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@lporiginalg @JustinWhang @rickyberwick Jxstxn Whxng @itsDanBull @theneedledrop Jazz @PenitusVox @PenitusVox I expect them to just kill it and give to best parts to their other companies. But, maybe they've chang… at @sainsburys 😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽🍆👊🏽
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @GamingAnarchist Of all the things I ever owned, stuff was my favourite.Looks like Microsoft found somewhere to put all that spare TikTok money. Good for them. @Vernaculis ...chalk hearts melting on a playground wall @itsDanBull Minesweeper as a 3d open world MMO.First meme
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@CDisillusion That's obviously not a real person passing that brush. I see through your trickery. @PenitusVox ....but it dominates.🤡🌍 it's all corrupt as fuck, in which case the UN should be there. Or maybe Tim is being a tad over the top.Every time I see a Tim Pool video I just wonder why the UN isn't overseeing all American elections, bottom to top. @GadSaad What possesses them to say this stuff publicly? @itsDanBull This year gets weirder and weirder. need a day to experience the utopias they are so hell-bent on creating so they can finally see that you can’…
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Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @annandvirk It was good 20 years agoAny gathering of three or more white people should be classified as a white supremacist rally and prohibited by law.
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @yeeted61 @PandasAndVidya Both characters held back the show. (Worf a little less at the end.) @AsumJessen @PandasAndVidya Ezri > Jadzia @PandasAndVidya @DokEvilgamer @PandasAndVidya @PixelJanosz @Angelheartnight @Taimtodie @Plipster @LordHeartNight @Proud_Pedant Glory to you and your house. @PixelJanosz @Angelheartnight @Taimtodie @PandasAndVidya @Plipster @LordHeartNight @Proud_Pedant
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Trying a horrible experiment... Which will the Twitter algorithm pick: Mitch McConnell or Barack Obama?
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @TheQuQu Vinyl's pretty good, but there are people still using phonograph cylinders. That's all I'm saying. @QTAnon1 The Tuesday after New Edition got to No. 1. @andrewhuang One single subtle emotional voice-crack > Full-on emotion. @lporiginalg @Tenacious_Greek I like all those things. I'll put it on the list of things to try if i ever see. @hak5darren *ring pull @hak5darren It the first time someone decided to turn the run pull around on their coke can, poked a straw through, then took a photo. @ClarkeMicah No one I know has been given an anti-tortoise helmet. Boris is failing us. @TailedFeature Oh wow. It's never shown me that before. @itsDanBull People will always love a good whinge. @Tenacious_Greek Never had a burrito. What's in them?Something you should realize about autogynephiles: They can’t stop. AGP functions more like an addiction than an…
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @stillgray Bobcat Goldthwait is looking pretty good. @TheHinduDindu These people put way too much stock in doodles. @Boogie2988 All lowecase? Fair play.
Techno Viking did not age well. @TheHinduDindu @TheHinduDindu Majestic as fuck. Irish against protest songs. That's a new one. @Trebt69 @not__vee Or just do it properly and use someone else's hands. *closes Telegram* my thumbs:
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan"Start"?
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@thachampagne 🔘 CapricaSpeedrunning Factorio in real life …
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @Cernovich Can't you catch meningitis from snails? @Barnacules @Barnacules You think too much. Block and move on. Fuck 'em.NOoooooooo
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan is VCV Rack free? So much fun. @PandasAndVidya to get a bit annoyed at twitter showing me the same replies to other people's day old tweets from people I don't even follow. @PandasAndVidya Only the first model of PS3s had the option in the settings to install Linux. Then they got rid wit…
@CountDankulaTV "raw" as opposed to cooked? @_Omegon_ @xxSarusaxx It's not bad, man. Not as weird tasting as you'd think it'd be. @LisaMoorish Walk out of what?It never ends
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @Undoomed Borg* @Undoomed Replace whatever that thing is with a Bork Cube. @Cernovich Pretty sure this tweet makes you latinx now. @TheHinduDindu @MEMESofVIOLENCE What are they then? @GMeteoryan @PandasAndVidya Selling emulators is nothing to a company that gets away with selling cardboard as gaming accessories. @shoe0nhead
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @stillgray 76th Rule of Acquisition: Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.One hell of a 3d model. "Jack Black" by Parth Shah @jackblack
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @IMDb The Number 23.
@Tenacious_Greek I know, it sucks. @Tenacious_Greek Without another computer, all i can suggest is to give them a sniff and see how burnt everything s… @Grummz There's gonna be whole battalions of Russian solders who can't fire a shot because they spent the last week charging their phones. @Tenacious_Greek Anything salvagable? @itsDanBull Grand Theft Audio @PandasAndVidya They'll pay it.It's been 5 years of trying, 2 operations. Loads of medication, loads of injections and a butt load of heartache bu…
Retweeted by Definitely Not DanNew version 20.09.13 is available now with new Blur: Pad and Text: Rich video filters and new stock workspace layou…
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @TheQuQu Savile* @TheQuQu Saville Row? @giantevilrobotg @neontaster Fair enough. I misremembered this article I read years ago. Which also says I was wron…