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Japanese delinquent movie binge βœ… the Crows manga 🦍 @kittyhafu Ayo? @t1mm The chaos there tho.. @t1mm Bro same... I want a missile that I can just bang up... Muneeb wants me to go to spring drift matsuri and bring the s15 😡Yum @t1mm You know you miss the 4 banger life @t1mm Here he goes haha🐢 @_GAvalon HUH? @Tenshi_senpai am I gonna sit on now lmaoJust remembered that I gave my gaming chair to my old roommate.
Retweeted by Shinyyaa @Palossom That was so free @a1es5andra YAi would like to be held like this
Retweeted by ShinyyaaSwear Tiktok people live in a different universe @eyiaj @ButterMamas Reminded me of Alyson Stoner from The Disney Channel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Shinyyaaspongeman does swing set glitch
Retweeted by ShinyyaaDota anime on Netflix pretty good actuallyβ€œI’m a bad match for you!!” πŸ“Έ: @jennyfurshyvers
Retweeted by Shinyyaa
@sp1cytoe Excellent @snepai Yea? @viegoskitten Megan fox thumb @wrathofmiki S15 Spec R @VanhieBunny Whoever you’re taking ur car to they’re ripping u off @VanhieBunny Wtf is wrong with it lol @babiegth It must be done @_@ @VanhieBunny Do eeetBlack & pink car :u Someone design me a cool livery @VanhieBunny Ikr we thinking about the pink wheels? forcing anybody in my life, do what you wanna do.
Retweeted by ShinyyaaI got sum pink driving gloves πŸ‘πŸ‘ fucking with someone cause of their horoscope is just space racism
Retweeted by ShinyyaaNext drift event is Spring Drift event Matsuri 🀠 my S15 should be ready to rip by then heheYerrrrr
Legends. @kriskunonline Man I was too excited I didn’t even take a picture of the house lmfaooGetting yakiniku, I’m fucking stoked @isekaitrapper Ayo! I would def rep those on my car @isekaitrapper End of the month :) @KENPACHlS Thanks!! :3 @uchihasclan Thank you! πŸ₯Ί @souplover500 Wya!! @sp1cygf Ty ty. Ty! @xnaeoi Thank you!! ❀️ @isekaitrapper You know 😀 @buffcore The v11 animal ! @buffcore Welcome to the dyson v11 gang @teeaap It was!! It’s so nice inside @Ayakawife Ikr! @n3komanc3r Ahhh @Lxddu Thanks fam 🀝 @tomboysanyu Yay thank you! @Tuffens Mmm @miwotic Yay @BigBodyBobbyy Hi sorry!! Been busy settling in πŸ₯ΊHouse tour soon 🀠 @Tuffens Cmere boy!!! @longbaebae Happy birthday anh trang dep trai 😘Look at how cute my house isπŸ˜‹ @infinitehoIIow That game fun
@snepai WHAT @PeachJarsSimp My ears are ringingCan’t wait to start making drifting contentduuuuuuu ma bran nu air fawk 1
Retweeted by Shinyyaa @superswagren She said hol up let me edit this video 😭 @superswagren Did she really record herself crying 4 tiktokDid a whole lotta walking today πŸ˜ͺIt started raining as soon as I left fmlWe got two phones baby πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘ walked 40 minutes for this.At the phone store and the language barrier beating my ass 😩 @WingRiddenGhoul Clean af @dvrazn0 @resistly YeerrrrrGetting hot coffee from a vending machine pretty craz
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! can play the kazoo Fridayyyyy @dee_feee LoooooolUgh my s15 will be ready in two weeks I’m fucking nervous
Retweeted by ShinyyaaMe n who? @Tuffens CleaaaaanQuick jjk edit 🀠 Freddie dredd - GTG
Retweeted by ShinyyaaHaving two SIM cards on your iPhone kinda cool @souplover500 Blake :o @_andrewprice_ Oh worm?
Retweeted by Shinyyaa @kittyhafu No thanks I’m good @Jappornstar Gains @kittyhafu @Medbott MY WHAT@ all my mutuals
@jamesdtrinh Ayo @VanhieBunny Ya 😳