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Delisa @delisacarnegie The wilds of northern Idaho.

Clairsentient Artist. Spirit Communicator. Body Positive Photographer. Everyone is creative. Creativity Heals.

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Digital journal include tarot/oracle card layout and prompts. #digitaljournaling #selfcare #journaling
The Mermaidia Cowl is hand knit and warm AF #knitting #handmade #shophandmade #winter ...'ll give $200 to someone who retweets this within the next 12 hours. Must be following myself & @GridGamingIO Th…
Retweeted by DelisaStrange Land
Daily Blessing: Blessed be the unseen places.
Retweeted by DelisaDon't get cursed
Retweeted by DelisaThe Moon Way digital journal includes #tarot #oracle card layout and 8 journal prompts #digitaljournal ... the trees
Just posted a photo it lies
The Moon Way Digital Journal
Red Tides original encaustic artwork for sale by artist. #OriginalArt #encaustic #art posted a photo
Summit #original encaustic art for sale by artist
Horror friends, help me ID a novel? Memories are vague. Protagonist was a woman going to college. She possibly live…
Retweeted by DelisaWhat Lies Beneath #Photography #PhotoEncaustic Old terracotta pot Peeling paint New plant Joy #forestwitch #photography #stayhome @ Sandpoint, Idaho #Ribblr and will be making my knitting & crocheting patterns available there.Currently waiting for the dryer to finish to check that it is working properly.Last night Mr.C got the dryer installed. He had to cut through the wall with his chainsaw and move some shelving af… I'll be sorting jackets to be given away and impatiently waiting for new tech thing to arrive.Grace #original artwork #encaustic 3x4 inch Encaustic mixed media. Painted black wood frame.
In between time #original mixed media encaustic art #forsalebyartist ...'m holding off moving them off my camera until the new tech comes so there is less moving of things around.Went outside and took some photos of leaves, plants and mushrooms/fungi.It's not karma, people, it's science.
Retweeted by DelisaIf you put us in the Colosseum for four years and make us watch horrors, don’t be surprised, when they finally push…
Retweeted by DelisaI might do NANOWRIMO this year. Maybe it will help me get back on track with my latest abandoned writing project.I've been using bloglovin but it hasn't been working well. I've tried few other things but they don't seem a good fit eitherWhat is your fav way to read blogs you follow?
Chris Christie was hospitalized because his symptoms worsened or The story should be covered as an example of ho…
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Retweeted by DelisaBad, but oh so unsurprising.
Retweeted by DelisaRANA ZOE MUNGIN, a beloved 6th grade social studies teacher in Brooklyn, New York, died of COVID-19. She was 30 y…
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Retweeted by DelisaI'm making it say I'm a photographer. If I start calling myself that it will feel more real. right?Trying to make my instagram bio useful and interesting. or some shit.The Hit List – Where’s my brain? <-An overstuffed brain is not a good thing.
Retweeted by DelisaThe Madtown Yarn Shop Hop begins: Unbeleafable Gradient, Spring Street Shawl, and Holiday Yarn Clubs! -…
Retweeted by Delisa @StaceyCornelius It's fine because I'm having some apple tart.
The Mermaidia Cowl $100 #HandKnit #HandDyedYarn #handmade nice to monsters who want to kill you isn't virtuous.
Retweeted by DelisaHow nice for Donald that he gets top rate healthcare while he's trying to strip away healthcare for 20 million Americans.
Retweeted by DelisaNEWS: Former VP Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden have tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19.
Retweeted by DelisaCan’t shake this cover or this story. Today’s #booklook is inspired by @BCMorrow’s A Song Below Water. Embracing al…
Retweeted by DelisaPassivity and silence aren’t a virtue, no matter how much shitty people try to convince you they are.
Retweeted by DelisaWhat Happens if a Presidential Candidate Dies? via @howstuffworksMy tarts didn't go well. They still taste good. They just don't look pretty.Glad we dropped the Uglies movie announcement on a slow news week. @netflix
Retweeted by DelisaDoes Pence + whoever just take over & be on the ballot. Or does everything start again with new campaigning?If The Orange One dies before the election or too sick to continue as president, what happens?Trump Continued Public Events After Adviser Hope Hicks Became Ill and Tested Positive for COVID-19
Retweeted by DelisaIf you go after your dreams and fail, I won't look down on you or laugh. I'll be proud of you for trying.
