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Mike @delcerebro Franklin, TN

User eXperience strategist, service designer, music maker, father, dreamer of dreams, happiness advocate, FL Gator ** All opinions are my own **

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@PeculiarTiffany love the kirby! @mirdonamy YOU are beautiful! ☀️🎶🌈hilarious intro is so rad!! @ChicagoCamps realizes that the experience starts BEFORE the event. :) Music is great too!🎶 excited for my 2nd @ChicagoCamps event today! #cycling @UXFoolishness @lmegordon Micro machines (5th grade). Then Girbauds in 7th grade @pxlrckr @DougCollinsUX This is why I now argue that we don't design experiences. We design products and services.… @314UXHolly @granthyarbrough I REFUSE to return the ruby encrusted gold staff i have from ancient mesopotamia. Even… @wildwend Pics please
s'bout right for many (most?) companies @hypnovirus NICE! love that shark. #chomp #8bitIf you've already joined and signed up to attend, YAY! If not, and are interested, our next meetup is Thurs Aug 19…'m not totally sure what this is yet, but free money is free money! Pass it on! Earn $1000 more for each friend wh… @sarahdoody @SlackHQ Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. Most corporate meetings are useless and terribleWhat does the back of your laptop look like? It's probably not cool to keep putting stickers on it but I don't give… @sarahdoody I don't think it's Zoom fatigue specifically I think it's just meeting fatigue. Every big company I've… @tania_uxds This made me smile 😄 @MiriamIsaacDsgn @charlespattson "Yeah, i guess you were right. We SHOULD'VE talked to our customers before buildin… @mahnamahna42 I'm attending as well!
Well it was easy to order from @1800CONTACTS but after they contacted my eye doctor they decided to change what I w… disagree. I think 6 AM is the BEST time to ride your bike. @jhsilverman Why would you do this to me. Why. @viachristinaa 🤯 @314UXHolly This is gonna sound weird but im more productive when im at my desk less. I think and solve problems wh…
Check out this ULTRA inexpensive 2 day virtual conference! @ChicagoCamps @MiriamIsaacDsgn That's the thing. They don't really know! @OrigamiUx Stand up and ask for it! If that doesn't work demand it! If that doesn't work find a new job 😀I'm excited to be presenting my talk on #UX #Design for #Accessibility this morning at 11 AM ET! I'd be honored if…
Retweeted by Mike @PeculiarTiffany I can't wait for you to teach me! 😃
(2/2)I would assume they call themselves by their tribe. Has anyone asked anyone if they are okay and like being ca… Is anyone of Native American descent? Or have friends that are? I've been thinking lately that we (european d… @TaraAnsley Reeses peanut butter cups or sour patch kids or swedish fish are the only acceptable answers. All other… "Simplifying complexity since 2016. I build processes from the ground and optimize broken procedures to save… To everyone asking how to improve their portfolio for a job in #UX: check out @OksanaIvanovaPM 's portfolio!… @1800CONTACTS your website is AMAZING! I don't know why i waited so long to use y'all. SO easy. #UX and #CX couldn'…
Good time to invest! 😁 join Robinhood using my link for a free stock. @imcatnoone I Have used Miro, @MURAL , @sketch , and @axurerp for user journeys. They are all about the same but I… @allisongrayce Omg congrats!!! ❤️🎶✌🏻I’m sure I’m late to this party like I am late to every party but #TheBoys on @PrimeVideo is amazing. Such a great…
Retweeted by Mike @i_anic thats a good point. I like echo chambers. cuz i like the sound of my voice i guess :DIt may still be July but it's fall y'all!! @SamRollins100 Dr Nick!! @laura_yarrow A huge part. If you're trying to sell a design or convince someone of something and you aren't confid… today's #uxtalk discussion, let's do an #AMA (ask me anything.) Fire away with your questions, be they #UX &…
Retweeted by Mike @i_anic What is a better solution? Either they use AI to guess or they let you choose. The only other alternative I… am SO grateful to @Marvel for reprinting Stan’s soapboxes from the 60s and 70s. They all apply to humanity, curre… @meagmakesstuff Dm me! I can wax philosophy all day on why #UI is only a small part of #UX. Also can share war stor… sounds cool! Fireside with Julia Hartz hosted by Lunchclub on Friday. Sign up using the link below to join me… @314UXHolly Yes!! I see cartoons/movies in my head when someone tells a story. If I don't, i realize i am bored, no… @mattcampux One app to rule them all. One app to bind them all. Honestly i think I'd be happy with that. All app fu… @mattcampux you can do mine!
