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@00DEOL I sure hope not :) But who's to say that? Jim Simons has already demonstrated the computers can do it better!Robot will work better than humans, 24 hours, with less need of emotional management. We all must upskill, and fast.
@amitgupta0310 @tapak7 @meandmarkets I think this is only next FY. Legal won't be a problem I think, but mainly DD will take time for anyone @tapak7 @meandmarkets This is an answer to a question....the others have been decided long back and hpcl is already… @ManishManke Cheers! It was aimed more towards people working there than at the companies @RockRangShan More money in education? Higher savings also hopefullyTo be fair this is better thani thought, and i thought we would see even higher numbers. but for it to have happene… bank apparently under reported gross npas by 3000+ cr in fy 19. Provisioning less by 1000 cr They say they hav… @mayank_b23 @kshashi Can do - use a Nasdaq 100 ETF for the cheapest option...Pls don’t trust any SMS send of blocking your Paytm account or suggestion to do a KYC. These are fraudsters attemp…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @webophile @capitalmind_in Thanks! You've made our day!I'd written about the potential job losses in the IT industry, back in 2015. It looks like it's happening now. @kshashi True :( This is why I suggest indexing overall. Very few consistent winners @kshashi Good point. These very funds have, but they have had a relatively short life. A decade back the winner use… @draj1180 @capitalmind_in @AstuteAditya Excellent question. Will address in a podcast!Q2FY20 Earnings Report: Results in the Long Term Multi Cap Portfolio @TheMFGuy1 Does t matter when in the cycle...often people who think it's too late in the cycle are too early. Gree… @chins2wit Arey in India bigger worry is that rbi will shit your withdrawals down without reason @sacsubr @capitalmind_in @AstuteAditya I think the consolidate pe would be lower. But still, we have seen elevated… @TheMFGuy1 Every investing or trading strategy involves riding winners and cutting losers. Money is made in the sitting.“Whenever you find complexity, find the simplest thing to invest. Buy the index, buy the liquid fund because nobody…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @chins2wit I think you have to give a reason in India and you can go to banking ombudsman. But yes if illegal trans…
And then, this 8KMILES saga doesn't end - the auditors (Deloitte) resign.“A 1% more investment is much greater than 1% more return" More in our Podcast with @deepakshenoy & @AstuteAditya
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @Revhappy3 @capitalmind_in @AstuteAditya There isn't a "make money" part of the equation yet I think, but more power to them'Mutual Fund Sahi ha', agreed! But Konsa Mutual Fund Sahi ha??? -Equity/Debt? -Smallcap, midcap, largecap, multica…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @HibernationON Is this all the money he has saved? A little allocation is still ok IMHO @amitagll Cheers :) @b50 @AashishPS @TheMFGuy1 4) If you give a big p/e like 80x for this stock, you are paying Rs. 24,000 for it. You… @b50 @AashishPS @TheMFGuy1 Think of it like this: 1) I make Rs. 300 on Rs. 1000 Equity in Year 1. Equity becomes 13… @noidleftin Whoa. Didn't know. Thanks @deepakmohoni Ah! @TheMFGuy1 I dont quite's related mostly to growth imho ( can't keep paying high pe for stagnant co at h…"Mutual Funds Sahi Hai," they said. Haan, but kaun sa? Amidst the ongoing explosion in choices - of funds, fund va…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @girishmallya Happy Birthday brother!Interesting. This is why India should legalize drones and have the crpf use hundreds of then to fish out naxals. one is for all those who’ve wrestled with that thorny question: 1/3/5 year returns? Fund House? Fund Manager?…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @TheMFGuy1 Why does roe matter with respect to pe? @paulg When you compare gdp to emissions, isn't it a little like saying it's fine if the rich produce CO2? As coun… today's podcast, we speak of the unnecessarily complex mutual fund buying process and how to figure out what to…
How To Buy A Mutual Fund (Ep-14) @valuemece @dmuthuk I'm sorry but I'm not into this passive aggressive thing. Either you believe he's implying some… @valuemece @dmuthuk Which is? @sowmyarao_ Water bubble thingies...and gems. Don't give play dough until age 3 some will eat it @Revhappy3 @veenavenugopal Look life throws you in the deep end often. Happy that instead of cribbing the man has… @Me_Predictor @AunindyoC True. 2.5x is nominal ....he'll have to calculate real @AunindyoC Where did adjusted for infkation Coen from? We don't know if the report said anything of the sort. Rbi s… data on FMCG volumes in the last 3 yrs (ending 2018) - v strong volume growth, primarily led by rural con…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @veenavenugopal 100 packages might be bunched ... Every Amazon guy who comes to my apartment has around 5-10 deliveries. @veenavenugopal Why? It's a good jobGood news indeed. There is dignity is every job and full respect for doing this
