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I'm making a Spotify playlist of all the cool music I've listened to since I've started trying to connect with othe…
Retweeted by Declan Owen"I do all of my creative work while I'm intoxicated." - Charles Bukowski
Retweeted by Declan OwenI'm on the spectrum myself, please read. I never request RTs but on this occasion I am asking you to.
Retweeted by Declan OwenAs today's world slowly dissolves into a farce of #Orwell's 1984, the best #soundtrack for our #dystopian demise is…
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Trying to get back into the swing of things... #derbyshire #infrared #landscapephotography
Retweeted by Declan Owen @ReneKita Stick raffle tickets on them then run a twitter tombola, the winner chooses a number and you do that projectComposing ambient music is like flinging colors on a canvas, pure joy, now songwriting, that torments me..
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Retweeted by Declan OwenAutism can bring extra abilities and now we’re finding out why
Retweeted by Declan OwenOwen Sound - Sign Language (1985) via @YouTube
Retweeted by Declan OwenIn an attempt to give people more of a chance - here's advance notice that there will be some more badge sets avail…
Retweeted by Declan Owenthey were serious #WhoIsAmerica
Retweeted by Declan Owen @billyshinbone @Iheartnoise @EISRecords @RocketRecording @stroomtv @krankyltd #Psych
Retweeted by Declan OwenWarped Freqs idle set - track 'Bluff' - Saltburn Calling / Lost in the Woods. The full track. @tarquinwood23
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@AlanMorseDavies Dark sounds more me, is it on Netflix? @AlanMorseDavies What's counterpart or dark? PS glad you are feeling good. @AlanMorseDavies Is Narcos any good? Noticed it on NetFlix.
Retweeted by Declan Owen.@HoudiniMansions #reviews a chilling and evocative new #Electronic #experimental #album. I don't want to spoil it…
Retweeted by Declan Owen.@Quicksand_T has some dark but strangely uplifting music @ and some really interesting ind…
Retweeted by Declan OwenFavorited "Wake Up summer special pt2" by TheOtherEnd
Retweeted by Declan Owen100% accurate
Retweeted by Declan Owen @IAM_TBreezy felt like my life had fell apart once I drifted from God, there was so much confusing in my life, so much doubt,…
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Sunrise you win. 😂
Retweeted by Declan OwenFelix Koopa - #iTunes # Check out my boys!! #newmusicalert #itunes #weekendjams #nola #indierock #funk
Retweeted by Declan OwenDead Kennedys : California Uber Alles .
Retweeted by Declan Owenfolks, this is getting real!!! @young_scum is on bandcamp daily for This Week's Essential Releases!!! Click the lin…
Retweeted by Declan Owen @theronsaurusrex Yes. Wait for the moment. The rest of the time be like Hank Chinaski.
Hiked up to one of the best views of Holy Tahoma I’ve seen in all my years (that includes the views from up on her…
Retweeted by Declan OwenLotta misunderstandings on twitter but don’t misunderstand what I’m here for: to convince people to listen to homem…
Retweeted by Declan Owen @PranaCrafter / Enter the Stream … it sounds like this
Retweeted by Declan OwenHighly recommend checking out what Mr. Obladada has been listening too!
Retweeted by Declan OwenThanks to The New Music Machine on @WRIR for spinning ‘moon through fern lattice’
Retweeted by Declan OwenMy latest animation piece for Prana Crafter in case you missed it- Inbox Jukebox Track of the Day: The Peaceful "En…
Retweeted by Declan OwenPeople need to be liberated from their systems of symbolism and become more intensely aware of the living vibrations of the real world.
