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Someone, Somewhere! Prince Mega Threads:

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@SecretArchives @NewPowerGenP 🤣 @NewPowerGenP Lol of course they still matter & I have hundreds of them but they’re not practical for when I’m walk… if you could lmk how to listen to vinyl on a phone it might help’s 5th Adagietto.... that’s all! ruined my walk to work Spotify isn’t working on iPhones and people are coping in different ways @RockItPooleUK Damn £12 for the newspaper.. I have around 20 copies locked away in storage .. lol 😂 @SODAmcr @DrKFairclough @BBCRadio4 Guess that also plays into the psychology of how people are feeling atm.. high octane, higher BPM ... you can still spill your sorrows but make the beats faster & brighter sounding lol t… @SODAmcr @DrKFairclough @BBCRadio4 Interesting ..I didn't have a Turban & I went to school in the early 70s...Yet I was called Wog, N**ger & Black (the word Paki di…
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25th July back to playing football 👏👏👏 @CaseyRain @sofmohi @Housequake It says Limited Edition 🤷🏽‍♂️The best Air album.... I think so @CaseyRain @sofmohi @Housequake His Majesty's Pop Life / The Purple Mix Club [Limited Release] [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] @CaseyRain @sofmohi @Housequake @CaseyRain @sofmohi @Housequake I might order a few more to make some bucks later on 🤣 @CaseyRain @sofmohi @Housequake Just ordered the limited edition release 🤣🤣 there were only 26 left @CaseyRain @sofmohi @Housequake Where did you order from? @CaseyRain @sofmohi Damn I want the limited edition !! @CaseyRain @sofmohi @CaseyRain @sofmohi But according to @Housequake there is a limited edition too but I guess you have to order that from Japan @CaseyRain @sofmohi @CaseyRain is this limited edition?This is proof that music is subjective! Prince was a genius!
Retweeted by UMB @peach_and_black Zannalee mainly for the Police Scanner 🤣Never been into Daft Punk as a whole because to me they always sounded like a pastiche of 70’s electronic innovator… We’re tired of seeing corporations & media outlets rarely give love to BIPOC-owned podcasts. We’r…
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One of Brum’s finest are proud to present the Housequake questionnaire conducted with LeRoy Bennett. He was Prince’s production & lig…
Retweeted by UMB @Housequake Queen perhaps most significant of all?#eutopiaEP
Retweeted by UMB#PrinceTwitterThread Part 1 - October 2020 August 2020 @hoopen_mark 💜💜🙏🏽🙏🏽Such a 🔥🔥🔥 track of my favourites from that period @RockItPooleUK Lol sold out already 🤣Perfect soundtrack for the times Smith's handwritten lyrics to The Cure's "Lullaby"
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This looks like an amazing event & it will be moderated in expert fashion by @polishedsolid @polishedsolid @PPaisleyBrunch @jilldjones @1annafantastic Woah this is fantastic 👏👏👏 @joemuggs No exaggeration at all. A profound influence on a large majority of dance music period!So basically I've worked out that Morricone invented disco and dub and thus all of dance music as we know it. Sor…
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Video: The making of the Around The World In a Day artwork. #Prince #AroundTheWorldInADAY @EdgarKruize
Retweeted by UMB @rxgau All the best & speedy recoveryHung out with Tom on occasions even though I don’t really like Kasabian at all lol. Solid guy. I hope he deals with… surprised.. privileged Tool! things weren’t depressing enough 🥺 years ago today, I was invited by @MBeenen to moderate a Q&A with @AfshinShahidi in Amsterdam. The complete foo…
Retweeted by UMB#PRINCE - LOVE SYMBOL (1992) - THE FACTS YOU DIDN'T KNOW 🎥 It's been a minute but we're b…
Retweeted by UMB @CaseyRain Positive feedback is important & makes one feel appreciated 👏👏 @EngineEarz I agree with you. It’s’royalty free’, that’s the whole point isn’t it. If you wish to credit that produ…’s a couple of remixes that I use to rinse all of the time : Morricone got you straight in the ❤️. His soundtracks had a deep emotional impact upon my life. Pure Genius.…
ALL videos from Day 1 of #DM40GB30 have been posted to YouTube now w/ the exception of the welcome. Here they are i…
Retweeted by UMBThe flying balloon 🎈 boy is so cooool @EdgarKruize @MIJNLABEL @EdgarKruize I think it was more to do with the characters on the list Prince produced rather than the cover as a whole @MIJNLABEL @EdgarKruize The nipple shot 🤣Amazing video breaking down of how the cover of one of my favourite albums came about - ATWIAD! What an awesome vi…
Since I can't be w/ my family today, I want 2 spend some time w/ my 💜 family. Join me in 5min on YouTube 4 a rebroa…
Retweeted by UMBIf you have some extra time, join me 4 a YouTube Premiere 2morrow, Sun Jul 5 @ noon EST #DM40GB30 Dirty Mind Prese…
Retweeted by UMBIt was a brilliant weekend! Can’t believe it was 10!!! Years!!!ago!!! In my mind, still feels like it happened… the night before at the same place I was the DJ making the crowd do this (My friend’s video footage): weekend - 10 years ago both Prince & I were at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. I watched him close & person… I can't be w/ my family 2morrow on the 4th, I want 2 spend some time w/ my 💜 family. Join me on YouTube 4 a r…
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Jordi Savall -- Improvisations Sur Les Folies d'Espagne (Listed as 1:12 but it’s actually 59 seconds) @TotalMusicSnobs @arrthurr Started listening in .. not sure how far you went but there’s loads of kick ass spiritua… The World In A Day! @hoopen_mark 🙏🏽💜
That time @PaulMcCartney wanted to hook up & created a backstage dressing room for @prince during a gig in Minneapo…, what do you know … a new episode is live. -at
Retweeted by UMBOoooh I missed this .. can’t wait to catch upon this ....I can guess it was 🔥🔥🔥🔥's "Nr 9 Zyklus"!
Retweeted by UMBYou'll have seen me banging on about this theme, now I've written a piece about the incredible variety in British M…
Retweeted by UMB“When you are marginalized the way queer and trans people are in Brazil, your art keeps you alive.”
Retweeted by UMB @luzcarlita_ Wow I love the colours you use on these 🔥🔥🔥Butthead: My list includes any girl with at least one boob" Beavis: "My list is like your list, but it also incl… @CaseyRain @THR Ahahaha these dudes 🔥🔥🔥€ not bad price wise @purplefunker I preferred the Bobby O & Liebrand mastermixes tho’
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