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You be quoting fine boys tweets and be giving them compliment, but when you need momo or credit you come to me, me…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Over here people😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️How can you sweep your room and use your ex's picture to collect the rubbish?? Can't you forgive and forget 😂😹
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Amaarae new music coming out tomorrow ✌️
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️guys can we please share this it would mean the absolute world
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Hello everyone, we humbly appeal for your support to help fund the surgery procedure of Hassana Ibrahim. Kindly cli…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Say Hi if you see it 😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @CuteHim_ Hi @Gentlefire8 Follow back @theadamsjnr @Sneaker_Nyame Unless you go Benin 😌2019 I had Best life. 2020 I'm having my..........
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @ajthesupermodel @yofel_ @KwasiNawil #DTNewsI look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️I wanna have a nice chat with a stranger @iBossy__ Bossy is your time for your mom and dad for the school day and you guys are invitedThe boys pulling up from #Benin 🇧🇯 after the Mallam told them everything is done😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Hello.... One of our guys on the TL needs our help. His mum is seriously suffering from a mild stroke and he has do…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Next joke pls @59Pixelss 😂😂😂😂If money Dey Benin 🇧🇯 anka dem go come Ghana 🇬🇭 come cut nails for 1gh 😂😂😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Join Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Minister for Education and MP for Manhyia South this morning on Peace FM Kokrokoo w…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Apple of my eye , but it will end in tears 😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️
@efyahcutelyn Ah is it by force to wipe your ass? @ne_kwasia 5hrs 1retweet 2likes @KwasiNawil @Efia_Odo1 I would send you boobs oosome of you are aesthetically pleasing to look at 😍 but your motives,hearts,intentions and personality are damn ugly🤦🏽‍♀️.. wtf!!!!
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️*you @KwasiNawil *you🥺They sent you a puzzle instead. SMH!
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Women will humble ypu😂😂😂🤣 babies hold your finger with their whole hand🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Your boyfriend didn’t take your bank details at gun point.
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️KNUST SHS headmistress has been interdicted!
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️KNUST SHS Student:“the senior housemaster told his [the deceased boy’s] friends to leave him alone. He told them to…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Sammy Gyamfi called the EC chairperson ‘slay queen’ for just doing her constitutionally mandated job.
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @kobbykatalyst1 @MajorPapJ @quame_age Done odoCheck if your RETWEET button is working. You people, I promise I'll give you the vegetables 🥺
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @I_Am_Winter 😝😝😝😝😝"I started with two feathers and now own a poultry farm" These motivational speakers err 😂😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @MajorPapJ @quame_age @kobbykatalyst1 Bird?🤣🤣I dey troski inners and this guy has Denver's laughter (Money Heist) as his ringtone. Eii 😂😂😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Smile they say is priceless, You can witness some in this pictures I shot not long ago. Please retweet for me my ne…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️My babe should be able to do this for me. Xoxo’m I the only one who does this or every basketball player does same anytime they walking alone or going to bath?…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️
@KwekuCyber 😔finding someI have no friend on this App🥺😶 @Kayl_abrown @noelhimself Allow him 😂😂😂. He is motivating someone lah @noelhimself @muby_noor Sia😹Breaking Bad❤️ me reintroduce myself please. I’m Pokuaa and I just started a business. Please follow @ConfettiInc and book me…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Joseph Boateng Mensah. The 2 and half year old Joseph was diagnosed with metastatic Neuroblastoma which severely af…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️"I got balloons" "Twitter gave me balloons" If twitter no give you balloons aah you no know say ebi your birthday? 🙄😒
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Short story 💀💀
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Most beautiful girls dey gnash but ahomaso) Nti they still dey reject proposals. Lmao
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @tyga_PB @danielbiblezz83 Oh bossu😹 @danielbiblezz83 @tyga_PB hi😂You can’t have a successful phone call with a girl , in my house . My brothers gonna shout “ Is it the girl you fucked last night “ 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️I found JESUS! ❤️
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️You don't like "broke guys," hw3 who told you we like broke girls. Tsww Bra you naaa as u no get money edey bee you😌😌
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Chaley this is Exquisite and Splendiferous .Classic!!!!! Shot and edited by my gee @__theSeyram ,great wallpapers…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Good afternoon twitter 😊🤫
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @danielbiblezz83 He is being a Good Samaritan 😹😹Nyame nsa Wo mu 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Knowing your worth is the Biggest Flex!
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Major key 😂😂😂 yo mom still alive retweet this in 2 secs ❤🤱🏻.
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️In fact Pappi Kojo no get problem baako sei.. 😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Herrrrrr tweeps yenko offline na n3 de3 show no ay3 tw* 😁😁😁 #TheJamesAndKatahShow
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️READ!! some women are heartless
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @Joeyb_richcroxx Shhhhh😹 @Joeyb_richcroxx 😹😹😹😹. Such a disrespect to a Nkate NkwabU no go find any work do u dey der dey do when are u coming to visit me way3 wanim hoyaa s3 nkate Kwan dey der 😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @iBossy__ Ah you get woman?😶Herh but ,Eno Barony de rap ooo 33iiii This be serious
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️women eh🤦🏾🤦🏾
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Wallpaper thread 😂😂😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Don't forgive your boyfriend, we also want you
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Small accounts matter! Drop your username and follow anyone who likes this tweet to gain .💥🔥
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@iBossy__ Fiw🙄 @iBossy__ By not stealing money from people you just met🙄 @RealHerby Curly Mimi😹😹I've been working on my product photo manipulation skills for sometime now, kindly check out these unofficial trial…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️I’m not an armed robber, I have no intention of ever becoming an armed robber.....but if you call me an armed robbe…
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Your favorite sakora doctor! ❤️😉🤗
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @NtimBarima I am still trying to understand you.guys please someone needs our help with his momma. GH¢1,972. please let all help with the small and least amount we…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Anaa make I do midnight bundle give away tonight or shout outs ? 😂
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @iBossy__ I want download movies so midnight wai @kobbyshadiez Extra sheet?Sapiosexual in your bio but the only “A” in your waec is in your surname. Ode, olodo-sexual🤡
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️ @_sarge__ It’s very necessary hw3Me momm dier abi plantsexual, I see carrot nor then my body come 🙈😍
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Guys please your retweets will be appreciated, she's a mother of two...the kids will be happy to see their mom 🙏
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Am announcing the sad disappearance of their relative, Ms. Theresa Dwomoh. Ms. Dwomoh is 41yrs old and was last s…
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️Good morning from Takoradi...God keep and bless us all 🤩✌🏽
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️can you guys please RT until she is found
Retweeted by DedeDoe❤️So finally @jhennylhurv has agreed that accruing 2k retweets will make her give in to becoming my close buddy. At l…
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