Retweeted by Declan OwenEpisode 23 is up. Dead & Co, Phil & Friends, & Good Old Grateful Dead! Listen on iTunes:
Retweeted by Declan OwenImprovised sonic mysticism, check out the new compilation from @SunHypnotic it even features a mindmelt from Prana…
Retweeted by Declan OwenEnter the Stream Pre-Orders: -Vinyl LP in US/NA- -Vinyl LP or ltd Sam Giles CD in UK-…
Retweeted by Declan OwenHere it is: SH031 - Solstice MMXVIII - a collection of improv-related tracks recorded on or around the 2018 summer…
Retweeted by Declan OwenTaste the rainbow
Retweeted by Declan OwenSince @realDonaldTrump isn’t there to see it, whatever you do, don’t make this go viral. This is what a real crowd…
Retweeted by Declan Owen"Man know thyself" #gnosticism #hermeticism #spirituality #knowledgeofself
Retweeted by Declan OwenA Charter for Democracy via @Commons_Trans
Retweeted by Declan OwenEdward Steichen Rodin and statue of The Hand of God , 1907
Retweeted by Declan Owen @1Atsuhimerose2 @Spiros209 @CerisesMacaron @BPerrionni @MarieFrettoloso @barrywyman2356 @dianadep1 @BrindusaB1
Retweeted by Declan Owen#AlbumOfTheDay Cocteau Twins - Garlands (1982)
Retweeted by Declan OwenOnce I had a bad attitude and terrible body odour then I found GOATS and started serving the community by killing r… the Friar's Club roast of the Nazi president that aired seven years ago because I want him to die but seei…
Retweeted by Declan Owen @marcushsoiled What flavour gtar? @marcushsoiled @MooerAudio Is that a boss octaver? I've had 2 tracks like shit and burble and warrbles, love it! @MysticTapeDeck My pleasureTQ13. Posts out today. #peel special. Subscribers get free DVD from @RepublicFilm
Retweeted by Declan OwenThe fifth installment of my autobiographical account of a hitchhiking trip I once took through Nevada is published…
Retweeted by Declan Owen🎥 Want to screen your film in front of 400 filmmakers from over 80 countries? Options available for those who can't…
Retweeted by Declan OwenFor all of you that think they got this from me, may I say, they didn't, my account must of been hacked, probably b… Virgin Mary suckling the Baby Jesus, Ah! Finally we escape the fucked up world and find solace in this beautifu… sharp shooters of the UK, please get to your grassy knolls.Queen sends coded hat message to Trump. Trump doesn't get it...
IT'S OUT OUT OUT! RD002 - @cryostasium - "The Possessor" EP CS/DIGITAL Definitely appropriate for the heat we've…
Retweeted by Declan OwenGloomy Planets replace Andie Brown for Tor Fest.... and they sound excellent - some definite resonances with Hawtho…
Retweeted by Declan OwenProtesters in the U.K. have rallied to make Green Day’s 2004 hit song “American Idiot” top singles charts ahead of…
Retweeted by Declan Owen @RockWalkLondon Total rubbish.Our first born batch can be scooped at 💕🎹🐎
Retweeted by Declan Owen @AlanMorseDavies @theronsaurusrex @jmzuleta0 @adehodges Just larking about amigo. Now off to making some decking, what can go wrong, hey :) @theronsaurusrex @AlanMorseDavies @jmzuleta0 @adehodges Weirdly the musical backing of Goatsucker is 'MAW = FAUCES'… @AlanMorseDavies @theronsaurusrex @jmzuleta0 @adehodges Perhaps we should have? eh @jmzuleta0 ?!?! Can I play a ro… @aoltrell Are you Chad Kroeoegerer from the band Nigglebag? @jmzuleta0 Wow, feature film, good luck amigo.🇺🇸America🇺🇸 Just letting you know, the U.K is PUMPED for protesting that orange, racist, sexist piece of shit. I d…
Retweeted by Declan OwenIGGY POP Nope. 2/10 Via Muglife.
Retweeted by Declan OwenStill kinda freaking out that Sunn O))) are recording with Steve Albini.
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@theronsaurusrex @jmzuleta0 That is a short history! :) @theronsaurusrex @jmzuleta0 I've got a new poptastic Bacon Industries song I'm just finishing and I hope Mario will… @theronsaurusrex @jmzuleta0 GOATS is an experimental combo with @AlanMorseDavies making sounds with me and… @theronsaurusrex @jmzuleta0 Bacon Industries is me with whoever I do a song / piece with then the mighty @jmzuleta0