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Established in 1929, Decca is the legendary British record label, home to some of the greatest recording artists ever. Follow us at

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Which format do you love listening to Decca releases on?We are delighted to announce the brand new @AndreaBocelli album, Believe; a deeply personal new record celebrating…
A very happy birthday to two of Decca's brightest stars: @marishawallace and @AlfieBoe!’s my birthday! 35 you have come with so many surprises. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals eve…
Retweeted by Decca Records @carolwhite_1 @GregoryPorter What a great start to the day! @DeborahGrabill Perfect! Do you have any favourites? @lalisabs Relatable! @psm15948 @AURORAmusic Great choices! And you're right - Aurora is incredible live!
The first release from the album, ‘Lockdown Kittens Dancing’, is out now and is co-written by Fearne herself with G… Dame Helen Mirren, @emelisande, @samfendermusic, @LudovicoEinaud, @BillieMarten and @stephanmoccio, wh… are delighted to announce a new partnership with the wonderful @Fearnecotton to release ‘Happy Place’ on 30th O… @Merjalevey1 You can never go wrong with Tom! @MncedisiNguseZA @RhysLewisMusic We love Rhys! Which songs are your favourites? @ahappenedquiet @AURORAmusic Beautiful sketch, thank you for sharing! Aurora has wonderful fans! @GORDONF32180278 Great selection! @1S_Coops @mrmichaelball @AlfieBoe Sounds good to us! @psm15948 @AURORAmusic Perfect! Any songs in particular? @Olirik2 @JessGillamSax Such a great album, glad you're enjoying it! @ScottNathene Always a great choice! @4fourcandles4 @RealSirTomJones @AlfieBoe @mrmichaelball Three icons! @ProcterRobson @KathJenkins Always! @theguniisgone So many to choose from! Give us a clue? @SATheunsi @mrmichaelball What a view! Thanks for sharing! @kyra1987 @marishawallace So exciting!
Don’t miss out on the chance to own your copy of the future classic 'Blue Note Re:imagined' on vinyl - available to… Decca artists made your weekend? Let us know!Got your eye on one of our latest releases? Sign up to the official Decca mailing list now to receive 10% off your…
Tune in to Britain's Got Talent tonight from 8pm BST to catch @marishawallace's performance as part of Hairspray! you had to recommend just one @maxrichtermusic piece to a friend, what would it be?With @OlafurArnalds' new album, 'Some Kind Of Peace', due later this year, now is the perfect time to revisit the I…
Welcome to the Decca family, @marishawallace! by the likes of the late, great Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, Marisha Wallace’s voice w… from glittering New York, we are delighted to introduce the sensational @marishawallace, who has taken her… @BBCRadio2 @GregoryPorter @BBCSounds @BBCiPlayer So good! @realannapaulina No arguments from us! Have you got a favourite piece? @Nationalcollec2 @JessGillamSax Fantastic! Hope you enjoy the record, it's brilliant! @tommovinyIs Tricky decision isn't it! Both of those are great choices though!An Italian love affair 🇮🇹🌊🧩🍝
Retweeted by Decca RecordsOut on @deccaclassics today are two brand new releases from the Kanneh-Mason family and @JessGillamSax - listen bel…'s #NewMusicFriday! This week we've got all-new sounds from @mgardot, @ThisIsRedMoon, @OlafurArnalds and…
Last night, fans all over the world came together to watch @LudovicoEinaud's remarkable 2019 performance at the Ste… stunning new single from @ThisIsRedMoon is finally here. Listen to 'Dreamer' now: many hits to choose from! What's your all-time favourite song by @thelumineers? Listen to the band's full disco… I can’t give too much away, but I’m so looking forward to my new album that I wanted to share a few of the imag…
Retweeted by Decca Records @HilaryRWriter @GregoryPorter @lovenigel @jazzfm So true, such an amazing ensemble! @Isimiyakii We can get behind that! What's your favourite Gregory tune? @ciroivansson @AURORAmusic So true! Nothing sounds like Aurora! @tommovinyIs What's your favourite song by Rhys? @luckylusssien @SchnockRevue @christopheconte Fantastic! We hope you enjoy!
