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#Firstplay: "Feel The Panic" by Denham Audio on BBC Radio 1 (#BBCR1)
Retweeted by Denham AudioNow Playing Denham Audio - Feel The Panic @denhamaudio_
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Tonight 00:30-01:00! @bbcintroducing dance - @BBCR1 🕺🏽 @MartinBadder @TbhItsShania Poté Alps 2 @DenhamAudio_
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Our baby is finally here after a delay First 12” on Club Glow by @Mani_FestoDj is available over on my bandcamp today 😄 newskool oldskool, big up @denhamaudio_ for support big up beau1087…
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Added some 🌶🌶🌶 to the Zinc selects check it > @ShyFX @skepsismusic_uk @TS7music
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GoFundMe for the victim, I’d appreciate if you could donate and retweet where possible, this highlights the issues…
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@SBambinaDJ @FFSYTHO I’ll get some ideas together and send over 💪 @SBambinaDJ @FFSYTHO Might have to send a couple instrumentals you know! So sick! @FFSYTHO @SBambinaDJ Woiiii
11H ! Deuxième heure de live du show de @vertvrecords et leurs invités @DenhamAudio_ ! Retrouvez les dernières…
Retweeted by Denham AudioTout de suite, on accueille @vertvrecords et leurs invités @DenhamAudio_ ! Le Soundcloud de @DenhamAudio_ ☁…
Retweeted by Denham AudioToujours en live avec @The_Mekanism et #AlexanderLouis 🥁🎶 Si vous aimez la musique de #AlexanderLouis, vous pouvez…
Retweeted by Denham AudioBack on @RinseFrance tonight in the guest mix, lock in from 9pm GMT @LdashD @b_nmrrs ‘It a nerve did he? @Nondomjovi Hah I needed to track the artists down for a track listing cuz it bangs @rachaelwilliams Proper muppet @LdashD @rachaelwilliams You clearly have some problems with Jaguar and/or the BBC judging by the rest of your twee… @rachaelwilliams Touché @rachaelwilliams Jealous old men back to their bullshitNot really, these “kids” are on national radio talking about what they love - let them have their moment rather tha… out it’s this : - @Davjazz1 - @master___phil - @CosmicNeman #LesTémoinsDuFutur - @TekiLatex w/ #SakuSahara -…
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@bensleia_ Yessss!!!!!! Thank you 😂 @unkut_music Anytime bro ❤️Maximum love to the @DenhamAudio_ boys for the new mix, and for supporting my new swankout track "sex bomb" as well…
Retweeted by Denham Audio @ultramaximizer No vocals ha I’ll send ya a snip on fb @unkut_music You know what 😂 it’s actually up on soundcloud now but forgot to share on here @ultramaximizer Like slightly electro breaks, 136 bpm - whoever sent it me sent me in March @ultramaximizer 👀Been waaaaay over 10 mins now so unlucky punks Pleased to announce our new unreleased track Roley Poley you can read this please give a donation or retweet for @Djdeeon. Man is an OG and deserves to continue creating…
Retweeted by Denham AudioWho sent me a tune called Roley Poley? Cuz it’s sick and it’s got no name Got 10 minutes or the tunes legally mine...
GIROUD!!!! 2-0 CHELSEA! [45'+3] #CHEWOL
Retweeted by Denham AudioGIROUUUUUUUUUD 2-0 #CHEWOL
Retweeted by Denham AudioMOUUUUUUUUUUNT 1-0
Retweeted by Denham AudioMASON MOUNT!!!!! 1-0 CHELSEA! [45'] #CHEWOL
Retweeted by Denham Audio @b_nmrrs Bring me in
2nd tune made that finally happy with
@MJRA_UK Get out of my head!Plezier Anthem has been stuck on loop in my head for close to 2 weeks now, please help
Premiere: Denham Audio - Bobby Wobbler by Insert on #SoundCloud - Jam baby jam
Retweeted by Denham AudioDenham Audio - Check 1 (Maruwa Remix) #breakbeat #house @lobstertheremin #maruwa @DenhamAudio_
Retweeted by Denham AudioDamn this Break beat sound kicks hard #Maruwa @DenhamAudio_ #EDM Dopeness
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2020 is garbagePraying for a Giroud x Pulisic masterclass tonight 💙A likkle London link up and spin some tunes, is that too much to ask?I just wanna hang out with the crew 😩Balamii has a new website. It's a culmination of 6 years work. Over 8000 radio shows can now be found in one place…
