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@RinseFM residency Nov18-Jan19 // 1st @residentadvisor podcast w/footnotes // @FACTmag: "The Frank Sidebottom of techno" // Bookings:

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@lovefingers @nowadaysnyc @UMFANG Quite possibly! Most of my NYC memories have virtually disappeared, but anything… I look forward to seeing you this Saturday at @nowadaysnyc & w/@UMFANG for my NYC debut*! Tickets:… @yu_whoooo 😭don't😭remind😭me😭 @yu_whoooo Me twothousand😬"Shut up and take my money" in full effect @gabrielszatan Aw, it's a good (to me) version though. Plays nice with Mike Dearborn's "Jaws". I blame NPR for mentioning the track!Good read! And thx for reminding me to play out Baby Shark.
I've always had a soft spot for French hardcore folks like Manu Le Malin & Laurent Hô. Glad to see this feature, FO…!
@BleachingAgent This is what happens when you let people with a poor grasp of the English language stay in this country. @aerielist @dumbwaitress 😂much better than just being stared at! @aerielist @dumbwaitress It's a fine line between surprising ppl that you can speak your native language & being sh… @eoin_murraye @chrisdebabalon I just bought that CD and it's all killer no filler🔥
@eoin_murraye @chrisdebabalon I'll definitely need all them spooky drums & drones after splitting tracks from 2 hrs… thee to @eoin_murraye @chrisdebabalon I might have a bad day if he doesn't go through with putting kittens on the album cov… fitting tribute to top guy @andy_murray, wishing him all the best when he retires. you're gonna be trolled for showing off, DJ BRS recommends you hit back in a way so OTT that it becomes endearin… shout (esp with this accompanying video) @INeedABetterNa1 Still sorting out the dates, will announce when they're all confirmed🤞
.@BBCTheArchers please spice up the Kenton-buys-superstar-DJ-decks plot line with a little bit of this. so it begins. Government workers are protesting on day 20 of the shutdown. If you think they seem angry now, ju…
Retweeted by DJ Bus Replacement Service @dangusset This video is so Greek, I'd eat it in a Greek omelette.And here's my initial list: @buymusicclub may be sentient: while I was making a new list, its example of an artist name to provide was DJ Instagram Baby Wash. @dangusset Thanks for reminding me to put up some bonus clips on Soundcloud...the Winny Puhh documentary is one of them🤭The 1st R4R show of 2019 on @quanticaonline is now archived online ! The show features a guest mix by Brooklyn ba…
Retweeted by DJ Bus Replacement Service @beanerberlin OMG I wish you didn't say that, now I feel sorry for you!!! @beanerberlin Now I just have to wait for someone to sell it on Discogs in 3, 2, 1... @beanerberlin I was already laughing 2 seconds in, thank you! I may have to skip breakfast and go straight to Discogs. @LukeTurnerEsq @BookBrunch @EmeraldGlobal @laurasnoad Now I do. I guess for now I'll have to make do with their pre… complete the trifecta of recent mixes (which included @Unsound & @room4resistance), here is my BRS vs Eurovision…
@chaircrusher Fair point, I was in a hurry😬 @aerielist Good lord, I only just got the vinyl of your last one delivered today!Wished I got my hands on this before my @room4resistance set. Still brilliant though! @lukehandsfree @tomstrepsil Brilliant! @nyquilsunset 😢 @SunkenFoal Msg me on my Soundcloud page: Ta!If it doesn't already exist, there needs to be a Constipated Detective (aka No Shit Sherlock) prize for utter fuck-…📣 LIVE RECORDING 📣 Come for the Giorgio Moroder / Hava Nagila mash-up, stay for Gilbert Gottfried reading the Ther…
Retweeted by DJ Bus Replacement Service @d_b_dp @hdt_hugh Seconded @DJHeidiLawden @Test_Pressing Tip of the hat for "shit kickin'"Back at'cha! It's been a pleasure & privilege🤗
@aerielist Yay, bon voyage! @DJHeidiLawden I imagine any place where this chair won't fit:
Darts: Karaoke pt. 1: Karaoke pt. 2: for the shoutout @ceephax! Lemme take this opportunity to say that your work at th… @sheepshead__ @nazira_in_zvuk @FrankieFatGold @yu_whoooo @aerielist @UMFANG Doubles as a sorta-catchy DJ name謝謝@aerielist mood for tonight's Rinse show in tonight for my final instalment @RinseFM 1am GMT👩‍🎓 Other timezones: LA Mon 17:00 / NYC Mon 20:00 / Berlin… like this make me wish I could give veggie foodie tours in 🇭🇰 These are a good start, but nothing like eat… @FrankieFatGold @yu_whoooo @aerielist @UMFANG Is there a word that describes feeling happiness and FOMO at the same time? @aerielist You could do worse!
