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dannel @DeMarko Brooklyn, NY

We’re all in this together, let’s help each other out. Avatar by @e_anagram. Tweets usually in English, pero también en español 🇵🇪🇺🇸

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@emilywithcurls Yeahtherapist: and what do we do when we are sad? me: write tweets about an imaginary therapist for likes instead of s…
Retweeted by dannel @AnyaynA I thought they were fashionable pants @SonyaMeesh Dr. Gameshow has a monotone man, but out of all of them, it’s the best reason for having one @barronbichon @jsatk We were so close last week! Stinking Gahlran’s Deception slammed me into a wallI’m ready for a challenge but I’m also of the opinion that one-shot attacks aren’t particularly fun in MonHun, I’m… @tweetsbenedict Yeah, the catch-up mechanics in recent seasons are incredibly appreciated, it makes recommending the game easyMy bf is an environmental scientist that works with the waterways in NYC. This water is from the gowanus canal, a s…
Retweeted by dannel @jsatk That’s our philosophy for flawless raiding! We get one try a week, if it doesn’t happen, we try next week @jsatk Yeah, I honestly can’t imagine fitting another game as a service in my life, part of the fun for me in any g…
Has anyone who plays seasonal games written anything about them? I play two (Sea of Thieves, Destiny 2) and I wonde… hyperlink shared on social media: ?utm_content=Main&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=Twitter&utm_camp…
Retweeted by dannel"Maybe I should go ho-" *looks at tropical downpour outside* "-oh..."One of my favourite Twitter bugs ever was the time that @/2880249322 started getting notifications intended for @/0xabad1dea.
Retweeted by dannel @noemietshinanga Shit was mad disrespectful @_seasparks “7 + 5, 2 yeet the 1”I’m not trying to make excuses for people not protesting, I just think about this every time I see footage of a Spa… similar chant, in English, requires maybe too much explanation and doesn’t have enough plosives: The people unite… the realm of things I think about TOO MUCH: the English language makes for half-baked anti-authoritarian protest… poder está en nuestra gente! Un pueblo unido jamás será vencido! 🇵🇷 #RickyRenuncia
Retweeted by dannel @sunahsuh 😩 @flow_mein Etsy’s doing great financially! That’s why they can do that. There’s hidden costs that you may be hearing the side effects from @jsatk oh no! I hope she pulls through, let me know if you need to bash some monsters or shoot some aliens as a distraction @canicuIa Uh huh, sure @orangedrink666 I’mma be in Chicago the second week of September! @hoverbird A classic
@willmanduffy You okay?Just heard a car blasting rap drive past and the only lyric I could make out was “fucked up that Donald Trump is the new Adolf”tfw you hit it off with someone but you know it’ll be months or years before you run into them again @canicuIa omg
@ohhoe lmao when I watched this episode I was like “WAIT, is that Rachel’s BF???”I might be more excited for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne than Destiny 2: Shadowkeep but I think that’s because we…
@SonyaMeesh This is a big announcement for Friday after 5 pm @tinycartridge MTV Cribs: “and this is my Zojirushi, it’s from Japan”The glacier "Ok" used to be a glacier but lost its status as such in 2014 when it had shrunk too much. This is a br…
Retweeted by dannelWhat's hilarious is that eventually, my ride was about 20 minutes late and it was a direct ride home. I'm all for A…
*chanting a guillotine into existence through sheer force of will*
Retweeted by dannelWe in for a journey tonight dang day @DJMEATDADDY There WILL be a quiz at the end @deanputney Well done @annarose_draws @Randwiches @FIRSTweets @firstwefeast I think?I’ve been binging The Burger Show with Alvin Cailan and I had some leftover pasta from @Randwiches so here’s my mon…
I think my driver tonight is making whooshing noises with his mouth?Why did they call it Cadence of Hyrule instead of Macarena of Time
Retweeted by dannel @lindadong Nah, but depending on the podcast, you may find the entry point for some difficult. I would ask if peopl… @bdorfman Proud to have shared an alma mater with this weirdo @SlackHQ I’m not gonna drag out the receipts cause I mostly like y’all but it was about damn timeWhen did @SlackHQ learn that right-clicking exists?! recommend threads rarely but this one goes over some stuff I keep thinking about is my favorite part of faceapp's terms of service.
