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Deeryxlstalaz @deeryxlstalaz Vancouver, British Columbia

Big bad booty daddy demon with an axe to grind and club to swing. I’m a horrible person, so be warned.

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@ScrubForWork Too cute @ScrubForWork Thicc roadster took a cannonball booty blast and was unphased. Truly this is the power of the gods. @Jolly_Jack Another proud Darwin Award winner @LizieLewddle Can’t fingerblast your hidden valley if you’re strapped down... @nekostrophic @ArtHardCosplay Still hot @zkilIua She loves a guy that can make her laugh @meepmorps I thought the girl in the red shirt was Jane from Daria for a moment @bloochyart I love youFuck Clint Eastwood.Hello again old friend. @njpwworld
Retweeted by Deeryxlstalaz @keenvictim Tear that shit up and destroy you
@indyjasa @PpollingNumbers @esaagar Okay BoomerDarby Allin’s first thought upon seeing this sight? A coffin drop. #NYTF
Retweeted by DeeryxlstalazHaving one of those weeks that could be summed up as a one long sustained scream. I’m so alone and need help. @LizieLewddle @Yonyd4 I love itHow could one ever forget Sonic's iconic catchphrase?
Retweeted by Deeryxlstalaz @lustklok Not gonna lie, I wanna cuddle you. @BlakeRichardsMP You are equal. Equal doesn't mean the rest of the country bends to your demands because you have oil though. Suck it.I WOULD LIKE TO SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING SHIP DYNAMICS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION
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@TripGril @ACPocketNews Just sayin...... there's a lot of it.... @TripGril @ACPocketNews You're a touch late to that party... @catrasdyke Dlsla @BernieSanders Goldman Sachs took the benefits of their crashing the economy, and now, oh no, they might not suppor… @bullseye91212 @E_X_T_R_Athicc ...wants to be left alone? He’s becoming Jasper, and that first episode was meant to… @bullseye91212 @E_X_T_R_Athicc ...ripped out all the trees and grass. Steven did the opposite though, trying to kee… @bullseye91212 @E_X_T_R_Athicc ...if they refuse to accept changes as they come. She cloistered herself away in a… @bullseye91212 @E_X_T_R_Athicc That’s why the story needs to keep getting worse for Steven, to see if he can adapt… @bullseye91212 @E_X_T_R_Athicc ...those things that we cannot control. Sadie, the Cool Kids, Lars, they ultimately… @bullseye91212 @E_X_T_R_Athicc The idea was that the past was a part of who we all are, but ultimately it doesn’t d… @bullseye91212 @E_X_T_R_Athicc Every story is about testing what characters are made of, to see them endure or fall… @AwestruckVox I called Connie leaving weeks ago. Imma say it’s because Steven keeps declining help because he think… only reason Trump mentioned Gone With The Wind was because his obvious racism would have been on full display i… #StevenUniverseFuture
Retweeted by Deeryxlstalaz @bloochyart Love them Skulls @bloochyart Stretchy bongus gonna scratch that itch @MhDrawin @MokeNSFWArtist She’s cute as hell, and I love a lady with a lot of leg @swiziess Burn it. An offering to INXI @bloochyart I’ll give you something stretchy ;) @quartzboysteven His feelingsPresident Obama tried warning about Russia’s attacks in 2016 and Moscow Mitch blocked him. 8 GOP Senators spent a…
Retweeted by Deeryxlstalaz @rebeccaballhaus The only reason he chose "Gone With the Wind" was because it promotes slavery. I have no proof of… @dcexaminer @realDonaldTrump What a pathetic asshole.The ending to that cage match between Cody & Wardlow though. Wow! 🔥 #AEW
Retweeted by Deeryxlstalaz @TripGril @SeikiiBloom Try me, I'm an easy target
@LemoneLil Your work is fucking awesomeIf you have health insurance, I'm asking you to fight for those who don't. If you're native-born, I'm asking you t…
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Retweeted by Deeryxlstalaz @CassetteDream @MokeNSFWArtist She kiss She shake But most importantly She go to the lakeEverything changes. People move on. Why wouldn’t Connie too? #StevenUniverseFuturei clearly told them to go after nicks SCROTUM gaddang it
Retweeted by Deeryxlstalaz#gothmeme13 #gothlove #love #weirdo #theAdamsFamily #gothmeme
Retweeted by Deeryxlstalaz @meepmorps It’s difficult to be the one who needs to accept help when you’re the one everyone else has gone to for… excited for everyone to see these episodes!
