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Actor, Producer, Goodwill Ambassador UN Environment, UN Secretary Generals Advocate for SDGs, WildLife Trust Of India, Save The Children, Swachh Bharat Mission.

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There all kinds of rumours and news being shared about @AzmiShabana’s accident today. We are all praying for her sp… now: @Abhyuday_IITB : A great conversation on ensuring safety of girls in India moderated by…
Retweeted by Dia MirzaI may consider myself safe in public spaces on most days, but even I have felt unsafe. As do many others. DYK 1/5 W… Saab I will always be a thorn by the rose you are. No one can look as good as you ❤️🤗 75 years of making magi… thread 🌳
One day to go! Join me at The Changemaker Series 2020 as we drive the conversation forward to make girls' safety -…
Join us as we come together to stir change towards making this country a safer place for girls and women.…
Sunil Harsana. The pied piper of Mangar Bani forest #SaveAravallis 💚🌳 A grassroots hero! ❤️ lung installation that mimics human lungs will tell all residing in Bandra, Mumbai what the extent of air poll…
Keep going Shruti! This is all so amazing. Keep asking questions and the answers will lead you to these amazing sol…
@mymalishka I was! Carried #TravelingBottle to #Inox today. And was not stopped. Where did you go?Sometimes we just need to pause a little... so what if we didn’t make it to first day first show :) We spent our Su… @TheLaxmiAgarwal’s pursuit for justice, not just for herself but many others has always been AWE inspiring, fille…
Ideas for special occasions 💚🙃 #SDGs #ClimateAction am happy that violators however powerful did Not get away. I sympathise with home owners. But in future hopefull…
Retweeted by Dia Mirza @Chinmay_TI Kanhaaaaa 💚🐯🌏 you #India 🇮🇳🙏🏻💚🙌🏼🐯💚🐯 risk increases with global warming. Megafires are accelerated by high temperatures & drought. And they ar…
Retweeted by Dia Mirza @Planet9x @Fridays4future @UNinIndia @UNEP @UN @SDGAdvocates @wti_org_india @stc_india @SanctuaryAsia young people take the charge for change, we can be sure of a brighter future 🕊They inspire, they teach and the…
❤️🙏🏻 birthday braveheart @iHrithik! Keep shining ❤️🙏🏻🐯 Thank you for being you 🙃 Have a wonderful year ahead! my favourite people - CHILDREN this afternoon at 1:30pm to talk about #ClimateAction #SDGs and…!! Most animals aren't as lucky as snakes, as they cannot regurgitate what they eat at will. Often ingested pla…
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Are we ready for OUR #forestfires in summer #India? Let’s work together to #ActOnClimate @moefcc @MoHUA_India @anewradha @sonamakapoor @deepikapadukone @ReallySwara @aliaa08 @humasqureshi @PoojaB1972 😘🙃This is ABSURD. A new tactic has emerged to "help" the devastation from #Australia's bush fires: shoot & kill thi…
Retweeted by Dia MirzaSeeds of change. A lot of good people have been planting seeds of positive change for the last 38 (this was when t…
💚🐯🙌🏼🕊🙏🏻 THIS extraordinary film of our rich inheritance is coming to #Mumbai on the 17th of January @_PVRCinemas 💚🐯🌏👏🏼🦚…💚🐘 Will the owners of a blue planet with plate tectonics please attend to your vehicle. It is overheating.
Retweeted by Dia MirzaMamma has been so worried. So so worried. But माँ raises her cubs to be independent, strong, rational and respond f…’m watching #Chhapaak first day first show ❤️ Goooooooooooo Deeeepikaaaaaaaaa 🌻🕊🐯 aside enough nature is necessary to keep temp rise under 1.5 degrees Celsius & to preserve the life support… jalte hain... phool khilte hain... @RichaChadha 150 people from our fraternity gathered in less than 2 hours. That’s the power of love, empathy and fe… magic resides in us ALL. The magic of truth, fear and LOVE. SHINE @TheLaxmiAgarwal @deepikapadukone
An #SDGs WIN 🙌🏼🙏🏻 @amitabhk87 @NITIAayog #ForPeopleForPlanet #SDGIndiaIndex #ClimateAction @un @unep @UNinIndia, yeh dekhiye. Yeh bhi ho raha hain. #RussellCrowe #TuesdayThoughts #GoldenGlow #GoldenGlobes2020 nahi samajhte kuchh log🙏🏻 Boliye, @DelhiPolice ek aurat ko toh arrest kiya hain... Masked gundey kahan hai… imbalanced relationship with Mother Nature is threatening our present and future. The #SurvivalRevolution focus… bushfires continue to rage across Australia, the loss of life in the region is staggering. We’re increasing our…
Retweeted by Dia Mirza“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” Let’s love our world. Be love ❤️🌏 Haven’t the weak and vulnera…
With you students of India. Thank you @MumbaiPolice 🙏🏻❤️ by students and teachers of India 🙏🏻🌏
How long will this be allowed to continue? How long will you turn a blind eye? How long will the defenceless be att… Mashi ❤️ to #nature can improve both physical and mental health - @IPBES #GlobalAssessment Take a moment to bright…
Retweeted by Dia Mirza🐯🙌🏼🌏🌳💧🕊’m sorry, Australia. You don’t deserve this. Your PM maybe, but not you.
