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Author: #PassingOrders @FordhamPress. Visiting Scholar @QUBelfast. US Religious & Cultural Studies. Intersectional Demonologist. Infernal Epicene. They/Them

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@SturmTristan Thank you!!!
@hannahkateboast This is amazing. @hannahkateboast I used to watch so many nature docs when I was younger, but I find the egregious heteronormativity…
@conspiracism @nathanoseroff I meanwhile, only watched anime. Maybe you only need one? @anthropologyjpg Okay, but in fairness, what is *not* a modern construct? @anthropologyjpg I once stunned an undergrad by giving him a condensed history of Wicca due to an offhand question… @anthropologyjpg Yeah, very much the same. Dunno if it's uniquely English, but it's something I've encountered *a l… often seems to be confusion that because reactionary ideas try to accrue symbolic capital through claims to b… @anthropologyjpg It's funniest when people I've already kind of known for a while find out that I study Religion an… @jacobjerickson @ProfDarrylJones @mpgPhD Well, nobody said that witch liberation was going to be painless 😂😈If you think a university debate with a Holocaust denier is going to have them slapping their forehead halfway thro…
Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 😈🏳️‍🌈To add to this, I've encountered multiple extensions of these apologetics in current evangelical uses of "Nephilim"…
@giuliaevolvi Yeah. I especially think having to change country is a big issue. Like, if you spend several years in… @giuliaevolvi I'm having the same issue. I really want to apply for one, but can't apply to an institution in Ireland. @POP_Jrnl Looking forward to reading this! @hannahkateboast Thank you! I did! 😊Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes yesterday!! Today, a new year of my continued invocation begins.I've been thinking about the Israeli Foreign Ministry calling the continuing Nakba in Shaikh Jarrah "a real estate…
Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 😈🏳️‍🌈Israeli warnings are a legal instrument that legitimate the bombing of civilian neighbourhoods because residents ha…
Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 😈🏳️‍🌈
@BVLSingler Wasp was just like "omg. rude."Birthday surprise! Got the final page layouts for my article in Japanese Religions 44(1&2). @L_Acadia Oh, same! Many great friends! :D @L_Acadia Thank you!!! Hopefully I can one-up it! Book aside, 2020 wasn't particularly great 😂The anniversary of my invocation continues apace! @DhammalokaU Not belated! My birthday has only just begun!
@conspiracism The current vessel is wearing a bit after a year in quarantine. I'll need to find another one soon.The clock has chimed midnight, thus heralding the 37th anniversary of my birth. (Happy birthday to me~!) @DrCisco Nah, he's in one of the bowls. @Ghost_Image_ Sounds fantastic! Let's re-convene at the end of the month to set something up in June! @Ghost_Image_ The curse of the unpublished workshop presentation! I talk about Hobbes and witches and demons brief… about scholarly debates about whether or not Hobbes was actually a theorist of international anarchy and fi… @AndieRay Also that image choice was amazing 😂 @AndieRay In fairness my critique of a lot of scholarship is often "needs more demons," but here it is especially s… morning, I am reminded that a disappointingly small amount of Hobbes scholarship talks about demons given that…
@RomGothSam Well, at least we can revel in the sadboi drama of defying God. @RomGothSam I suspect I am probably, regretably Frankenstein 😅
Demons. Freaks 'em the fuck out. @Eva_B89 If no American journalists ever expect this then at least the state of American journalism makes a lot more sense. @Eva_B89 😬😮🔥😈🤔😂 @middleagedwitch I feel this should be an imperative even if your partner was not doing an early modern philosophy PhD.
