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I am so much in pressure to announce the next batch of #geek97 #Angular Master Class due to more than 30 requests❤️… commands to create a branch n create a Pull Request👇 👉git checkout -b 'urbranch' 👉git checkout dev 👉git pull…
🙏 #geek97 #ngIndia #angular #javascript
@mkdudeja @geeknineseven @angular That the mistake , we corrected thatThanks @ngRajeev :) I have seen your career growth and how you Increased your salary 30 times in just 6 years ♥️ be… successfully completed Angular Master Class. Its an amazing experience from last 25 days. A big thank to…
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarThanks ... you are great in #Angular of luck for future @shilpasyal55 Welcome 🙏 @webtaculars @geeknineseven @angular Thanks Abhishek ♥️Today,15 more professionals graduated from #geek97 #Angular Master Class🙏 n 2 among them also cracked the interview…
@debug_mode Thank you for being so kind, Dhananjay! 😭🦄 You are one of the most amazing human beings I got to know t…
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarHappy Birthday the best and amazing and most respected and the kindest ⁦@DeborahKurata⁩ ♥️🌹 keep inspiring us alway… #FF of the day - Shoutout to amazing @ShachitaJain . She is a budding speaker and aspired to be part of the communities. Follow her ✍️👍Congrats super talented @theDroidLady for speaking in #DevFestIndia .. shout out to her, she is supremely skilled i… @annapurna_myuz for your new course at @pluralsight You are amazing and inspirin… out to @souvikbasu . Follow him for any queries on freelancing and tech such as #vue .. great guy 👍Shout out to @burhanrashid52 ... I know him for some times now . A great flutter expert , GDE , cool and humble ... great guy 👍Shout out to @abhas_tweeter ... he is oracle of #JavaScript .. follow him for in depth learning 👍Shout out to @manvisinghwal ... she is an expert in designing ... follow her for more .. keep working hard 👍Shout out to @rashvish248 . She is very skilled in #JavaScript and #react . Follow her for more learning . Wish to see you speaking more 👍Shout out to @shilpasyal55 ... this young lady is extremely good in #JavaScript and often share tips and articles a… out to @miracle_404 .. she is amazing doing for the community . Organisers, you can contact her for awesome s… out to @niloshima ✍️ Join her to learn about @Azure Face API ... also any one of you is looking to hire an…
@miracle_404 Welcome 🙏 @MarkPieszak Looks so niceShoutout to @samjulien .. he is one of the kindest person I come across in recent times ... be amazing Sam always 🙏♥️ @iAnkurMishra You are best Ankur @dibyendu @GoogleDevsIN @GoogleDevExpert @angular yes it is goodWith 8 years of experience as a Developer Evangelist , I wish to tell all people starting in #DevRel following👇 ✔… you so much for the kind words @niloshima .... very happy seeing you speaking at various events and passing a… like this is happiness and gives me reason to write more as I have been writing since 2008 🌹♥️ Thanks Sour…
Thank you @debug_mode for the goodies and the book. Reading it right away 📖
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarTo become a Job-Ready #Angular Developer, you need to only know👇 ✔ Component Communication ✔ Reactive forms ✔… you @GoogleDevsIN and @GoogleDevExpert program for these lovely gifts 🎁... absolutely loved them ♥️ #gde everyone! I'm excited to release my first e-book today on JS Promises. The USP is that it will teach you how t…
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarThanks, Varsha 🙏 Keep inspiring us .. #geek97 #ngIndia @samjulien @Azure Thanks and congrats for your new book . Best of luck ♥️ @Vineetyofficial Yes :) @samjulien Thanks Sam . Auth0 is great . In this context , I was implanting @Azure AD B2C @ananya_d1998 No tech is bad .. our skill could be ;)
1. Create a tenant 2. Register app and/or API 3. Create user profiles 4. Add scopes Install msal.js Configur… for kind words ♥️ like these give me reason to keep working hard for #geek97 to keep creating job-ready developers 🙏♥️… is one of the largest #JavaScript communities n organize one of the world's biggest #Angular conference… @kokkisajee @gokul_i when he met me , like many other current days STAR ;)Thanks for accepting it #JavaScript rockstar ..❤️ #ngIndia #geek97 #Angular #community Gokul 🙏 I hope you like them #ngIndia #geek97 ♥️ it was an amazing time , every thing was so innocent 🌹 thanks Dariusz and Kapil . #ngIndia rocks #Angular
21 popular questions for an #Angular Interview 👇 Ask yourself, how many questions you know. Also, It does not cont…