Retweeted by Deeryxlstalaz @bloochyart Totally. There’s a clear evolution to your work. Keep going. @bloochyart Yeah? What of it?I hope Roger Stone has horrible things happen to him over those 3 years in prison. I'd say specifically what I hope… @bloochyart But I just got my hair right... @bloochyart I just got out @dcexaminer @realDonaldTrump Yeah, I'm sure the who with no medical expertise who claims vaccines cause autism TOTA… @NotMahmaPuu Goddamn I wish I had a tiny fun girl in my life...Black girls are super hot, and anyone who says otherwise is sleepin in realityI am the lie. @GodeoBones @iseenudepeople CuteIf sex a sin whyd God make this pussy so tight ?
Retweeted by DeeryxlstalazIn the mood to bang someone while shoving my thumb in their ass...How did you get this video of @tomamoto? @MoreSocialism What's funny is all of them could be answered with yes @MKupperman I'm sure we'll find out after they do an autopsy on his performance.Did Bloomberg pay to get murdered tonight onstage? Because that's what happened. #DemDebateWanna know why "Did Bloomberg" is getting murdered in this debate? Because unlike the GOP, there are no taboo topi… @DonnaMgraduates I think that's the point he was trying o make, it just came out sloppy. @michaeljknowles No one "makes" 64 billion dollars. You are taking and hoarding at that point... @KyleKulinski Bloomberg's a Republican who's paying to play as a Democrat just to sow some chaos. Difference is Dem… CODY!!!!!!!! #AEWDynamite #AEW
Retweeted by DeeryxlstalazJEEEEEEEZUS CHRIST! Cody! Fuck! #AEWDynamiteDid Wardlow really just do a fuckin’ senton off the top rope??? #AEWNot enough people gave Shanna their energy. #AEWDynamite @TripGril Take a bathEveryone! Give Shanna your energy so she can defeat Frieza! #AEWDynamiteShanna dressed as Goku. F’real. Lol. #AEWDynamiteA great battle royale to open #AEW. Special “FUCK!” to Sammy Guevara for taking that super kick off the springboard and just crumpling.#AEW TIME!The Lie We Believe
@missgreeney Murder.... pedophilia..... rape..... but no, being gay, THAT'S the biggest sin. Delusional motherfucker or what? @deatthot I'm already there. @Alienmushr00m @Adam_Puzio @mattliptoncomic What part of chasing the 6 year old down the street shouting at her abo… @DavisStockwell @JoeBiden Murdered by words @Lions_Universe Funland Arcade. They just removed Beat Meat Mania for a new machine coming tomorrow. @JoeBiden Murdered by wordsGotta start saying Dadisms to random folks. “My wife misses me, but her aim is getting better!” @frecklelapis Respond “LOL, No!” @Alienmushr00m @Adam_Puzio @mattliptoncomic Neither is immunity from spouting stupid bullshit. @Alienmushr00m @imogenbadger @mattliptoncomic If one group is saying something completely retarded, then yes. Or wo… @Alienmushr00m @StorieGrubb @mattliptoncomic Dude, you’re like full on retarded, and everyone here knows it. @AlternatedSam @Alienmushr00m @mattliptoncomic An attention whore. @Alienmushr00m @mattliptoncomic Hey @SelfWolves, I found one in the wild.The Blair Witch Project. I was like 8 and it fucked me up. @RicepirateMick I can’t either, but goddamn @RicepirateMick I want to eat that whole giant fuckin pancake it looks so fuckin GOOD @Sm0lSuccubus I mean, it’s good to confront that which disturbed you, but do you really want to?