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Debbie Kuhl 🆘 @DebbieKuhl San Francisco East Bay

Iowa born, resident of North Africa, France, TX & CA. Mom, wife #resist #bidenharris2020. #BlueWave 2020! Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent!

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Calling BS. It's not about "complex scientific and medical questions". Atlas spouted unscientific, irresponsible, i…
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@nathaliejacoby1 I don’t smoke anymore but it makes you want to giggle which is fun, but it can also make you paran…
@jennyrachelpal @chipfranklin Yuck- I wish I could unsee that ! @stepht93 I get you. I’m usually just celebrating a day off work ! @Jak46Judith Yum! @4a_of Yes and they’d do the same to him @crzyfkinworld *grief @crzyfkinworld Aaw- your son sounds wonderful. Take all the time you need. Everyone processes fried in their own wa… I just heard Sweden is going from the Herd Immunity country to issuing masks mandates, closures and limited gath…
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘 @american2084 @sjensenlady I’ll settle for him going away- getting him out of the news and of our collective psyche @FairMountain @senexy27 @Smilan317 Oh yeah- I forgot that one but jt didn’t happen until I was 26 @senexy27 Enjoy nature - it doesn’t cost much. Don’t do drugs. @La_Bete_humaine @CatherineResist @doxie53 @CatEyezGreen_ @bmcarthur17 @LanceUSA70 @REDGRRRL1 @CupcakesForYou7 @crzyfkinworld @flowshire Schadenfreude @mfstern @flowshire COViD @BCOOL333 There was a meme like that - no imagination needed ! @LouGarza86 Hilarious ! My daughter has an alter ego of her boyfriend that she dreams about doing shitty things. She calls him “dream Rick!” @Just_ReneaR An accordion and hiking polesBREAKING: More than 600,000 Georgians have requested their mail ballots for the January 5 runoff elections. Help…
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Brussels sprouts- what’s not to like ? @DogStarGirl Me too @MontanaDan30 Self care! @AryaKicksButt I hear you. I lost my mom when I was 19. She had 10 children and never even got to see one of them g… @Myhellokitten When I met my second husband, after having three kids @TerraTindle @johnpavlovitz She’s amazing @johnpavlovitz The Beach Boys @KingRezizt Yay! @Empath_g_app I got my dress at a sample sale for $60. I had a sheet cake instead of an expensive cake. I did my ow… @Empath_g_app Never say never. You can have a celebration without breaking the bank. I had a wedding at age 26 in a… @SheilaABaker
@Lawrence @TorbjornPeters1 It’s an oxymoronNEW VIDEO: Months before we knew how bad COVID was, Millionaire Senators David Perdue & Kelly Loeffler got a briefi…
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘This is unconscionable. Congress has a duty to the American people and we must act now to pass another economic sti…
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘 @JDangzalan Yes but because I already wanted a heated seat ! @JDangzalan I ordered a bidet! @ResisterForever @AnneMurata @stash_erica @rushing_kelsey @haprees @TracyLinaz @KellieaRamirez @zoodweller
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘 @sheilahemel @ResisterForever @AnneMurata @stash_erica @rushing_kelsey @haprees @TracyLinaz @KellieaRamirez, stop murdering Americans
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@RMGarabedian @vote4_democracy That's what I thought --loved the colors. @RMGarabedian I'm a musician and have my music on Spotify. I would have to have 1000s of friends listening to me o… @TimNoEgo @BettyB919 I feel like that when I'm hiking. Such gorgeous views and the photos just don't cut it ! @RMGarabedian i like it! @sciencefocus @cardiffuni but I heard the virus infects us through the nose ...Listerine in my nose is not gonna happen!Cong. Doug Collins was an Air Force chaplain, Sen. Lindsey Graham was a John McCain acolyte. Both now are pressurin…
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘Thank you, Americans who love our country! Thank you.
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘Nobody is wondering why these republicans who refuse to wear masks keep passing around COVID.
