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Check the fire-paced weaponry @iamsherelle stores in her back pocket, from @kush_jones_ to @DeejayEarl_
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Everywhere I go they speak highly of @SangoBeats 💯ayyye
Retweeted by loading.....You worried about Gucci or ready to celebrate a black owned festival ?!? @A3C
Retweeted by loading.....Listen to Amalgama Radio Ep 1 w/ DJ Earl (Teklife) by Tamber #np on #SoundCloud pulled a JR Smith niggas when they make 23 dollars
Retweeted by loading.....Here's the totally inorganic tweet that Gofundme told me to post lmaooo but look out for the shorter version of thi…
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Go up
Retweeted by loading.....a friend of a friend has gone missing in the bay... if u got people up there please pop a retweet 💕🥺
Retweeted by loading..... @MoonDoctoR & @FreshtillDef lmaoo my male privilege rebroken down to me in a way it’s never been explained to me damn shit deep.
@PayPal somebody please better handle this shit literally right now @PayPal need you to fix my account right fucking nowEGGS produced by @madlib OUT NOW!!
Retweeted by loading..... @wikset Eggs prod by @madlib that’s it that’s the caption #HEAT new interview up
Retweeted by loading.....10 mixes you need to hear this month. Featuring... @Lena_Willikens @SportingLifeNY @chinchillaah @djbensims Plus…
Retweeted by loading.....Sporting Life // "Black Diamond" (Album Review) "Sporting Life can capture and exhibit the feeling of adrenaline…
Retweeted by loading.....This is so original and amazing Can’t wait to peep! 👀🔥💯👑 @DeejayEarl_
Retweeted by loading.....Preview of Blessings, Blends & Lituations Go watch the full thing on my YouTube
Retweeted by loading.....Blessings, Blends & Lituations :: 165 BPM Mixed By DJ Earl  ||  Great Visual Documentary of the Chicago Juke / Foot…
Retweeted by loading.....Check the fire-paced weaponry @iamsherelle stores in her back pocket, from @kush_jones_ to @DeejayEarl_
Retweeted by loading.....this new @DeejayEarl_ is amazing, so many styles, so many heaters. buy this record!!
Retweeted by loading..... @DeejayEarl_ With a project as expansive as Vault you gotta give it time to digest. There's just so much heat
Retweeted by loading.....My Cassette of @freshtilldef’s New Project “Vocalize” finally arrived 💕🥵 / If you haven’t checked out this project…
Retweeted by loading..... @DeejayEarl_ change my life the other day when he changed the sound of my metronome in Ableton 😭 thank u
Retweeted by loading.....INDIE DEVS!!! My friend Earl from Teklife @DeejayEarl_ is open for game music / sound design work. Do not miss this…
Retweeted by loading.....UNIIQU3's Breakin Necks music videos >>>>>>>>>
Retweeted by loading.....Kush come tru wit da sound ting cop it now or else 👮 @mistervacation Im crine 😭😭😭 @DeejayEarl_ @mundacaemporium Got cake mate
Retweeted by loading..... @MoonDoctoR @mundacaemporium Got cheese m8 🧀Mmmmmhmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmhhm hmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😭😭😭😭@mistervacation seriously tho @mistervacation I swear I was on some man low key I’m finna go listen to James Blake later then I… @mistervacation @rafiaswrld Im doin the same soon 💯 @rafiaswrld @mistervacation Man she gotta let this one slide for the culture 😭DJ Earl - Vibesz 🔥
Retweeted by loading.....😂@mistervacation 😭 u really in these streetz @mundacaemporium @MoonDoctoR Wassup m8Like @ScHoolboyQ said sometimes you gotta crash in life to learn & continue to grow n elevate. Fax everybody ain’t the sameAye go cop that new @MoonDoctoR🧠DOPAMINE🧠 NOW LIVE!!
