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@TomTerminator11 Understandable, it’s TR
@TomTerminator11 Tom woke up and chose violence💀 @TomTerminator11 Dude my hero cannot do characters right ong ong @P_Ttown @TomTerminator11 Don’t do the homie Tom like that😭 @TomTerminator11 The only thing JJK did is the toxic powerscalers 🤷‍♂️ @Goreshx you got your own sub2pewdiepie thing going on here
Retweeted by Deleto @TomTerminator11 Lmao 6 and 9
@TomTerminator11 Yeah like I’m pretty sure that’s called being British, and not like fuckin mixed French and Mexican ong ong @TomTerminator11 Does this not exist for some people? just my bookshelf where I stacked everything today lmao
@partic1e But did they jerk someone off at super speed to make it seem like they nutted at just a woman’s touch? I rest my case your honour
Retweeted by Deleto @TomTerminator11 For me 90F’s my limit, and I’m British lmao
@lumak43 @weloveyouwilly @hollow_comet Crazy ratio huh? @KilluaSenko @Rhymestyle @HCGES1 @lumak43 @weloveyouwilly @hollow_comet The manga’s worse ong ong @TomTerminator11 The replies to this original tweet are so funny @TomTerminator11 Fall/Autumn >>>>>
@TomTerminator11 @Nathan58073556 Dude same lmfao @TomTerminator11 Actually Fair enough @TomTerminator11 BRO YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO ASWELL😭 @TomTerminator11 Nicest? Bro nah @TomTerminator11 2/100…..when theres nothing to tweet, retweet
Retweeted by Deleto#ANITWT fuck you all
Retweeted by DeletoMy hero season 6 is literally going to be a make or break season for the show like, this shit best be gassed. Becau… @KilluaSenko YessirFacts op 7 literally insanely good
Retweeted by DeletoOver literally any black clover opening and it’s not even close @KilluaSenko
@InsanetheR Hit me w it @KirinVI @Wolfelias69 @TomTerminator11 @TomTerminator11 ONG YOU WON IF YOU DON’T I CALL BIAS @TomTerminator11 @jin_ch4n Yessir, you get the asylum I get the location it’s go time bro @TomTerminator11 @jin_ch4n I can confirm this Bro as for the crime. There is a certain TR fan that needs immediate… @FlashySora @SweetPsycho87 “Heal” @EngulfedShadow @TomTerminator11 this is the only anitwt user I speak to💀 @TomTerminator11 @jin_ch4n White and Green, I think both would be funI can’t lie, this has been an opinion of mine for a while and since I’m gonna be more interactive with anitwt may a… @TomTerminator11 I was mainly speaking upon season 1, haven’t touched upon season 2 yet. @TomTerminator11 YOU ARE THE GINTAMA MAN @TomTerminator11 Hot take. Mushoku Tensei or Jobless Reincarnation. Is overrated @Crunchyroll I went to a local convention last week and I walked past an Emilia (I was Subaru) and we just look at…
@maaruf90491873 @WtflessD Elf Reincarnation arc @zyrihanna11 @WtflessD Moots? Aot- watched and read Mha- watched and read some JJK- watched Haikyu- watched half… @Akorarman Rare W
@TomTerminator11 Here’s what I think Part 4 Part 3 Part 2 Part 5 Part 1
BRACING FOR COVID: Face masks have become the defining symbol of this pandemic. Whether you like them or not, they…
Retweeted by Deleto @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat Yeah, apologies that I wasn’t clear on that before. It was more so specific aspects (like… @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat Oh Rezero fans are wilding most of the time, I understand why you’d think of Steins or Era… @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat The plots I won’t deny are miles apart, all I listed was the similarities I saw, and when… @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat I mean….notice how I only chimed in when emotional impact came into it, makes sense that I’d be talking about it @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat I already told you I use the word quite to extend my sentences, literally. Also it’s not l… @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat I never said I don’t like TR because you can’t see similarities of emotional impact, I don… @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat Overall, not even the MC’s emotional moments in