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘 @KingRezizt You can do it! I've got over 18 years, one day at a time. I still can't believe it sometimes. @ossoff @petersabuchan1 We're counting on you! @RMGarabedian This is actually a win-win. We don't want him here trying to dominate the news (even while in prison)… @MSNBC @NBCNewsTHINK nope- he can let Pence do it or anyone else @senatemajldr This idiot hasn't tried to negotiate one bit. Mitch doesn't give a damn about American lives or the s…
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘Blood on your hands @senatemajldr @senatemajldr Nobody believes your lies. You don't even take care of your own state. Why would we believe you car… in there Wisconsin. Scary Covid positivity rate @ddheruiz Biden wants an independent DOJ and he also wants his agenda to be the top story every day - not a bunch o… @MontanaDan30 Don’t forget to eat and sleep ! @La_Bete_humaine @CatherineResist @doxie53 @CatEyezGreen_ @bmcarthur17 @LanceUSA70 @REDGRRRL1 @CupcakesForYou7 @KingRezizt One day at a time - makes it easy @MysterySolvent 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮 @bamableu 7-11 is my personal favorite @bamableu Not always political but my brother’s punk is pretty good @SheilaABaker Yay
@TimNoEgo I had a coworker, a project manager, use “I’s” in writing, as in Mary and I’s calendars. 😩 @MontanaDan30 Best of luck to you ! @Empath_g_app Yes @Dangchick1 @guyfawkestoo 👏 you are awesome 😎 👏
@AjCross15 @BlissfulGrandma Sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself ! @ResisterForever @AnneMurata @stash_erica @rushing_kelsey @haprees @TracyLinaz @KellieaRamirez @zoodweller #3 @AnneMurata @stash_erica @rushing_kelsey @haprees @TracyLinaz @KellieaRamirez @zoodweller
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘Please spread the word our future depends on it! Donate or retweet!
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘Joe will let the children out of the cages while Disney funds Fox News (the channel that wants to imprison them) wi…
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘 @ReportsDaNews Awesome ! France had a woman defense minister years agoFrankly, my trolls, I don’t give a damn.
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘I mean... is anyone really surprised that Donald Trump is trying to force himself on us even after we said no?
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@UpstateNYBob Doors @kylegriffin1 #BountyGateAintGoingAway
@Numbers28 @Akerele_Ale You got it right unfortunately @ronaldj100 @DrTomFrieden Actually false negatives are more common @christoq I meant the FLY! 🤣 @christoq Can’t watch him. I prefer the flu. @Strandjunker @I_amBlueJay Or has Covid @CheyenneNDN @MysterySolvent I saw that ! @TeaRoomBetty @chipfranklin Some place far far away never watch this jerk off but thought 💭 maybe 🤔 he’ll concede.In March, Congress gave billions in COVID relief to the @federalreserve to help struggling businesses. The Fed pled…
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘The voters moved on Trump like a bitch, flipping 5 states on him. Biden: 306 Trump: 232
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘The only question press should ask Trump is “when are you conceding?”
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘 @Jonbassett6 @ReneHauser1 I got a beautiful dress for it that I wore last year @SamONeillSA @MysterySolvent, Georgia! Please vote out this fraud and vote in @ReverendWarnock. Donate, knock on doors, spread the word, but…
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘 @usambovu @atamizindeyiz13 Who wants to see him anyway ? @ReneHauser1 @Jonbassett6 White Christmas - I have a whole party around it. We dress up and sing along. I got a pro… @VeronicaSam13 Maybe a concession - who knows ? @JoyceWhiteVance Moe, Larry and CurlyIt’s time to fire #CorruptKelly
Retweeted by Debbie Kuhl 🆘 @bjr80626 @Dknight10k @ghawtho1 I think we need to make him go away and be ignored - prison might not do that. Exil… @rayleengale I’m so sorry. Virtual random Twitter hugs to you. Take care of yourself.