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Monigga @DecolletageGawd Arlington, VA

“You didn’t cancel on me. You simply did what I was too weak to do”

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@CertifiedFool_ Lmbo, she was probably tickled pink by this @MR___MAAN @KimKardashian Lmfaooooooo WAAIT why was this my exact words out loudLmbo oh well @IamJonnieb I didn’t score 🥺... complete air ball actuallyHe shoots and..... @alikashots Ah so that’s why you be making them baseless bottom tweets... It all makes senseEarlier I ordered a bacon egg and cheese sandwich with no egg from Dunkin’ Donuts and somehow that translated to no… @alikashots Lol do you have to duck a lot? @alikashots Are you on a ship?Good, because I know when my time comes imma still have a few things to say lol’all ever had a bitch scared to come outside?The adlibs in the City Girls songs get me up every time “All you clout chasin hoes find a exit (Get the fuck out)” @iDavey LmfaoI promise it is A-okay to be beautiful and keep your less than smart opinions to yourself @ItsHilaryBuff Ewwwww that’s so late @ShaquiseTeach It’s a dark day 🥲 @kayrodrigo_ Thank you 🥺, I’ll recover eventually gym crush “bro’d” me 😢.... why won’t you just marry me @looklikeyves LmboUsagi is a nasty sounding name... I can’t believe they played Sailor Moon like thatMe to all my high school classmates’all ever see someone not on tv wear contacts to make their eyes look dark brown?Take them colored contacts outGoodmorningTrying her best @aStatesman Use parboiled riceI will have a Valentines this year, speaking it into existence
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Decent gym day @TheePusha Dance moms lol, one of the dancersI received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the African Movie Academy Awards. Congratulations to myself 🔥🤲🏼🥺🥺
Retweeted by Monigga @MikeBeLike Happy Birthday 🎉 @quethemusic_ Cool @timothy_daring I hurt my knee, let it heal for a while and now I’m slowly building back up, emphasis on slowlyWow Superwoman by Lil Mo is on Apple Music... Today is a good day’m weak he don’t know Keyshia & Ashanti but he know Swing Low Sweet Chariot 😂😂
Retweeted by Monigga @Avereaux stays tweeting anti black shit 😷lemme unfollowI love a good Twitter story @timothy_daring I dropped the amount of weight I squatted dramatically 😅Lmbo I’m all dumb sitting here thinking, JT don’t have any solo songs and she’s a rapper so why would she verse ush…
@waynes_ambition some props in this bitch @SirCamCarter Lmfao @____Kollin it was a popsugar article in January but looking back it might've just been about solo film @____Kollin YES! they never have a space now all of a sudden thy wanna start adding character, and I read in an int… @____Kollin They put a space in front and after the X @____Kollin it seems like itI was hoping the success of Ungodly Hour would convince them to not do the solo thingwow is this the start of them working as individual artistsResentment..... BECAUSE YOU LIED!!!!! @CJ_Nyxx usually when people choreograph to slower songsI hate when songs that I just like to sway, roll, and wine to are in videos with people doing some hard/intricate ass choreography @Guavecito whats the texture like? @rellRomaNce Hector should be a full adult now, he could be a nurse so an essential worker who caught itImagine a sequel with them fighting Corona
Retweeted by MoniggaMichelle Obama's stylist getting her ready for the inauguration!
Retweeted by Monigga"is that a matching tye dye set you're wearing" lmfao
Boys like me (Yupp) Boys like me (They doo) @ShaquiseTeach Lol just a city girls lyricDo what I want, don’t report to nobodyDamn baby where my hug ass niggaThey’re asking for their money, Joe
Retweeted by Monigga @shannon_sense lmbo PRADA??? nvm, I cant afford herI want that headbandBaby I got Amazon Prime & an air fryer.. you not finna talk to me any kinda fuckin way
Retweeted by Monigga @InGARYWeTrust_ @TheePusha lmfaoooowho is singing the national anthem?Michelle Obama walking back in Miss White House Like It’s 2008:
Retweeted by MoniggaYall See Michelle Obama OKAYYY... You Look Damn GoodToday is good day yall, you feeling good?Came yesterday 😍 😳
2021 Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist is back this week!!! @waynes_ambition and yet you find time to be on twitter @fernandojrod NosaI hate seeing lips that have lipstick on that still look dry... Looking like construction paper @lightskinnedsh2 thank you @ihateuzay Drop it like its hotwait is that a Snoop song ft Pharrell or vice versa?"Drop It Like Its Hot - Snoop Dogg" will always hold a special place in my heartThere is nothing wrong with chicken tenders @MR___MAAN She was cleaning out the freezer and asked me if wanted to keep them and I told her no and she gave ver… @CrownMeZaddy go home in protest @JamrockBandit @SeitenSpitt ah okay @JamrockBandit @SeitenSpitt Bringing Tito's is a bad thig?The "Buy Now" button on amazon, and Red Bull amaze me every timeI baked cookies a couple months ago and my roommate said they came out "mad crunchy" lmfaooooo @_Himm they should be, they only close for Christmas and new years @_Himm Nah I have a long sleeve shirt on today @tattedpimpin lmfaooo @DecolletageGawd Yes a dude I went to school with had one and his name was Ashton so we called him ASSCHIN
Retweeted by MoniggaSo I've been watching AoT and that female Titan was fucking them humans up... I was GAGGING @TheJohnJohnShow lmfao that deep ass voice @Artofbnfree that's a good thing @TheJohnJohnShow lol i'm up i'm up, in that moment I couldn't recall any @Artofbnfree lol oh wow you doBow Wow had such long tressesHas anyone seen a black person with a butt chin?