Retweeted by dannel @canicuIa joke’s on Chika, his pajamas nowAMVs have returned.
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@fivetanley a miserable pile of secretsBREAKING: ICE agents ordered to use Palantir's mobile app when they conduct workplace raids. This is a really cruc…
Retweeted by dannelAlmost every democrat in the 2020 race @maiab My biggest peeve with it is people who place YES/NO questions on the edges of the screen where the primary interactions take overI don’t know what this BREAK podcast is on @datafruits but I am HERE FOR IT, but about garbage? @lindseybieda important garlic content That’s it.
Retweeted by dannel @gravesmeredith ur ride’s here
@baby_teeth horse flies have been measured to fly as fast as 90 mphThe @dubstuy crew comes out with another banger with "Dancehall Saga" by Von D, in 2019, I'm a bit surprised Twitter hasn't taken hush money from Amazon with regards to protests against Prime Day.The only 10x engineer
Retweeted by dannel @SonyaMeesh 💕 @sageofminerva Only if you’re enjoying it @gravesmeredith I have an iPad Mini, I use it to read a lot, from comic books to books. I’ve had larger iPads but n…
@xiehan lmao, I died
Retweeted by dannelI've seen more than my fair share of Scarlett Johansson films and I can unequivocally say she absolutely does not h…
Retweeted by dannel20 years ago Guitar Wolf dropped these words of wisdom in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
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@DJMEATDADDY It’s honestly very good, I hope they get to see the Truth @DJMEATDADDY Yup @KarleeEsmailli @rogerfederer HmmCreative folks in/near New York: @kickstarter is looking for a new class of creators in residence to hang at our Br…
Retweeted by dannel @_seasparks If the pain in your wrist is happening while using the cane, you’re probably leaning on it with your fu… @_seasparks Hmm, I would definitely check with someone if you didn’t get it prescribed. There’s a specific height s… @_seasparks Are you using it for balance or support?The most accurate of all the Area 51 memes
Retweeted by dannel @maiab Maia, don’t ignore back pain. Take it from someone who has had 2 spinal surgeries @amyquispe lmao no, just teens trying to find the TruthShout out to all my peeps who felt it when Joey’s mom slapped him 2020: There’s a Facebook group where teens are trying to mass march on Area 51 so they can see aliensGot added to this group on fb called "storm area 51 they cant stop all of us" and the memes are just ridculous 😂😂😂
Retweeted by dannelBroke: Send your DNA to @23andMe, deanonymizing your relatives and descendants Woke: Don’t send DNA to @23andMe bu…
Retweeted by dannelWhen is the Lil Nas X x 100 gecs mashup of Old Town Road and Stupid Horse @vogon They’re global, I just load up a podcast and do a Gambit match and a strike and 2 public events
Spent an hour on and off the phone with Access-A-Ride just to find out I’m not even getting picked up this evening.… we wanna talk about Access-a-Ride conspiracy theories, ask me sometime how I'm pretty sure the MTA is using brok…'s largely just frustrating, and this is an improvement from several years ago where the system was downright infuriatingly obtuse.Once you do finally pick the right options, one of the phone tree variants has an option that straight up redirects… almost always seems to be a 1 in 5 chance of getting a dead line. As in, the switchboard points to a number t… legitimately have been trying to curb how often I think something is intentionally user-hostile because it always…'s wild to think that @Bungie basically released an update to Destiny that submits almost every player to the Sta… you know? Each investor seeking to profit off human suffering contains up to 48 liters of water... that’s enoug…
Retweeted by dannel @Cozmo23 Loved it, the grind is great but limiting the Boon of Opulence to 4% increase daily feels bad. It would be…