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junior editor @clashmagazine | DJ | insta: debbiesthuglife | i talk a lot of shit and they’re my views x

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@kararynelle lowkey Jess aswell bcos her brain under pressure is wildi know for a fact if we tried to attempt this at one of games nights, someone would have a stroke, i need a nap
sigh. it’s the scene when all the pokemon start crying and here i am in tears right beside themwhilst we’re here, how the fuck does a Dratini end up evolving into a Dragoniteay, i’m watching this new Pokemon movie and i’ve deeped, Mewtwo lowkey has bawdyyyliterally ran to the gym after seeing this picGod I’ve SEEN what you’ve done for others 🥺🥺
shimmy out now
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@amybeckerdj wow so bcos i’m black i’m lying? that’s crazy @amybeckerdj bih u had a cheese pizza at mine
oh my fuck, i’m ready x
walked past a Pop Smoke poster in Soho today
nah they really took Pop Smoke. i’m still in disbelief
God when he sees Pop Smoke at the gates
Retweeted by thugs bunnybruv. FUCKING STAN.’t u just love sweating at the gym and then you look up and see fucking Dev Hynes?¿
Clash met Pop Smoke just before Christmas - to honour his life and impact, we're sharing it now, to remember his en…
Retweeted by thugs bunnythis day he made sure that everyone in the room was smiling and did this video just to make me happy. Rest in Parad… wearing heels is a scam
@ClashRobin @wf_pritchard @ClashMagazine i take full responsibility for the Clash twitter tonight @MURDERMILLZ mate i’ve just witnessed this live in the flesh. i’m at the bloody awards
@MrSeanLdn pls after all the stress my messages have endured, i’m alright una @ultragold_ it’s literally my instagram story that someone screen recorded making the rounds @PhilippRaheem fammmm it’s always fucking me manand she just held my hand, greatnessi just vogued with Christine and the Queens. no one talk to me for the rest of the yearHe didn’t make me uncomfortable. This is why we need women in positions of power. I knew he had lost from the momen…
Retweeted by thugs bunny @MailOnlineVideo @ChairmanBuoy @MailOnline actually i filmed it and u can’t use it
Retweeted by thugs bunny @ScarythingsJK stay up, gonna give u a rundown sooni was there and i can personally say that it wasn’t that kind of thing bruvright. Slowthai did not sexually harass anyone. if you weren’t there tonight, then you don’t know the contextrun me my money sir man screen recorded my whole story wow’m not even famous like that I don’t know why y’all ce playing wit me like I play along. ITS BLACC HISTORY MONTH.
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Retweeted by thugs bunnyA real one would’ve just wrote down my card number and scammed a MacBook Pro but no these weirdos wanna ce friends. I’m gong vegan fucc It.
Retweeted by thugs bunnyNiggas swipe a credit card that say Vince Staples then ask if you Vince Staples ima start pistol whippin y’all it’s…
Retweeted by thugs bunnyBut if I go bacc 2 your job and beat you up ima be the bad guy
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@JessAjose_ no one has ever died from insort
@thecloutmaster dead the fuck serious @thecloutmaster sksksksk the new EPPop Smoke listening party when i’ve only just home??? pls abeg i cannah‘Home’ out tomorrow via @ClashMagazine 🏠 Dir. by @RayFiasco
Retweeted by thugs bunnybong joon ho said gay rights !!
Retweeted by thugs bunnyas in he dropped him as an egg but was embarrassed by the condition he caused???? ugh, men are trash even in penguin formrewatching Happy Feet and it’s disgusting how much of a twat Mumble’s dad Memphis was
i stan a nap thinking the rain would stop so i could go gym...but alas, i am yet to make my travels
hate to say it...but i think i like runny yolk now
the first time i watched it, i was drunk on a flight and it was legit the best time everthe soundtrack, the plot, character development, comedic features, it’s fucking phenomenal skskskskfucking love this movie omgggggBOOKSMART IS ON AMAZON PRIME AHHHHHH @kwamegb this is anti blackthis shit is coming so fast that i’ve even started swimming once a weeksummer is in 115 days, have u been to the gym this week ma’am/sir??
look what Megan and G Eazy fucking startedcoloniser: ‘have u ever seen a nice piece of chocolate’ me : ‘yeah? wdym’ *takes his phone out and flips the camera on me* ???¿¿¿so a coloniser tried to move to me in the gym today whilst i was dripping in sweatUNLOCKED
Retweeted by thugs bunnywait, i have so many questions
☹️☹️ look these blacks fawning over Jess fjkdnkfnj Dr Umar needs to arise
Retweeted by thugs bunnymy specialist lives all the way out in LA which makes it worse😭i swallowed my tooth diamond, brb, gonna cryi’m gonna assume Rocky is doing all these festivals bcos he had a contract to do them last year but obvs, got arrested
sksksksks ffs at Lovebox, it’s lit @ParisDelores nah man i legit couldn’t breathe like it was pissing me off man @_Essencex i already read the plot on wiki lmaoback to this, The Weeknd performing The Morning was fucking euphoric
nah these man only met today and ur spitting into each other mouths?? what kind of ghetto is this????nah one of the #loveisland producers must have some weird fetish with all these mouth/fluid sharing games @tfaniaa oi. like this make me miss meat so bad omg🥺🥺🥺 man what’s going on today bruv @OG_Dany bruhhhh they switched up their whole menucan’t believe steak and lobster don’t do unlimited fries anymorestill in discombobulation regarding this Megan and G Eazy situationHUHHHH @Weylandmck @LiamcBakes tbh i think there should be a bake off, and i be the judge x
@Weylandmck hello sir @jojoldn i’m so sure i would’ve walked out. i still can’t breathe rncan’t even finish it, my chest hurtsUncut Gems gave me so much anxiety that i had to read the plot on wikipedia whilst watching @NetflixUK add season 2 of Pose before i get mad
i rarely tear up at tv shows but Pose has me fucking up my lashes omg 🥺🥺🥺Hey i can be the answer
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especially white ones, what’s going on in ur life sir???oh yh btw, you man that wear air forces to the gym are criminals @kararynelle you better just make ur way here before i get mad @kararynelle and i’ll eat ur twix then @feydaniels_ ma binu sis xshouts out to the legend who introduced me to the Noisey team and got me my first commissioned article 🥺🥺’ve just sneezed and now i’m convinced i’ve got the virus
nah this calorie counting shit is bullshit. i’m literally hungry all the time