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Monigga @DecolletageGawd Arlington, VA

“Witness the baddest bitch alive”

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The computer is getting on my last nerves, who want to play crown tundra?
they need faggots like me.. THEY NEED FAGGOTS LIKE MEMyra MYRA MYRA YOU’RE A SLUT LIKE YA MOTHERYou know what word is annoying to me when used in real life “nefarious.” I feel like that should only be used in like cartoons or comics @shonwashed trynna go on a dynamax adventure later?We had a republican congress. @DamnxxDemi Lmbo oh 😅 @DamnxxDemi how'd you get it because nothing shows up on mineI love a “come on”The girls are tired of this damn auditLmfaooo “who are you listening to?”People are dyingAyo @Pokemon Wtf are y’all doing?
@Simply_Pro_ Them boots are shiningOn the suede girl???? yourself in 2 Disney Villains @nok__noi Idk but you look good ms thing 🙌🏾It’s like the piece of twink in me that will never go awayI hate that the area around my wrist and ankles are so thinSomeone gon meet these expectations from day 1Today was a tiring but good workout @ThouArtJohn Okay @ThouArtJohn Some people know what they want @mixedgod Happy Birthday 🎂
Just one thing after anotherTops with fat asses:
Retweeted by Monigga @Simply_Pro_ Right @Simply_Pro_ Mmm I’ll ask him that @Simply_Pro_ You don’t own himI love him I love him I love him I love him could listen to Mariah Carey talk all dayYou want to have sex with me, but you don’t want to take me out? Why is thatMe when I reunite w/ my #SetGood family @waynes_ambition @svedey_ @_JimmyWave @DecolletageGawd
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Damn Chloe girl... WTF was you into ??
Retweeted by Monigga @iIIustjuan I remember in the movie theater when he went to god mode the whole theater went crazy’m getting me a free lunch today @nateeeb_ 29 @Simply_Pro_ people use captions like “Heavy”, I always assume they about to show some dickThat was the beauty and joy I needed to start my day 🥺Look at her 🥺
Retweeted by Moniggai know how to get a bitch mad, don’t i?
Retweeted by MoniggaMy view right now 🥰
Retweeted by MoniggaThe ki to me is how pleased with herself the older girl is 😂😂😂... giving 😁 even after she got her head yanked work my femininity
Everytime I see a lunchable I think about how we weren’t allowed to eat them growing up 💀
Retweeted by MoniggaBeyoncé are you gonna provide enough Ivy Park this time so we all can get a piece???? after breakfast nap is going to be everything @aman_lexidor But you know what he got up at the end of the video so he’s aight lolBabies running with cell phones while they are still recording is one of my favorite things the internet has provid… @HisMajestyJT LmboYoooo not Karen exposing Dorinda for carrying knock off bags I am SCREAMING 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by MoniggaIs Drew Sidora an actual artist?Lmfaooo “what makes you think this is acceptable”Wow she looks like a full white woman cried. When i first saw this. I cried. #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by Monigga @d0mocracy They are trying to sell you cocaineLeti after banning every white person in the world from magic #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by MoniggaA thing #Lovecraftcountry got right was the casual way Christina talks about murdering Tic and like her being immor…
Retweeted by MoniggaShe was THEE moment.
Retweeted by MoniggaSo what we gonna watch now?Dee out here like... #LovecraftCountry #Lovecraft
Retweeted by MoniggaMm Ruby died right after fucking that white #LovecraftCountry want my hair as blue as Hippolyta’s... I want that Blue’s Clues #LovecraftCountry @_JimmyWave Lmfaoooo I said the same shitI have found my new favorite account. He is EATING the girlies UP!!!!!
Retweeted by MoniggaDoes anyone actually know the chorus to Beauty by Dru Hill or do you only know Sisqo’s adlibs?
The goal is to be drunk by the time lovecraft country comes onF is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for uranium BOMBS... N is for No SurviiiiiivorsSomeone could be playing Bey the next neighborhood over and I’d be like “y’all hear that? Someone is listening to Beyoncé” 💀
Retweeted by Monigga @_JimmyWave Lmfao @Simply_Pro_ I can’t wait to get my body doneI love breakfast @hoodopulence Same @montrellj_ Only @keenen_andkel25 @B_McC2 @montrellj_ But I like the niggas 🥴 @_Himm I’ll be therePatatas Bravas
PSA: lick his nipples
Retweeted by Monigga Moore for Vogue Spain
Retweeted by MoniggaLmbo “cheap ass bed”.... I too have had a cheap ass bed that would knock on the walls @DMakesMoves @billieeilish Yes!!! Lol like it’s nothing like anything else I listen toI have no clue why but “you should see me in a crown” is MY JAMI could’ve sat and watched girlfriends for another couple hours but nooo I’m going to the raggedy ass gym 🙄lmfaoooooo Toni is too muchI love you ya lil bitchDo it again ya lil stank assToni was going through postpartum depression and that dwarf calls a lawyer to get full custody...wowhomophobic bully who’s secretly gay x openly gay kid
Retweeted by Monigga @1Rylic Lmfaooo
Retweeted by MoniggaThought I grabbed my mask..... it was a thong lmao
Retweeted by MoniggaWhy the fuck is it so coldThis is still hilarious
Retweeted by MoniggaOne thing bout me ima laugh, idgaf who get mad.
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