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Take your broken heart 💔 make into an art 🖼

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Absolutely horrendous news @carolineflack1 .. a beautiful soul who was clearly struggling more than anyone realised…
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Dynamic Component in #Angular 👇 Earlier to dynamically load a component, we had to add in the Module 👇 { entryCom…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumar✍️“Nobody likes being alone that much. I don't go out of my way to make friends, that's all. It just leads to disap…✍️I worked on WCF, Silverlight, MVC. ✍️Saw C# evolving from strictly strongly typed to having a dynamic type, Ext…
Thanks, @nrwl_io for sponsoring #ngIndia 👇 Have you tried @NxDevTools - Use Nx for… Valentines Day ♥️🌹🙏 nostalgic ... these were the speakers of first edition of #ngIndia in 2018 ♥️🌹🙏 I am so excited for 3td edi… guide to creating your first library in Angular by GDE @DcoustaWilson 😎 V…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumar @smartudhaya There you go! Reach out if facing issues. 🙂
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@vatsalpande I missed ;) due to character limit GodSuch are the best, motivating messages!
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumar🌹❤️ very nice Nishu ! Must be a proud moment 🙏 #JavaScript, you can unpack an object (or array) property to a distinct variable using destructuring 👇 Consider… @bhandariaanchal congrats , do good Anchal ! @pankajparkar Thanks, can I read it more somewhere ? any link to a doc?Dynamic Component in #Angular 👇 Earlier to dynamically load a component, we had to add in the Module 👇 { entryCom… @devpato @angular @eusoj @stephenfluin @saniyusuf @SantoshYadavDev @wesgrimes @brian_love @ladyleet will be speaking about creating and using framework-agnostic web components at #ngIndia2020 on 29th Feb.…
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🙏 Gratitude. Thank you, everyone ❤️ See you on 29th Feb at 7 AM sharp - #ngIndia
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarAll the best @debug_mode and #ngindia. This is such a great effort
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarAmerican dev Twitter: "No one uses Angular!" Meanwhile in India:
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumar❤️🌹🙏 Gratitude. Thank you, everyone ❤️ See you on 29th Feb at 7 AM sharp - #ngIndia✍️👇 उनके देखे से जो आ जाती है मुँह पे रौनक , वो समझते है की बीमार का हाल अच्छा है 🌹 #ghalib
105 Pound Clean Squat 😎 .. need bar closer to the body and make the form better. #CrossFit #lifting 🌹 am sorry for mistake in the image :( it is misprinted Africa instead of Nigeria . My sincere apology 🙏 @DcoustaWilson You are always welcome Nishu <3 and a very good article! keep sharingI am super excited to have @iNidAName as one of the speakers of India's Largest Angular Conference #ngIndia.He is a…
Step-by-step guide to creating your first library in Angular by GDE @DcoustaWilson 😎 V… @DcoustaWilson @GoogleDevExpert @angular @stephenfluin @FabianGosebrink Hello, the youngest n first female Google D… to announce 📢 I became a @GoogleDevExpert in @angular 🎉 Many thanks to @stephenfluin @FabianGosebrink
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarHello, the youngest n first female Google Developer Expert from India in #Angular❤️ It is all your hard work. I ha… a few hours left to get a ticket for India's Largest #Angular Conference #ngIndia Details-… small thing, when you bring me out can you introduce me as a joker? 😎🤣न कही मेरा दिल लगा न जाने कैसा समझदार है 👇 वो मेहरबान क्या मिला यूँ जुदा होके बता ✍️ न खबर अपनी रही, न रहा तेरा…
Visited the #ngIndia conference hotel today for mockup seating, stage, n booth arrangement👇 👉500 chairs 👉 28* 10 f… coming from all over the world, do not miss the chance to attend #ngIndia <3 #29thFeb2020 #Angular
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarSpeakers are coming from all across the world to speak in India's Largest #Angular Conference #ngIndia USA 👉 7… , Web API and many more .. we all should be very thankful to amazing @gblock ♥️🙏 dream came true!😉 Finally I booked my tickets for #ngIndia♥️ India's largest angular conference Feeling exci…
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarVery well written Mam .. keep writing and keep sharing 🙏 #Angular @samjulien Hahaha 🤣 @samjulien Oh db is missing ? I am not an expert of postgress but in Mongodb with mongese if dB or collection does… @samjulien Because undefined is not an error for JavaScript .. it’s a value which is missing :)so true ... see u in #ngIndia @jinalshah999 @pandiyan_cool @get_hariharan @ng_suhas @Thedijje @arifkhoja_ @acharyaks90 @pankajparkar @SiddAjmera @debug_mode @pandiyan_cool @get_hariharan @ng_suhas @Thedijje @arifkhoja_ @acharyaks90 @pankajparkar @SiddAjmera
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumar @ng_suhas @pandiyan_cool @get_hariharan @Thedijje @arifkhoja_ @acharyaks90 @pankajparkar @SiddAjmera #ngIndia @pandiyan_cool Yes :)#ngIndia 💕
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumar @pankajparkar @pandiyan_cool @get_hariharan @ng_suhas @Thedijje @arifkhoja_ @acharyaks90 @SiddAjmera @pankajparkar welcome Pankaj @pandiyan_cool You are welcome :) high time you put your macho man photo ! :) @ng_suhas @pandiyan_cool @get_hariharan @Thedijje @arifkhoja_ @acharyaks90 @pankajparkar @SiddAjmera
#ngIndia Can’t wait!! So very excited for this 💃🏻💃🏻
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarI thank each one of you♥️ @pandiyan_cool @get_hariharan @ng_suhas @Thedijje @arifkhoja_ @acharyaks90 tshirt 🌹 get your tickets now only few are left @pandiyan_cool @ng_suhas @angular Excited to see uI’m excited to be heading back to India to speak at ng-India! Come join me for a great day of learning.
