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Artist/Writer for Marvel, Image &others. Upcoming; IMMORTAL HULK: FLATLINE Co-creator of BOG BODIES with @GavinFullerton1 Original art sales: @CadenceComicArt

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@OKatrinaFox White lightsaber to match a white dress @OKatrinaFox Yeah, fair enough... Should be an immediate marriage proposal!
*spit-take* @PhillipSoup Thanks man! @ChrisOHalloran DAMMIT!Deskshot #Hulk favourite OLD MAN LOGAN cover finds a home :) @tidus808 Oh brilliant! (that's my favourite one :) )11 backers away from 500. Let's see if we can't reach 500 by the end of the day. Retweet, back, shout from rooftops…
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @NickRoche @DoubleZCreative @TheBigBang_ It's all downhill from here.... @guywithredbeard @TheBigBang_ @NickRoche @ChrisOHalloran Ah thanks so much!Brilliant
Retweeted by Declan ShalveyDid you miss SCARENTHOOD #1 by @NickRoche, @ChrisOHalloran et all? Don't worry, we got you covered!
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @mrmarkmillar John Paul Leon @eryslash I’m very sorry for your loss ArielClosing in on 500 backers!
Retweeted by Declan Shalveythis was commissioned and not picked up or paid for ay NYCC last year and it still grinds my gears.
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @monkey__marc WHAT!Aaaaaaannnd IMMORTAL HULK:FLATLINE is all drawn! Still have to get colours done this week, but good to have all the…
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Bookplate row, featuring: @msharkness, @declanshalvey, @GavinFullerton1, @LonerganJesse, @PiaGuerra, @ManMadeMoon,…
Retweeted by Declan ShalveyWaitasecond. there's a @declanshalvey variant to SCARENTHOOD #1? No one tells me anything!
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @declanshalvey T’was a great day of deliveries!
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @MhmdFzSalmon @Hannahrosemay_ Finally 🎉 @Hannahrosemay_ @NickRoche @ChrisOHalloran @IDWPublishing Ah you got it! Nice one :)Moon Knight by @declanshalvey #MoonKnight
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @rickeypurdin @__Thompson It's a mug-pleasing piece of work. @rickeypurdin Also; the list of things we'll do when you eventually make it over is getting longer and longer :D @rickeypurdin Can't lie, it's pretty neat! Especially with it being a solid, 30 page one shot and cover :) @m_gearoid Or six @larsen_project IMMORTAL HULK:FLATLINE is all drawn! Still have to get colours done this week, but good to have all the… hour #AhsokaTano warm up from this morning. Process time lapse below in thread :)
Retweeted by Declan ShalveyToday is FOC for @thevaultcomics' THE PICTURE OF EVERYTHING ELSE #1. Join me, @Kishoremohan, & @adityab at the dawn…
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @michaeldoigart Neither does Turtles, for that matter :P @michaeldoigart Hahahahahahaha! @edbrisson Same. @edbrisson I’m more likely to watch a film these days if it’s anything under 2 hours. Aside from some exceptions, of course.Sooooo close to $18k. Who'll put us over?!?
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@monkey__marc Ah, that's fantastic. Pun intended @DaveHendrick Dreads you say..... 🤔 @themikenorton I giggled every time @DoigSwift @joshixson “It’s a good thing I didn’t happen to browse Twitter in the last 24hrs...”
If you’ve been on the fence about snagging the oversized Deluxe Edition of CHASIN’ THE BIRD, it’s currently 15% off…
Retweeted by Declan ShalveyWe’ve been getting some AMAZING covers in for Radiant Black. Seriously, it’s a murderers row of awesome stuff. Impo…
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @joshixson Deadly @StockmanNate @NickRoche I’m heading straight for the sun... nothing could possibly go wrong now! @hermanos Hahaha, now that’s a show I could get into! @StockmanNate @NickRoche ‘Decnique’. I love it. Totally gonna use that. Thanks for providing even more ego ammo Nate! @CadenceComicArt Black Friday Sale was a rough ride at times but if you finish the day with a beautifully designed…
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @JSapsed @CadenceComicArt Ah nice one! @hermanos The absolute best @IAmBradWalker It’s maddening @mturetsky Well it was one of the few MK pages left I guess @mturetsky Ah nuts! @mturetsky Ah crap, did someone else get it first?My short crime comics are always “pay-what-you-want” over on Gumroad. I teamed up with some fantastic collaborators…
Retweeted by Declan ShalveyGrab a copy of JAGUAR by @MarcEllerby @leonardoito @ccrank @OniPress
Retweeted by Declan ShalveyORCS! are in Previews this month! Tell your comic shop that you want them! Surrender to the ORCS! From @boomstudios
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @larsen_project @larsen_project Thanks! Also, thanks for kind words earlier today!I LOVED drawing spreads in my short Conan run. BIG MOODS. @towniebastard I'll have to get back to you (bit swamped finishing Hulk) but I can have a look. My DMs are open if… @amazingjr87 Ah thanks!All @declanshalvey invoices have been sent to Flash Sale customers. If you requested & DID NOT receive an invoice-y…
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @karl_ellie Someone's CHEAP :P @MikeSHenderson Congrats man! @frickhwa Nice one! @PaulJPatane @CadenceComicArt Oh brilliant! I really loved working on those pages :) @towniebastard Cheers Craig! PS if you have pages in mind, I have everything with me, so let me know. They don't te…
@martinmorazzo Cheers! Wasn't expecting THAT @samstoneshow Where's my ebony back-scratcher?Final BLACK FRIDAY SALE Update- All invoices are out for @jimtowe , @VDelRey and @Martin_Simmonds orders. All that…
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @JohnpiusO Thanks man 😊 @frickhwa I hope not! @m_gearoid It means I can afford them, if they’ll let us in! @KyleDHiggins @AlexPaknadel @StockmanNate Make it a Toblerone. Only the finest for my Decolytes @AlexPaknadel I think the question is can *I* have one! @DrewGerman @CadenceComicArt There may be a Christmas sale (though not at the same discount as today)SEVENTY!? Bloody hell. Thanks folks! hope is that this project will do well enough that I'll be able to come back in a year and release another stan…
Retweeted by Declan ShalveyI've been asked a few times about why I opted for Kickstarter on CATCH & RELEASE: A MURDER BOOK STORY...which of co…
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @DannyKhazem @TotinoTedesco He’s TOO good. He must be stopped!Hey all- we are STILL sorting @declanshalvey order requests. Invoices should be out on X-Men Pages, Seeley requests…
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @Andahaion Ha, well thanks so much for trying! Glad you enjoy the work :) @LuisGodoyII @CadenceComicArt I'm sure that's fine :) @Bennessy @__Thompson Ah yes, those were good times🚨 🚨 🚨 @CopnallBryony Yeah I’ve accepted that I won’t see a human woman anytime soon, so I’m not gonna stress about that mess. @CopnallBryony It’s a first for me so I’m entertained by the novelty :P @Monlevad Ah, totally understandable, thanks for the kind words! @CopnallBryony Same! @__Thompson @Bennessy I was gonna ask the sameIn one hour! with myself and Dan about our new @ImageComics series HOME SICK PILOTS over at Newsarama!
Retweeted by Declan Shalvey @booklife2001 @CullyHamner Yes, but the story also needs to work with the format. You can’t say, jam 30 pages of st… up watching the Toy Show #LateLateToyShow
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