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Devon Baxter @dee_bax Pennsylvania, USA

#UArts Film/Video '14. Freelance Video Editor, Digital Restoration Artist, Animation Historian/Researcher. Other interests: comics, food & retro video games.

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@JimSoper4 I can just imagine him saying this:
Retweeted by Devon BaxterMy entry for @SBRehydrated!!! Coincidence of coincidences, I was asked to hop aboard months before I knew this fell…
Retweeted by Devon Baxter @Speyerboot FOLLOW ME SET ME FREENow on Patreon at the $10 level, the newest batch of animator breakdown of Bob McKimson-directed WB cartoons! Carto… @muirchiara @hannah3lindsay Too bad Devon is such a "modern" name...
@SenorWoberto Fanboy Island, but that’s just San Diego Comic-Con @Corywarnermusic GimmeNow offered at the $3+ level, an animator breakdown video of POP ‘IM POP! (’50) with Hippety Hopper and the first a…
Random HB doodles from a while ago
Retweeted by Devon Baxter @duck_twacy An animator breakdown of this cartoon is available here: @Moonpez_ under penalty of fuckdo you feel lucky punk
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@CDCBsVCR You remember the episode with "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar"? This show is literally where I learned that from... @SenorWoberto @WHATiFArtist Gosh dang, those are some good key frames!Y'know, I always knew Chris Chan was a dirty motherfucker. Sorry not sorry.Bun bun crunch crunch 🐇🐇 Snack-ula to popular belief, the old animators at Disney would animate not only with paper, but with Flipnote Studio…
Retweeted by Devon Baxter @jongraywb Are y’all okay? Lemme check your temperature, getcha some chicken noodle soupNow available! Thunderbean Animation presents The "Rainbow Parade Cartoons" series from the legendary Van Beuren St…
Retweeted by Devon Baxter @FLUFYTERMINATOR That’s what I was gettin’ at, Doc!The things I do for romance—romantic truth or dare card games for couples, that is…
@NicoColaleo I definitely plan on visiting next time I come down to CA! @autocinephile You mean the Stinkoman theme??TODAY on CARTOON RESEARCH: No - it's not CUPHEAD. It's a frame from the 80 year old cartoon that inspired the video…
Retweeted by Devon Baxter @HectorHaleyArt Ed Love! (And voiced by Pinto Colvig.) @vmheckman 🫂 🫂 Hugs!!I love how these Flintstone gags turned out in my eps OMG You're welcome everyone #Jellystone
Retweeted by Devon BaxterI'm happy to have contributed to this Blu-Ray collection from Thunderbean Animation profiling the first half of the…
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@muirchiara Same here - I *hate* winter cold and *being* cold. @duck_twacy He did the drawing, inking AND lettering!
[Me seeing mom watching something.] Me: What's that? Mom: Lara Croft? Me: Tomb Raider? I didn't know it has a movie…
Retweeted by Devon Baxter @SenorWoberto Dude, they mentioned BG painter Paul Julian (and his contributions on the Road Runner) in one of the… quickly blasted through the sketch comedy show I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE on Netflix. Any of you guys ever see it? In today's comic book story, Chip 'n' Dale trick Donald Duck into thinking he has the "summ… in 1940 Bugs Bunny (created by Tex Avery and Bob Givens) made his debut in the Warner Bros. cartoon short WILD…
Retweeted by Devon Baxter @MEdwardsVA Mike Maltese often wrote these, too! @HectorHaleyArt That’s Walworth. You’ve got Friz cartoons on the brain. @vmheckman Lovin' it!!Nice dinner I’ve prepared for @hannah3lindsay and I. (I even put on a loop of “Italian restaurant music” to set the…
@MajorPeppy secondedAbout friggin' time Disney let Eric Goldberg do what he really wants to do.
Retweeted by Devon Baxter Here's a comic book story from 1952 featuring Chuck Jones' Three Bears! work hours later, it is done! Black-Eyed Susans from my mom's garden. Pastel pencil on 13"x10" drawing paper. Th…
Retweeted by Devon Baxter @muirchiara My favorite @RichardHorvitz reading/shrieking EVER.
