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She look like cita from citasworld that’s how she danced too
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️the second dose of the covid vaccine entering my bloodstream and meeting the first dose
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Nene really played Kenya out of $10,000 she knew she was never going to match it 😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️This @wmag shoot was the fastest of my life. 20 seconds, two clicks. Juergen Teller is the OG.…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️We need to get @Andy in a track set! 🔥💯
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️'all wasn't there
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️I’m here for MTV Unplugged! Margaret Zhang has been appointed editor-in-chief of Vogue China. At 27 years old, she becomes the youn…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Black women >>>
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️shaquille o'neal photographed by juergen teller for w magazine
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️ @justNATE_ Maybe they want hints so they can think of a date.'RuPaul's #DragRace All Stars 6' sashays to Paramount+ with the new 'Queen of the Universe' EuroVision-style song c…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Michael Jackson photographed by Juergen Teller for W Magazine
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️the game is so iconic. like how tf this show come back like 10 times. Tia’s impact.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️The F-35 program costs $1,700,000,000,000. We could have used this cash to cancel student loans for every person in…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️
Where’s the documentary? Where is it??!! 👀👀
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Michael Jackson photographed by Juergen Teller for W Magazine.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Sheree coming back! Idc idc lol
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️I wanna see Lisa Rina, Kenya Moore, Jen Shah, Karen Huger. a nigga step on my shoes and i got the deathly hallows on me
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Everyday there’s a new statistic. 😭😭, @kanyewest & @PaulMcCartney's "FourFiveSeconds" has now surpassed 750 million streams on Spotify.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Case in point the LBD runway. None of the other contestants would be able to pull that off... for obvious reasons.I like GottMik and all but it would be so unfair for a trans man to win a show competing with cis-men pretending to… it good skin or is that face just greasy?
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️ @urban_elegance @KING_CORY People rediscovering her talent or lack thereof.It’s such a nice day outsidegay, with an emphasis on black.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Don’t start bri. 😩😩. Let him rest's "Where Have You Been" had its biggest streaming day ever on Spotify yesterday with over 300,000 streams…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️ignorance is really my pet peeve. ever go back/see some shit you used to obsess over and just feel like... wtf?! Lmaooooo... what was wrong wit…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️you just had to be there.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️ @doIIarsigns Was this photo shopped?Democrats should just make it $20 then. Campbell for i-D Magazine, March 2021 in Maximilian (Black designer you should know) SS21 Look 18:
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️.@karolg's full interview on Rihanna for @RollingStone's annual Women Shaping the Future issue:
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️An anthology series titled ‘The First Lady,’ is in development at @Showtime. The series will follow the lives of so…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Looks nasty. officially reaches the highest Monthly Listeners peak of her career on @Spotify (over 43.5 million on Feb…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Award-winning composer Will Bates is writing the score of @rihanna's upcoming documentary: "There’s a lot more of…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️ @Gus_JordM When is black pride?BREAKING: Reading and Leeds Festival confirms it will go ahead in August 2021: ‘Let’s go’
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️This looks very UK in 2007, @NellyFurtado's "Say It Right" reached #1 on the Hot 100.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️ @urban_elegance I wanted to say retarded. @urban_elegance It looks very ..:: ::::: ::::Rent. Free.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Who will take the stage at the 63rd #GRAMMYs? 🎤 Don't miss Music's Biggest Night on Sunday, March 14. ✨
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Please let the people know.... 💅🏽
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️ @justNATE_ Like Khloe was the WIFE we know. @justNATE_ Like I’m sick of her talking about himNENE!?😱
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️If OG had called Evelyn colorist that would be believable. Evelyn is not a racist. @Fabulousity201 March 14
@MarkoftheGODS He’s so rudeA #Leo would rather have a few close friends over a lot of random, social acquaintances.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️who the fuck wants to date a broke old man? like why would anybody WILLINGLY do that?
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Alicia Keys really gave us all these classics on ONE ALBUM? 😩
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Meek obv
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Me after rediscovering an old song I used to Fw heavy
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️working on my inner beyonce in my #icypark 🤣🤎
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Just had to post this bc it’s a North West Classic!
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Sigh. R.I.H @Kaden_Foye ❤️
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Sheree Whitfield's Prison Bae Tyrone Gilliams Is FREE & They're Planning A Wedding! Details Here:…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️TB: @rihanna for Tush Magazine (Fall 2014).
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Prayers up for Tiger WoodsWoods, the driver and only occupant, was extricated with the "jaws of life" and taken to a hospital for his injurie…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️BREAKING: Golfing great Tiger Woods hurt in a rollover car crash in Southern California, Los Angeles Sheriff's Depa…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️no!? imagine thinking ima let you swing on somebody i’m with and i’m in the literal middle, partner or friend.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️If you have to ask if it’s too soon then it’s too soon.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Not a Jewcy Diva. Omg.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️The fact that two people can go from texting & FT everyday to never speaking again is crazy
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Cardi B by Mariah Carey photographed by AB+DM for the cover of Interview Issue 535 March 2021
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️"As your new head of diversity and inclusion, I am excited and honored for the chance help you all fight for a seat…
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️BREAKING: Bobby Shmurda has officially been released from prison
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Wow you’re not blind. he’s gay IS WHY RIHANNA WILL ALWAYS BE THE GOAT
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Bro said f*ck waitin for reparations 😂😩
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Megan’s breasts! 😳😳 image
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️ @halosnewpage Is it giving what it’s supposed to?Kate Chastain has left the chat #BravosChatRoom
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Why did Louise tell her friend that she’s fucking David??!! I swear...@TheWeeknd’s “Blinding Lights” becomes the first song in HISTORY to spend 50 weeks in the top 10 of the Hot 100.
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Behind her Eyes. Let me get into this thing about jay, he follows in fenty's business partnership footsteps.
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️Theatres are going to start reopening at 25%.On his birthday too ❤️❤️🎈 let a OUTSIDER get in your ear bout a mf YOU love
Retweeted by KADEEM.®️So Kenya stood outside of a door eavesdropping while her baby was upstairs waiting for milk. The same baby she left…
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