Retweeted by Dia MirzaThe fire is not just "down below," it's could occur in YOUR backyard. India is inadequately prepared against forest…
Retweeted by Dia MirzaThe young are leading change! More power to them. 💚🌏🙌🏼🐯🌳💧🦚@AUThackeray #Biodiversity #Protect #Invest #Secure
Now, this makes so much sense! great move re the charging stations @PrakashJavdekar Ji Now we need to think even bigger!
Retweeted by Dia Mirza @Chavivohra @kapoors_s This is what happens when we mess with balance.The @UN is preparing to celebrate its 75th anniversary in the service of humanity. Join to #ShapeOurFuture by takin… childhood friend has been doing this amazing work. Bringing some of the brightest, most wonderful artists from…
India, climate change is real. Climate action most necessary. Think. Feel. Respond. This could be us. Legislators?… @singhrajandp @mohituraina @ZEE5India 🙏🏻❤️The @UN is preparing to celebrate its 75th anniversary in the service of humanity. Join to #ShapeOurFuture by takin…
Retweeted by Dia MirzaReality check. father 🐯 🙏🏻 @ketan83 @narendramodi @LicypriyaK @TandonRaveena @vimlendu @GretaThunberg @IamOnir @fayedsouza @anandmahindra @nairsameer @rajcheerfull Better late than never 🐯 happy happy birthday @rajcheerfull 🙌🏼❤️🤗Let’s keep up the strike for #ClimateEmergency. Even when no one is listening. Because WE care. Let us not let the… 🙌🏼💚 have to organise screenings in other cities too! Let’s do this 🦁🐘🌳💯 @BittuSahgal @SanctuaryAsia change investing catches on with millennials #SustainabilityESG
Retweeted by Dia MirzaA true winter spectacle! ✨Watch this starling murmuration arrive from all directions and take on incredible shapes…
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This is an emergency we are not talking about enough. @wti_org_india @action4ifaw @AzzedineTDownes @beckkeeble
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Happy New Decade! May the next 10 years prove to be all that love is made of. Our unity, diversity, pluralism, pros…
सुनो ❤️🙏🏻 with the family and join @mahadashak a celebration for the people of Mumbai @cmomahrashtra 💚 State sponso…❤️ @karthikavk 🙌🏼
Citizen participation can lead to big change. #SwachhMumbai #SwachhBharat #CleanSeas #BeatPlasticPollution we clean this? Yes WE can. Ending 2019 with a new mission to clean up #MahimBeach #Mumbai 🌊🌏🦋💙 #SDGs Sir! You ARE an institution. So much respect for all that you convey through your craft and your ti…❤️ #RHTDM forever... so lucky! @ActorMadhavan❤️
The air is still bad. It’s a code red because of the cold in northern parts of India. But nature, nature provides a…
This is by a poet named Christopher 💙🦋🌏🐯No one owns the water. No one owns the land. No one owns the oceans. No one owns the sand. These are given by our… proud that #Kaafir has been a part of this incredible journey! Keep connecting people and lives @mohituraina @RiseofBurnol Who are the new invaders? Are we at war? Please enlighten me? @Purple_Truth I’m sorry. I was a child then. But as an adult have met, learnt and felt deeply for the families that… @RiseofBurnol Actually we’ve known this for centuries. Remember we are the land of Vedas, Buddha, Swami Vivekananda… is converging into a sea of humanity. This is our identity. This is what attracted the world to our land for… @samarvijay @UNGeneva @UNHumanRights @UN_News_Centre Nice 🙏🏻 keep trying."We are concerned that India’s new Citizenship Amendment Act is fundamentally discriminatory in nature & hope the S…
Retweeted by Dia MirzaAs #India continues to experience POOR to SEVERE #AirQuality and this still hasn’t become one of our biggest priori… is so cool @minimathur 💓 yay! #MindTheMalhotras doesn’t ‘go away’! It just continues to exist, entering and polluting everything that carries and supports…
Fridays for future 🌏💙🦋🐯🙌🏼 #FridayThoughts #FridaysForFuture #OneWorld #PeopleAndPlanet #SDGs“Humanity should be our race. Love should be our religion.” - Unknown
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🙏🏻❤️ #Kaafir #HumanityIsMyReligion @ZEE5Premium @sidpmalhotra @tarunkatial @chink_ster #BhavaniIyer @mohituraina a phenomenon... reminds us of how connected we all are by Mother Nature. DYK this was the annual solar eclipse…