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@OKTHOOMER yeah @issfanfan I got 0 b words fiona. @plooful me Here’s baby deky @bunnykyxo Hey some people love that @bunnykyxo Click heads on FPS games @issfanfan @SammayTV He is very lucky to have youmiss festivals 123sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh what i can do @ayo_dom Great show!watch my bb missed u guys. PC might crash :3
Retweeted by Zack 🍍 @jessicahkim ladies i am single and play valorant @jessicahkim yo say it louder for the people in the back @SammayTV im sorry we cant all have a fiona like yousummoning circle for my valorant shop πŸ•― πŸ•― πŸ•― πŸ•―β€¦
@WedidOfficial @SAPMElSTER I love you @WedidOfficial pleasei still laugh about this @plooful sry if u dont repeat comms 2-3x each then its not a real comm
Retweeted by Zack 🍍 @issfanfan @SammayTV vouch @SHEEBTS hate when mfers try to break the rules on gamebattles. we got their ass this timeGB proof ignore
Retweeted by Zack 🍍idk why dmca such a big deal. I know they be in the office bumping lil baby @_ahlyx them 240hz tans hit diff @SammayTV omg king we are rising to the topHey guys least cringe in the virgian squad plays with other least cringe member @SammayTV toxic ranked player duos with @DekyFPS , fellow Virginian -
Retweeted by Zack 🍍Gm @WedidOfficial I just be missing you and shit @jessicahkim she is full poggers @WedidOfficial 1v5 with the luckiest viper ult
Retweeted by Zack 🍍πŸ₯Ά @milkyvitamin
Retweeted by Zack 🍍Someone sent me flowers today and it made my dayβšͺ Single βšͺ In a Relationship πŸ”˜ Spent $90 on the anime valorant bundle @SammayTV @koalanoob lifes like a box of chocolates head ass @GreshyPoo Ladies if you are a mythical forest MILF my mans is free. Hit his linesme coming back from the bathroom after drinking a case of white claws
@SammayTV LMFAOOO @benitanov @TwitchRivals SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH @Keith_LaFortune @plooful she is undefeated in twitch rivals currently @ahad SHEEEEEEEEEEESH IM EXCITEDalot of ppl have been telling me to drop a review of the mousepad ive been testing here’s something quick with ini…
Retweeted by Zack 🍍 @jessicahkim @WedidOfficial hope you have an amazing day too @WedidOfficial im giving you the best smooch and the biggest bear hugI hope @WedidOfficial has an amazing day @WedidOfficial @in0X_fps @haileyshiyun shaq from ploos videos is not vouching either @joshizzlle @Kyrokana at least you learned @koalanoob you gonna beatbox when you walk across the stage? @AidenSPhan we all gonna make it brobetter be getting rid of the bucky @haileyshiyun my favorite global vip @AidenSPhan hey man you got this. I believe in you @valorantula had to pull the IGLing out my ass yesterday @jessicahkim @jessicahkim can you get together with junglecock from blackpink and do kickflips with himGm kings and queens. Why do I have to wait a whole week to play twitch rivals again? πŸ˜”πŸ˜” @starsmitten_ dude those one deags in mid on ascent on us. πŸ₯ΆπŸ₯ΆπŸ₯ΆπŸ₯ΆSadge
Retweeted by Zack 🍍 @ChoboMe just reyna tings @Kyrokana how I felt IGLing @joshizzlle Yeah I’m waiting for this in my shop @joshizzlle Dude this fight was so troll I was like what is going on LOL @DekyFPS LMFAOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Zack 🍍 @joshizzlle It gives powers bro @joshizzlle Ive been on the ego vandal for the last week so the prime felt refreshing @joshizzlle it hit diff @plooful @joshizzlle @H1RA__ @plooful @joshizzlle @H1RA__ yeah it time for bed after that one josh @plooful @H1RA__ stats dont matter. You had the most impact on the team @H1RA__ @plooful he is gone but not forgotten @plooful @H1RA__ mccree and mercy is a good duo @H1RA__ @plooful mccree players always built diffy @slothsuu happy bornday brother @ohaaiii I will never stop @anzaiJn ul2 cape town , 800dpi .35 in game. EVERYTHING LOW @H1RA__ ggs today brother ur crackedcant stop wont stop @Kyrokana we are gonna PWN @starsmitten_ just got lucky with my crosshair placement this clip but thank you ;=; @joshizzlle ty i appreciate you @joshizzlle dude this was my CLIP T_TSadge a way to kick off Twitch Rivals: @PlayVALORANT Series 1 πŸ”₯ Team @plooful, @sonii, & @acesu soared to the top o…
Retweeted by Zack 🍍 @starsmitten_ nah you played super well today. You guys had amazing teamwork. No cap you guys have this next week @joshizzlle dude ur deagle LOL legit snatching my weavewhat an awesome experience today @H1RA__ @plooful @jakenbakeLIVE @JosephRay671 @Kyrokana ggs man. you had some nice shots on me ❀️❀️❀️Retweet & follow to enter.
Retweeted by Zack 🍍4-0 today ngl i was nervous af at the start but we going for it so proud of my team @jakenbakeLIVE @plooful @Kyrokana @DekyFPS
Retweeted by Zack 🍍4-0 today in Twitch Rivals w/ Team Ploo! 1st time playing together but I think we're ready for VCT. I have the mo…
Retweeted by Zack 🍍WE DIDNT DROP A SINGLE MAP WOOOO πŸ’« @DekyFPS @Kyrokana @JosephRay671 @jakenbakeLIVE πŸ₯Ί my team is da best
Retweeted by Zack 🍍Didnt drop a map today. IGLing so hard. MY TEAM IS CRACKED. SO PROUD OF U GUYS @plooful @jakenbakeLIVE @JosephRay671 @Kyrokana @PrinceEmirTTV @JosephRay671match 2 vs team fearitself