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Deepak Shenoy @deepakshenoy Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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We thank Mr #RohitShetty, who has been a source of continued support for the men and women in Khaki ever since the…
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@ahans2291 @capitalmind_in Put dates are fine. Pure calls are not right - the bank can refuse to call. @ahans2291 @capitalmind_in Well the call option could be 6months away for a bond issued nearly 10 years back.... B… @b50 I don't think fpo pricing has these rules. Qip does. @bhasin2006 @apeksha02 Yes. As debt. @apeksha02 Grateful :)How Debt Funds Bluff Regulations and What SEBI Can Do To Fix It by @deepakshenoy
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @apeksha02 This was a separate 1 week trade. We had allocation to UST from earlier in different strategies. Our fix… Pays Franklin and We Record a Good Trade" They added that thankfully no transactions had taken place, so no one lost money." A duplicate branch running f… @rkhedia Oh yes, if the details are incorrect they do that. @rkhedia Please ask them to check - where is the money?Capitalmind's Momentum portfolio, managed by @CalmInvestor has done really well in the last few months of volatilit… @abhishek_tri Also because don't want to create US Brokerage account etc. its just painful @abhishek_tri Yeah. Not directly at least. Through some index funds. @SudhirSarnobat Crazy times!
This tweet aged well. $1544 and counting. What a play. interesting. Do read. @prash9 @rajivmehta19 @NagpalManoj @ValueResearch @in_morningstar @pratyush_kanth @adahihandekar @Vibhorecl is going to get worse... Read this 👇 for more:- @capitalmind_in @CapMindWealth
Retweeted by Deepak ShenoyThe largest employer of this country is inefficiency. - Kunal Shah via @capitalmind_in
Retweeted by Deepak ShenoySo, @FTIIndia has received Rs 1252.44 cr from @VodafoneIN This is full payment + interest. Unit holders should sta…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy[Premium] Reliance Jio's tariff hikes twice in late 2019 should have translated to 15-20% revenue growth. The actua…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @rakeshbh7 @YESBANK @BalakrishnanR Sadly that is now settled, the tier 1s are actually lower than equity also. The word bond is misleadingReliance Jio’s Tariff Hikes Hit Subscriber Resistance
@Prashanth_Krish @madav1401 @LazyTRaider Not possible without an advisor. Also now for more than two tweets a day you need phd @Datta_karan @HibernationON Even if it's partially true it makes sense to offer a direct product. No?Yes Bank is issuing 15,000 cr of equity. What do you think the price will be, per share? Now Rs 26. @Iamsamirarora If Apple now falls 30% same people will forget this concentration point and talk about how he said w…"If you find somebody who is making Rs 5,000 per hour. But let’s say you spend 30 mins to get a Rs 1,000 discount o…
Retweeted by Deepak ShenoyWe are mentioned! @capitalmind_in @CalmInvestor @HiranyeyG @b50 @amitgupta0310 @capitalmind_in Or four! is amazing, and super inspiring. She's 81 (Happy Birthday!) and I'm telling you the rest of us have no more ex… @b50 @amitgupta0310 @capitalmind_in I think it's the same across multiple PMS providers, to be honest @safiranand I heard something a while back that the way you look at each morning can change your perspective. So… @b50 @amitgupta0310 Flow has been very positive AFAIK. We had our best month @capitalmind_in Wealth in inflows, and… @blitzkreigm @darshanvmehta1 If you like that, read "Behind the Arches"- a bit earlier , but very fascinating too.Every morning, I will look at some twitter or whatsapp snark that's unnecessarily negative. And every morning is on… @panakanti To some of us it will be KREC forever
@Prashanth_Krish :)This saga doesn't end. @anaggh Interesting but why are we cribbing about people trying stunts and failing? It's all right man. Hundreds of… @grbansal7 Yes!I'm looking at live spreadsheet where hundreds of students are giving up spots in in-person classes to their intern…
Retweeted by Deepak ShenoyMomentum Portfolio Mid-Year Performance : Not bad, Can do better @monicatupper123 Oh they are delisting? I need get more info.... @DeepakHonnalli Seriously. What a time.Oh the memories! #KREC Portfolio Performance Summary: Annualised Return, Volatility and Maximum Drawdown @deepakshenoy @uptickr