STREAMING NOW! @LudovicoEinaud's 2019 concert from The Steve Jobs Theater is broadcasting LIVE in its entirety NOW… and pop legend @Pink team up on the anthemic 'One Too Many'! Listen to this track along with a whole l… @porter_fans @blondejamespond @GregoryPorter The best feeling! Welcome to the party! @MeridianFMJazz @GregoryPorter So true! We could listen to Gregory non-stop. @khanyisofusa @kuliroberts Such a great song! @KathJenkins How exciting!We've been nominated for the 2020 @BBMAs 🎉 Thank you @billboard for nominating III for Top Rock Album, and shoutout…
Retweeted by Decca RecordsSippin’ bubbly & feelin’ lovely
Retweeted by Decca Records
Enjoying @LudovicoEinaud's 'Undiscovered'? Why not complete your collection with the rest of his discography! Sign… @auroraaksnesuk Lovely choices! @caba03455909 Us too! One of our favourites of the year. @RhysLewisHQ Sounds good to us!#HappyBirthday Andrea! We’d like to invite you all to join in the celebrations and send your birthday wishes for A…
Retweeted by Decca RecordsA very happy birthday to one of the world's greatest voices, @AndreaBocelli!
The one and only Jeff Goldblum, wise as ever! @1LipstickBandit Let us know what your favourite tracks are! @warriorflove @AURORAmusic So creative, we love it! @porter_fans @KeithUrban @SaunderJMusic @LudovicoEinaud @thetrapset Definite highlights for us too! Glad you're enjoying the album. @wexistforlove We love this! @SATheunsi @mrmichaelball What a view! @EllenJR5 @AlfieBoe @mrmichaelball Both great choices! @RobinWriteSmith Haha - we see what you did there! @WarrixrPrinxess Wonderful! Any songs in particular? @r0celot Perfect! @auroraaksnesuk Forever and always! Which songs were you listening to? @caba03455909 How great is 'All Rise'?! @RhysLewisHQ Always a great choice! Any songs in particular? @AliTietze @GarethMalone Such a beautiful track. @ScottNathene You've got that right! @1S_Coops The one and only! @peejie @GarethMalone Always wonderful! @ChristopherNay5 All legends! @WiltsMovieFan Great choice! Perfect for the weekend. @lesuperhomard @thetrapset @MaryT_Money @marylattimore @stevendrozd @tarboxrd @craigwedren @AnnaWaronker So good! @porter_fans @KeithUrban @SaunderJMusic @LudovicoEinaud @thetrapset Agreed, so good! Have you got any favourites yet?
Which of these new releases have you been spinning?
TONIGHT! Don't miss @GregoryPorter on @jazzfm this evening from 9pm BST for The Music That Made Me, where he'll be… Decca artists are soundtracking your weekend?Combining 30 years' experience at the piano with a lifetime of charisma, 'I Shouldn't Be Telling You This' is truly…
Announcing the first ever Kanneh-Mason family album, centred around 'Carnival of the Animals' along with brand new… Saunder: Ludovico: Joe Wong:… #NewMusicFriday! It's a bumper week at Decca, with new sounds from @KeithUrban, @SaunderJMusic,… @Nico_Jak @AURORAmusic @amoonpoetess Wow! This is amazing! @biartss @AURORAmusic Relatable! @SukizukiIzuna @AURORAmusic Amazing art! @NoiseTank001 @AURORAmusic Lovely! @PUPPYC0RE Great suggestion! @emma_lunt @ronanofficial So glad you enjoyed it! Was there a stand-out track in the set? @sheherrazzaq We can relate! @rachelclark1313 On repeat!Which Decca artist do you want us to feature next time? Let us know!