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but women

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men be like “she’s just a friend” and it be their ex
Retweeted by del @777acid_ @Iovealilmore got my account back + i stalk sophie @Iovealilmore @777acid_ oh u stalked him @zefiyy no u r not 😂
@alottaslove who @babagirl SO SO PRETTYneed a new gaming chair, any volunteers ?
Retweeted by del @vhackersk8s mine @vhackersk8s oh @ophi777 not the cursed word @ophi777 URSPDHEJD @ophi777 FUCK. @ophi777 ILL FUCK UCOME ON FUCK ME EMO BOY🤭
Retweeted by del @vinsconcubine i have mommy issueshow do you politely tell someone you want to suck their skin off their dick @jackmanswh0re tweetingi'm so good at stalking then i find things i wish i never found 🫠
Retweeted by delis it bad that i get icked out by men who are nicestop flirting with taken people
Retweeted by del @1kotaaa delete @fnnysautumn STOP U ARE BEAUTIFUL @soizanami im in love w u hi @jelloannaa I LOVE U SO MUCCHH WERE FRIENDS @vhackersk8s i’ll be your floridian girl @zefiyy no how is it ironic @zefiyy oh rlly how so? @ophi777 i love you. @selvvr i lose so much respect @ophi777 why rnt ur notis on that does not sit right w me @ophi777 i love ushe a DICK RIDAAAA @ophi777 FUCIRHRHR @deIilqh mm yes daddy
Retweeted by del @ophi777 oh yes daddy 🥺 @ophi777 HFHUFHEHFHEHD @feeIsomeway FUCK Utrust me baby🥺
Retweeted by delI do this true religion shit💋
Retweeted by del @feeIsomeway vinniehackerscock? @NAISTURNIOLO LMFAAAAAAOOOOOOOevery night the same dream every morning the same nightmare
Retweeted by del @1hruki I DEEPTHROAT THIS SHIT CRAZILY @c5sey depends on who @vhackersk8s what the fuck? @vhackersk8s @pohluhr i’m tryna gatekeep ubeen 7 seconds and he has not responded yet
Retweeted by del @maxefn_ hiii @nectqrine @thatwhoresage NO ME TOO @1kotaaa @NateBigBalls never @zefiyy @maxefn_ ik i rt u would know if u had my notis on 🫣LEMME SUCK THAT SPOOKY DICK @maxefn_ hiHaven’t posted media in a min
Retweeted by del @afkings HOKY DUCK U R SO BEAUTIFULreal music @kissitdevora FUCCKCKDH
@S1SS1L UR SO CUTE @selvvr i am being my authentic self seli need to suck a dick sometimes like actually @CRUELBASSETT @joshuatbassett u have piano voice idk if that makes sense BUT YES are u self taught @CRUELBASSETT @joshuatbassett u sound so good holy shiti be saying brb with no intent of coming back ngl
Retweeted by delI’m basically just a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind who has high standards
Retweeted by del @zefiyy this is your second time doing this LEAVE ME ALONE @vhackersk8s littersllyy do ppl not understand u can’t treat someone like shit and then expect them to stay in ur life 😨
Retweeted by delAdornments by Nusi
Retweeted by del @maxefn_ i know someone @NateBigBalls NO? @NateBigBalls what the fuck HOW @NateBigBalls floridianthis dude thinks he’s doing something by texting me everyday at 11:11everyday i go farther and farther away from trusting a man @hypocrtt i like the way u think @CRUELBASSETT i only actually like 10 people on this app and none of them are men LMAO @zefiyy @vhackersk8s i don’t like u at all either it’s mutual!! @vhackersk8s he hates me 🫶 @VIRANll @whosmichela i am laughing so hard right now @soizanami im your boyfriend DID U FORGET @soizanami OH OMG FUCK WRONG SOPHIE @cumcumboobs she has a boyfriend u gotta MOOVOEE noahi @777sundown yeah but it’s not funny u know why she blocked u @austinwtv @jelloannaa ur projecting LMFAAOO @NAISTURNIOLO i love u @VIRANll @whosmichela don’t speak on my gf like that @777sundown jazz not random 🫣 @vhackersk8s i love uuuuu enjoy ur day @ThyHighway @ophi777 u r unhinged @immzy_ yes @ophi777 i love uWhat a beautiful day to mind your own damn business
Retweeted by del @ophi777 OR CUM @stonelistt i am anemic @navstfu i gor thissaw her selfie n just moaned in the car
Retweeted by del @vhackersk8s @zefiyy DONT START!!!