@sfdcullen Truly, this demonstrates the decline of Western man. @conspiracism I can imagine! I did really like the sense of atmosphere it built up. Also I've been to places like… @conspiracism It was unexpected to say the least! But i really liked it, and i really liked the foreshadowing with the pub conversation. @conspiracism I have now seen the Borderlands. It was really good! (And I now get exactly why you asked about it here XD) @heksenhaus @UnrealCitoyenne Might have to watch it again later at this rate. @UnrealCitoyenne We really do!! @UnrealCitoyenne I am definitely the kind of person who would look for the latter and end up at the former. (Love that movie so much). @SusCrockford Been there many times. Solidarity, friend. @SusCrockford Honestly, I can't even remember at this point 😅 @SusCrockford Still waiting for Mammon to get back to me about funding. @demonologian
Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 😈🏳️‍🌈 @SusCrockford Scarily accurate depiction of my academic planning sessions. @vox_magica Woohoooo!! @vox_magica Definitely! I'm flexible after Tuesday next week, although I am busy for a lot of Friday-day (my time).… @vox_magica I read it first during my MA and it's been a constant companion since. One if those "barely still holding together" books 😅 @vox_magica This book. Is so good. @SavHFin @ProjectRS It was an absolute joy! And always happy to provide the 🔥😈Whenever I hear that people are enjoying #PassingOrders it gives me a warm glowy feeling.* *Plausibly caused by hellfire.
Both proud and a bit cowed that all of my papers are like, basically two of these. a great time recording an episode of the @ProjectRS podcast with @SavHFin, discussing the politics of demonolog… @CMRosens @RomGothSam Evil is like milk, it needs to be properly pasteurised to be safe to consume. @RomGothSam @CMRosens I figured it was like a special mode of sifting theological techniques that tried them through greasing and frying. @CMRosens @RomGothSam I mean that's about as much effort as these movies make. @CMRosens The titular The Nun, duh. @RomGothSam @CMRosens "How complicated can it be, really?" @RomGothSam @CMRosens I think it struck me as especially weird because it's part of the whole Conjuring/Warrenverse… @CMRosens @RomGothSam Also I hope you will be giving us the run-down of the entire Conjuring Cinematic Universe. @CMRosens @RomGothSam I found the theology of this movie so confusing. Like even on a basic level, it's ostensibly… @naomi_jacobs Thank you!! And yes, you should!After some tinkering that lasted a bit too long, I have finally submitted an article! Fingers crossed!In perhaps the most academia of moments, I saw a new citation on my Google Scholar profile and got excited only to… on two book projects. One short and dense. The other longer, and probably even denser.
@AledJLlThomas I mean, no, I began when i read Revelation at 16. But given the kind of place SOAS is it makes for a funnier sentence. @AledJLlThomas I'm shocked it's not at least 5 already. I can only hope that one day someone will write about me t… honor of the day, I will share my fave pieces of evangelical nonsense about Marx. Birthday to Karl Marx, other influential Taurean. @nathanoseroff Burchill is English, but I see US evangelicals often fixate on this and on the jizyah (and either ig…
@themedusa11 It does! I am currently a third into "Man Vs." which seems to be "TV survivalist gets chased through… @themedusa11 I see you too are a person of class and taste! @conspiracism Ooooh, not yet. It's been on my list. You recommend?Recently watched both The Cave and The Devil Below, and I'm wondering what about my academic trajectory has given m… @SusCrockford I don't really feel like I miss anything, except on the context of half of academic twitter subtweeti… @SusCrockford I am glad I am not on any academic listervs @jacobjerickson *of the impossible @DanielGullotta I always get invites to submit to things on Nuclear Waste disposal, due to like... the section titl… this will be my second birthday under quarantine, will probably set up a Zoom/Discord social party.Apparently it is my birthday in a week. I was not ready for this knowledge. @hannahkateboast Oh this is cool. I've never encountered this before.
@foodforflo Based on a True Story like my book is based on my thesis, I suspect. Will check it out, tho! @AlexTankard4 Sinister is on my to-watch list, haha! I tend to find demon movies generally a bit funny. Deliver Us… finally watched Insidious (2010) last night, and my brain is now full of the scene with the demon vibin' in their… with some coffee and chocolate. So basically everything is the same as every other day.R&R Officially Re-Submitted!
@RomGothSam @CMRosens @JohannesTEvans It was *almost* the last film I saw at the cinema, but it wasn't playing at t…
@Mrs_KStrange @foodforflo Well, rest assured that you did a fantastic job and didn't seem nervous at all. 😁 @foodforflo @Mrs_KStrange It was so good. @Eva_B89 I think they missed a 0, or two.
@cim_holt Congratulations!!!!!!! @SusCrockford This is definitely one of those moments. @naomi_jacobs @altacuk Thank you, Naomi!