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@nick_ramsey Trump's ability to repeat the same blurb about how much testing we've done over and over and over riva… @hansilowang Nothing I've read explains why they're doing this, only that they are in fact doing it. What is the fu…
@msnbc @maddow @Lawrence @TheBeatWithAri @ur_gr8yt2u2 @BetteMidler Wow - what an insightful reply @CaitlinPacific My mom was an English teacher way back in the day. I can relate! @realDonaldTrump Here is a massive number for you - 150,000 dead Americans on your watch. @realDonaldTrump Fake Presidents are a threat to the entire planet. @chetanp MS, owning a social media platform? That's a can of worms they really shouldn't be part of. Nothing but trouble. @brooklynhistory I'd love to join this and hear the discussion. @brooklynhistory - can I offer an idea? Rather tha… 17 July 2020 @sarahwillis #HavanaLyceumOrchestra @ChandosRecords @alpha_classics present #Mozart
Retweeted by DemoDisping @ChrisJansing So sorry to hear this Chris. Please accept my condolences.Hoboken prepares for Hurricane Isaias: -Driving prohibited 8am Tues - 8am Wed -Residents urged to move cars from…
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@ProjectLincoln The Ungrateful DeadTurning a cherry burl bowl and playing around with tinted epoxy resin #lathe #bowlturning #thisoldhouse #askTOH
Retweeted by DemoDisping @NaveedAJamali @USNavy Be sure to ask him why it's taking place on "Navy Seal Museum" property.Navy officials, on background, tell me an initial review has found NO @USNavy members participated in this and that…
Retweeted by DemoDisping @MuscleDataEntry @FrankNetterFan @melbournecoal @llerer oops - *read the article @MuscleDataEntry @FrankNetterFan @melbournecoal @llerer Ask again after you've actually red the article, troll. @FrankNetterFan @melbournecoal @llerer Neither. But a good try at trolling. @FirefoxSupport - I used #Firefox 79.0 on #Ubuntu linux, using #KDE. I have #KDE set to launch apps/open folders w… @business See Japan#REDEYESCIFI #metv of the Giants, "Every Boy Needs A Dog", 11/09/1969, S02E08 Barry's dog Chipper gets hurt when the sadistic son… should keep some FlexSeal on the Seaview, just in case. #vttbots @cellytron Definitely not a coincidence! @cellytron Goldfinger was release Jan 1965, this episode is Feb 1965 #vttbots"I want you to die, Captain Crane" #vttbotsThey only show the fluttering cloth strips when the air is about to run out. #vttbotsWhy does the Seaview always look like it's inside the rinse cycle? #vttbots Seaview's "Ultimate Computer", complete with Captain Dunsel #vttbots we just hear Radar O'Reilly play the bugle? #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV of this just to prank Dr Smith - bah humbug! #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV showing off his one move, while the family is content to watch Dr Smith get chased down and killed!…"Let's sing a duet, Dr Smith!" #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV,what? Did she just say "me" rather than "I"? Something is rotten with Athena. #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV, maybe Urso was about to break in to song. Maybe he and Dr Smith have something in common!… green monster of space travel future shows Dr Smith what could be. #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV apparently has just the one move. #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV goodness sake, make up your mind - is he handsome, or pretty handsome!! #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV is definitely the color of the day #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV's not easy being a green space boy #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV only I were a doctor! #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV #MeTV sure ain't envy! #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV Smith does love the show tunes. #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV Smith: Me? A girl? #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV A woman, interested in Dr. Smith. Are you sure you're not making that up, Will? #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV A woman, interested in Dr. Smith. Are you sure you're not making that up, Will? Smith gets more than he bargained for. I think. #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV A woman, interested in Dr. Smith. Are you sure you're not making that up, Will? Green Stalker finds Dr Smith again! #MeTVLostInSpace #MeTV week's #MeTVLostInSpace - "The Girl from the Green Dimension", 1/04/1967, S02E16. Athena, the girl from the gr… @CaliCard1 @AnthonyAngelo99 I've had the sound off, and every time I look over it's three guys sitting at a table, listening. @waltshaub Arguably the greatest movie soundtrack ever.Journalists to be barred from Republican National Convention, spokeswoman says; C-SPAN coverage uncertain.
