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22 🇹🇷 Val Coach • He/Him • Streamer for @SnowstormGG • Homies @BaliTheLegend @JectiIe @morgeestreams

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@mikuuVAL Unlucky @mikuuVAL Im gud just got off work wbu @NeXs4n @balithelegend Bruder dein aim ist einfach wetterabhängig, Druckwelle vom Blitzschlag und du machst 360Looking for new streamers to join it into my roster for @SnowstormGG dms open!
Retweeted by Demir2k @_Avnx @Alpha__Alien .. @mikuuVAL Hello
This is just gold @morgeestreams ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love u two
@morgeestreams sorry @morgeestreams @JectiIe @team_parallel Parallel Jecmorgpc broke butttt officially grinding for @team_parallel
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@serval6k @givkissy I love you buddy bro I don’t want you in the car anymore bro lol bro I love you buddy bro I don’t want yo… @givkissy I love you buddy
@morgeestreams @TwitterSupport @demir2k ❤️ @uable2K @TwitterSupport @demir2k I hope bro @climbs 🥰Hi @TwitterSupport, @Demir2k has been suspended for a long long while now. It’s not my account, I just want the @.… @1wiiree Can’t afford windows lmao @serval6k Ok but even if you’re a minor what does that matter? Is the dude afraid he’s getting turned on by a minor… which is worse @serval6k Can’t judge need pic of hair. My hair isn’t black but it’s a very dark brown so it seems like it’s black.
@ninjazim79 @xyakuma @ebbawebba +1 @ebbawebba gastric bypass or liposuction, but then i realised i could just eat less kekw
Do Chinese people like grind social credit score? Like do they have double exp weekends?If you’re experiencing severe mental health issues and you’re not removing Twitter from your life, you’re not takin…
Retweeted by Demir2k @serval6k nice @camilleettv There is no way people believe that lol @climbs @TeamSerenity 😳😳😳 @xoxCheIs Yea that’s just cringe
@camilleettv Im jk hope ur good homie @camilleettv Shiton @FaithTTV @GoobRages Cats have a higher % of assholes but they fine in general @_Whiske @JackIgoe Bobby too biracial @zammy_priv @okay000001 😳 @r0gue03 @SirGarvin @valesports_na Different countries generally have different rules is my point
Nothing beats getting home from a day of work to sit on your pc and do nothing because @playnewworld decides to hav… @AcquaintedXO @hekatontarch @vineDX22 @SPQRBatman @MartyAbe @foreverimbetter in germany i get almost everything for… @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu Sure, art mainly provides entertainment and trains creativity… @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu well makes sense, since problem solving skills benefit humanitys progress @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu start applying your logic equally and consistently to all case… @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu so then you'd be wrong in your original statement too if you l… @MoneyKiddMo @smokeouid @emiliatheworst @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu also missing the most crucial part of having to be… @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu "anyone could learn how to paint a painting, i dont get your p… @holyroadhiway wanting someone to stop replying to you while replying to them is very convicing of you actually wan… @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu never said its the same, just said anyone could learn how to paint @holyroadhiway know about the fundamentals of a socio economic system @holyroadhiway yea sure :^) Your followers will totally genuinely care what some guy on the internet they will nev… @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu anyone could learn how to paint a painting, i dont get your po… @holyroadhiway and you dont know what supply and demand is, interesting. gives you so much credibility. also stop q… @MoneyKiddMo @emiliatheworst @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu idk bro i read their bio and i dont think its actually a real… @holyroadhiway maybe u should go to school instead of being terminally online playing osu having no idea how the wo… @holyroadhiway i also havent went to college for business administration, you're a smart one @holyroadhiway i've been outside plenty, thats why i understand economy. you clearly don't... @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu yea you're clueless @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu you can't @holyroadhiway the only reason some old paintings have worth is because we have a DEMAND to learn about or history… @holyroadhiway im not arguing for wether or not nfts are good or bad. i am explaining to you why they have worth. i… @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu so youre saying this system appeared out of thin air and no one programmed it ? @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu as long as someone buys it ofc @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu i guess twitter also just appeared out of nowhere :) @emiliatheworst @MoneyKiddMo @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu do you think they just press a button and the randomly generat… @MoneyKiddMo @emiliatheworst @JoshyyCAN @WhiteCatOsu like i get when people criticize its effect on the environment… @holyroadhiway also how would you know they never would? youre assuming and basing your entire belief on an assumpt… @Reconquer6 @JoshyyCAN @MoneyKiddMo @WhiteCatOsu and why do you think its historical relevancy matters in its prici… @holyroadhiway so youre just intentionally ignoring that human life is becoming increasingly and unevitably more in… @holyroadhiway you have to be intentionally ignorant at this point. there is no "different type" of supply and dema… @RealPhlana @holyroadhiway just like if people werent interested in nfts, they wouldnt be worth anything @RealPhlana @holyroadhiway it probably wasnt, but paintings generally attract these types of thoughts, also never s… @holyroadhiway the mona lisa would be toilet paper if there wasnt demand for historical relevance @holyroadhiway the point i was getting at was that the user i responded to refused to acknowledge the simple concept of supply and demand. @holyroadhiway also not even remotely interested in nfts, i just have a consistent thought process and apply logic… @bananafyrry @AkuNoHanaSU @MoneyKiddMo @WhiteCatOsu @JoshyyCAN visually, yes. digitally, no. thats the whole point @holyroadhiway i bet back then people had the exact same reaction towards the mona lisa as you just did to what i t… @holyroadhiway The mona lisa was also just a random painting of a random woman that gained… @holyroadhiway it has historical significance because? exactly, people MADE it significant by making it desirable.… @SirGarvin @valesports_na forgot cologne is in na sorry @serval6k HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH U DA GOAT @Daytryann @CallofDuty yes and no. vanguard starts running on boot, ricochet runs on game start. vanguard therefore is harder to bypassthere is no way... rip @AkuNoHanaSU @MoneyKiddMo @bananafyrry @WhiteCatOsu @JoshyyCAN right click saving an image for example doesnt produ… @JoshyyCAN @MoneyKiddMo @WhiteCatOsu you tell me why the mona lisa is worth hundreds of millions then lol @Nyarko__O @ioexcepti0n @Karthyyy in what way is this disgusting? tries to explain it to the best of his ability an… @ogBabushkaBoi @playnewworld ja man gerade hingesetzt @balithelegend It’s true though 🪑
@Inf4mousEnergy @juliaaiis Hi @b0ssyCS Having fun @OfficialKuroTV TSUYOKU NARERU RIYUU WO SHITA BOKU WO TSURETE SUSUME @balithelegend Sadge
@angeIfps 2 years max dif at that age. Preferably less than 24 months though @xirandii YO LETS GOOOOO @westjett1 Nah you honestly should get more rr @Denz_JK Yes you do broI can't understand why someone who has achieved nothing would insult a 14 year old for not "achieving" anything....
Retweeted by Demir2k @mintaims @Inf4mousEnergy @TorseFPS @DiendaEsports That’s fair tbh @TorseFPS @DiendaEsports Lmao @hyjinxVAL Happy Birthday Nate 😈 @_novaVALPSA: Demon Slayer Season 2 starts airing Dec. 5. The current Demon Slayer that’s airing is just the TV Version of…