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarThank you sir for sharing 🙏 Dear #Angular developer join us in India’s largest #Angular conference #ngIndia Fe… have to keep breaking your heart until it opens up 🌹- #RumiI am elated to be speaking at #ngIndia Thank you @debugmode for the opportunity. #angular
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarMeet the youngest Speaker of #ngIndia2020 @DcoustaWilson😍 She will teach 👉Framework-agnostic Web Components in…
@_Kulbhushan :) @SantoshYadavDev Of course it is not related to #ngindia I was just answering the question of Michael for his assum…😍Thanks to all you lovely #Angular developers of India, your conference #ngIndia has grown almost twice this year.… have been organising #Angular event in India , and then created #ngIndia 😍 so I can tell you Michael that India… be sharing the code lab link with the links to Angular, React, and a vanilla JS project source code after my t…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumarतुम्हे मेरे कमरे को सजाने का बहुत शौक है , पर मेरे कमरे में किताबो की सिबा कुछ भी नहीं .......... 🌹🌹 #poet
Life of a #poet ✍️ मजनू ने लिए कपड़े फाड़, फिर हुआ तमाशा बीच बाज़ार 🤣😍💔♥️ 🌞👊 What you seek is seeking you - rum…जय माता कामाख्या 🙏 I prayed for the happiness of all of you 🌹♥️ ..
जय माता दी 🙏
People will hurt you with all their actions and then will tell you to "Accept the Truth". A heartbreaking truth On…
📢Just 12 days left to get your tickets in only 3000 INR or 40 USD to attend India's Largest #Angular Conference…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumarsorry to hear that .. if you can come to #ngIndia .. I will try to find a 15 min speaking slot for you brother ..… @dewanshparashar For better reach, you may want to use hashtag with ngIndia like this ⬇️ #ngIndia cheers @kamalnathgali see u @kamalnathgali come to Delhi .. we keep doing meetups in Hyd though but #ngIndia happens in Delhi.. plz comeyes, there is a discount for @questpond subscribers .. use it before it expires .. @shiv_koirala you for supporting #ngIndia .. I look forward to hosting your team! #ngIndia2020📢Just 12 days left to get your tickets in only 3000 INR or 40 USD to attend India's Largest #Angular Conference… @kapehe_ok is coming from the USA to deliver a talk at #ngIndia. She is an R&D Content Engineer at @auth0 folks of @GDG_Gandhinagar interviewed me about #ngIndia #javascript #teaching #community #angular .. watch it… you ... Excited to see you in #ngIndia is around the corner. Great work team, wish the event to be grand success and help all Angular developers…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumar👉Any Enterprise Application should have good test coverage. In #ngIndia Google Developer Expert and CEO of Brie… @dan_abramov Isn’t it Graphql ? Somehow ?
@ardalis Devrelops 😂 @DennisCode @docsmsft Looks good DenFast CI is one of the challenges of using monorepos. @NxDevTools has a lot of accordances to make it easy. This…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumar @_davideast amazing :)One of my fun Firebase libraries is finally released. Store CSS in Remote Config. Only load it when conditions are…
Retweeted by Dhananjay KumarI feel like thanking @stephenfluin and @vikerman for all his behind the scene support in creating India's Largest… @chgav007 @geeknineseven so excited to see you in #ngIndia :)📢 Are you wondering about ➡️ Token Authentication in NgRx? Join @samjulien in #ngIndia to demystify it. Sam is… will Cry when you Die? 🙏 me at Meet Magento India 2020 #MMIN20. I will be talking about relevance of @AMPhtml in #ecommerce and bu…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Kumar @SantoshYadavDev @hmmh_de @Bitcollage Good see u then .. do good bye and best of luck ..