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While there cannot be any justification for #mobjustice, a grim reminder for those part of #system. #unnaorape vict…😳🤦‍♂️🤣 @smitabarooah Cant agree with u more. #mobjustice cannot be allowed, but it’s more a reflection on our #judiciary.… #turmeric drink in #Bali
Wish u all the success @GauravGogoiAsm #AirPollution needs to dealt vid on an urgent basis
May goddess #Durga give you strength to not make such sexist remarks on the floor of the house set to define ‘single use plastic’. Likely to list 8 single-use plastic items for complete phase out.
Retweeted by deepshikhas#RahulBajaj questions, Amit Shah responds at the #ETAwards 2019 Watch this entire video t…
Retweeted by deepshikhas😳 collection for November at Rs 1.03 lakh crore, which is nearly 14% higher than Sept (0.91 lakh crore) & 8% hig…
Retweeted by deepshikhasWant to Grow Food on Your Terrace? This #Jaipur #Startup Has Helped Over 400 Homes Do So! @startRajasthan
Retweeted by deepshikhasNITI Aayog preparing draft model Land Title Act and Centre aims to switch to Conclusive Land Title System…
Retweeted by deepshikhasIIM-BG’s leadership summit #Netritva was quite exhilarating. Awesome lineup of speakers, charged panel discussion…
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FM @nsitharaman at #ETAwards2019 @EconomicTimes are in this together !! Mr Birla of Aditya Birla Group & Mr Sunil Mittal of Bharti Airtel ⁦@airtelindia⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by deepshikhasOla and Oyo talking to each other @ETAwards #ETAwards
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We are committed to reforms says hm @narendramodi #ETawards2019 @EconomicTimes @AmitShah @narendramodi Home Minister @AmitShah credits former FM Arun Jaitley for #GST and its execution.…
Retweeted by deepshikhas @AmitShah Home Minister @AmitShah on last 5 years of @narendramodi govt: Hamari neeti aur neeyat dono saaf hain.…
Retweeted by deepshikhasHome Minister @AmitShah speaking at the #ETAwards Track #latest updates here
Retweeted by deepshikhas#Indian economy is growing fast due to swift implementation of #GST thanks to #ArunJaitly and @narendramodi says @AmitShah at #ETAwards
Retweeted by deepshikhasThe 2019 jury, as with every #ETAwards jury, was a group of big achievers — put a group like this together and you’…
Retweeted by deepshikhasAmit Shah: Our opposition can not accuse of a single scam despite we being in power for more than 5 years #ETAwards
Retweeted by deepshikhasWe will cross 30 on #eodb ranking by 2024 says HM @AmitShah @EconomicTimes #ETawards2019Best foot forward ! Only ⁦@ETAwards⁩ #ETAwards ⁦@EconomicTimes⁩ Mr Mukesh Ambani with Me Kumar Mangalam Birla
Retweeted by deepshikhasNobody can stop this 130 crore strong Indian economy. Confident that economy will touch $5 trillion despite recent…
Retweeted by deepshikhasAmit Shah: Last five years we have detoxified the economy #ETAwards
Retweeted by deepshikhas @AmitShah at #ETAwards - Sure that India will become 5 trillion economy before 2014
Retweeted by deepshikhasHM ⁦@AmitShah⁩ at #ETawards2019 ⁦@EconomicTimes⁩ Even today we are fastest growing economy @nsitharaman @RBI FM @nsitharaman: We are actively moving forward on getting new industries to India which are movi…
Retweeted by deepshikhas @nsitharaman @RBI A task force has already started contacting companies to shift back to India, already 12 in talks…
Retweeted by deepshikhas @nsitharaman @RBI "Rs.2.5 lakh crore worth of loans disbursed in loan outreach programmes held during the weeks of…
Retweeted by deepshikhas @nsitharaman "Thankful of @RBI to for their support in moving liquidity into the system", says FM @nsitharaman
Retweeted by deepshikhasHM ⁦@AmitShah⁩, FM ⁦@nsitharaman⁩, CIM ⁦@PiyushGoyal⁩ at #ETAwards ⁦@EconomicTimes⁩
Retweeted by deepshikhasFM @nsitharaman: I have been at this event before, but I am conscious of the fact that I am here at a time when the…
Retweeted by deepshikhasFinance Minister @nsitharaman cites loan outreach program, partial guarantee scheme as steps to ease liquidity for…
Retweeted by deepshikhasThe leaders and policy makers of India @ETAwards @EconomicTimes #ETAwards
Retweeted by deepshikhasCatch our #ETAwards live on Twitter, miss nothing on the Best of the Best in India Inc being awarded tonight.