Retweeted by DemoDispingIt's time for Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night on #MeTV! #Svengoolie #MeTVStarTrek #MeTVBuckRogers #MeTVInvaders
@jaketapper Wow - up to $161k raised already. I hope this helps ease at least one worry and burden. @climagic Fantastic! @sarahwillis - have you seen this? It's wonderful! @GOPLeader Your wishes for a speedy recovery are touching, @GOPLeader @realDonaldTrump @Yankees "later in the season"? My money is on you never showing up at the Stadium. @climagic Any chance of assigning a ringing phone sound, or a busy signal that we could use after entering our "phone number"? @CDisco5 @nowthisnews Testing drugs isn't his job. You're asking the wrong person. @Fredit10 @crownmar20 @realDonaldTrump He'd still be a racist, so yeah, he'd still get criticized.#Hoboken - brownout, 8:28pm Fri July 31, 2020
@JoyAnnReid It's his choice. Give him room. @replouiegohmert Let us know if you experience any side effects. @nixcraft - looks like a grub update for Ubuntu was released 07-31 17:07 UTC, fixing this… @kinsellawarren Not dystopian enough?Hey @NewsandGuts - your web site's SSL certificate appears to have expired. @ktumulty I can't wait!! ;-)
oh for f's sake, @AriMelber - don't interrupt @jmeacham! @DudleyCorgi "Dudley - Ready To Go!" @ranimolla More virus-free room for you! @jeffjarvis His answer will be - It's China's fault. @bessbell Kurt. @DavidCornDC 3 U.S. Code § 5.Determination of controversy as to appointment of electors - it's up to each state. @realDonaldTrump Coming from the guy who just suggested delaying American's right to vote, this is rich. By the way… had appeared with the @nyphil many times before, but never as a conductor. On this occasion he premiered…
Retweeted by DemoDisping @LisaDNews Did you ask him if he thought it was just a joke, like John Cornyn said? @JohnJHarwood Yeaj - a real knee slapper.Hey @JonathanTurley - Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) will accept your apology now. "the ultimate conspiracy theory was decla… @AriFleischer Joe Biden is waiting for his apology, @AriFleischer @RedtheMighty @thehill The Governor of CA can re-appoint Pelosi to her current position if this were to happen. @mckaycoppins family members. It's completely gobsmackingYou are now looking at an American Giant you’ve never heard of: Rev. John Lawson. He is the man who taught John Lew…
Retweeted by DemoDispingJames Lawson, speaking now, is one of the most important Americans in history.
Retweeted by DemoDispingAnd now Grassley: "The federal law says you must have the election be a week after ... the first Tuesday after the…
Retweeted by DemoDisping @RadioFreeTom You mean there's a floor after all?Right now, historic recording: #Wagner's 'Tristan und Isolde' with Vinay, Mödl, Weber and Hotter from #Bayreuth #wch
Retweeted by DemoDisping @ProjectLincoln #WeWillVote @RadioFreeTom @RadioFreeTom - Pompeo seems to think DOJ plays a part in determing the timing of elections: @realDonaldTrump The US economy had its worst quarter on record in Q2. GDP fell at a 32.9% annualized rate in Q2.… @Acyn #CongressmanCOVID strikes again
@atrupar If the same polls tighten up, suddenly they won't be junk. Just watch. @padresj Coming soon to Linux (says MS) @jeffjarvis - I'm watching TWiT, but I thought you'd get a real kick from this! @BillyBernowich @carlquintanilla @Reuters So you're pro-facism? @profgalloway @Facebook Facebook is not America, Scott. @profgalloway Use of the platform should be free, shouldn't it.