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We are not defined by the children we once were, but by the men and women we have become.

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It is time for #unlikelycovers! We’ve got a cover of a 1961 classic done by the great @deesnider, a newer 1994 clas…
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸#goodparenting Get well soon! @deesnider I will take .. "Were not going to take anymore " for our #prochoice #RoeVsWade outcry.
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Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸After a long day of work, I really needed to wind down & relax. I want to that all the Trumpers, trolls and morons… @deesnider Steve is an idiot, I'm paying 1.919 a litre (7.68 for a gallon) of gas in Alberta. I'd love to pay the price Steve did.
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Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸Nobody loses their home state! Especially like that! @Fredlroeder @deesnider Nope. I voted for my guy because I lived my entire life in NY where your guy had been an a…
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸Me, watching @deesnider eviscerate MAGAts.
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Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸 @Sessler @deesnider Dude. You ARE the type of person he was ALWAYS singing about.
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸But I am. Wait...what!? How can i be pro-life and pro-choice? Well, when you're pro-choice you allow others to be… @deesnider Hi, Mr. Snider. In Spain gas price has doubled in the last year. ¡HUEVOS CON ACEITE!
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸The problem is I'm pretty sure these Trump-tards can't read! @deesnider Here Dee. You can borrow these:
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Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸Do you feel better now? @Stevetheaxman @officialrtb @Lingerer760 @deesnider
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸Good's like listening to someone swallow their own feces. Chris...I think you'd be happier in another cou… @Sessler @deesnider Another Republican learns that he is, in fact, exactly the evil his childhood heroes were fight…
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸#Fact you always a moron, or is this just something that's come with age. Either way, can you just shut the…! And every other country in the world is paying low gas prices! Wait...that's not true. EVERY country in the…'m the same person standing for the same principals I always did. It's not MY fault you never noticed the 1st line… want me to repeat six years of social media and press conversation? No. It's all out there for your edificatio…
Two things that you cannot stop: ✅Rock and roll ✅ the @Fwd_Party Have a happy and safe 4th, everyone😃
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸Ahhh…preproduction on my movie. A bit bumpy start… my @TwistedSisterNY case it’s the FIRST line! “We’ve got the right to choose!” What’s so confusing about that?! only. you know Chale, I can always accept civil discourse. And I am keeping the pipes…got a feeling I’m going to be si… Donna. Just a little light tweeting before my flight takes off! about 4 more years in prison? you, old guy. I stand for what I always stood for. What do you bet you conveniently modified your beliefs as y… what? Fuck himself? @Snakebite8974 Sadly you weren’t and still aren’t paying attention to what I sing/say. “We’ve got the right to choo… I missed you all yesterday. Hope you had a great 4th! TRUE MAJORITY, HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH FROM THE BULLYING MINORITY YET? The solution is simple: VOTE for ANY candida…
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸It’s all yours! #prochoice #proera #antinochoice you.
@deesnider It's not "THEIR" country. Despite all of the paranoid, angry chest-thumping about how they are "patriots…
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸Sure they are. There are no white supremacist organizations in the United States!! They had to wait until AFTER the mask mandate to put theirs back on!! Really? Sadder than someone who's entire profile is spent denouncing where he came from and trying to be accep… I am damn proud (though a little embarrassed by the Magats) to be an American!! @deesnider
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Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸Happy birthday, my friend! @StephenEPearcy with the legend @deesnider @Z2comics revisits the historic showdown over freedoms of speech between the Twi…
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸Nothing says, "I know I'm doing something wrong" like wearing a mask to hide your identity. You don't see many mas… was handed a shit show (partly created by your man) and the show has continued to get shittier. And for the r… @Schwarzenegger is still the real deal. I had the honor to meet one of my childhood heroes and spend time with him…! he's just a flat out asshole! I know that's a joke, but I would have to say John McCain., folks. So many of you think I spell my last name with a Y that you're not getting the joke and super fan Rick… a douche! I don't handle any of my'll have to go through the companies that do it for me. @Z2comics Came here from @deesnider’s page. Where can I get more of your comics? I love supporting independent publishers.
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸No he didn't...Dee SnIder did! appreciate the civility. Agree to disagree. But history (if survive this nightmare) will bear me out...and I ha…, this time around, it's not a matter of liking the candidate or even what they stand for. The only criteria…
Apparently he's a real douche. Sister Frontman Dee Snider Pens Anti-Censorship 'He's Not Gonna Take It' Graphic Novel - #GoogleAlertsADVANCE ORDER YOUR AUTOGRAPHED COPY NOW! New Z2 Graphic Novel Profiles Twisted Sister's Dee Snider - ICv2 -…
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸GET IT: New @deesnider graphic novel about PMRC battle coming soon:
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸Fairly spot on assessment... :) Jason! Enjoy everyone!'s Trending with MJ - Barrie 360 - #GoogleAlertsDee SnYder has ALWAYS been a douche! @deesnider
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸So, @deesnider actually taught me this on Easter weekend earlier this year. 👇🏼
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸New @Z2comics Graphic Novel Profiles Twisted Sister's @deesnider
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸NO! It's a total piece of shit! Whatever you do, DON'T BUY IT! (the rest of you will love it and should buy it, but… SNIDER Joins Forces With Z2 Comics For His First Graphic Novel "He's Not Gonna Take It" - #GoogleAlerts
Twisted Sister's Dee Snider's Graphic Novel About The First Amendment - Bleeding Cool - #GoogleAlertsI know there are onesies available out there... @deesnider please RT to help raise money for pro choice clinics in red states
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸 @deesnider I remember this like yesterday, thanks Dee for instilling the right to fight and music is the foundation…
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸There's Now A Graphic Novel About Dee Snider's Iconic PMRC Testimony | Q104.3 - #GoogleAlertsThe Rundown: July 1, 2022 - Multiversity Comics - #GoogleAlertsADVANCE ORDER YOUR AUTOGRAPHED COPY NOW! New Z2 Graphic Novel Profiles Twisted Sister's Dee Snider - ICv2 -… @IrreverentGamer @deesnider Did this one a few weeks ago:
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸This is true. I've always said if you want to be a politician, you shouldn't be allowed to be one. and me both! Frank and I cheered! love @deesnider
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸Sounds like my kind of party! Z2 Comics & I have teamed up to bring you my 1rst graphic novel, Dee Snider: HE'S NOT GOING TO TAKE IT.… have been asked many times. One group even wanted to start a Super PAC. I said no. I've seen these people up clos… think so. You should never think you are the best and there is no room for improvement. You should always be tryi… I need you. I just signed a publishing deal for my first fiction novel. No release date yate. Just signed yes… for defending me, June. To everyone: Frank Zappa, John Denver and I were all there that day before the Sena… to hear this June. Hang in there kid. You got this. @realtedcogs @theonlyjunedoe @deesnider …..and John Denver.
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸I will speak well of John Denver forever. He stood tall that day...and Frank Zappa and I were a little worried abou… to the party, Norm! @DeeSnider lança sua graphic novel: que capa fenomenal!
Retweeted by Dee Snider🇺🇸The best you can do is try. I know I have fallen short at times, but overall, I've done pretty good with my kids.