Retweeted by deepshikhasWill be able to report progress on new manufacturing after tax cut. FM @nsitharamanFM ⁦@nsitharaman⁩ at #ETawards: committee of officials looking at front loading of projects ⁦@EconomicTimes⁩ ⁦@AmitShah⁩, FM ⁦@nsitharaman⁩, CIM ⁦@PiyushGoyal⁩ at #ETAwards ⁦@EconomicTimes⁩
26/11 #NeverForget
@smitabarooah How to reach them ?Prasar Bharati kept out of Devendra Fadnavis' swearing-in ⁦@vasudha_ET⁩
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So sweet
The second panel is underway. The media panel will discuss on "Changing Landscapes of Newsrooms". In the panel are…
Retweeted by deepshikhasOnly “farmers’” issues were discussed!!! #MaharashtraPoliticsJust remembering... yeh kab hua, yeh kaise hua......#MaharashtraPolitics
😳 @GurungShauryaET @CISFHQrs What happens to them after retirement?National retail framework for small stores on cards @KirtikaSunejaET @deepshikhasET via @economictimes
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@misskaul Awww. So sweetOkay. Only farmers’ situation #MaharashtraPoliticalCrisis grave accusation by a sitting Member of Parliament made in the house. Cannot be ignored. Needs an official resp…
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1856-57 :: Pistol Belonging to Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi ( Photo - Victoria Memorial , Kolkata )
Retweeted by deepshikhasSuch a heartwarming video ❤️ man walking. 😅 :: Petition of Queen Laxmi Bai Against East India Company Opposing Annexation of Jhansi Under Doctrine of Laps…
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@nayanikaaa @GauravGogoiAsm I wont give up hope so easily. It’s just that citizens need to ensure that redressal of… It’s great that you are raising this in #Parliament & I hope more will join you, but @GauravGogoiAsm pl…
Awww @sudarsansand Congratulations @sudarsansand Much deserved @devangshu Most ministries, govt offices now have air purifiers. And, they think it will save them #PollutionKillsIn the Winter Semester @ahmedabad the new 'Philosophy, History and Languages' (PHL) major will be offering language…
Retweeted by deepshikhasLaunching today a new product from brand @EconomicTimes An Ad-free experience for just Rs 999/- a year. Clean. N…
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What a testimony @sunandavashisht Gave me goosebumps. More power to u
Narendra Modi, Xi Jinping discuss future of RCEP - The Economic Times via @economictimes...@DipanjanET reports
Retweeted by deepshikhasHardly a #HappyChildrensDay. Remembered these lines looking out of my balcony window. Mere dil ke kisī kone meñ ik…
In a new low, the Indian censor board has asked Fox to blur alcohol bottles/glasses from James Mangold’s ‘Ford v Fe…
Retweeted by deepshikhasIn this editorial in @EconomicTimes Home Minister Sri @AmitShah writes why PM Sri @narendramodi's decision to stay…
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@vijaita Those below dont need clean airFT sees first woman editor in its 131-year history...#media
Retweeted by deepshikhas @nistula U r rocking it ! @ARanganathan72 Prenup is a good ideaToxic air in Delhi fueled by rice fields that India doesn't need via @economictimes
Retweeted by deepshikhas @ashishkundra Lucky you @iamgurg1234 🙏 @smitabarooah @ARanganathan72 HmmmThey shud start dbt for #bpl students. Why shud everyone get such subsidised rates #jnu"अव्वल अल्लाह नूर उपाया , कुदरत के सब बन्दे ! एक नूर ते सब जग उपज्या ,कौन भले कौन मंदे " May Babaji bless everyone. Happy Guruparab @smitabarooah Only it wud not have elicited such protestsAt the Ram Janambhoomi, for a first-time visitor, Ram Lalla under a tent is a shocking sight Families I accompanie…
Retweeted by deepshikhas @smitabarooah Management shud have played smart and followed the petrol and diesel price rise formula -increased rentals slowlyA lovely message there @ShashiTharoor . READ- the key word must in everyone’s vocab
Nobody is untouchable in #politics #ShivSenaNCPCongressWhen a girl is molested, society questions police; when woman in khaki gets molested, why are molesters not roundly…
Retweeted by deepshikhasAnother video - These so called lawyers not only pelleted stones on gates of lock up bt also triggered blast by se…
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Awww 🥰
#Varanasi Need #Blood Type : A-negative At : Apex hospital, Banaras Blood Component : Platelets Number of Units :…
Retweeted by deepshikhasNo report so far of any trouble from across UP. This is remarkable work by @Uppolice so far #Ayodhya
Retweeted by deepshikhas @soorpanakha ExactlyHope today will bring closure for everyone. #AYODHYAVERDICT🤦‍♀️
#Ayodhya verdict tomorrowFinally ! #lawvsorder #LawyersVsPolice #TisHazariClash
Retweeted by deepshikhasSuch an amazing dancer ! after this those who defend lawyers r equally guilty
Retweeted by deepshikhasThose who misbehaved with the lady officer also remain liable for outraging the modesty of a woman, as defined in l…
Retweeted by deepshikhasA woman IPS officer is pleading before lawyers who then attack her. Tees Hazari courts witnessed unprecedented viol…
Retweeted by deepshikhas.@MoodysInvSvc has reaffirmed the rating Baa2. Only outlook has been changed to negative @EconomicTimes