Retweeted by Denham AudioNaomi @ ‘Bolt’ doesn’t rest
Retweeted by Denham Audio#Firstplay: "Mercury Tint" by Denham Audio on BBC Radio 1 (#BBCR1)
Retweeted by Denham AudioNow Playing Denham Audio - Mercury Tint @denhamaudio_
Retweeted by Denham Audio#np Denham Audio - Overused Vocal Track 1{artist}
Retweeted by Denham AudioDenham Audio – Feel The Panic EP
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Last night’s @bbcintroducing dance was full of TUNES! It’s always a joy to catch up w @prospa who chose the Future…
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United 0-3 Chelsea 👌
Retweeted by Denham AudioRUDIGERRRR!! Chelsea 3-0 Manchester United! 🤩 🔴 0-3 🔵 [74'] #MUNCHE
Retweeted by Denham AudioRUUUUUUUUDIGER!! 0-3 #MUNCHE
Retweeted by Denham AudioMOUUUUUUUUUNT! 0-2 #MUNCHE
Retweeted by Denham AudioMOUNT MAKES IT TWO! 🤩 🔴 0-2 🔵 [46'] #MUNCHE
Retweeted by Denham AudioGIROUUUUUUUUUD 0-1 #MUNCHE
Retweeted by Denham AudioGIROUD @ WEMBLEYYYY!!! 🔥 🔴 0-1 🔵 [45+11'] #MUNCHE
Retweeted by Denham AudioTonight @JaguarWorldwide is getting us ready for #DanceWeekend 🕺🌴💃🏽 + @Prospauk are picking the Future Ibiza Danc…
Retweeted by Denham Audio🥺🥺🥺 love you @Prospauk 😘 with @bbcintroducing Dance tonight 00:30 on @BBCR1 - getting ready for #Danceweekend 🐳💙 @Prospauk pick the Da…
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@Emilio_Arciello Yeah finally found it no thanks to youThis tune has been stuck in my head all week and it’s taken me til 5 minutes ago to remember what it was Proper 20…
There’s 3 test presses of @Mani_FestoDj - All Night ep at @discworldSE8 Also available online if you’re quick…’s special about this ep to me is these tunes were mostly made this time last year Got back from holiday, got… 4 weeks in, still not reached 5k signatures 🤔 petitions for American issues were getting shared left, right…
Retweeted by Denham Audio @TomKoast @Kouslin 😂😂"I played as if I was playing to a club or a festival, keeping the energy high and the recording a bit rough and re…
Retweeted by Denham AudioClub Glow's @Mani_FestoDj takes us on a 100% production journey
Retweeted by Denham AudioMy don/best man @HaiderBRKR done did a belter of a mix that will enhance your Friday for @untitled909 to celebrate…
Retweeted by Denham Audioi'm so so excited to share this mix from the legend that is @HaiderBRKR who takes us back to the golden days of Nic…
Retweeted by Denham AudioThis mix is 🔥 @HaiderBRKR
LTWHT020 // Denham Audio - Feel The Panic EP by Lobster Theremin on #SoundCloud Yeah, some…
Retweeted by Denham AudioNew DENHAM on Lobster Thermin
Retweeted by Denham AudioTech tip for people who aren't as tech-savvy as me: When you press the h button on your keyboard, you get a lower-…
Retweeted by Denham Audio @GOOSENSEI @lobstertheremin Big ups bro! @DenhamAudio_ @lobstertheremin ⚡️💪 wicked release
Retweeted by Denham Audio @DenhamAudio_ @lobstertheremin Absolute 🔥🔥🔥 as always!
Retweeted by Denham Audio @Triple_Point 😘😘😘They've gone and done it again 🔥
Retweeted by Denham Audio @b_nmrrs @lobstertheremin Jokes I’ll send ya now oxox @djsideswipe Big ups man! I’ll send over ASAPSolid work here from @DenhamAudio_ 🔊
Retweeted by Denham Audio @DenhamAudio_ @lobstertheremin gimme
Retweeted by Denham Audio @doctajeep Your new ones a heater tooothe B1 on this...divine
Retweeted by Denham Audio @b_nmrrs @lobstertheremin I showed you and you hated on this and my new trainers 😤 @DenhamAudio_ @lobstertheremin Amazing🔥 I'm looking forword to it!!
Retweeted by Denham Audio @DenhamAudio_ @lobstertheremin Nice Radio Babylon break 2.00 in
Retweeted by Denham Audio @glowkidmusic Anytime bro! You’re always supporting so least we can do!Big release, been lucky having an early promo of it and fair enuff getting Maruwa involved as well. Top notch as ev…
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