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Surely Jada Pinkett is painting the table red from scratch. There’s no other reason she should be taking this long
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Soap when you drop it in the shower
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾My first pornstar martini after this lockdown
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾if you live in LONDON UK pls retweet his tweet and get more people aware. hopefully he is found safe and well, stil…
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾I wanna leave my house but this rain is making me think twiceAnyway I kinda wanna punch somethingThese people are fuckeddd and scare me. Stay away thanks can’t get over how that don speaks. He had the audacity to bang the tableThey're being made wrong
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Bitch cookin Alfuckno
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾So Nando’s ain’t got free delivery no more. The cheekWhat’s this bitty bitty filter everyone’s using on insta and that? I want itY’all better act surprised!!!
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾 @JessEvxngeline LieI was meant to get a parcel today. Where the fuck is it? Kmt @JessEvxngeline Guess who’s still working thank you very much. Unlike some ☕️ 🐸car rides by yourself.. with loud music… are good for the soul.
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Loooool oi where we all going Monday Tuesday and Wednesday? @JessEvxngeline 👀 @JessEvxngeline like my quietDo you know how hard wfh has been in this household. I got my brother chatting bare nonsense and shouting whilst he… mum shouts down the phone as well as shouting down the laptop during her team meetings.WFH during COVID-19 or pretending to anyway
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾My son be fakiiiiing 😂😂
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Today I wanna be productive @jdj28_ Looool but I said nah 😂 this fool
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾"why my back hurt so bad bro?"
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Forgot to give my little cousin a blanket last night 😭
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾When someone trying to tell YOU about YOU
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Why does that David bum guy speak like that? NeekMe cleaning the house: Without music. With music.
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Why did this fuck with me
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾y’all throw parties with no food, then wonder why people start fighting. they fucking hungry😂
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾first house at 19, no co-signer, i can only thank God 🥺🙏🏾
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾We really had a 4 day summer. Will it return? @TheFifth_Wave 😭 @TheFifth_Wave One minute it’s 8pm, blink then it’s 12am 🥴Guess who’s having a early night? Not me but someone isslushies be good asf until you gotta ↕️↙️↗️⤴️⬇️ with the straw
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾 @GuapIggy ??? 📝I know that their hearts had to be racing at first.
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾 @JessEvxngeline @JessEvxngeline Same someone chat to them man @JessEvxngeline write like groovy chick
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾first class service
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾New header
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾 @MsPiink Mad, imma go searching @MsPiink It looks like they don’t sell them anymore. Ima check corner shops @MsPiink So I’ve just googled it and I can’t believe they exist @MsPiink Prawn cocktail McCoy’s??!!y’all...😭
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾noah’s favorite pastime is to take a bath 😭
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Is Banksy ok ??
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Reals, how’re they going to charge me £50 for 1
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾So that jess ting that rolled up to sexy fish looking like one roadman said she used the wrong term and that she wa… went to an expensive restaurant dressed like you stink, why would they let you in
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾LOOL the cheek we normalise women having high standards, why do we always get critised for that?
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Men are allowed to have the highest of standards but God forbid a woman having high standards, we get called all sorts of names 🤣
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Everyone just needs to appreciate how funny this is
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾 @JessEvxngeline I’m just thinkinggggggI’m ready to go anywhere at this point salted McCoy’s are really amazing @JessEvxngeline Nope 👀Ahhhh I hate this generation omds
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾 @JessEvxngeline Lol seeee. Just have crackers and water @JessEvxngeline it with chesttttWhen someone on the phone says “give “x” a kiss or a hug for me” do you guys actually do it? Cos i say yeah sure then go back to bed
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾if u don’t get changed into ur pjs or chill clothes soon as ur home then what are u even doing
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾 @JessEvxngeline Shut up @JessEvxngeline Still bloody far enough 😭 @JessEvxngeline Are you showing off or? @Kaylaakin3 @gabysilvaoffic1 When you find some sis lemme knowwhere’s them boys that don’t only want sex
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾 @Sai_4th The Westfield there is shit anyway, white city one is better @Sai_4th Nah apparently it will never dieThey say the uk isn’t racist. Yesterday routing home from training we got pulled over because @MetPoliceUK assumed…
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾All these nail techs are in east ldn 🥴🙄 who even lives there?Wow, this aged like FINE WINE 😌💅
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾What the fuck is light skinned white man?
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾I want y’all to get in the habit of fleeing at the first sign of fuckery.
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾
Migraine central 🥴🥴I hate when shit rappers hype up their songs like bruh stop lyingtoday’s affirmation: i am getting better and better each day.
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾This is something @MsPiink would be doing whilst I’m the one putting the bands on to @RealRemyMa & @Papooseonline who are expecting BABY NO. 2 together! ✨🍼 #BlackLove
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾I need a boo so he can sing to me ‘shortyyyy a lil baddie shortyyy my lil boo thing’ 🥺 @JessEvxngeline Wow k. I’m taking the children @JessEvxngeline Pussyole @JessEvxngeline closes you save that £13.70 a day
Retweeted by JCRUZ 🇬🇾Nah pop smoke man that album 😭