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राम भी उसका, रावण उसका जीवन उसका, मरण भी उसका तांडव है और ध्यान भी वो है अज्ञानी का ज्ञान भी वो है 🙏 Lord Shiva ca…
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarThank you :) it was fun teaching such a great set of professionals from all across the world :) #angular #geek97 am grateful @debug_mode for providing this training
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarI was impressed how @debug_mode during his training stresses on topics which are tough and spend more time on such…
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarFor the past month I had an opportunity to attend #AngularMasterClass conducted by @debug_mode, I am so impressed b…
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarGlad you liked it buddy. Thanks for accepting. Keep doing the good work and creating more jobs for people. ❤️… for accepting Nirbhay. Keep doing the great work. #ngIndia #geek97, Sandeep sir for accepting. Keep inspiring us by your work at @Hasnode #ngIndia #geek97 lovely, thanks for sharing... you both look so lovely together. May God bless both of you always. ❤️ Certainly…, Rahat :) I hope you like them and thank you for being a speaker in the very first edition of #ngIndia in 20… for accepting it. Keep hustling yoing girl. Best of luck. ❤️ #ngIndia #geek97 #community #Angular you liked it. Thanks for accepting it Anuradha. Keep doing the good work, you have been doing. I am so happ… for accepting. Keep doing the good work you have been doing in #JavaScipt I am so excited to host your firs… look so good. So excited to see your first talk in #Angular #ngIndia #geek97 #community you liked it. Thanks for accepting. Keep doing the good work, you have been doing for the #Angular community.…
राम भी उसका, रावण उसका जीवन उसका, मरण भी उसका तांडव है और ध्यान भी वो है अज्ञानी का ज्ञान भी वो है 🙏 Lord Shiva ca…
Due to lockdown for 6 months did not go anywhere , so loneliness was affecting me As I live alone and I don’t hav… have seen people changing when you are no longer useful to them but as result you become better and stronger pers… @ananya_d1998 I feel beerholic 🤣This was an amazing event #ngKovai .. thanks ♥️ Saurabh ♥️🙏 @pandiyan_cool Thanks 😊Buddy :) give me your address , I will send of this year #ngIndia .. you rock ♥️ Anuradha ♥️ feeling is mutual .. keep motivating Tanvi 🙏♥️ you inspire me too .. I still remember meeting you first time , how aspired you were ✍️ Avinash ♥️ and yes plz come for for the kind words .. I hope talk was useful 🙏 #Angular finished watching @debug_mode talk at ng-kovai about Dependency Injection. You are a genius @debug_mode .…
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarThanks for sharing #angular
Thank you members of the #geek97 community for astronomical numbers of Happy Teachers Day Wishes❤️ You all are fam… in the next 15 minutes to teach #Angular to absolute beginners. Join here here 👇 batch of #ngIndia T-shirt’s are ready to be delivered to 8 community leaders from all across India ♥️ Thank… you for having me...........❤️ Source Code here - Recording of full content -… you Sukesh ! ❤️ Teachers Day @shiv_koirala sir ❤️🙏 me in next 15 min to learn services and DI in #Angular #ngkovai #techmeet360 #ngIndia #geek97
So Excited to give 2 talks on the teachers day 5th September 👊 👉 Simplifying Dependency Injection in #Angular at 1… me at #EnterpriseNG on November 19th-20th and we discuss "Configuring Angular Libraries with Monorepos" Super…
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarThank you so much for the kind words Niloshima 🙏 Just trying to be as helpful as possible and enabling one devel…
What are your #dreams? Mine👇 ✔ Climbing Mount Everest ✔ Visting Vinci village where Leonardo Da Vinci was born… am joining this Saturday to learn from amazing people .. you ?, Neha Ambasta for sharing this. Once again congrats for winning the #ngIndia #JavaScript quiz.… you received it. Thank you for participating in the #ngIndia #JavaScript quiz ❤️ I hope you like and wear th… @vithalwadjec97 @John_Papa @gregor_suttie @RealTalkJS Thanks, Vithal :)Glad you received it. Thank you for participating in the #ngIndia #JavaScript quiz ❤️ I hope you like and wear th… smiling and happy friend is the biggest positivity in life! Love and Happiness for all
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumar @julielerman You are the best Julie @maheshdotnet @VikramPendse Contacts well deserved
In my career, I always got more than I deserved. And for that, I thank all my mangers for embracing me and shaping… @housecor recommend ? @MarkPieszak hey buddy, liked ur server-side rendering article with .NET Core :) It was helpful