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Frondio - A mind blowing short film by Zuleta is HERE! Please retweet to get this amazing visual artist's work seen…
Retweeted by Declan Owen'Irresistible Forces' - released on @SubCastCo netlabel in June last year, still a few redeem codes available:…
Retweeted by Declan Owen @SubCastCo That's it! I'm off to the disco and gonna drink cider until I vomit all down my front! Haha, that'll show you! @astralsocialite I'm writing a tuneful number called mariposa.War piglet.
Retweeted by Declan Owen @critical_masses Yasser Arafat invented Marrowfat peas. @sndassassin @LippyKidMusic @bbc6musiclover @ArthBychan @_makim_29110593 @AngeJWilliamson @RMeldrum1 @Peterlefeet
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Retweeted by Declan OwenHaiku 20 ❤️ @LippyKidMusic @bbc6musiclover @ArthBychan @_makim_29110593 @AngeJWilliamson @RMeldrum1
Retweeted by Declan OwenFinally got round to listening to @thesancturary #4 here; Another great show which maintain…
Retweeted by Declan OwenIf you're looking for new music, here's a few favourite labels: @SubCastCo @ztapesrecords @weareACR @BricolageG5
Retweeted by Declan OwenI almost found myself but then forgot what I was doing.Drink, fuck, and smoke plenty of cigarettes.
Retweeted by Declan OwenWhy I don't use dating apps: Creepy old cowboy dude: " I'd love to put a saddle on you boy." 😏
Retweeted by Declan OwenOnly 4 left of this wonderful album. Highest possible recommendation from TQ
Retweeted by Declan OwenI used to absolutely love watching Seargent Bilko - I think we had it on video
Retweeted by Declan OwenNext TQ = @HareOnAnAnvil, @fructidorfalls, @BlancSceol Panurus Productions, a new regular cartoon feature from…
Retweeted by Declan Owen @tarquinwood23 Ha ha. Probably not. I’d have a go, just for you, but I wouldn’t bank on it being anything special.
Retweeted by Declan Owen @adehodges Yeah, you a writer?
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@theronsaurusrex @Iheartnoise This is the one! @theronsaurusrex @Iheartnoise Or do you live in Boston? @WANDAGROUP @xsqoof Aha, good yr back. Have a gander at this film by ZULETA. @astralsocialite Gotta make coin and want to stay my own boss. Soldering is fun too. @astralsocialite Good. Been getting up at 6 to do training in Halifax. New part ov the day for me. @astralsocialite Just checked it, phew.soundz right. Been plumbing this week. @astralsocialite Oh, no! Can you hear tiny motorcars and blue birds?► Streaming Or FREE Download Géant's Garden - [we sell boxes]
Retweeted by Declan Owen @FallingDj Please rt to spread the love!Being artsy and craftsy with some video and audio I created. 😊😜🎥🍿 🎉🥂🤪 .
Retweeted by Declan Owen @FallingDj Thank you, the genius behind this is Zuleta the Costa Rican Bunuel, @jmzuleta0
Retweeted by Declan Owen @cowsarejustfood @WANDAGROUP Isn't he banded for being very very naughty? @plasmatron @ScratchLee @Iheartnoise @tabsout @FallingDj @astralsocialite @SatanicTempleAZ @AkaTaKlysm @OrgPhysics @CharlotteAlter @AOC @MexicoRS78 @RunningWolf89 @FatherArtois @Jimbo20012 @GilmourOrgasm @_DavidGilmour @rogerwaters @nickmasondrums @pinkfloyd @GilmourOrgasm @pinkfloyd @_DavidGilmour @nickmasondrums @rogerwaters @GilmourOrgasm @whallydog @Jimbo20012 @cattempermeow @PaulMicrovolt @petridisch @burial_grid @Bombshell_Radio @Jimbo20012 @Iheartnoise Just follow my lead! @Playamaqui @the_wormling Thanks for the rt🤗VA³ is now available everywhere! So grateful w your support! Let’s keep ‘em coming yo! 🙏🏽🦊🎶 Download the full quali…
Retweeted by Declan Owen#bbcqt Fiona Bruce - answer me if you'll resign. Politician doesn't answer, obfuscates. What does FB do? Naff all.…’t get in the studio until my son has finished with it at 6. When did this happen? So fast 🤘🔥😎....blink 🎈❣️
Retweeted by Declan OwenOK THAT'S IT I'M GONNA MAKE SOME SHIT AND IT WILL BE! @theronsaurusrex @Iheartnoise is a big fan ov Boston. @TiredHorizon Sell it to me!!!! @Biffo183 My pleasure :) @Biffo183 I like it but needs more ramping intensity. @bluejeanbaby01 One of my all time favourite songs @taxxess The leaves that are green. @taxxess Oops this one @taxxess @taxxess Bookends. @taxxess I never forgot him! @adehodges @TiredHorizon Lovely. @adehodges @DeclanROwen Thats how I created the noise in Radar. Same guitar, different inna…
Retweeted by Declan Owen @adehodges @TiredHorizon Amps either love ya or hate ya. Maybe they are saying stop. @shit_reviews Fuck? Shit! Nerds! Recoil in terror!!!!! @Fairouz6rb @e_ix9 @Playamaqui Oy, Danny @Playamaqui retweet dis link @Misterquartet @OddsFiche @andylong @ProgRockers @adehodges @Dancing_Monk @ms_madvinyl @WhiteRhinoTea Doncha mean brilliantly? @wallermusic @umru_ @BrianEnoMusic I made posters available, what size would you be most interested in?
Retweeted by Declan OwenOy, Alan, ELO! @AlanMorseDavies @AlanMorseDavies @ReneKita Aha, Alan (Partridge)!IMPORTANT VENUE CHANGE FOR SATURDAYS DAMO SUZUKI EVENT NOW AT @MirthMarvelE17
Retweeted by Declan OwenOut Now "Rubinmusik 1977-2017" features DDHR, Sombre Reptiles, The Heavenly Music Corporation, Cloudland Blue Quart…
Retweeted by Declan OwenI am so happy as my paperback is now out on Amazon #autism #autie #aspergers #autistic
Retweeted by Declan Owen @lonewolfs_alpha Yes, this is the cause. cannot reiterate enough times just how important word of mouth is for small bands like ours, we don’t have money…
Retweeted by Declan OwenSELF ESTEEM Bit more of my new Girlfriend. 🧐 9/10 #selfesteem
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I recently suggested to my Girlfriend that she try masturbating with fruit... She went fucking bananas. Rude. 3/10
Retweeted by Declan OwenI review every bastard thing I see.
Retweeted by Declan Owen @shit_reviews I demand a recount to a lower figure!
Retweeted by Declan Owen @DeclanROwen I'm not sure it is to be honest. 6/10
Retweeted by Declan Owen @shit_reviews please review this, it's shit.
Retweeted by Declan Owen @shit_reviews I demand a recount to a lower figure!地図から 50 From the map 50 pic
Retweeted by Declan Owen @howroute @draftevader @nomomentumny @StateFragile @shullbite @SteadyfireBand @haxxerca @Superdestroyed @DiplomacyPanda @piersmorgan This may help @shit_reviews please review this, it's shit. @datphoenixbrown Please forward a list. @liquidlibraryyy Went to Bristol for a weekend 20 years ago?Video Premiere: Petridisch - Newton Highlands
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