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Work, travel, live, laugh, love & dogs. #MetsandJets, #VotingBlue. #adoptdontshop #TheResistence. #BidenHarris2020 I don’t DM

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@ShannyGasm Excellent news! @SheriAWilkinson 75F @markclose You share a birthday with my husband. He is 59 today! Happy birthday to you! @StephenKing I’ve chosen not to watch @rtmcclure As long as they are all qualified I’m fine with it @ossoff Great question @AllTransLivesM1 Great news!!! @real_batdude Adorbs!! @acnewsitics Raspberry filled @Rebekahneeds420 Did you bring wine? @fras99 16 i think @Mocraig13 Our house isn’t finished bing built but our tree is up! @ChaneysPunkRock I don’t know anyone that is FOR abortion. But yes the woman’s right to choose is important @LeftofLeftEye You are doing the right thing @bridget_joy_ Yes
Look, my cuties are holding paws ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @GinLessIsMore I’d cancel @bebe1969 I heard first responders and I’ll get it first is that true? @JackBear62 @YoSohabYee Whats wrong with jumping in puddles. I don’t have kids, am I missing something or is she just a killjoy? @KimDelly2 A ceramic coaster @KLGLASS2 Screw trump @SteveCharing @DCGrandma52 Not the first time @nixw20 I don’t @chipfranklin No ideaEl próximo 28 de noviembre, los santuarios de la #MariposaMonarca en Michoacán, abrirán sus puertas al público. Vis…
Retweeted by DogMomDebVotesBiden @MamaTriedHoney Could be fun. Could be weird, again haha @SheriAWilkinson Sorta kinda
@karebear0517 DráculaI could not sleep last night, kept obsessing about how the SCOTUS has turned into an ultra-religious institution wh…
Retweeted by DogMomDebVotesBiden @PetraMcCarron2 Maybe if he ate healthier his dumps wouldn’t be so massive @dstiddypop43 I was hoping he’d do well but didn’t think he would. @TiffanyNoth Nothing. I can’t put stuff on the top of my fridge @ParZevil Earl Grey and chamomile lavender @brucewayne5687 All day every day @ParZevil Yep @stiwu92
@dianamhs70 @BillTzamaras Yikes I’d say stop worrying about your virginity @FirstGenPhys Cooper and Kiki @sheLLbeLL_xo Denmark @EunLinda Not this white woman
@hhensell I try to be patient but as I get older it’s getting harder @ParZevil Stuffing and gravyDear @realDonaldTrump This is incredibly simple. You lost.
Retweeted by DogMomDebVotesBiden @robreiner I shut him off last year. I just can’t deal with him @sharkyrae Yes I do. BUT I’m not so much non religious I’m more against organized religion. @BaddCompani @MelissaCoad Amen @ParZevil I liked that but I like the Iron Man ones
@mmpadellan @ParZevil I am embarrassingly hooked on Marvel Movies. I am a grown ass 57 year old and still love them @Julius_Kim Me too @Amy_Siskind My heart!!!!! @JENFL23 Agreed @PalmerReport Pope Francis ❤️ @DogsRulex1000 @JackBear62 Exactly the way Their dad did @Lynne3v @JackBear62 I was thinking the same thing. No sisterly hugs. That BS kiss looks ridiculous @glennkirschner2 @Bethanie_Cabral I don’t think he cares @Stop_Trump20 You too!!! @sister_kristian I am waiting 16 more minutes to drink then it will be noon! Good for you ordering online!!!! Happy day to you! @TheRickyDavila Same to you!!! @GregStohr Im very anti organized religion. Just a business. They should pay taxes @chrissym59 Same to you!!! @sarahcpr Today?????? @AndBrazen Now @educated_educ8r Always @ChristineParini @bunker_bitch @DanRather I’ve never had cherry pie @QuancyClayborne I couldn’t take it if it was called that. I’m wouldn’t trust it @CapnTrips @ThatEricAlper Fav album @chipfranklin Exhausting @BlueDogOC909 I’m so sorry for your loss :( @Minuteman04 Hell @MsJR88 Yes and I hate to say I didn’t hate it 😱 @chrissyteigen Sending you love and strength. @jstmeinmo PecanMy son told me to tweet this out and it would get lots of likes. Happy holidays to everyone!
Retweeted by DogMomDebVotesBiden @SassyWoman2020 3 @Juliethewarrior No way!!!! That is awful. I’m sorry! @Jim_Jordan It's been 2 decades( and so many accusers) since you turned a blind eye to sexual abuse and your still…
Retweeted by DogMomDebVotesBiden @Jim_Jordan It’s been more than 5 years since it was exposed that you covered up massive sexual assault at Ohio State. Think about that.
Retweeted by DogMomDebVotesBiden @Jim_Jordan ....and more than 26 years since you knew of boys being molested at your school and did nothing. Think about that.
Retweeted by DogMomDebVotesBiden @JennyBwood @CNN Ii seriousky don’t mind having Repubs as talking heads but she is just the worst. I won’t watch. F… @Julius_Kim @ParZevil Elf @jcobb1058 He’s an ass @MamaTriedHoney Never
@Annika_hopeful KISS sometime in the mid or early 70’s @Official_tylerg @nowornever2_0 @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden @DouglasEmhoff @SenKamalaHarris @WeGotGame2 Tyler, just WOW… @VladNotabotov @TDen2020 I tried to log on there because I was curious as hell but the front page asked fir weird i…“I want to live in a country where Colin Kaepernick is seen as a hero and Kyle Rittenhouse is seen as a terrorist.”…
Retweeted by DogMomDebVotesBiden @emilybernay @TDen2020 Are repubs just dumb AF or what? @PauletteParis1 Yep @IngrahamAngle That’s fine. The rest of us barely could swallow that a slug, accused rapist, 3 time marriage loser… @vegix Nope @bebe1969 We did this year but only because we are in Mexico with that side of the family and they don’t celebrate thanksgiving. @KayaJones @TheRickyDavila Beautiful Pic! @politvidchannel are unfollowing me because I shared a nice photo of a pretty great family, the same people who think they ca…
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@BrunoAmato_1 I have one