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astra denni @dehnnii 22 she/her ₊⋆ ⸝⸝ @imboopie ෆ

🦋 villain arc. flank tripper for ???. duo: @dvngo_. banner: @ayKohe. streamer for @astrasect. @snowwi_.

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@MienPanda good night matt :> @StarryyKiwi good night beautifuli was gonna like watch a show but now im officially sleeping night :)bunny
Retweeted by astra dennipeople who are sweet to me out of nowhere have no idea that i might just cry bc of how nice they areTutorial: Emote Basics! This guide will help beginners get started on creating cute emotes!
Retweeted by astra dennihe jump !
Retweeted by astra denniinspired by ragerclub --- (practicing audio syncing + clip dump)
Retweeted by astra denni @fuckroxys happy birthday :)He is going to study
Retweeted by astra dennii could have a good ass day and the night will absolutely beat my ass
Retweeted by astra denni @StevieNoriyuki happy birthday stevie <3Need hug
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a small edit to get back into tiktok :> @angeIZL @ZuluHQs @atIasxo @VizionzOT @Nzptzy 👋🏽 @SeptFPS @icvmper ????????!!! @icvmper @SeptFPS ????
Retweeted by astra denni @hoodiefr gmgmgood morning @-@ @iBuhms i love u so much wth @1yazier @ezafps LMFAOBEFORE I END THE NIGHT I JUST WANNA SAY EXTRAORDINARY ATTORNEY WOO IS THE CUTEST @slushyval BIG FAN !! @slushyval SLUSHYYYYgood night <3*does this to u
Retweeted by astra denni @avbriana @ezafps LMFAOOOO @mimichyuu_ NOOOOOOOO @Mariselaa_cx @ezafps i love u so much @Mariselaa_cx @ezafps LMFAOOO @ezafps he kinda went crazy here !!literally one of the best clips ever no cap @ezafps*picks you up and puts you in my pocket* — omg hii {(>_<)}
Retweeted by astra dennihim
Retweeted by astra denni @avbriana ill look at u with so much love and appreciation!i don't mind where i go, as long as i'm with you (an absolute mess) love
Retweeted by astra denni @AK_valorant :(( LEVI @icvmper ...Wishing @dehnnii a great day and the best meal imaginable for dinner
Retweeted by astra denni @plxtik1 i love u so much
who tf is liking some nsfw shit onto my tl @ysk1ng such a big fan, would never unfollow!going to start following inactives soon, just to clean it up. unfollow if you'd like, idc! @KhoiMaxim your momidc if i tweet so much about des, yall i literally think im in love with herthankful @plxtik1 exists...cuddly kittens ✧*:・
Retweeted by astra denni @heyimpactt 🙄 @heyimpactt hate crimed. @KhoiMaxim i would toJelly cat
Retweeted by astra dennimy favorite part about going to filipino parties is the filipino opms being playedsometimes yall forget im sad and downbad as fuck but ^__^ im actually happy rn
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Retweeted by astra dennithese are the monsters we are fighting @dvngo_ @Dielan_nguyen @nathfontanilla has a question
Retweeted by astra denniahem @mimichyuu_
Retweeted by astra denniwork from home
Retweeted by astra denniim here to pray for @plxtik1 to have the best day of her life or else ill literally fight every negative part of her day @Mariselaa_cx i love u so much i hope you have the best day of your life @dekkosux some people literally dont like water because "it doesnt taste like anything"I LOVE THIS DUCK @imboopie my wife is so talented ^__^good morninggood night 😮‍💨 @mimichyuu_ my cute little hamster hehehe.@mimichyuu_ look its u
Retweeted by astra denni @Mariselaa_cx IM IN LOVE WTFi fall in love with cats over and over and white fluffy kitty ✧*:・
Retweeted by astra denni @ihybeef i wish i knewmusic will always have me no matter what.
Retweeted by astra denni @ihybeef nah fr @plxtik1 you will <333 i love u @pIasify @atIasxo @ZuluHQs @eugenevlr 🥺 wth ily
@imboopie @VietRiceLord not you, never youi dont think ill ever finish this sooo enjoy this smol valorant edit :D
Retweeted by astra denniit’s always “wyd” never “i’m obsessed with you and ur everything i want i need you so bad ur perfect and would love…
Retweeted by astra denni @VietRiceLord @/thebitchihatethemostacts innocent but is thinking about riding the fuck out of you.
Retweeted by astra denni @HonorMeKappa denni! cant you tell from my sad tweets?i was not going to be in a vc with someone who obviously had no respect with how i felt.if you let someone know for the first time how their actions have hurt or upset you, and the conversation ends with…
Retweeted by astra denni @brokenandbitten on my mf kneesgood morning :) @StarryyKiwi say less:))) gnman not @AK_valorant bullying me at 3 am @cbass_csgo HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🤍