Retweeted by DelisaFunny how all of the “I’m a good Christian and only good Christians pray for Donald Trump” couldn’t bother to pray…
Retweeted by DelisaI'm not saying he doesn't have it, but the timing of the announcement is suspicious and will be used to gaslight & manipulate.I trust that Tangerine Ball Bag to manipulate everything that could give him any advantage even lying about covid.Here's your reminder of this 5 year old tweet and the message: wearing or buying all things pink this month doesn't…
Retweeted by Delisa @RobinAChilds If it's self care/love and helps you then it's totally productive.And McConnell won’t give a shit. Rules are only for Democrats. Republicans are allowed to do whatever they want.
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So far the responses to my horror movie question are are awesome and sadly so accurate. @Patty_Lyons I tried to watch but couldn't.When news broke about Donald Trump’s taxes (or lack thereof)—a few of you asked me to break it down with my friend…
Retweeted by Delisa @EverettMaroon Definitely the worst.Designer Spotlight: Contemporary Crochet Patterns From Ruby Webbs - Crochet Cables Galore! 👉…
Retweeted by DelisaWhat is the worst horror movie you've ever watched?As you contemplate this train wreck of a briefing, where the WH press sec has lost the room based on her inability…
Retweeted by DelisaKnit a Flash Dance Wrap Designed By Babette Ulmer - It's Knit With a Crochet Look! 👉 #knit
Retweeted by DelisaFrom Below #originalArt Encaustic abstract art #ForSaleByArtist you are interested in getting healthier cleaning products & awesome skin care products delivered to your door every month. Let me know.So glad that Melaleuca allows me to have things delivered to my door.
More Women Detail Forced Sterilizations, Unnecessary Surgeries at Georgia ICE Jail
Retweeted by DelisaI have an ipad coming, do you have any suggestions for planning/writing on the ipad?I tried writing/planning in OneNote. I don't really like it.Trying to decide if I want a full circle moon journal thing or only cover new moon to full moon. What do you think?“He Wants Violence in the Streets”: Trump’s “White Supremacist Project” on Full Display at Debate…
Retweeted by DelisaTips for Taking Better Concert Photos
Retweeted by DelisaAlso, stop calling him a toddler. I have a toddler. Toddlers are incredibly compassionate, kind, and reasonable.…
Retweeted by DelisaDo you follow the phases of the moon for planning, goal setting or other cool shit?You'd think coffee that tasted like stew would be awesome, but I'm finding it hard to drink.They aren't.’m embarrassed to have @realDonaldTrump as my President. RT if you agree
Retweeted by DelisaI was going to schedule some arty posts, but then I remembered I put all my pics on an external hard drive in prep for new laptop.For some strange reason my coffee tastes like stew.NEW: The two-page White House "racial sensitivity" memo that became a flashpoint in Tuesday's debate has led to con…
Retweeted by DelisaThey aren't going to 'get woke'.He has been showing ppl who he is his entire adult life. Ppl supporting him don't care that he is racist or a sexua… now they'll open their eyes and change their minds about voting for him...Most of my social media is filled with ppl posting about how the president showed ppl who he really is in the debate...I see the president has been consulting with the Ewoks.
Retweeted by Delisayou're gonna watch some debate so you can cry online about it when you could be watching any one of three blade movies
Retweeted by DelisaI'm counting down the days until the new tech thing arrives. I have tons of ideas for what I want to create with it… a few of the amazing titles in production! @AMITYGREEN @jonfmerz @PTHylton
Retweeted by DelisaA glass door was delivered to my house today. A free door. A door to replace a janky door. A door that will allow p…
Currently reading The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones. I'm really enjoying it.keep this in circulation. AG Cameron lied.
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Rivulets knit hat pattern is live! This design is inspired by rain droplets running down windows. It's one size/ f…'ve been using waiting for new gear to show up as a reason to not do any of the work that doesn't require the new gear.WHAT. This is absurd and wrong and actually fairly horrifying. It's a knitting book. And a very good one, at that.
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