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@carlosIruizM If they do just say it was revealed to you in a dream. @vivianasimos @AledJLlThomas 😂🤣 I am so sorry. @conspiracism But was it an *alien* film prop? @AledJLlThomas I really do feel like I'm in a DK game. Sadly, my life has a less epic soundtrack.I'm sitting here banging on my keyboard next to a mounting pile of banana skins like some kind of infinite monkey. @BVLSingler Homebase, where Davros created the Daleks. @AledJLlThomas I aim to serve. @AledJLlThomas It really brings to mind the spirit of the season: cold, hostile darkness pressing in on all sides,… @vox_magica I'm not presenting at AAR this year, sadly, but this is me at literally every conference.I do have to admit, I am slightly more puzzled by its inclusion under "Practical Theology > History and Theory of Practical Theology." @BVLSingler Brains: Contrary to expectations, not always the most helpful of organs.Loving this set of keywords for #PassingOrders on the De Gruyter online store
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Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 🏳️‍🌈The "Queer Dissidence" is a point of particular pride. I'm glad whoever decided on the keywords got that.Loving this set of keywords for #PassingOrders on the De Gruyter online store
@AngRieWords This is now making me think about that episode of BBC Sherlock where the mystery was why people would… @AngRieWords I can't remember where I was when Thatcher resigned—I think I was like 6 at the time and dealing with… a presentation on this at the recent @NAASReligion #naasr2020 conference and am super excited for the book!! @conspiracism I still get weirded out when even students ask me for references, let alone things like peer reviews.… @IA_leftists The answer to "Why might the Irish not like the British?" basically being "they must be disgruntled an… @RomGothSam Top Right: Archangel Ruin'd (after heavy night on the town) @RomGothSam A YMCAtan, as it were.Truly, the question that occupies the mind of many a demonologian. @ceesa_ma @evanishistory Yeah, we'll go with that. 🤣😂 @benjanun_s I have no idea why it's specifically this, but the attempt to biologically justify men not asking for d… @ceesa_ma @evanishistory The final file versions of my PhD thesis are labelled "Final" "Eschaton" and "Archived" in sequence 😂Deadline is next Monday!
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Excellent closing panel! Thanks to @BradleyOnishi, Dan Miller, Sara Moslener, and Glenn Bracey fora fantastic discussion! #naasr2020Q&A: @lesliedorroughs suggests the need to frame CN as a moving target, rather than as a monolith, particularly re:… continues, noting that in CN imaginary trans/queer people who "pass" can be framed as even greater threats t… concludes, on the queer body politic. Discussing shift to anti-trans/GNC among white evangelicals over anti-… continues that white evangelical culture presumes that "innocence must precede security," weaponising the… discusses the development of sexual purity as a nationalist trope, rooted in 19thC, galvanised in 20thC. T… re: CN and social perceptions of race. Among white respondents, God's relation to US, place of "others" and… follows, on race, CN, and social perceptions. Critiques CN as being framed normatively and as unified; but C… @BradleyOnishi opens the papers proper. Discusses @socofthesacred and @ndrewwhitehead's fourfold typology of attitu… introduces the panel by discussing the role of "purity" in relation to the endurance of the concept of the b… for the fourth and final panel of #naasr2020, on "Purity" as a critical concept for analysing Christian Nation… concludes, 'Mapping the Field' of SoR with Bibliometrics, analysing publications (e.g. networks, citations,… @KateJStockly uses statistical analysis to explore if women-centred rituals protect against domestic violence. Used… follows, measuring growth/decline in religious communities. Question of how conservative religiosities retain… @leronshults follows with use of computational model for measuring secularisation. Uses Multi-Agent AI to model art… begins, on the role of historical data in testing theories about NRMs, esp. growth. Used computational method… up for Day 2 of #naasr2020! First up, a panel on Data & Theory in Computional and Statistical Modelling, st… @MALTSCHLITZMANN Sadly, I'm not sure it'd get passed the conference committee. Religious Studies conferences can be… @joss_prior Gorgeous! :D @MALTSCHLITZMANN Haha, I suspect that might be a barrier to presenting, but you'd be more than welcome to watch.Does anyone want to organise a panel on the resilience of demonology in contemporary modes of religiosity for EASR… vs the demonic being they tell you not to worry about
Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 🏳️‍🌈Apparently I'm past 700 followers now! My dark empire grows with each passing day.Fantastic thread for people interested in place names and folkloric creatures! @_MAArgentino You should totally try this in your defence (or maybe not). "You make [X] claim on page 124. This se… @cim_holt @veraciouslyme @PhDVoice @AcademicChatter @thephdstory @PhdExhausted @FromPhDtoLife I can't say this will… @sfdcullen An American Shrek in London Or perhaps, alternatively, An American Werewolf in Shrek.
