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Fearfully and wonderfully made.

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skincare tip: combine vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and turmeric ✨ and put it on your salad ❤️ stop pu…
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xJe me permets 😌
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xIf you're buying a Mac Book for uni and you know all you're gonna do with it is type essays and watch YouTube coupl…
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xSometimes it’s not about what makes you happy. Sometimes it’s about what brings you peace.Nobody should ever do this to me pls, I’m using God to beg you. For your own sake cause you actually won’t like me,… gets weird. “ayo” & “yo” in a Nicki Minaj song is VERY important.
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xWhen I’m not our Lord, Jesus Christ, why am I dying for him pls?NOT on my watch!You will take a bullet for a man and he will use his second shot at life to love another woman. Pls.’all not gon like me for dis but u realize future dress exactly like dis right
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xThey killed her. And not only did not refuse to charge her killers... they didn’t even have the decency to say her name.
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Perfectly put. Black women are on the frontlines for others as well as ourselves. @BGOnTheScene This isn't inspiring. Black women have to be in the front for ourselves, and on the front lines for o…
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xLike I get it but I also don’tI’m confused, just a little bit, if the aim here is to emphasise the fact that the lives of black women matter (too… 🐐 Stone magazine named Beyoncé's "Lemonade" as the best female album of the CENTURY.
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xIf you have nothing tangible to say, let your top lip and your bottom lip become one. are meant to be together for eternity ❤️✨
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xSorry, soon I’m gonna be on “when they go low, go lower” bc people are mad until they meet their match.Being the bigger person is over rated. I want to move maddd looool
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xyou ain’t real wit yourself so how could you keep it real wit me 🥱
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xmen on the train:
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xIt be the lyrics fa me hate posting stuff that make me look hurt cause I really be chilling, I just agree. 😂🖕🏽
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xCrazy that you know who this tweet is referring to despite it being said implicitly. most disrespected. The most unprotected. The most neglected.
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xa good woman will stay by your side even if you still cheat, lie or steal. that woman is your mother, not me.
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xSee I’m talented and giftedStart by telling me just where it hurtsHow can you leave a voicemail saying “I know you’re hungry, I know broke man ain’t feeding you, you must like strug…, She Don’t, 10,000 Hours, Whatchamacallit, Shot Clock, Gut Feeling & U, The Boys, Long Way To Go not compare to nothing I’m onTink needs her flowers manYou’re acting different, sooo differentI’m not in the mood to cry anymore, that ain’t the vibe that I’m going forSay that you care when you really you don’t, it’s all in your actions @N_FROMTHE9 🥺🥺😭, na I LOVE herFoolish Your Best or Rock The Boat, Cut It Out, Treat Me Like Somebody, Fck Around, Million, Different Ur Freak On can see my heart beating, you can see it through my chestI love this woman. Angel Of Mine, What Hurts (The Most), That’s My Man and So Gone, Love, Heaven Sent and I should have bloody cheated can’t get enough of LOVE AGAIN atm Won’t Stop Night Stand + Pretty Girl Rock That I Love You, If It’s Lovin That You Want, We Ride, Te Amo and Russian Roulette😔 is that? Does she make music?, Lost One, Dumb, In Love With Another Man, Insecure, Forever Don’t Last, Lions & Tigers & Bears. Pls I…’s literally amazing, I’d say Wrong Places or Supermodel This I Night or Bad Romance’t name one Ass Bitch remix. I rap that one with conviction. only know 2 on loool Of You or Let It Go Drought or All Night will all come back around one dayPicture me rollling out in the openMr serial loverIf you don’t learn, you’ll never know a good thing beg your pardon?’s the £1.02 for me😭Lmaooo omg gotta keep goingTrauma bonding is a no. A big no.I do this for my daughter, that’s why I keep goingWhy aren’t you smiling?As the globe spins around, you gotta keep goingAn angel walked up to my door, opened the windows to my soul’m speaking to myself about myself btw, that kinda sounded insensitive, I’m harder on myself😭Have to get over it sooner than later.Even this month loool. I need a tight grip. Taylor's and Emmett Till's murders were let off scott free on the same day 65 years apart.
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xRealest rap I’ve wrote in my 19 years of living.Top shelf, not everyone can reach. glad you’re not for everybody. You’re a specific kind of energy meant for only specific kinds of people. That’s a big deal.
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xI’m still confused as to why people think we have a 10pm curfew, that’s just the time that pubs, bars restaurants h…
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xI’m putting on my freeAs a human being tbh but more so as a woman because men are typically more selfish/relentless. HAVE to start seeing yourself more clearly and ask point-blank, would a woman with self-esteem do this?
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xBlack death is worth ~$12 million. we are still atomized, itemized, weighed, measured, appraised as flesh. brutal mathematics.
Retweeted by QT 3.14 xSpeak from my heart baby, speak from my soul sugar, say what you want lady, act like you know who you are, speak fr… @jayroshanee And besides thatttt, I love her manI’m moving on, I’m putting on my favourite dress, the one you hated, said I look naked inI remember when my opinion tweet caused uproar, babes were telling me “how can you tell ME I’m..” but I didn’t bbe🤣Zero comprehension skills, just vibes. can come on twitter and say “in my experience” and someone else will say “speak for yourself”
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