned 69. The nation just turned 72. Yet to certain who are obedient and faithful and empty-headed, he's i… traps Indians is not language, but other barriers. kisi aur ka bhi.'d like to know which was the last election that did not see this fake drama played out beforehand: caste is nonexistent in India. And yes, not just his "honour", but yours and mine and everyone else's too has b…'s a Christian and a black man, enough to reveal #newIndia's insecurities and bigotry in their unvarnished glory
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaAnd I mean nauseating not simply because of "boing" etc here - - or "solamaniosed" and "fea… heard about this nausea-inducing stuff:
Gone for young men every one doesn't "want to compare" Kohli and Smith, but promptly does so anyway. it is. I often ask people "Howdy josh?" And they reply "Hi sir."🇮🇳Oriya 🇮🇳 Marathi 🇮🇳 Kannada 🇮🇳Hindi 🇮🇳Tamil 🇮🇳English 🇮🇳Gujarati 🇮🇳Bengali 🇮🇳Urdu 🇮🇳Punjabi 🇮🇳 Konkani 🇮🇳Malayal…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaWe live in a time, just so you know, when the country's Home Minister writes an oped in the Hindustan Times singing…, caste no longer exists in India and no, there are no lynchings here either.
@NatellaPuncakes @sukhadatatke Send me a note dilip DOT fbk AT gmail.Gavaskar's debut series against WI in 1971: 4 Tests, 774 runs at 154.80. Steve Smith's Ashes against England in 201… @TorontoDreams @Sofiaso23786984 @OpticBlur @Joydas @Toronto Like I said before, we have here a man who doesn't unde… @TorontoDreams @Sofiaso23786984 @OpticBlur @Joydas @Toronto Ah. I see we have a man who has no concept of the meaning of population growth.Pretty flimsy Fevikwik. Kashmiri as India’s national language. Benefits: -1.3 billion people get to learn a new language. -Job c…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaAm I seeing this right? Some Hyd establishment called St Francis College is dictating kurta length requirements to its students?The ironies of populism.
Retweeted by Dilip D'Souza @TorontoDreams @Sofiaso23786984 @Joydas Well he was responsible for the massacres in 1992-93, then his fans voted h…
#NewProfilePic It's been 41 days. Let's not look away. Look Kashmiri's suffering in the face. Look at their courage in the face.
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaOn Hindi Divas, remember the languages - with their rich literatures - which have been derided as 'dialects' or sti…
Retweeted by Dilip D'Souza @TorontoDreams @Sofiaso23786984 @Joydas So you are thanking Bal Thackeray for the bomb blasts of 1993? Just confirm… Didn't Einstein do it? because there is not one achievement to talk about. maybe Jayant Sinha will garland him. about waist size? isn’t volume ... I’m not even sure what this is calculating ? . @Hermesparcels #madeupmaths
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaSay that again: "the biggest enemies of Hindi". @sahiravik @alyadesylva What's on the list that makes you shout for joy?Because we prefer to see that country's soldiers and people as vermin rather than humans.
#1 in something at last. do the One Nation One Language guys never choose a language they don't know?This is that rare wonderful news you wake up to occasionally! Thanks @MumbaiMirror for highlighting the…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaOne nation one hair length (mine). One nation one belly size (mine). One nation one pet (mine).Damn! So much dirt on that floor! what a fine book that is! a short while ago at the Indian Mouthorgan Players' Meet in Hyderabad, had them rolling in the aisles laughi… @Sahil_Khanna @Oreejit_G Haven't found it of late though.Wife's favourite... gone! is the worst social media challenge in history and we demand that all of you stop it AT ONCE. Books are precio…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaI do! @ravyas75 Applies here absolutely!Meaningless.
Tailwatch @j_bindra @_LucasRizzotto Smooth and clever!Closed shops and kids playing cricket on empty streets of a state capital, is the new definition of normalcy, like…
Retweeted by Dilip D'Souza#PappuGoyal
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaCops lynch a man in Sidharth Nagar in UP. Yes. This is police lynching. And standard suspension will not work here.…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaYeah, you know, carrots didn't help Einstein discover gravity either. Not salmon, ballpens and earthquakes either.…
While I'm a Steve Smith admirer, and also believe he is capable of scoring 304 runs in two innings, "on the verge"… so, but first would someone please explain what "Hindutva ideology" is? no! Only millennials! Don't you get it, you have to find someone to blame, and millennials make a nice target? S…'t that second list carry an item something about how to eat mangos? Article 371 won’t be diluted, Amit Shah assures northeastern States
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaOh yes. Caste is a thing of the past in this country.'We Too Yearn For Peace': Voices From A Land Under Siege For a Month. Read this account by…'m not sure, is she criticising millennials? If this is true, she should be thanking them, as should we all.
What comes first, filling your head with hatred or putting "proud Indian" in your Twitter profile? What comes first, the chicken or the egg?Facts? What're those? Especially in the face of empty-headed bigotry? @tjoseph0010 I have the book, it comes highly recommended, I'm planning to read it on long-distance train rides thi… I thought. Just your empty-headed bigotry. Got it. right. Let's see if you have the substance to back up your claim, or if it is just empty-headed bigotry. Let's… statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet mentions both Kashmir restrictions and…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaYes. What India is today."Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." Mark Twain (1835-1910)
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaDo the math yourself. e.g. Pakistan, about 1/7 of India's population, but about 1/24 of India's contribution here. this is undoubtedly sad news, I wonder as I do with other similar mentions: if it was "buzzing with office-go… mean leaving the Athena thing to one side, what kind of Irish person, with Indian ancestry no less, can say they admire Churchill?
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaToll plaza workers in UP's Hapur district, armed with rod, chase private bus which tried to escape following a scuf…
Retweeted by Dilip D'SouzaEnjoying this rendition of an old classic so much these last few days: @yehlog By the way, why did this come up again suddenly now? (Not that I'm complaining, I'm all for constant remind… @pickover Another delight (thx Harlan Brothers): multiply numbers on each row. For each row, multiply the products… @SeemaSi80252530 you don't, wait till October 9. tied him up and lynched him, but they "did not have any intent to kill" him. Got that? Valerie Plame just launched her bid for Congress with the best ad of all time that could also be a trailer for…
Retweeted by Dilip D'Souza"The Muslims"? What's that supposed to mean? Apart from all else, some 35-40 million Muslims in the subcontinent at…
@MonkofMaude @AmazonHelp True, but this is about Amazon Prime and photo storage...I'm elaborating right now (or actually my wife is) to Nabanita of your help team. We've gone through Sridharan, Ama… experience with customer service at @AmazonHelp @PrimeVideoIN @amazonIN -- got on chat, and within ten mi…