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A big fat loser.

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Sorry, I’m having anxiety about all the shit I need to do in order to move and needed to vent about itI talk about moving back to Austin all the time, but this time it’s different. I haven’t felt like this since the f… post Texas feeling do be hittin different this time.Love coming home to be bombarded with mailThings I take extremely for granted? Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.
I am going to get sad drunk tonightWeezy F baby and the F stands for fascism @puertoryan 😘😘 @this_is_chano 😘🥺 @puertoryan I had to get patted down and homie...really got in thereFrom peaks of blue, come heroine. @annajeanette Apparently it was “Sweatshirt material” and you can’t go through the TSA scanner or something so they… had to take off my shirt in the airport because it was “Too heavy a material” so everyone who got to see me’re welcome.Texas.@this_is_chano bought me a dad hat with a cowboy hat on it and you can’t tell by this photo but I’m ecstatic about… DONT WANNA GO HOMECan now say definitively that this post is a lie. This child wasn’t “wandering around barefoot,” he was grabbed fro…
Retweeted by n00bmaster69Me: “I’m gonna go home and not drink for a few days” Also me: “Well tomorrow is Friday...” @Deeebluhd @ me next time
Retweeted by n00bmaster69Gonna go back to being 22 and only surviving on nicotine and caffeine.#letterkenny #letterkennyproblems
Retweeted by n00bmaster69I’ve never been more in love with Hayley Williams than right now PM. Time to legalize it.
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@mikeyyanko SameWow HATE. IT. HERE. you listen to Totalimmortal it has to be as loud as possible I don’t make the rules2 years ago today I moved into my place. Wild to think it’s been 2 years.Everyone in Austin has a dog and I’m jealousLyft driver just got mad at ME for construction I cannot control. BOII’m upset how accurate this is sure is a weird long way of admitting the training doesn’t work... come every Trump rally turns into an absolute shit show?The sound of a beer can cracking open will never not be satisfyingJust heard this bartender say “Trump isn’t a politician...he’s a patriot” and I wanna die.
When bae let’s you know you’re done working for the day!
Retweeted by n00bmaster69 @ruben_market I’m so disappointed in youOkay, I just saw another person I know on IG buy roller skates. What the fuck is happening
Retweeted by n00bmaster69If this trip has taught me anything, it’s that I need to take care of my mental health better and I have some amazing friends.I cannot express the contempt I feel for Barrett that her first act as a Supreme Court Justice was to participate i…
Retweeted by n00bmaster69US Postal Service on-time delivery times for First-Class Mail have dropped again — now nearly as bad as the worst p…
Retweeted by n00bmaster69“The gang rise up” “I love small business” Small business: “Can you please use a mask? ☺️” Conservatives:
Retweeted by n00bmaster69“Two dudes chillin in a hot tub...5ft apart cuz they aren’t gay”🥴🥴🥴 Borat movie is💯💯💯9:56 make a wish valley girls
Retweeted by n00bmaster69i overheard my uber driver and his wife being sad about having trouble having kids so i left my nephew in the car. i love doing gods work!🤍
Retweeted by n00bmaster69 @ruben_market DealJust another day where CATHOLICS ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST by adding a sixth catholic to the Supreme Court.
Retweeted by n00bmaster69God fucking damn it.
I fucking love Texas so much.My love language is buying my friends drinksTEXANS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLS GO OUT AND VOTE!!! the race is SO CLOSE here!!
Retweeted by n00bmaster69We've had 6 people drop their ballots into our rental return slot and they all voted for Kanye.
Retweeted by n00bmaster69Lord grant me the confidence of someone who has “Entrepreneur” in their bio.I did it
Retweeted by n00bmaster69trying to navigate my DMs like
Retweeted by n00bmaster69The things we do for loveI am def blacking out today.I bought @julievic666 Empress gin and after she tasted it she goes “This is so fucking good. Like it’s just different”Imagine smoking a joint in this. Is a horrible influence and made me cancel my flightWe’ve been at the bar for all of 60 seconds and a bird already shit on Daniel, happy Sunday how are we today
Retweeted by n00bmaster69Y'ALL WANT THE TITANIC MUSIC?!
Retweeted by n00bmaster695 aides of the head of the Coronavirus Task Force have the Coronavirus. If that doesn’t sum up this administration I don’t know what does.
Retweeted by n00bmaster69“I’m having a funereal for my 30th” @liddulmadeline
@brendajanelle The new off of Slaughter @brendajanelle Hey I never said it wasn’t great, I said it was CHAOTICYou ever think about how gross the word “Urinate” is?This HEB is just a chaotic as Texas driversI’LL BE YOUR BEST KEPT SECRET AND YOUR BIGGEST MISTAKE @brendajanelle I like the way you thinkDo I change my flight again and stay and extra week...I don’t wanna go home tomorrow. @chanceftw I knowI gotta stop...being me.I didn’t yell for once @alextlira Do it
@vanmgar @vanmgar I’m on #3...Finally got a NegroniI just had my first real cocktail in 7 months and I’m gonna need about 10 more.I’m a fun sized, super nice guy.If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against meQuick recap of the debate am actually so disturbed by the amount of under 30s I know who are voting for Trump SOLELY based off Biden’s tax…
Retweeted by n00bmaster69He separated children from their families as a political strategy.Idk what’s happening anymoreWonderchano took pictures of me at wonderspaces
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Just wanna live in Austin again, have a dog and be with the loml. @vanmgar I bet this dude believes in QAnonDude just say the N word and get it over with. @lzzcat Yeah I agree. Just weird how people are trying to make into something creepy when 90% of people hug their parents like that @lzzcat I’m just referring to the whole “is this an appropriate photo of father and son” Biden thing and how people are dumbP cool we have reached the “Both candidates want to fuck their offspring” portion of the election“Absolute fucking dump truck”