@laura_yarrow "i'd love to, but I'm busy that day. yeah, that day too. sorry all the days you need me to do the thi… @sdgates just gave a great presentation at #FDSUS2020! SO much knowledge dropped and insights provided. Thanks!Stephen Gates's slides are all gold! #FDSUS2020 #UX #CX in ALL things is important! Not just gender and race, but skillset, background, passions brilliance from #FDSUS2020 MUCH THIS! #Innovation #DoWhatsNecessary #FDSUS2020 ! Thanks for the invite @TechCircus_ @i_anic Ooh! The 'S' is not only silent but invisible as well!! @MiriamIsaacDsgn @DougCollinsUX Agree with @MiriamIsaacDsgn - they hold equal weight and should be stylized as suchPortlandia is hilarious. Fred and Carrie play SOO many great characters. Also this really hit home. Coffee is good/… @viachristinaa SO true!! Its like a stone mason realizing bricks are not the best way to build a wall or house #UX #CX
PERFECT example of when #UX design has very little to do with #UI design (although obviously there was some design… @OksanaIvanovaPM YOU'RE a goof! :PWell done on your new (to me) croissant sandwiches @Wendys !! Just had one with bacon/egg/cheese and it was DELICIO… it bad or good when I wake up at 5:20 and feel well rested? @webmeisterjess I agree with respect to product design but I think it's good if you're talking high-level about the…
@Jake_pryszlak Never stop being curious ; #BestAdvice ive been given @designingwoman9 Sr #UX designer Means that clients and companies have forced you to create no less than 10 horcruxes @DougCollinsUX #uxtalk: To be a great #UX pro you must: Be able to actively listen, understand you dont know everyt… son's new covid mask arrived! is a real thing! A friend received this, READ it, shared on Facebook, now Im sharing with you! Well done…! #muppets
Well I just learned how not to fix a rockband bass drum pedalI'm obviously a bunch of years late to this party but if anyone is late with me and wants to get into crypto,… @schoeyfield I have a library joke. But i can't find it cuz the cards all fell out of the drawer of my card catalog 🙃 @melindavoo Y'all are cray adorbs 🥰
@cydharrell I have a research joke but i won't share it because it's not statistically significant @jonkantner That is amazing!! Reminds me of going to the ballpark as a kid and watching the animated info graphics on the Jumbotron🤘🏻👏🏼 paying interns!! Rock on @obvious_in #WorkIsTimeIsMoney 💰💵 I was choosing my coffee cup for this morning's coffee and I settled on my lovely @TheGoodCup mug I was reminded… @DavidAstinWalsh Pietasters: Strapped Live and O.A.R. Live at red rocks are probably my two favorite live albums of all time 🎶🤘🏻 @AlyBartulio Making music, revisiting my love for rollerblading, chalk art with kids, gardening, composting, Dr Who… @HulkDad79 @SonicMovie It is on our watchlist. Glad to hear it's worth watching i miss Jim Carrey!
This one time at #BandCamp... #proudDad #ColorGuard @ProjectLincoln THINGS I TRUST MORE THAN DONALD TRUMP : 1) Flint Michigan Tap water 2) Gas Station Sushi 3) Bill C…
Retweeted by Mikeamazing. #NailedIt thanks @crisbell02! With things being the way they are, I've decided to morph my local meetup into a more global virtual meetup…
@HulkDad79 My middle child is the exact same. Perfect at school and super annoying to their siblings at home. (She… @bkenna1 @DougCollinsUX @NHLSeattle_ looks pretty sweet! @betterux_ @knockmedia @rvanderelst @LizzHorvath @OksanaIvanovaPM @immersedlaugh @RonaldDUriel @moingshaikh
@HulkDad79 @4leks_design i really like Hardees mushroom and swiss! Five guys is garbage. I'm sorry your taste is terrible. 😂Quick reminder that our local #UXfrkln meetup is still happening virtually and its tomorrow evening if you'd like t… @nickrathert found this awesome gem @Jake_pryszlak I wouldn't say it's never the case but it's rarely the case. Good entrepreneurs do research and talk… @314UXHolly I LOVE usability testing. Working with a designer or prod mgr to build a prototype, plan the tasks, fac…
(2/2) ... the sunlight, the noises they hear, etc. Also, calling people 'users' really seems degrading in 2020. The… Random thought of the day: We are not #UX designers. We cannot design the experience someone has with a thing…