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Dudes rock messed up weed day is on Hitler’s birthdayGonna end up with a B+ in Russian, that’s right I’m now barely proficient in two languages 😎Gonna miss my one on one Russian language class, not gonna miss the awful nervousness I always felt in my stomach before class lmao
@little_critter_ That symbol in the shield is called the chi Rho, which are the first two letters in the Greek word for Christ
My most common dream is I find out I have like a class or two I haven’t been to all semester and they are always ex…
Chet Hanks is way funnier if you imagine him as the son at the end of Forrest Gump @Xanolabars This reply is my second like to this tweet and yes this is a massive W bossman
@NathanFleeger Watch El Camino!Bayer paved the way for everyone'm assembling a team
Retweeted by Devon DelphIt’s almost been one year since I’ve posted on Instagram lmao
@GeneralSamsSec Only real fans remember lesbian era SamThis is how I feel about cooks at Waffle House, I’d feel more comfortable if they had cigarettes dangling out of th… @allie_wonderly That was an iconic momentIt’s honestly shocking how our political science department doesn’t talk more about the Bush administration’s impac… @vctia_ Oh I’m not confirming nor denying any activity just none of us did it openlyI’m fairly confident in a certain political science class where we were role playing political figures in turn of t… @NoLuckNeal John Elway has beaten the shit out of every franchise in the NFL, especially his own @NoLuckNeal Take me to the broncos game and I’ll let you film a video of you beating the shit out of meWhatever you do, don’t go see the hit play “Our American Cousin” in Ford’s theater today @Goodtweet_man Nancy really said “Rip to that Capitol police officer but I’m simply built different”
@Xanolabars Friday Night Lights but the town goes wild over the kid on the team who reads wiki articles all nightThis is literally every episode of the X files @Chris_E_Winter 👈🏼😎👉🏼Veils are also a thing among Christians in eastern traditions like Greek Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental O… enjoy when someone tweets something really nice about me, like “this guy makes documentaries and he does som…
Retweeted by Devon DelphBro, we were really turning this season around and looking incredibly strong. This is the worst news
@Broncos_Reddit Mega to Nuggets connection babyI vaguely remember seeing an ad on YouTube for an electric Hummer, was that real or a fever dream??
@FuIghamFeasts @strahinjagov @nuggets lol
@JJ_McCullough I’m unfamiliar with your full position on this, are you against decriminalization/legalization? Or d… @MarkOneN0d @Goodtweet_man Banger lyricsMy favorite part of covid was like in the first month sports fans got so desperate they started streaming Belarusian soccer matches @SeekOnlyTruth @thehill @tedcruz Boehner said fuck you Ted Cruz, he didn’t offer governing advice lol @AntiVaxWeeaboo I was DMed on Facebook once asking if I wanted to join a militia lmao @TasteGrass I love how one guy is like “strange times” when holding a monarch in reverence was definitely more of t…
I KNOW THAT GUY Matheson Montreat College, Pole Vaulter 2019-2022
Retweeted by Devon DelphIt bothers me so much we are the only country where blue is our left party and red is our right party. Like no other country does that @Xanolabars The Lolita stairway to heaven 🙏🏼 @SterISweatshirt Lowkey the Dark Knight movie is super dark for a super hero movie and is only pg-13BREAKING: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has died at age 99, Buckingham Palace announces.
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Even if you are pro gun control the realization that the court is extremely lopsided on this issue against you shou… spending any political capital on Gun Control right now is a bad move politically. The Supreme Court is 6-3 R… @mostdefnotdan He died from eating too much fried calamari @NoLuckNeal This reminds me of broncos fans coping with Peyton Manning playing bad in the last part of the 2014 season
Nuggets are undefeated in the Air Gordon era, this rocks
@ByzCat That church probably has an attendance of like 12 people all in their 70s
Can’t wait to delete twitter after college
Retweeted by Devon DelphTFW Orthodox Easter is still like 4 weeks away. Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today though❤️✝️ Christ is… about the existence of the Car Great Schism and the Fall of Carstantinople to the Ottobahns never watched this movie but this is a good bit
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The government putting fines on itself
Gonna buy so much Tubby Custard with my TubbyCoin 😋 @Xanolabars @breathingback @jon_bois Oh HECK yeah @BasselmanZach I saw that “doesn’t make a syllabus” and immediately knew who😂Wondering where all my nerf darts went from my childhoodNo respect for the Military-industrial complex of the 20th century smh @LilNasX reposted someone I know on Tik Tok and it’s got me shook @MillerDrinker69 Shotgun it using the straw method
@JradRabel This is a great tweetReject modernity. Embrace tradition.
Retweeted by Devon DelphWhy is Michigan doing so much worse with Covid compared to every other state @NoLuckNeal @MichelobULTRA I love when good things happen to good people
@Xanolabars This looks like something you’d see in a Museum about the Spanish Inquisition lmaowhenever the ball gets wedged between the rim and the backboard the game should immediately be called a tie. basket…
Retweeted by Devon Delph @PatriarchPrimus My dads utterly cursed and demonic fiancé believes this
@NoLuckNeal This is the only one I will ever retweetHungover as fuck. Retweeting this is the only way to make me feel better @MichelobULTRA
Retweeted by Devon Delph @gothgordongekko A comment from that inspired this post @IosifTrandu @PatriarchPrimus People have long recognized Saints before officially commentary by the church, take a… @IosifTrandu @PatriarchPrimus It literally does
2021 @EricSatre @Connor_Van_Dyke That’s the wise man’s riceAll this To beat this
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I think the Western Hemisphere should collectively agree to clog the Panama Canal, we cannot let the eastern hemisphere be funnier than usI love Nikola Jokic, MPJ and Jamal Murray. Gn
Was in a group call with some friends and our Serbian mutual joined and I hit him with the hey how are you in Russi… excited to announce the first ever bio death NFT wherein i will pin myself under a large rock and the last ele…
Retweeted by Devon DelphSince everyone is talking linguistics on the timeline the word “Vodka” originated from the Russian/Slavic word for water Voda/вода @SterISweatshirt @jacobdigeronimo Wait no, he did like “Che-POH-Tlay” like wayyyy too much emphasis on the the P @SterISweatshirt @jacobdigeronimo I’ll never forget Eric just being completely unable to promise chipotle 😂😂 @jacobdigeronimo @SterISweatshirt Check his response to my original message brotha @jacobdigeronimo That makes a lot of sense actually! @jacobdigeronimo I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually heard the first option!This might be wild to know but “rednecks” also have a nuanced and varied political history lmao
This is the greatest image in sports history🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷 RIP TO THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE YOU SHOULDA NEVER FUCKED WITH STUDS LIKE THIS 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷 HAPPY 200 YE…
Retweeted by Devon DelphDay 4 without LeBron and LaMelo
Retweeted by Devon DelphCriminal robbery theory? Nah MIASMA THEORY
Retweeted by Devon Delph @loreezy_ In fact, in a press conference today, it seemed abundantly clear that pass marijuana usage was the main M… @loreezy_ Wow a press Secretary covering the administrations ass for a widely unpopular, image my shock lmao @loreezy_ Harris should resign as Vice President for her previous usage of Marijuana, I mean if they are gonna fire al… @r3dmaa Pete “the wheels” Wheeler
Low key as a bit I wanna go back into my Snapchat’s and see if I never replied to someone years ago and just messag…