@bobjinx I’ve not seen any - I just know for a fact they didn’t use boards until they moved to Miami.One thing to keep in mind: this era of Popeye was *not* using storyboards. Probably little thumbnail sketches by th… @muirchiara Next time I’m in Philly, let’s bring our sketchbooks and go on a drawing adventure!! ✍️✍️ @duck_twacy Damn, that’s good!! @ubxiwerks I saw that! Thanks so much :)
@SenorWoberto I keep telling you people that the industry was ruined after Winsor McCay. @SenorWoberto Any time someone says they want to work at Disney, it’s like, “The hell you wanna do that for?”I WAS WATCHING A “LOONEY TUNES CLIPS OUT OF CONTEXT” VIDEO AND THIS ONE IS TAKING ME THE FUCK OUT
Retweeted by Devon BaxterMy favorite part of any summer for sure ☀️☀️ looks like Bill Littlejohn’s animation. @Zobieez Looking good!!Beer o’clock 🍺 🍺
@muirchiara You’ll have to catch me first!Dude, indoor skydiving is fucking SICK. out for a good time at my older bro’s bachelor weekend!!🏳️‍🌈My Gay Agenda: I just wanna see a lot more friendships/platonic relationships treated with just as much importa…
Retweeted by Devon BaxterGetting these vibes in that last panel: @tooninwithmetv TREE FOR TWO is a comedy masterpiece by Friz. I remember it very well from when I was a kid, catchi… in the last panel can't even. @RothmanHarv I guess I meant to say it felt "Americanized" as in it felt like Dreamworks meddled with it a bit too… @RothmanHarv @aalong64 I dunno - CHICKEN RUN definitely feels "Americanized," especially with the Mel Gibson rooster. Seeing these comparisons between the Universal and Criterion Blu-Ray and...are we *sure* A…
@muirchiara (Jp) @muirchiara What’s the link to the Oscar podcast? I forgot to ask @hammegandcheese Almost 30…what did he do
Retweeted by Devon Baxter @muirchiara I watched all of it with Hannah- not a bad show. @vmheckman It gets worse than that. I shan’t say no more, unless you want to find it on YT.
@vmheckman Spoiler alert: it’s extremely misogynistic.
@SenorWoberto @jessehawken @WillSloanEsq LONG-HAIRED HARE *is* my favorite Bugs cartoon.It's very telling that the upcoming JACKASS movie is the *only* movie I'm stoked to see in a theater. @ani_obsessive Sorry, but I hate this cartoon. (So did Steve Bosustow.) @DownInkwell Nancy said she retimed Compton's animation - pretty much every time Bugs dances, it really is a different "take", @mdewater Definitely nailed that early 1930s licensing look!
@AneenaSevla 😊😊😊This is me, I guess excuse the slight delay, but here's the next batch of animator breakdowns of WB cartoons directed by Bob McK… @NicoColaleo No. Despite them having talented guys like Phil Duncan, Hugh Fraser and George Nicholas, these shorts… IN DUTCH ('46), a Pluto cartoon I actually tolerate. Posting this clip because I love some of the more cartoon… when the Molly starts kicking in
Today on Patreon at the $3+ level, an animator breakdown of LEGHORN SWOGGLED ('51); the animation in this excerpt i… @muirchiara Those are all over YouTube now... @notnicoleashley Meanwhile, I wanted to do this to Devi sometimes: Jam 2 spoilers.
Retweeted by Devon Baxter @AGuyWhoDraws If it can’t be determined by how the character is drawn, then timing is the way to go, for sure.
It has now been six years since I first met my gf @hannah3lindsay on OKC, and I couldn't be any happier. She has be…'s a skilled, talented artist that really *gets* those characters and WB decided to fuck him over. Typical. from BIG MOUTH > Lola from SPACE JAM movies @SenorWoberto I did a thread of that one!