TR. every moment that’s meant to be emotio… @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat Well that’s unrelated to what I said about Subaru and Takemichi, the emotional moments just suck @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat My main point was RZ emotional points > TR emotional points @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat The main focus what I’m talking about was your clear emphasis on emotional moments, which… @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat So you’re comparing two series without even seeing one of them……may as well stop replying at this point my god @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat Well you don’t know me I use quite when I want to make my sentences longer lmao, but enoug… @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat Did you watch or read Rezero? It’s literally not hours….. Also other MC’s that share the t… @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat Well I never said they were the exact same I said they’re similar, which I was correct on.… didnt know it was possible for pages to deal physical damage to the people reading them till today
Retweeted by Deleto @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat Alright let’s get it down then MC has to try constantly by messing with time to save the p… @coolkidof0419 @Rakugoat Rezero is in my top 2. Rezero and TR are quite similar, however Rezero can actually make emotional impact @DaPixelPenguin @TomTerminator11 We read TR @OtakuNathaniel @TomTerminator11 We read TR @TomTerminator11 “You got your shit wrecked” headass😭 @TomTerminator11 You and me both man, you and me both
@TomTerminator11 The day we see a Tom face reveal is when Togashi finished hxh
@TomTerminator11 @OfficialQtg @KilluaSenko
@OfficialQtg @RedRebelZ Deleto has to be brought out for this bozo. L take L account, L antag on hxh side
I’m gonna go back to this tweet and talk about EP 21 I did not like that shit lmao, what transpired in that episode… @TomTerminator11 The whole read the first 100+ chapters is lowkey intimidating, as someone who doesn’t read much ma… @TomTerminator11 I’ll watch it when I can be bothered, I got that anime burnout from TR @TomTerminator11 I’ve heard many good things about slime, is it worth the watch? @TomTerminator11 @OfficialQtg Out for Gojo tbh @TomTerminator11 @OfficialQtg It seems I must awaken again as Deleto to unravel my take I haven’t even watched Naru…
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Retweeted by Deleto @TomTerminator11 Yuri on mid
@100PureIsaac Perhaps
@YewlandsAcademy @brigantialearn1 Fuck off, I’m a student at this academy and there has been NO positive feedback,…
[Festival Countdown! Choose Every Day! Get Items!] Only once daily! Choose a battle to challenge and get the items…
Retweeted by DeletoCAN we do it?
Retweeted by Deleto
Very upset Boo isn’t playable in Mario Party Superstars
Retweeted by Deleto @KilluaSenko @RetiredAdam Man it was more confusing than anything for me tbh @RetiredAdam @KilluaSenko @TomTerminator11 Nobody knows who this is but I die
@TomTerminator11 I think slanders funny sometimes but when people take it too far it just becomes annoying
@TomTerminator11 Yeah JJK antags are ass lmao @TomTerminator11 Dude we need to compile the jokes me you and Noble have come up with, it’s so good @TomTerminator11 Oh that’s great @TomTerminator11 Bro I know we British but goddamn @TomTerminator11 FUCK @TomTerminator11 Being so fucking funny @TomTerminator11 I love this Gintama icon, because it is showing me a contrast with the Gintoki that I’m seeing ear… @TomTerminator11 So uh 50 lmao Only one I didn’t get is being slapped @KilluaSenko @Nanogenix oh
Retweeted by Deleto @Rhymestyle @KilluaSenko @Nanogenix Rhyme rn: @Rhymestyle @Nanogenix I hate you rhyme. Like I absolute hate your guts it’s unreal man, like I just wanna sex you…
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@BbySai8 Awh damn I tried lol @BbySai8 Natsuki Subaru Phoenix Wright Asta @Seis0sirius @SiliasArk @ApatheticSole @BbySai8 Bruh Shield Hero supremacy