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@RoRawal @DanishSait But avaru Mast Philanderer alvaWhy you must have a thick skin. Don't let the Bozos get you down (That's Robert Kiyosaki) Also hear our podcast ab… @saurabhgandhi93 :) CheersThis Steffis yeggcellent @oraunak @kunalb11 @CRED_club @capitalmind_in Good Q. In India, there's very little so far AFAIK, such as lower cos…🎙️ Just released the @capitalmind_in Podcast #29 @deepakshenoy and @kunalb11 discuss India's first time affluents…
Retweeted by Deepak ShenoyWe have a great show with @kunalb11 of @CRED_club, and the discussion ranges from the nuances of credit cards to en… #29: Discussing credit scores, trust, valuing your time and habits of the wealthy with Kunal Shah… Earnings Report: Results in the Long Term MultiCap Portfolio @batla_danny @navneettwt @svvisesh Such households aren't meaningfully big in any sense @ShelarGautam I believe the issue has been sorted out; the debt masterclass is a separate p… @arabicatrader @AlgoBoffin :)
Nothing is what it seems.This is basically an exercise to get bribes for an "exception". Might as well put a rate card out there and get it… Trend Following Series 4. [Premium] Prepping for the Build | The making of a Trend Following Strategy:
Retweeted by Deepak ShenoyCapitalmind Trend Following Series 3. [Premium] Understanding the WHY of trends | Siding with Shiller:
Retweeted by Deepak ShenoyOur on-going series on building a Trend Following system from the basics by @mysandz. Here's what's out so far: 1.…
Retweeted by Deepak ShenoyWhat does the removal DDT mean for mutual fund investors? @chetanchhabria explains #Budget2020
Retweeted by Deepak ShenoyIt is the money that has your back. The money you have when you need it the most. When the sun stops shining. When…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @shah_shrenik In AGMs speakers are paid to ask such stupid things @raghavakar Not in the bonds - in the equity, yes.Apologies, that was a secondary trade. It's a one month paper now.Today, Manappuram raised 87 day paper at 4.25%! @SandeepParekh All the best for the next 25 Sandeep! @visson8 @CalmInvestor Of course not. You needn't make profits to give bonus shares. @Citiz3n10 Absolutely. That is not about the company .... You can do it with any company's shares @ca_shridhar @visson8 @CalmInvestor There is no capital base increase for shareholder equity.
@singhanoop1985 What do you mean by "can be used again for accumulated losses of business"? That doesn't seem to make sense @singhanoop1985 Even selling shares at a premium will add to reserves. Converting a reserve to equity changes NOT… @virajmehta16 I'm a little shocked @singhanoop1985 If you use the cash (reduce assets) and make losses, then the loss reduces your reserve on liab sid… @singhanoop1985 A reserve in accounting parlance is a liability. It's not what you think is a reserve. A cash balan… @singhanoop1985 I'll help - I am also a non-financial background person. I'm an engineer. @singhanoop1985 There is no such thing as using a reserve for a business. Can you give me an example of where a res… @singhanoop1985 What happens if a) share capital is increased by 100 cr. and reserve goes to zero? There's no diffe… @galrani @Mur_Att I saw your other tweets and I see you and me are on the same side Shiva :) @visson8 @CalmInvestor This is just wrong. It's not profit distribution at all. It's just an accounting entry, shar… @singhanoop1985 There's no such thing as "cannot be used by the company in the future". This is basic accounting. Please do study this. @milkarenjoy Not guaranteed. Do the backtest. It'll open your eyes @deepakshenoy @jackschwager Larry Hite later published his own book as well. Here is a blog I wrote recently summar…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @varora27 It actually negates the tax benefit and half your shares now become shorter term :)This. In @jackschwager 's books, where the learning has been incredible, long lasting and incrementally, even more… @galrani @Mur_Att If the company can increase dividend it can do so without bonus also - no difference @galrani @Mur_Att Won't happen - if the same % of profit is distributed the second case dividend will fall to 0.5 @rvgandhi How can even a shareholder benefit from a bonus? It won't make any difference if the company gives no bonus at all.... @_shivam_puri__ There's no dip in cash.Wondered about this a while ago, particularly how bonuses differ from splits. Turns out neither is shareholder rewa…
Retweeted by Deepak Shenoy @siddarthshah41 Not by much honestly @valuesearcher This is wrong. Retained earnings are shaholder equity regardless of bonus issues. Doing the bonus issues changes nothing. @mayank0007 Dividends can only be paid from shareholder equity. Cash buyouts are done by cash which is an asset.… @paramjit30 @Investopedia9 Market doesn't think so. Did analyse a whole.lot of bonus issues. There is not even a us…