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When I have my own family we are having lamb for all holidaysI’m thankful for @NoLuckNeal’s swagMan had this in the draft since the trade
@blakemgipson Me but with EU4 ☠️100 likes and I’ll get Mickey with a heater tattooed on me
Retweeted by Devon Delph🇦🇲🇦🇲the Kubrick Stare is one of Stanley Kubrick's most recognizable directorial techniques, a method of shot compositio…
Retweeted by Devon Delph🇦🇲🇦🇲My pet dog Butter
I’m for sure celebrating Christmas on the old calendar this year, not letting 2020 ruin it for meSanta Deniers in shambles
I feel like I’ve heard emergency sirens drive by my apartment every 30 minutes today @Will_Sefik Tbh they are starting to paint him as a “tragic” figure who was overtaken by bloodthirsty advisors and… @r3dmaa I have become a true PC chad @kraft_macnchees In my league we have the option to start 2 QBs already so we have a dude doing the UNPRECEDENTED 3 QB line upBruh for the amount PS5’s are going for on resell you could just literally build a gaming PC that is way more powerful lmao
@ByzCat What did tucker do thoremember to hydrate
Retweeted by Devon Delph🇦🇲🇦🇲I’ll never forget in 4th grade we had to pick our ideal government system and everyone picked liberal democracy or…
@MacinRigg It’s probably better than Epcot too lmao. Lowkey gonna have to give it a lookJust want beer and a pretzel rn from Epcot @Carles2499 This is why we barely see anyone who graduated post stuff anymore lmaoSad Roxy is giving us an exam on international men’s day😓
IM A PATRIOTS FAN NOW @loreezy_ @NoLuckNeal
@federalreserve make line go upPre-market at 9:29 Market open at 9:30 Beautiful @kraft_macnchees That’s Okie, neither of us winning the division lol @kraft_macnchees
@loreezy_ This is a good tweetOne thing about MY man? He getting the PS5 😈✋😏
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@pennpresident1 @twomad Dust eating bug moment @blakemgipson I’m just imagining now instead of chanting unus annus in the opening of the videos they just chanted… @blakemgipson You talking about the Markiplier channel lmao
Every single young person who has now become politically aware should’ve been given a mandatory crash course into t… had this convo with @ByYourLogic last night: If one thing would improve all the galaxy-brained political discours…
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Thinking about the fact that 6.2% of all exports from Bosnia are “chairs and seats”Trump lost because his administration banned Mango juul pods @blakemgipson @_ccinderella_ This was in cici fantasy gown like uhhhh @FriarTuckTweets Facial hair imo. No matter what it always comes back
@kraft_macnchees If you are asking for well done I’ll have to ask politely but firmly to leave sirJust unbridled and raw dad energy
F buy Pfizer stock @Chris_E_Winter Oh my order has already been placed as well. Time to secure the bagAll the stock bros about to buy every single share of Pfizer out there in 5 minutes @Xanolabars Three hours later and I realized I put “would could’ve” instead of we could’ve
@Xanolabars Would could’ve had Jeb Bruh @Xanolabars Damn I feel bad for not putting respect to Bush Sr and forgetting about hisAh yeah Iraq war 2: electric boogaloo is coming soon to a country near you PRESIDENT TIME
Something that’s really crazy to think about is the fact that both the most voted for and 2nd most voted for presid… can officially project in the 2020 election that Milo Dukanović has lost the Montenegro 2020 parliamentary raceJust opened up Internet Explorer and it told me Bush won over Gore?
Retweeted by Devon Delph🇦🇲🇦🇲The level of natural luck I have is literally unfathomableLincoln Project wins political grift of the year. Got donated 60 million dollars to turn republican voters against…
Hey Siri play the sopranos themeLol who am I kidding it’s not like they follow anyone who disagrees with themI feel like my Twitter is slowly devolving into left and right wingers poking each other until one shoots firstBtw if Biden does indeed win Georgia and if Trump holds PA and wins the remaining ballots in NV and Arizona then we… think the way this works is George Bush jr becomes president again @Im_Emma_DW One thing I should’ve done was make Maine’s 2nd Trump I forgot to do that @Im_Emma_DW Back in October this was my prediction, I’m sticking by it but it does seem Georgia very likely could f… @christos_ioa Montgomery but twice @Im_Emma_DW NYT hasn’t called Arizona yet either
Btw the only demographic group Biden didn’t do WORSE in compared to Clinton was white males, Trump did better with… - 264 Trump -214 Blink - 182 Covid - 19
Retweeted by Devon Delph🇦🇲🇦🇲If Election Day is like Christmas for political junkies than all of us got coal last nightHAHAHAHASharpie roads, take me home. To the place I belong, Arizona. Mountain ballots. Sharpie roadsssss
@vctia_ Ngl I just randomly thought of this while showering and it lines up almost TOO perfectlyThe rise of the Hamilton musical happened at the exact same time as a return to protectionism and economic national…’m planning on going to Ballot, Arizona to see the sharpie factory there
Retweeted by Devon Delph🇦🇲🇦🇲I think I am officially leaning Biden does indeed win this. But goodness, polling was so unfathomably off.Your industry is dead my guy don’t see an electoral blowout happening @JradRabel It’s almost entirely early voting in the big countiesBased on the Miami-Dade # I’m betting Trump wins Florida
@NoLuckNeal I think Jill Stein wins it all tbhThird party candidates should have a hell in the cell type match every year to decide who gets on the debate stage and federal funding @degreatdelph wow see everyone u could even get the rare collectible thats so fun go vote
Retweeted by Devon Delph🇦🇲🇦🇲 @fizzeree I’m just hype I got the classic @thehill Ammo and guns have been just flying off the selfs since February. Can’t find standard calibers anywhere in… NOTCH is the day relevant only prediction is Kanye will have the third highest share of the votes
@christos_ioa @conaway_chance WAIT CAN I CALL IN @christos_ioa @conaway_chance Listening in now buddy @Kofie @Will_SefikMILE HIGH MAGIC @OldTakesExposedI want to personally apologize to John Elway for this tweet @BrandonPerna Gordon saw everyone’s tweets
@Broncos @I_CU_boy Why did you get Melvin Gordon lmaoPls just be yourself and don’t pander like this holy shit John Elway ever runs for senate or governor now in Colorado he is going to get blown tf out from ads saying “he… @christos_ioa When the twitter man mentions your home county
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 10,000 retweets and we’ll make this our profile picture. 🎃
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