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AYO ITS HAPPENING can we discuss that you can't consent when you're drunk, SO you should keep your shit in your pants and your h… all you want, but y'all still decided to catch a case is the Smash community full of nonces? Not fiddling with minors and understanding consent doesn't take more tha…, Canada exists?Facts 😤 Has any anime opinion Twitter: said the BENTO MIXTAPE would drop last month, but this month for sure! Six tracks of headassery! 👀
How is it this hard to NOT say the N word? Not even talking about just on stream. Like, AT ALL? y'all ready for 50+ minutes of headassery in the next Surviving Domestic Girlfriend? matters, pass it on ✊🏿 @MinaMinaVA Damn Mina, just say you dont watch my videos 😭 CHARACTERS ARE JAPANESE OR ASIAN UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. IF A BLACK PERSON COSPLAYS AN ANIME CHARCATER AND U…
Retweeted by 🍷✊🏿Dee (BLM) Kirijo✊🏿🍷Whichever one you pick, you'll be bullied either way.
Youtubers, please start learning how to use compression on your audio. Having a good mic means nothing when your audio keeps peaking.When you catch another brotha making TikToks
Retweeted by 🍷✊🏿Dee (BLM) Kirijo✊🏿🍷Technology isn't advanced enough to make catgirls real, so not anytime soon. 😤 @TheAn1meMan It's all good! We got it next time 🔥 @CDawgVA @Evanit0 This yo boy Connor?'s been almost an entire year since Dee took my N word pass. I haven't been the same since.
Retweeted by 🍷✊🏿Dee (BLM) Kirijo✊🏿🍷When you catch another brotha making TikToks anime after 2018, if you got some to spare, I could really use a lambo 👀
I left my Shaman King with my bro so I only have round 110 mangoes. Most of it is Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul hahaSo I picked up the rest of my manga from my parents house. Yea, I think I need a bookshelf tbh with how he treated the FGC already, I'm surprised it took y'all this long to throw away Mike Z.Lowkey making a thread on my favourite Surviving ______ moments. 1) I woke up Chris Breezy
Retweeted by 🍷✊🏿Dee (BLM) Kirijo✊🏿🍷One day I'll sell Tinder Town, but today was not that day @NaxoratAbbohzer @Sydsnap @faunables O-oh to Japan in January makes me realise that I have to learn how to say "Do not touch my hair" in Japanese. If you know, you know.Ayo timeline, I keep asking what a himbo is and nobody has told me yet 😭😂'ALL TOO SWEET DEADASS 😭✨ Anyways stan MI5 Guy video's a classic tbh 😂 y'all simping for? @IvanSixtyFour we do a Youtuber version? Always good to hear from the streets 👀 @ThiccWithaQ You never hold back on the thickness ✨ Plus I really love your colouring!
So far they've painted BLM on streets. Canceled TV shows. Made changes in sports. Hired Black people in execut…
Retweeted by 🍷✊🏿Dee (BLM) Kirijo✊🏿🍷 @MudanTV "Abridging" talking about their view count being higher during quarantine. Me: this
Summer vibes ✨ only play games for cute character customizations still think about my Code Vein character and it makes me wanna play again about her again school dxd ecchi moments
Explaining This👇weird frame in Naruto. IN 1 MINUTE!
Retweeted by 🍷✊🏿Dee (BLM) Kirijo✊🏿🍷We're getting this done, but I need y'all support now more than ever, I wonder who this KURO! guy is 👀 if I gave y'all five minute 3D fully animated episodes of Mii Time? @mugendaiyo Eyyyyy @Sydsnap @Evanit0 These are the games you play bruh? @tasmindion_ Tee hee @IvanSixtyFour Fam we basically live together every summer😂 @mugendaiyo One day @xxreibell Wakanda forever Bri @DakotaBroskie That's a good question 🤔 @DjOtakuFuriku 👀👀👀👀👀Huh... 🤔
Me packing 15 different outfits for a three day trip talk about plot armour? This was supposed to be a death game anime, and main heroine had to shank up her love… anyone remember Akuma No Riddle? I remember having a strong love/ hate relationship for it. @IvanSixtyFour Ohhhh, so you were CRINGE cringe @ScruffyTurtles Shiiiiit definitely everyone from SBFP and Maximillian Dood.Trying to earn a solid living so I'm opening up these bad boys again! Also prices can be negotiated if there's some…
Retweeted by 🍷✊🏿Dee (BLM) Kirijo✊🏿🍷Me vs animated me @ThiccWithaQ Just spittin facts @ThiccWithaQ Sasuke whenever he sees melanin who interact with all of each others tweets waiting for someone to DM first @MegaMoeka Aerith and Fubuki are my favourite cosplays from you!✨ @InfernoOmni Damn, checkmarks be buggin outMy time management is so bad I wouldn't be surprised if I'm late to my own wedding. @LaydiexSkull Braids gang rise up! 😭✨
My film buff side shows every time I do Surviving ____ intros. Anyway, here's the intro/ trailer to Surviving Domes…
Retweeted by 🍷✊🏿Dee (BLM) Kirijo✊🏿🍷Didn't think I need to say this but doing nothing to help cultivate safe spaces for PoC, SEN, women, and the LGBT i… had a gut feeling that he was slimy when he found his way into my Discord server. These accounts are disgust… @Skoringo_Tweets I always knew he was slimy, but this is worse than I thought. Disgusting.PTSD to when someone said my laugh sounds like an evil witch cackle. @NaomifiedVA Bitch VS SNK 2
Retweeted by 🍷✊🏿Dee (BLM) Kirijo✊🏿🍷 @SavinTheBees Is it that time again?, I love my cat mascot Mii Mii. That's the tweet. @akidearest Not you too Aki...😂😂😂 love the surviving series over on revel house .
Retweeted by 🍷✊🏿Dee (BLM) Kirijo✊🏿🍷 @Nux_Taku Put those fingers away it just me, or is the "🥺" emoji the go to for E-girls? @BoscosDen Damn, where the UK peeps at? 👀 @SecretNarc Lee pls 😭, THIS IS THE LAST ONE 5) Akira didn't make the NBA drafts one for now 4) "I remember you was conflicted..." Mine and @Takahata101's debate: Suck VS Sock Jimmy Butler VS Akira Amatsume making a thread on my favourite Surviving ______ moments. 1) I woke up Chris Breezy could've just stayed in film school, but no. I had to be a weeb.O look, the trailer for the next episode 👀 show some love for the Youtube version of the trailer Happy Sugar Life is still my favourite intro I've made though 👀