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My GoFundMe is Almost at its Goal: support my GoFundMe campaign:
@DownByDfault 🗣I only address direct hints no subliminal 🤷🏽‍♀️
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On man I’m just waiting on the @TheMuchDank rolling loud vids 😭😂 @VenmoSupport Can y’all check your DM
We've got a massive update to our @TightSongs playlist for you this week – with over 2 hours of all new music from…
Retweeted by loading.....Kayne Dropping Tonight On Shit I’m readyBREAKING: Kanye West's publicist, Trevian Kutti, says 'Jesus Is King' will drop tonight at 8PM (time zone not speci…
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In this world you either crank that soulja boy or it cranks you
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Cass really be talking the truth tho..these battlers can easily go on social media n downtalk cass but in his face…
Retweeted by loading.....Fuck is u talkin bout ?? Oct 6 #Philly
Retweeted by loading.....It’s midnight and it’s out now on bandcamp 😈
I've heard some of the stuff that's gonna be on this and lemme tell you... it's unlike anything I have ever heard.…
Retweeted by loading.....Tonight at midnight 😈🤯 at 12 Midnight 🤯👻My Ambient / Experimental Series Inevitable Shift! > Fear is here. - This project is com…
The more you know 🤟🏾 coming...
Retweeted by loading.....My Cassette of @freshtilldef’s New Project “Vocalize” finally arrived 💕🥵 / If you haven’t checked out this project…😔. @Moveltraxx mix for @RinseFM tomorrow includes music from @snvs__ @neuropunkdj @DurkleDisco @FilthyGears
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Hello twitter, please take a second to vote for @DeejayEarl_ to play Detroit Movement Festival 2020 😊
Retweeted by loading..... getting my life together to this killer @DeejayEarl_ mix 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by loading.....Playing a guest set today on The show Starts at 6pm-8pm Miami EST tunein - did say “My Crimes” tho 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 Morning Niggas and Niggettes.
Retweeted by loading.....The way I felt waking up this morning seeing all the love from the new mix and bandcamp release Mix live on SoundCloud now!
Retweeted by loading.....Started a fund 2 get a new computer if u can help it’s greatly appreciated
Retweeted by loading..... @kush_jones_ Blessings Kush you too are on a constant climb word to the wise keep your eyes peeled for @kush_jones_ as well @MovementDetroit time @DeejayEarl_ does a thing we should listen because he truly be leveling up right before our eyes. Apprec…
Retweeted by loading.....Yeooooo @MovementDetroit check out this new mix y’all tell @MovementDetroit what’s good I’m trine to fuck it up!!!!!!🤣😂😂😂
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Retweeted by loading.....Wait till y’all here this project w @sheefymcfly #paintingsontheporch #soon
| first 5 students that dm me can purchase paintings today half off |
Retweeted by loading.....Today at @sweatrecords @NEVERNORMALRECS Presents: WAV.R00M 003 Pressing Vinyl - Hope to see everyone there this eve… set from Mood Ring last weekend is up for your listening pleasure. 2 turntables, 2 CDJ's, a packed room and lots…
Retweeted by loading..... @DownByDfault @All_Junglists @DeejayEarl_ Listening. Right now. Sounding might fine so far. Thanks for the heads up.
Retweeted by loading..... @invt305 It sounds like you already made up your mind. Just make it make sense whatever you do. Make sure you don’t…!!! THIS IS SCHOOL! This mix is beautiful and brilliant! ✨🙏🏼✨ This is how footwork and jungle is properly laid…
Retweeted by loading.....Dope mix @DeejayEarl_ Blessings Blends & Lituations: Mixed By DJ Earl (165 BPM)
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& Major Thanks to @MiamiNewTimes for adding WAVR00M to its best picks to attend this week in the 305. you are in the 305 Dade County Area or surrounding area. Be sure to stop by @sweatrecords for WAVR00M Presented…× As A Woman Who Produces, It's Like The World Won't Believe U Until U Take Every 1 Of Ur Press Pics With A Beat Ma…
Retweeted by loading.....Full Mix live on SoundCloud now! from @nickleon @invt305 @suziAnalog @LiLJaBBAA @SlickShoota @MoonDoctoR @HarryOtaku @DJTAYE @mundacaemporium and a lot morePreview of Blessings, Blends & Lituations Go watch the full thing on my YouTube’s live y’all !!! In Bio We Live!!!! The Visual Mix is Now Live on youtube Here’s a 1 Min Preview Go Stream the full mix on my C… somebody you love is being purposely awkward with you that shit hurt manYou ever had someone Say hello and ask how you are doing then you reply back saying oh hello i’m doing fine thanks…’all asked for it so it’s here 🗣 Blessings, Blends & Lituations Dropping At 12 Noon 🕛 youtube & soundcloud -…