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@Glock_Topickz You know my nameI don’t understand why it’s so hard for y’all to wear a simple mask. Beyond that, why is it so hard to follow simpl… it true that him and his crew refused to wear masks and refused to leave when the stadium asked him to? That’s h… @nickystizzy Was it over him not wearing a mask? @ihateuzay @Glock_Topickz I don’t know. He was in the right here @Leeeskiiii Yea @JeremyVCopeland J .... I can’t see that from u @stickysweett I do @Leeeskiiii Yup @RaytedG Depends on who it is @Mimi_Daydream Daydream!! @tvonetv @MrGOKI_ @tvonetv YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to watch @ReginaKing !!!!!Random af but Captain America vs The Human Torch. Beautiful! @KELECHI_doc @Euphraxio Yea @PrinceStylez @Chaunait @VandaYacht 😂😂😂😂 @Variety Eater’s anonymous? @Brieyonce @nayetorious @Chaunait @VandaYacht @PrinceStylez 😂 @Chaunait @VandaYacht @Lavelle1215 @Roberts_Rules 😂 @kordeivy 😂😂😂😂 @AyrusOfficial Ew. Block them plz @beaucoupbougee And killed the dog @Euphraxio I saw this when Shannon Doherty went through her battle and chronicled everything. Again, your spirits s… @DevanTHoward U got it. Just stay consistent. Then you’ll be slayin all the holes or a specific one. @DevanTHoward Yea man. You’ll love it for building @bornakiing 😂I’m tryna engage in some coitus @bornakiing Yep. The negroes of the white walkersInaugural poet Amanda Gorman inks deal with IMG Models
Retweeted by Wanda Got That Crazy Buss* ✨☄️ @_Sublime00 @Euphraxio 😂😂😂😂😂 this is on more than one page? 😂😂😂 @foxxybemine I’m definitely still gay @Euphraxio Not the whole cast of Charmed! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @bornakiing Lol. Just jokes. Nick Jonas is a hot lil somethin tho. And I know I don’t do the pink @bornakiing LUCKY! That thing is beautiful. I wish ours was that big @MrGQ_1211 She’s a mean lil somethin but she was funny af @bornakiing You: 😂 @bornakiing No. How did u get the gym to yourself? 😂😂😂😂😂 @DevanTHoward Whey* @DevanTHoward Yea. It’s a standard whet product @RealLifeManikin HBOmax @MrGQ_1211 The little plump one? Janie? 😂 @MrGQ_1211 Dude, I’m over here dyin 😂My husband just told me he has a crush on someone he met at work - he’s worked from home since March 2020 😊
Retweeted by Wanda Got That Crazy Buss* ✨☄️ @RealLifeManikin I’m over here cracking upEve, the tv show, is HILARIOUS 😂😂😂 I forgot how funny she actually became. @J91Pyro @Jaye49911315 That’s when you know you are doing it for u and not just them @mannysdavis @DRE3K @mannysdavis Such an amazing show @CertifiedFool_ I love that first crop!!! @bornakiing How????? @CrownMeZaddy Jesus. My girl never disappoints @CrownMeZaddy @MariahTrends @MariahCarey The best album ever @CrownMeZaddy Oooo where @aprettyPR I LOVE Edith!!!! @boys_luh_Rich @Jaye49911315 @J91Pyro @lookforlawrence Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera @ReggieD_06 happy bday @Jaye49911315 @J91Pyro This is my fave subject to speak with yall about @FootBruh I didn’t know that was a mole on his cheek. I kept wiping my phone cuz I thought a crumb was there @Jaye49911315 Where’s @J91Pyro ? 😂 @Jaye49911315 I like them to stand in front me so I can admire it for a bit too. @MemoirsofJake @MariahCarey I LOVE THIS @mixedgod Whew. The effort LOL @Jaye49911315 Honestly, either way it’s getting drained but standing up is preferredPost 4 characters that you think deserve their own ongoing series. Random but interesting and I’d like to see them… Antebellum over condoms. I can’t 😂 @PharaohVanquish If u don’t put all them products away ... @MrNiceGuy513 @RandyS0725 @SuperSuitShow @sumter_joshua @Ceesnation @Seedalicious @UpToTASK @DiamondSpiderP @DRE3K Well then put ur glasses back on so u can see me heffa! @Jay_aka_Jordan Poor Lexi @POC_Culture Im overly excited @FunkoPopHunters OH. MY. GOD. @stickysweett @POC_Culture U got me excited lol @Jay_aka_Jordan Did u watch it? Man... this damn show 😓 @CeejDoezIt 🙂🙂🙂☺️☺️☺️ @POC_Culture Yes. They said it wasn’t happeningThis monologue still gives me chills#GreysAnatomy not only has an unapologetic stance on Covid, but they are out here PROTECTING black women. This show…
Retweeted by Wanda Got That Crazy Buss* ✨☄️ @VanDerek__ Omg W&G!!! @stefanartistry 😂 @realnamevanity 😂😂😂 @Aestheticthin13 DAMNMy fave @MonicaDenise song 🔥🔥🔥, if you don’t want to argue with someone or go back & forth with their idiot opinion.... simply say.... “… @VanDerek__ It’s my fave show besides Buffy @theKINGJshow Vgguiytfvhujj @KhocolateKhaos Sure @TheePusha Take a guess @keithwayne__ That bulge is 6’9 @un_conquered Yes @PalIahAbdul @ddtchh @Lavelle1215 @PalIahAbdul @ddtchh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @RaytedG @stickysweett @Dazzlingwinds Honk! @SirCamCarter @garcoxgang Yesssssss cmon monogamy @SirCamCarter @garcoxgang Cam.... That’s like someone asking me,” Are you rich?” And me saying “I sure am”. I most definitely am not @EVBDYLUVSTJ Don’t let em touch u friend @EmperorBrick Right