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Retweeted by Declan OwenIn Chinese mythology, Xing Tian was a God warrior who was beheaded during battle. Headless, he continued to fight w…
Retweeted by Declan OwenVIOLENT RAMP REUNION AT DTW CUH @weirdingmodule
Retweeted by Declan Owen32 Black-Owned Coffee Shops In Brooklyn – Updated via @bklyner
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Retweeted by Declan Owen @olsonpower czech it nice
Retweeted by Declan Owen @Emmawhizz @shit_reviews STAMP out perveyors of NON-COMBINED bake beans and toast masquerading as BAKE BEANS ON TOA… proudly present a short film by ZULETA. Jorge Mario Zuleta has taken the last two tracks of the GOATS album -…
Retweeted by Declan Owen @Emmawhizz @shit_reviews What a total barrrrrstarrddd twisting yr melons like that! Ave 'em, go on! @archidave @dangusset Blow the road up. I'm advocating carnage with a boat based back up plan. Yargghhhh!
@shit_reviews @Emmawhizz That is outrageous!Build a ship, before you burn a bridge. @whallydog That's next, cover your head in protective silver foil.GOATS are GO! debut album - GOATS on Submarine Broadcasting is live. Pay what you want, all profits go to Medecins…
Retweeted by Declan OwenRainbow - Since You've Been Gone via @YouTube #np
Retweeted by Declan OwenCocteau Twins- Pearly Dew Drops' Drops 15
Retweeted by Declan Owen @TheLSDBlotter r-1413
Retweeted by Declan OwenA #BEE flaps it's wings 200 x's per second!
Retweeted by Declan OwenX Ray by Helmut Newton for Vogue Paris
Retweeted by Declan Owen @olsonpower a film for you. Silent running meets bad acid. ENJOY!
Retweeted by Declan OwenBreaking news - Russia is hacking all Sinclair Spectrums, Vic 20s and the Dragon 32. Turn them off before you explode.10 Perviest Japanese Video Games
Retweeted by Declan OwenOrbit by EOP w/ @dosencl @Sunflower_Bean @Moondust2014 @JUXTAmusicUK @producedbytobi @Songcellar @leavingrichmond
Retweeted by Declan OwenDay 5 of 10 (I skipped a few days) "10 all time favourite albums that really made an impact & are still on your rot…
Retweeted by Declan OwenWatching the GOATS video.
Retweeted by Declan Owen(Zuleta + Morse) - (Goat Mother + Kids) = GO! @jmzuleta0 @AlanMorseDavies proudly present a short film by ZULETA. Jorge Mario Zuleta has taken the last two tracks of the GOATS album -… @astralsocialite Prepare to have your nose and mind blown! 25m video by @jmzuleta0 is coming. Holy fuck! @DeclanROwen @SubCastCo
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Mellor's Three Laws of Teapotics: 1. A teapot must allow safe ingress of hot water and tea 2. A teapot must remain…
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Retweeted by Declan OwenNever gonna let you down...
Retweeted by Declan OwenPlaying 40 year old cassettes of jam sessions is really really interesting.
Retweeted by Declan OwenIt’s hard to take a bath in peace when it looks like C-3PO is completely grossed out by me.
Retweeted by Declan Owen @AlanMorseDavies @jmzuleta0 @SubCastCo It is pretty gobsmackingly great.
@adehodges GroovyNew from me GHOST ARMY progressive #DarkAmbient 60 mins
Retweeted by Declan OwenIt's #NewMusicMonday so why not check out the great #NewMusic of @SOB_Prod @GummyBeatz @JStSlaughter @road377music
Retweeted by Declan Owen @BBC6Music GOATS back for 30 days if you missed it.
Retweeted by Declan Owen @BBC6Music @for3stpunk Cheers!
In Japanese Folklore, Shirime is a strange creature with a giant shiny eye replacing his butt hole. It thrives sole…
Retweeted by Declan OwenThe World has never been more in need of a Psychedelic Revolution..
Retweeted by Declan OwenWilliam Basinski - Watermusic II via @YouTube
Retweeted by Declan Owen#electronic #Instrumentals of building arpeggios and #beats #reflective melodies and mostly #chillout vibes.…
Retweeted by Declan Owen#theresamay please go. I don't believe in hell but I hope there is a special one for you. @saderotica Yeh but in favour of coke, at least it doesn't bore me, even though I may bore others whilst on it :)Microdosing LSD in Montana
Retweeted by Declan Owen @TheOrchidShow He also did the same with Rush. FUGGIN hate them too. No, I'm not walking on to frikkin bastille day… @TheOrchidShow I lived with a guy who worked on oil rigs. He would return after 2 weeks and buy enourmous amounts o… @TheOrchidShow What about this collaboration? @TheOrchidShow God, I hate everything about Yes.I wish the part in Yes' 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart' video where they all transform into animals was real and irrevers…
Retweeted by Declan OwenThe latest The noise music Daily! Thanks to @clearnoisemusic @m0n0polka @ACF_London #women #shawnsecretlistening
Retweeted by Declan Owengood morning.
Retweeted by Declan Oweni like coffee! being a #journalist, #critic, and #academicwriter is a lot of work! Here's yr chance to lend support…
Retweeted by Declan Owen @for3stpunk please review GOATS by GOATS, all cash to Medecins Sans Frontieres. Thank you. @ultradamno Yeh, you're gonna burn!! @ @DavidNSlater @FrederikMax This has samples, midi and loads of processed live guitars. media right now. #SyriaStrikes
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Q 2415: ‘Alone Again,’ ‘Burning Like A Flame,’ and ‘In My Dreams’ are three Billboard Hot 100 songs by what LA meta…
Retweeted by Declan OwenAnd even if we COULD staff a mega giant outlet to write about the 2039482 new releases every minute, who the heck c…
Retweeted by Declan OwenMaybe we need to build audiences that don't need constant pebbles thrown at their bedroom window to remind them to…
Retweeted by Declan OwenJust riffing, here. I don't know the answer. I'm just writing every day and doing my best to pet cats and drink good coffee.
Retweeted by Declan OwenIn memory of Rachmaninoff today! He could apparently play C-E-G-C-E with fingering 2-3-4-5-1 (thumb underneath!) I'…
Retweeted by Declan OwenTrump, Putin, Asad, May, Jong-un, the list is endless, how do these dickheads end up running our lives?Now playing on Sunrise Ocean Bender: “Medley: Eight Miles High / Paint It Black” by Floating Bridge on @WRIR
Retweeted by Declan OwenNow playing on Sunrise Ocean Bender: “The Truth” by Quicksilver on @WRIR
Retweeted by Declan Owen @mr_atavist @FuzzClub Shit yes, nice to see @peteintlairport + @GuidingLightFM on the same playlist. Thanks @mr_atavist xo
Retweeted by Declan OwenIn the latest podcast episode, @PranaCrafter stops by to talk about his brilliant sound, which he calls "mystic psy…
Retweeted by Declan Owen @mr_atavist a taste of GOATS for you. takes in #EveningFires and finds ”classic German Space/Kosmiche to avant-freeform Psychedelia”
Retweeted by Declan Owen#AmonDuulII #AuralInnovations Live in #Tokyo.
Retweeted by Declan Owen“These guys throw in everything along with the kitchen sink, the toilet, and all the shit that was cluttering up th…
Retweeted by Declan Owenhonestly I owe so much to quinoa aural and taro for helping me explore creativity, innovation, the world around me and most of all myself
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