@harsh6363 @deepakshenoy @PuneTechie We dont even need to go that extent. Let's look at a specific sector-edible oi…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @aryabha14756356 @harsh6363 @PuneTechie Great point. Things are just not adding up. @harsh6363 @PuneTechie @aryabha14756356 WHy would people who are doing things in cash tell you exactly what they sp… @prameshp1 I think without the actual report we will not know what it's saying. However, agri credit alone is up 2.5x in this time. @prakashkgshenoy Why? He'll own all or nearly all the shares, no value for any current shareholder @paulabhijit7 Payments, credit, sales, etc. @PuneTechie @aryabha14756356 It isn't really - the comparative is a survey, the answer to a question asked saying o… @paulabhijit7 I'm not speaking from experience. Im speaking from data :) @ChetanDafe Real estate prices should fall of course - they arent captured as consumption though @kdkoolkarni I think that's merchandise exports. Software services has gone up @Romni99 @prasannavishy I'm in the stock market business. I should agree with you, but there is a problem in being… @sowmyarao_ Nsso. This is a survey. But actual audited volumes of sales etc comes from other sources like FMCG cos,… @Romni99 @prasannavishy The stock markets are largely stupid. Jet airways still trades, yaar. Don't give credence… @Maveryq Is Cement consumption or investment? Is gold consumption or investment? It's a little complicated @kdkoolkarni Yes, that's where the problem is. unless someone is making stuff and destroying htem quietly @Maveryq Rural data will always have a problem especially if surveyed and not analyzed through transaction volumes.… @Romni99 @prasannavishy Sorry but no, not looking at anecdotes. Please give structural large macro data - things li… @aryabha14756356 Take bank transaction data (payment systems, retail versions). Card spends at POS machines (Bank d… @rahulkshyp @rahulkshyp We did a premium post on it :) @Maveryq NOt enough data points, not using the right base year for inflation, not collecting some data (NSSO is not… @Romni99 @prasannavishy Hello, kia seltos has nothign to do with it. SOme rich people are not the countryThis will cause people to call me Bhakt etc. And just when I was getting used to being called Congi etc. So I shall… fact the survey quotes a decrease since 2011. The only thing that has reached levels of what was in 2011 = India… I don't believe any of the numbers in the consumption report that's supposedly been trashed. All the data I ha… @veenavenugopal I's just vegetarian bheja fry @bpsandpips @veenavenugopal I love it precisely because it's pointless :) Life has to have stuff that expects so little out of… @thesatbir Awesome! Thanks. Will try this next time @b50 Actually no. Liquidity at group level is in serious stress, according to their own admission @Prashanth_Krish LOL! To be honest I had no idea that this IPO was on and hadn't even looked at it :)Five questions. All of them are like Hello what the F? @abhishek_tri Or DM :)In the conference call - which I'm hearing right now - people seem super pissed that the Shapoorji Pallonji group h… Sterling and Wilson thing is a disaster. Promoter leverage is killing companies - and this one is a new IPO! @abhishek_tri Waah! pls to mail deepakshenoy at capitalmind dot in @abhishek_tri Why will I live for 100 years! I guess netbanking must be the other option? How did your wife pay th… @rbp2603 @ravinagrani No. The formula is Short term Capital loss against anything. Long term capital loss only agai… @abhishek_tri Credit cards are terrible that way. If everyone charged for credit cards, but not for debit cards, th… @ravinagrani Yes. Short term capital loss in anything can be set off against short term or long term capital gain in anything else. @vikaslohia @bodheetree Why? They do come behind secured creditors
@IndiaBottomline I'm waiting for more details on the investment if and when it happens.... @LeiRahul @MUZZZ88 You hope that he hasn't already pledged them.... @smarket Haha :) But yes. @NBANSAL4 Essar oil was sold at a very reasonable profit. @Bhaktavatsulu1 @RMantri @TheJaggi Doesn't matter - Mittal's built a pretty good group @LeiRahul @MUZZZ88 NSDL and CDSL are not custodians. They are depositories. Broker can pledge client shares if the… @MUZZZ88 I'm not a lawyer so I have no idea :(Amazing. Ruia will lose Essar Steel. This is phenomenal in ways I cannot have imagined years ago.