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@ZubyMusic Got to give it it's due though, there's not better source of vitamin B12. @ZubyMusic There's only one controversial opinion I'm interested in. Marmite. Yes or no?
@imcorinnemec Monday 2: Electric Boogaloo @ZubyMusic It might just be me being picky, but I don't think it's focussing on differences that's the problem. I t…
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @BoyGeorge @The_Iron_6iant @bbcthesocial Free university. That's why.In Birmingham, Sharia rules.
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @WarPlanPurple You'll have to write it in Pidgin English if you want them to understand.*Knifeperson Enough with the bigoted gender language. This is why non-binary people are scared to go out for a jog…
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dancome on now 🤷🏽‍♂️who waits 41 years to file a complaint, i’m sorry this is bullshit 😳bye !
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @LozzaFox @sam_weston4 Ay up.
@HurtfulOnions He's trying to breed out the Brexit gene! That bastard.My Fair Lady (1964) is flawless and could never be remade again.
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @AdamBaldwin We'll have to wait until they make a HBO series about Coronavirus to know that. @JohnCleese I think French politicians are scared that they're next. @Timcast Who cares? You got the point across, didn't you? Fuk pedants. @BoyGeorge So many companies with body and face products to sell though... @Soundwave218 @notch Don't pretend like you didn't already know that. @MrAndyNgo💩irl
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @XxColdDreamsxX @chicago_vinny @notch I know this may be hard for you right now, but trust me, it's better for you… @OnlyHearSeeHate @micahphones @stillgray which is pretty much exactly what i said in the first place. @Truthful___ @notch Don't even worry about it. Existing is overrated anyway. @chicago_vinny @notch someone has to tell it how it is @notch Canada is a myth
@KEEMSTAR Better idea Remove the delete tweet option. @wizardofcause I watched a thing on youtube a few months ago about how there was no realistic way of setting up a b… @mjarbo He's no Putin, but Russia could do worse. @micahphones @stillgray how so? @Vernaculis What kind of dogs are we talking about? @Styx666Official He's managed to get himself recognised by most people by his first name. @CChucklytown @stillgray How so? @CChucklytown @stillgray Not necessarily. Not breeding isn't the same as killing.What if I told you that the boxes aren't moving?
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @Vernaculis Twitter is the land semantics forgot.Youtubers - wolves dressed as sheep, accusing all the other wolves dressed as sheep of being wolves dressed as sheep. eugh. @TheWorkingMan66 Don't tell me what to do. @stillgray Don't almost all people already have their own little eugenics thing going on by looking for particular… @TheWorkingMan66 If people keep saying this silly shit, then maybe you should go through the list. Maybe they do need to hear about it.its just a cold bro via @YouTubeMust be shit for new people trying to understand Blender 2.8x. All they get is a bunch of 1 minute tutorials. Noth…
good morning to everyone with brown nipples ONLY pink nippled bitches keep sleeping this isn’t for u
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @TheWorkingMan66 @TheWorkingMan66 Hand grenade attacks. @BBCNews
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Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @GretchenL0703 @stillgray
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @VanishingTacos @Barnacules Very true. Doesn't change the fact that it's only money. @ZubyMusic Sounds like a plan. @ZubyMusic How's that working for you?I am S - lonely A - T - A - N -
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @Barnacules Meh. It's only money. @ArmouredSkeptic Maybe. But it won't be dumb forever.NO
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @JohnFMiller86 It also means we get to dust off this old meme again. @CountDankulaTV If that's the case, you should use copyrighted content from someone you like and get them to claim it. @Lindybeige click on the text. @stillgray Let them burn their own house down if that's what they want to do. It's been a long time coming. @LibertarianBlue @BreitbartNews Are they still calling themselves a free speech platform? @mjarbo They're both full of shit though. @IrateAlex Oh fuck. That's never good. Nothing permanent, I hope. @IrateAlex So what's up? What did they say at the hospital? @FickleBell @Egon_Spicerack That's a pretty nice analogy. @Egon_Spicerack So, do people actually buy this shit? @officialmcafee Now that he's unemployed, you should put him in your movie. @ArmouredSkeptic I don't need luck. @IrateAlex progress? @HurtfulOnions @ZubyMusic @sofain But kids are fucking idiots and almost never do the things they dream of when they grow up. This might turn out to be a good thing. @SirSicCrusader Chillstep is nice ignorable music. @JuliaHB1 @Kathbum He should also be made to give that award back and apologise to that guy in the crowd he threw a glass at.Eco-terrorist group started Australian fires, says senator
Retweeted by Definitely Not DanWho is this ponce and why didn't anyone bang him out? to a great start with my Cabinet reshuffle - Dominic Cummings has confirmed that I can stay on as Prime Minister. #reshuffle
Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @ZubyMusic "lived experience" K. @Egon_Spicerack Remember green grocer's? I miss those. @_Omegon_ Was it forged from the bones of your enemies? @stillgray Did no one tell them that Instagram is where memes go to die? @csdanger Wouldn't it be funny if Sweden left the EU next because of some dumb fuckery by some airline? @RAZ0RFIST They don't like bongs. Bongs make them cough. @thankgodforbojo @MrMasonMills Oh shit! He retweeted me too! @MrMasonMills I'm starting to think these people really don't like being retweeted. @stillgray Fella should be coughing and talking about coronavirus. Problem solved. @thachampagne @Gryffix I heard someone say once "if it doesn't exist in 3 places, it doesn't exist at all". Great advice. @ZubyMusic Where's my hoverboard?!? @KEEMSTAR Good.
@Egon_Spicerack Everyone always blames the Americans. Just once I'd like to hear someone blame the Mongolians. @stillgray Their movie end, maybe. But Sony's got their finger's in a lot of pies. They're doing fine. @stillgray Not convinced Sony would sell Ericsson.Yes I'd love to talk about colonialism, ms… Cortez
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@MisterAntiBully San Diego is soon to be Sans Diego.Incredibly satisfying
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@CountDankulaTV Hello darkness, my old friend....I guess everyone who has English friends has never realized until now.
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Retweeted by Definitely Not Dan @metpoliceuk Absolutely disgusting. @gleb_alexandrov @AidyBurrows3D @JeannotLandry @BlenderNation Very pretty. @lporiginalg Gritty, realism, campy, comical, whatever they want to do with it, a Harley Quinn cartoon would have been better.