@tbmorrone Thank you! And you definitely will!Hope everyone at #naasr2020 has a great cocktail hour later! I am but a poor soul in Ireland and the horror of time… @EveHarmsWrites Yeah, this was a pretty wild weekend.Thanks for a fantastic panel from the speakers: @posadasj, @cody_musselman, @SheedyMatt, @drewdar, @MerindaSimmons,… @posadasj on the need to push away from attempting to determine a logic of clear origination and precedence between… Discussion, @posadasj on how each paper focused on how class "does things," and that it "does things *as* class… with @JDLoRusso: "An inclusive academic precariat is still precarious." The diversification of academia… Durbin on absence of class as analytic in Religious Studies, owing to its origins structured by phenomenolog… @MerindaSimmons. What are the consequences of reading race and class as oppositional theoretical lenses? How do… up is @SheedyMatt, discussing the potential use and overlaps for the Study of Religions of a class-based analy… @cody_musselman continues, using SoulCycle to theorise the classed claims of our subjects as researchers, while cri… @posadasj begins, draws on working class theory and feminist reproduction theory to theorise discrimination and exp… panel 2 of #naasr2020, on Class, Identity, and Religion. Papers by Andrew Durdin, James Dennis Lorusso, C… @DrSuzanneOwen @seedpods This is similar to my experience of it. Played in my late teens with a group that was much… @girldrawsghosts @grazmike @emilydcrews @SavHFin @bradstoddard @seedpods @jakebarrett25 Was a pleasure! Sadly, I was late and missed… @jakebarrett25 You did a great job and the panel was excellent! Also a fantastic plan for Session 2.Fantastic opening panel to #naasr2020, special thanks to @emilydcrews, @SavHFin, @bradstoddard, @grazmike, and… tie back to Graziano by @seedpods re: CIA religion flashcards as "roleplaying in real life by people with a l… @seedpods is up, discussing religion and roleplaying games and concepts of habit and habitus within the con… operationalisation and reduction of "religion" as an asset by the CIA as discussed by Graziano; a presu… Michael Graziano is discussing the study of religion in national security, specifically looking at the CIA's de… it up with @bradstoddard on faith-based correctional facilities, focusing on Florida, focusing now on the… into @NAASReligion 2020. Listening to the wonderful @SavHFin on scholarly positionality in the context of re… @SavHFin #relatablecontentSAVE a whole 30% (!!) on my @FordhamPress book, Passing Orders: Demonology and Sovereignty in American Spiritual Wa… 30% (!!) on my @FordhamPress book, Passing Orders: Demonology and Sovereignty in American Spiritual Warfare d… @JoelBordeaux Look, I just want to say that we do not tolerate his sort down here, okay?Check out Passing Orders, a book about American Spiritual Warfare. Written and researched by our Associate Member…
Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 🏳️‍🌈Copies of #PassingOrders sighted in the wilds! @vivianasimos Aaaaaaaah! Hope you enjoy!!If Cthulhu lies dead but dreaming in Rl'yeh, does this mean it's actually swanning around in Lovecraft's Dreamlands… "legal" gender implies the existence of a more exciting, illegal gender
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"[A] compelling theoretical intervention, one that reveals the fissures cracking the formative logics of U.S. natio…
Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 🏳️‍🌈 @lhuber01 @rgraybill1 @BloomsburyRS Congratulations!!legal fee gofundme GO GO GO
Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 🏳️‍🌈Looking forward to this! #TransDayOfRemembrance we honour those who have lost their lives to transphobic violence. All trans people des…
Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 🏳️‍🌈"[A] compelling theoretical intervention, one that reveals the fissures cracking the formative logics of U.S. natio… @nathanoseroff Woohoo!!Want to do a PhD with me in the study of religion or indigenous religion? @LeedsTrinity has four funded studentship…
Retweeted by S. Jonathon O'Donnell, PhD 🏳️‍🌈Bold move here to depict the true darkness that lurks in the heart of the dolphin. @agleig @hrhgould @MelynMcKay I'm not a Buddhism scholar, obvs, but this special issue is so valuable for Study of… @carlosIruizM Thank you! (It's probably all downhill from here 😂)Because this is dropping before my book is officially out, this also means that my first publications of both 2020…