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@RivingtonThe3rd come thru riv. also the black n white flannel you wore the other day on stream was 🔥🔥 @scorgzi oh uhhhh. Yo we got this!!! @scorgzi you are some hotass LMFAO. I think gloria and I would 2v5 you and your team every round.manifesting a hard reset on ranks for episode 4 act 1 @zacklombardo @PlayVALORANT we need community server dms please @RolltheD20 i just wanna warm up @OfficialAproto its the stachecant even warm up in fracture dms because everyone leaves @VellyCasts ill bring the fire sauce @plooful WOW THATS MY DUONICE SHOTS 😼
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W @bumpaah bumpah you literally dropped 80 acs playing raze on bind the other day @Shanks_TTV you need that viet coffee. wake ur ass up @KingFPS__ asuna been doing that @ctrrlz @aikyuna you are not cultured @VapeN_415 @VisionStrikers makes us feel young again watching how fast they playno way they didnt shoot the eye on that b long fight LOLnukkye is feeling it @ovixx_ oh hell nah. that aint megm @ctrrlz @grandsonttv this how we taking pictures @ctrrlz @grandsonttv LMFAOOOOcharlotte thank u for being an incredible first show backk :) !! shiiitt it’s been too damn long @SableValley tour…
Retweeted by Zack🍍 @Crit_VAL Deky buff @Crit_VAL Y’all hear that? If you get crit on your team. DODGE. @joshizzlle @grandsonttv LOOOL @_skag @ctrrlz @plooful “ they ain’t have tater tots today so we ditching 😈 “ @joshizzlle Come peek me on bind @ctrrlz @plooful Vinny you live in the suburbs. We ain’t scared of you or Nathan @ctrrlz @plooful LOOOOOL GET SMOKED PUSSY @ctrrlz @plooful Wassup then @grandsonttv On foenem grave
@yueyings_ @ManILoveFwogs WWWW @imyetep You are gonna slay it @denyfps ❤️Missing my pops 🥲 @SammayTV 💯 @_RealRandy LOLWhen u get all the homies on one team LOL @DekyFPS: AYEEEEEEEEEEEE
Retweeted by Zack🍍 @chefhomiekwon cracked brotha @Lear_VAL @jxssicvh LMFAO @aikyuna shadow realm warrior @VZerona gotta do what you gotta do
VPN finally works again for texas. 🙏 @StunLikes sleep is for the weak @AlvinBach @JimmyJamTV yeah im pretty lucky @portilho Yo necesito una mochila @plooful Ty😼 @JimmyJamTV @AlvinBach @haejeoksI was born to be greatLETS GET THIS SHIT. LETS GET THIS SHIT @plooful ight i gotta start dropping 30 every game🌸
Retweeted by Zack🍍 @Mendo @Keeoh mouf wide open like im at the dentist 😼 @Keeoh aint the meatballs from there swedish?
when you almost get 9-3 cursed series was so fun to watchHIKOOO no way @LiN_fps for the*** @LiN_fps LOL anything for winredgar @ethanarnold youre coldHIKO IS SO YOUNG AND AGILEd3ff0 ?????????? @poorIighting the best cookiesits time @Asunaa coming back after chugging 3 redbulls to dominate the next half looking kind of nice on LAN @001laura_ thats big homie right there @udbhavHokage @ethanarnold @nitr0 I dont have funny pictures of them#100T WIN #VCT @yoojpls @yueyings_ noti + not cultured + ratio @kickrocksrocks aint you 5'3 @grandsonttv LMFAOOOO @grandsonttv what you do LMFAO whiffing on the guy that had 20 hp and losing the round @imyetep your music has helped so many of us petey. youre doing great and you will continue to do great.feel like im playing some of the best valorant ive ever played and its still not enough LMFAO
ayo way heat gets those entries and his team throws LMFAOesports doug and rivington have best drip of the dayCRASHIES HOYL SHIT @portilho @Vanityxz #barsI CALL RYAN 📞 THIS GUY 👨 IS MID BALL UP 🏀 I THINK 🤔IM LIKE... FAM 😳 WHEN ARE YOU GONNA BE HOME 🏠 HES LIKE 😫30 MINUT… @Corey_OW I be in full shanks mode when I play. I am not afraid to admit itregdar wants it more @DLimLoL Happy BORNDAY noob @iiTzTimmy they wanted it more man @joycxyz @lolArnav vouch @JimmyJamTV LOL
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fraggin @theKingFPS_ it was the only good photo of the rope i could find @chufps i will try my best