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Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝 @DrewFitz Damn, you did it!Bernie's previous M4A bills did not include long-term care. He was pulled by disability activists—and he listened.…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝oh you’re rich? name every number on your credit card.
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝If you're cold, they're cold. Bring them inside.
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝 @kyleturman @SlackHQ Woah, congrats
@alexrudnick also, the campaign has a mission that is on Portal-breaking-the-4th-wall levels of cool, and I persona… @alexrudnick The last thing is probably robots. There are many Titans in the game, in the campaign, you develop an… @alexrudnick It nails three things IMO: - mobility, your character feels agile and has several customization option… @alexrudnick Giant robots! Humans that aren’t intimidated by big robots! The PVP is fantastic, the campaign is so solidIt's really weird that they would just give away the Game of the Year for this year and all years on PS+, but Titan… best work
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝Nostalgia is a toxic, sterilizing force on new culture and what happens when capital is allowed to monopolize and h…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝 @maiab This is the most wholesome post @maiab ooo yikes, take care of your back! Take it from me, an expert in back problems
j.k. rowling: and then harry became a cop and they all lived happily ever after k.a. applegate: war is hell and if…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝I just want there to be an anime about counter-strike surfing, about a kid trying to break into the scene and learn…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝there's a bit in one of the Mega Man Battle Network games where you have to fight a hostile virus someone has plant…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝Google is asking people with Down syndrome to "donate" recordings of their voice to train its voice-recognition sof…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝The worst one is the one that goes “In God, all things are possible”. Oh word? The big G-man about to heal my spine because I prayed?I’ve gotten this so many times, strangers who feel the need not only to comment on your body but also introduce the… is a simple model for ethical music consumption 1) cancel your streaming services 2) take the $5-10/mo you wer…
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Me: I made a tweet! My brain: did anybody press the Button Me: many people pressed the Button Brain: excellent.…
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If a musician was the soundtrack to your year, you should directly give them money in some way take but if a musician was the soundtrack to your decade I think that’s worth at least 1 album purchase
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝This is begging for a new age of piracy
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝A storytelling AI for the sake of performance, no, not computer performance, but like, a live performance. Someone… says you can’t get hype to Mozart?
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝 @locks This is my favorite episode of television ever and I’ve tweeted it numerous times for sureinstead of calling it seasonal depression they should call it 'taking fall damage'
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@konistehrad Damn lmao @beajammingh Someone wrote the solution in JS but wasn’t able to port it into the right set of JIRA triggers and actionsAlso, folks, please, I am begging you, if you want to organize or act in any sort of solidarity with your coworkers…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝Very cool and normal that Slack was used at a company run by the fiancee of Slack's CEO to create "a culture of int…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝 @active_witness @Babe_raham It’s not possible @kbernyk You ever see somebody play the pan flute, sign, and play the charango at the same time? of these Spotify screenshots just tellin’ me one thing: WAY too many people value convenience over paying artists fairly.
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝 @active_witness Better Luck Tomorrow in that list? :OI've said it before and I'll say it again: Even workers who are paid well, like their jobs, and are treated well d…
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I want to issue a warning to all @Google employees. You do NOT have any privacy on your personal phone if you have…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝Every week is cyber week, every week has always been cyber week, the cyber never stops @flow_mein Nonsense, I was and am a terrible MC, much worse than MC Miker G’s my tab management strategy: 1. Oh, I have a bunch of tabs 2. Which one of these was the last one that I reme… lotta people don't know that the first part of Vin Diesel's name means vehicle identification number, the whole name is car themed
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝I feel like @rattusRose or @AtomEve needs to know about this trash child online gaming communities. I could also probably talk about lived experiences in virtual realitiesOnline communities, the terrible and good and how good, active stewardship contributes to a community only time you're allowed to condescendingly lament the younger generation's lack of encyclopedic knowledge of r…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝 @uglymachine @bit_shifter_ I vaguely recall it sounding like if Huey Lewis and the News tried to cover a Flying Lotus song
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝“Kamala is a cop” isn’t a racist narrative. It’s a reality, one which she openly embraced, which pushed many poor a…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝I had a weird dream where @bit_shifter_ was telling me about a song called “The Legend of Flying Lewis” and I’m pre… slick TITANFALL 2
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@DrewFitz around 8 is probably good, it'll be a little bit of a struggle bus, but we should be fine @DrewFitz yeah, I gotchu. When's good for y'all? I'll be on tonightSOCRATES: I am wiser than this man; he fancies he knows something, although he knows nothing— DARRYL, SOCRATES' FRIEND: fuck him up socrates
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝Tweet of the decade is Darryl, Socrates’s friendblack friday...cyber monday...but on dragon tuesday we carry our tribute to the cave in the misty hill. fuck yes dragon tuesday
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝Ah yes the WeWork strategy
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gonna tell my kids this is van halen
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝This is the take --->
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝Less than 3 days since I started working on my new side project, and it's already almost done! Title TBD but it's a…
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝this is the absolute definition of 'goblin' theres nothing going on in that head, just the phrase 'cause trouble' a…
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@Clear Security: Capitalism doesn’t care, as long as you have moneyWow, just saw my first ad for @Clear on Instagram and that shit was gross. “Cyber Monday Sales are here”. Really?Someone’s caught an Appletun and named it “Bonita” and sent that to @tinycartridge, right? @baby_teeth hey Mallory, ask for like…way more than that, the dude’s loadedI don't get it. It's just a clip from the game.
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝 @aetataureate it might have been on that weird comedy network that the McElroys were on? Beppo? Buppo? who knows anymorenm, just thinking about how its criminal that they’ve never put Newsradio on any streaming serviceshey. hey, did y'all know mercutio was fucking wearing HEELYS in ROMEO + JULIET
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝sorry, I’m still laughingexhibit fucking A #PokemonSwordShield the best feature of Wild Areas is running into a brolic af Pokémon and getting your ass beat, keeps you… @deanputney I definitely put the numbers into a calculatorGot me that big leek lad, thanks @ryvvnYou can buy all sorts of food materials in the game but for some reason you can’t buy chips at the train station ve… wrote a post about this years ago, I think they removed the random chance of extra drinks dropping but to be hone… @ryvvn Oh! I have a Ditto @stephen_withav I think my friend Pete’s got my back, I’ll hit you up if I’m chasing anything else @ryvvn lmao, high PhysAttack if you got itYou, a person who doesn’t overthink things: I need to stock up on potions at the PokéMart Me, doing cost-benefit an… @ryvvn Okay! If you wouldn’t mind? @xiehan Thanks!Anyone got a Farfetch’d they can trade me? I want that big leek lad
Who is gonna cosplay Oleana first? Why is this taking so long? @xiehan oh, weeeirdi play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different
Retweeted by cannel jarrafo 🤝 @AtomEve omg yeah, that whole Ghost Zone was neat but then I tried to fight one at level 16 and was like “big yikes”Leveling gradient curve felt much smoother than previous games, you can get to the action without dawdling in the w… Areas are cool! Wandering someplace where your puny team is going to get its ass beat is good. Still confused…’ve yet to make sense of Dynamaxing and where it fits into everything. Sure it provides spectacle but if you’ve go… Challenges are an improvement to gyms that I didn’t know the game needed? They feel really fresh from the first… guess since I’m actually getting into it, I’ll thread some thoughts on Sword and Shield. I’ve played all the main…’ve been sick all holiday weekend but the real kicker was clearing the Fire gym, going out into the Wild Area, see…