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I search for love in all the wrong places but I give out remarkably good dating tips ❤️. Love scuba diving & dogs - not at the same time 🐶🤿 DEATH TO SPINACH!

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@paulwhitefa 😂
@EmmaJaneStanle2 That’s very kind but I insist you keep all your stock to sell - Christmas sales should keep you super busy with any luck 🤞 @PammWhittaker @MaryJaniceD @LeandadeLisle Why thank you ma’am 😊 @HelmetHall @ISetSimsOnFire @Schadenfury @popsicle_____ @thepublandlady1 @JimMFelton @whoelsebutalf @TonyCowards @misselooker 😂 @thestarseanyboy 😂 @TheGayEx Actually I do love it when a man calls me baby on DMs because it means I have a new cockwomble to play with! Yay! @Superhatter Ooh love this! @MichelleAnubis1 When they get reported as being a scammer Twitter takes down their accounts so it’s to their advan… @mavisluvspeas 😂 @SirPercyWA Oh I do hope so Sir Percy @mavisluvspeas Exactly. Someone has to keep me in ginger shampoo and vitamin E face cream!For those asking where the figure of £3k came from - here was the beginning of the conversation... @pstni @IncognitoPengy @Kitboga Ooh I didn’t know about him. I’m going to follow - he looks fab!I’m excited to say that I’ve been approached by David Humphryes who will send me £3,000 as long as I buy a £100 Goo… @Baggiepat @flappersnuagee @GloriaGrahame1 @CrystalFinds @HollywoodYeste1 @hazelflag @Moviewhisperer1
@daniherbz No they wouldn’t do anything. He isn’t impersonating anyone so they can’t get him on that either. @JennySteer5 I should have offered twister. It’s my own fault! @Niki44 Love this GIF!
@cheltcanary Ooh yes!I’ve come to the sad conclusion that my on/off beau Musiimenta Aaron really just doesn’t know what he wants He cal… @undercoverjulie @AniltailorT @zippy94400851 @quietlypeeping @ArrivedInGenX @wat_hamm @RoxylouRoxy @lor138 @slightlydotty Oh god that’s the cutest thing in the world!
@Truth1988X @itsDannyJones @mcflymusic Bit cheeky @TheGayEx Hey! That’s the other fan club I was in - with the woolly Gnasher badge! @TheGayEx I was in the A Team fan club when I was young so they wouldn’t have to tell me twice - I’d be in that van like a shot! @Mumbomania It was an unintentional consequence @SoniaMonette It was me that made the joke @Beth67615000 Christ I wondered what was going on for a minute there! @Nikki13687705 😂😂😂😂 @smashey_t 😂😂😂Today I learnt how NOT to impress a man - part 4 - go to hospital for tests - sexy Dr attaches electrodes to face… @littlelynnee45 I’ve followed him. Let’s see if he messages 🤞🏻
@samanthasrants Aww that’s so cute 😍 @jpjacko @groandad What can I say? He loves the limelight 🤷🏼‍♀️ @jpjacko @groandad I think you’ll find he’s looking at the camera! @cheltcanary Sorry to hear that Nick 😞 @findaprince @thestarseanyboy 😂 @Michelle__1111 Thanks Michelle. It is a very exciting time for me @expose_gang 🤷🏼‍♀️ @motherofmogs 😂 @thestarseanyboy Yes I fear the worst on this one as well 😞
@MrBrittle1 @Niki44 They DM on Twitter @Phil_Roberts I don’t actually have a cat in real life but for some reason I started putting one, now called Magnus… @Bellatrixie85 Yes absolutely! @groandad Magnus is always by my side, don’t worry about that. He’s perfectly safeMany of you will know that I have a special on/off relationship with Musiimenta Aaron in his snazzy red jacket I t… @QCNewman This was me deliberately winding up an internet scammer who has stolen someone else’s identity. I do it a… @QCNewman You do know this is a wind up don’t you? @sophieheloiset I’m a big fan of spiders and I have to say - that is an effing BEAUTY! 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷 @Alijkyte He’s a handsome lad 🐶❤️ @vamperini @MrWolf414 Fab!! I’ll follow them now and see if they message! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 @DannyDeraney My baby girl crossed the rainbow bridge in August and every day is a struggle without her. BUT... I’m… @vamperini @MrWolf414 Unless I’m going mad (a definite possibility) it’s the bit in blue that’s just hidden out of… @vamperini @MrWolf414 Ooh what’s the twitter handle for that haunted house one? I’d love to give them a follow! @jubbsxx Yes of course! @jubbsxx He obviously looked at my timeline and saw that I posted it all because he blocked me 😂 @Maxine_PR The messages are real but I didn’t fly to Stockholm @madleftworld 😂 @blieuberry Yes my dear - precisely the point of my post. I am winding up a scammer @madleftworld I think you might be misunderstanding the point of my post. I am deliberately winding someone up who… @madleftworld I assume you’re joking?
@UKPoliticAnimal That was my first thought as well @spudgun01 😂 @ChrisDOusley @TraceyShorty28 ‘The spinach lady’? Bloody charming! 😂 @BallywalterPark @miffythegamer Of course @TheWidePatrol We all know that Clements! @HorshamGardener Sadly not and he’s seen my time line and blocked me so I guess I’ll never find out @Izzymant @EFTSuzanne @ChrisMousse3 Of course! @Izzymant @EFTSuzanne @ChrisMousse3 Yes he is a real pilot, at least he used to be. He’s also German, not English,… @alangiff That’s one crossed off the list! @Johnimator00 Parsnips also come from the devil’s bottom @EFTSuzanne @ChrisMousse3 Actually in this case it’s a real person whose identity a lot of scammers use @davidfjohnson It’s nearly Christmas 🤷🏼‍♀️ @david_pickworth Sadly not because he blocked me. Have a look back on my timeline and you’ll see plenty of times ho… @thelibranOX Someone told me about that this morning - can’t believe I’d not seen it before! @abzpaul Strange to think I’m ever talked about 🤔 @MPSRajKohli @dannylawrence66 Still got my eye on you! @redferry At least Homer’s are white! @SirPercyWA Ah, I forgot about him. I wondered if he meant this one... @Garribaldy I nearly put that at the end but I thought putting the big purple one there might flatter him too much @redferry I couldn’t agree more @Victori08334065 Hahaha 😂 @thepolarbear201 That’s what I thought! At least put something decent on!I’ve encountered some rather frisky stallions on Twitter, all of whom arouse me enormously This gentleman was no e… @KeithoArmanio Thank you sir @Twinkwiley Ooh hello Becky Holmes! 😊 @syyylf 😂 @casperbakers 😂 @Sarah_RJones @ScouseBirdBlogs These guys want money I’m afraid - which I’m even less likely to give than sex! @casperbakers That’s extremely kind but I can assure you it wouldn’t be worth it - I’m in my pyjamas by 7pm! @TheGayEx If I were you I’d tell them that you were indeed in their apartment but you left pretty sharpish because… @TheGayEx Haha. Love this! I wish I got those! @RateMyCRM Why thank you kind sir @RateMyCRM Yes it is. There are a few people using his pic I’m afraid @marktaylor21 What?! I won’t hear of that! @paulhaywood22 Dammit. Fallen on that hurdle as well as I don’t eat eggs. I fear it was never meant to be @KayePearson90 @KamieCrawford @NevSchulman Oh thank goodness for that 😂. Quite a few people use this guy’s profile… @Beth25083263 Ooh I’ll read that now - I love This Country! @Beth25083263 Sorry?