@iamnightwave I hear their rainforests are amazing @iamnightwave Screen capturing this tweet for my yoga teacher @FathyClynn 😂You be you! @SheilaDillon 😂😂😂😂 @Drownedxo Fair pointI think I just heard on Radio 4's The Food Programme about a restaurant that caters to humans & dogs, and how one t… @theconemann @aerielist @FrankieFatGold Actually, I had in mind RuPaul's What's The Tee?, WTF, Pod Save America. I… @aerielist @FrankieFatGold Just don't try to sell me mattresses, razors or underwear in ad breaks
Retweeted by DJ Bus Replacement Service @violetakaviolet @chaircrusher @octo_octa @ErisDrew Thank goodness for! (PS:… @opheliaxz @gregorywawa Yay! I just saw the Percolator version and it was worth the effort.
@_noncompliant_ The sign language version of the genre's defining video was my gateway into donk: @_noncompliant_ As a beat, it can be a bouncy kick drum on the off-beat that sounds like hitting a drain pipe. But… track played during my gym class was pretty much hardbass! Concentrating on the donks was the only way to keep my… @DavisGalvin @objectblue_ @residentadvisor @dkmntl UpvoteFinally! @classiclib3ral I'll never watch Mongolian sumo wrestlers in the same way again.EX.439 Suzanne Ciani
Retweeted by DJ Bus Replacement Service @GiantGiantSwan "Giant Swan killer show in Oklahoma" has an odd ring to it. I'd still go. @GiantGiantSwan The Concorde pales in comparison, don't it?If you're upset by what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did in high school, wait until you find out about Brett Kavanaugh.
Retweeted by DJ Bus Replacement Service @lukehandsfree Hold my drink:🔥Thread!🔥 @BenUFO "Milk" and "chocolate" also suspectCauseway Bae*wrings hands*📍meat eaters | | | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | 📍real…
Retweeted by DJ Bus Replacement ServiceThe #116thCongress has SO much to be proud of: ✅1st Somali-American + Refugee ✅1st Muslim women (@RashidaTlaib & I…
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@beanerberlin @michelleisawolf Will watch despite Jimmy Carr
@Bobcluness BRS is my name, career suicide is my game🤦🏻‍♀️ @PaulWoolford @CanalMills @Apex_Newcastle Crap, saw your post 2 hrs too late. Hope it went well with in B'ham!Finding out @michelleisawolf is doing a UK tour is a pretty good start to 2019 (buy tix from the venue direct--Live…
@UMFANG Emotional Support Bagpipes *should* be my merch🙃Here's a little something to spice up your NYE playlist this year: a recording of @DeeJayBRS Unsound Kraków 2018 se…
Retweeted by DJ Bus Replacement Service @chaircrusher I think you're onto something. I've just listened to one random Francis Dhomont work and it's already… @nazira_in_zvuk For me, it depends on how much you can tolerate sped up vocals & pop hooks, even w/CDJ Master Tempo… @nazira_in_zvuk Courage!Anyone is free to tell edgy jokes. If the jokes make people laugh, then the comedian has succeeded. If the people…
Retweeted by DJ Bus Replacement Service#LouisCK’s new set apparently has a section attacking #nonbinary people. He thinks it’s wrong to use “they” as a si…
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Retweeted by DJ Bus Replacement Service @INeedABetterNa1 @room4resistance Eventually! @Unsound just put up another BRS set I hope you'll also enjoy!Do you want pumping NYE vibes, but instead they’re currently hovering around “emotional support bagpipes”? Listen…
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