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Denis D. Denis😎👍 @denis69420 denis does not miss

girls hot (#18+)

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@gabyeee13 @H0tGRL777 that’s not cheating we simply haven’t even gone on a single date yet
@95lsIimemarcos Dudes? @burner87125894 👀👀👀 @SGNxPhantom @H0tGRL777 she can wait @burner87125894 yeslol heyyyyyy @H0tGRL777 @Chopst1kss @yourloyalpal could be neat tho @Chopst1kss @yourloyalpal she’s hot @Chopst1kss Song @95lsIimemarcos ???you know a mf that holds their phone like this is on reddit @jamal17265 Jamal come back to this question once you are 18 @jumpingonit thoughts on Twitter user Marcos pride flag?twitter user @95lsIimemarcos pride flag @jamal17265 how old are you Jamal @95lsIimemarcos true but for you it’s with dudes @jamal17265 it’s tough out here @yourloyalpal I think you might be right. Although pizza girl could potentially be a pegger as well so I’ll have to… @gabyeee13 wish I wasn’t this hot sometimes not going to lie to you gabye @yourloyalpal what do I do have bad news about the pegging situation. My crush has asked me to get pizza with her on Thursday so if it turns… @uziweighaton thank you ander @Chopst1kss Paper planes @stereoberrys @MyFavsTrash him after finger blasting her fart cannon @gabyeee13 Paper planesPaper planesfound itwhat’s that one song that talks about money and has a colorful album color from a while ago @optiuh @MyFavsTrash him after finger blasting her fart cannon @milktoa17543642 @H0tGRL777 thank you milktoast @bil_cipher no you aren’tif I get pegged I’m expecting a massage after @CrypticNo luckyjust listened to 100 gecs and had a seizure @bil_cipher dudes with girlfriends should dieif u got a girlfriend don't talk to me mf i am bitter
Retweeted by Denis D. Denis😎👍 @H0tGRL777 I’ve been told I look like Robert Pattinson"who got me for today? 🙈👀"
Retweeted by Denis D. Denis😎👍 @denis69420 @UmbraSZN The d in Denis d Denis stands for horny
Retweeted by Denis D. Denis😎👍 @UmbraSZN 📠 @daacyy sup @pdotsully waiting on the tik tok @pdotsully BANGER SMASH HIT PDOTSULLY SMASH HIT @gabyeee13 exactly but stay cautious @gabyeee13 exactly stay safe @SGNxPhantom she was an egirl too man... hate myself @gabyeee13 I got scaredthinking about the girl on tinder that asked me to fuck her at knife point and I unmatched with her because I was scared. miss her. @yourloyalpal they just like us fr @gabyeee13 I think so toopracticing mario kart for the sake of my body @prcwrld NO WS ONLY!!!! @Pixxel28 I want it @pyrexwop need it @jumpingonit I can’t help it @gabyeee13 need heri eat ass NOM NOM NOM LICKITY LICKITY BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB SLURRRRRRRRP NOM NOM NOM NOM @100shreccs Meow @jamal17265 @H0tGRL777 I believe in you Jamal @jamal17265 @H0tGRL777 be super hot and horny @jamal17265 @H0tGRL777 Thank you Jamal @100shreccs do you want to kiss on mouththis could be us @H0tGRL777 @GetGlizzed Gn @gabyeee13 @H0tGRL777 one day @gabyeee13 @H0tGRL777 trying @midsummerflower @jbfan911 fortunately @jbfan911 yes @gabyeee13 @H0tGRL777 I need herthis is the one Denisthis is so us!😹 @H0tGRL777 @WhosBreezyUK @CrypticNoOne yeah with another dude. head to bed champ. @CrypticNoOne fuck off @Cented7 hair guy banger smash hit @bil_cipher @100shreccs ???? @bil_cipher I’ll keep you updated. @bil_cipher should I do it @bil_cipher might lose on purpose @bil_cipher @bil_cipher did you see my tweetdon’t open @H0tGRL777 please give me a chance @H0tGRL777 I am 6’2 @vivisphatass nope why’s that @pdotsully NOOOOOOO @95lsIimemarcos @jumpingonit Delete @pdotsully do it @95lsIimemarcos @jumpingonit Skai Jackson says otherwise @95lsIimemarcos @jumpingonit lol good one @95lsIimemarcos @jumpingonit can’t you’ll get doxxed @95lsIimemarcos @jumpingonit dudes? @jumpingonit @95lsIimemarcos But not me @jumpingonit @95lsIimemarcos Marcos is also a racist @jumpingonit @95lsIimemarcos never worked because he’s gayguys we are getting closer to glory. @H0tGRL777 (i’m not a cartoon) @H0tGRL777 that is what I look like @H0tGRL777 goodmorning my queen this is me please kiss me @gabyeee13 he is in highschool