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Retweeted by clovercityIts actually sad how people are saying dekus character is good now when his always been good, just because his goin…
Retweeted by clovercityノエルちゃ~! おやすみなさいまし…😪💤
Retweeted by clovercityWhich anime has the worst adaptation?
Retweeted by clovercityThe Big 4 Is Finally Here 🏄🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by clovercity#Burn_The_Witch のえる「!、なんですか?」
Retweeted by clovercityAlright people, which mode is the best
Retweeted by clovercity @Pluidom Traps @undergroundoil @Pluidom @joestarlovebug Don’t watch anime and use 0% of your brain speed runThis chapter was prob one of the most hype leak night since spade arc started
Retweeted by clovercity @nankiller77 Bro if u take that shit seriously that’s on u. This is a cut clear obvious jokeTabata dropped a chapter about a goated mother on fathers day 😭
Retweeted by clovercityMaid ready for battle
Retweeted by clovercity @M4HITO_ Same with white people. Like there’s nothing wrong with being straight or white just shut the fuck up n enjoy things @xValClover How have you not seen it yetI love this moment to death and back, Denji coming to terms with the fact he’s normal, people love him, and it’s ok…
Retweeted by clovercityMy edgy lil heart❤️ Looks dope
Retweeted by clovercity @LovePassant cats understand love and romance better than we do
Retweeted by clovercitySakurajima mai
Retweeted by clovercity @chizuru_uwu AHHHH I LOVENIT YOURE SO GOODI had to do it for my oomfies
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Retweeted by clovercity胡桃に着てほしい服 #原神
Retweeted by clovercityDeku really did this to All Might on Father’s Day
Retweeted by clovercityHeavenly Destruction • • • #BlackClover #BC296 #ブラッククローバー
Retweeted by clovercityThe expressiveness through his mask… Horikoshi is one of the best mangaka artist I’ve ever seen. Dude knows how to…
Retweeted by clovercityNoelle's revenge. Manga: Black Clover [Ch.296] #BlackClover #BlackClover296 #ブラッククローバー
Retweeted by clovercityLena is PERFECT 🙌💟 #EightySix #エイティシックス
Retweeted by clovercityりゅーこっ!!!! ✂✂✂✂
Retweeted by clovercityHappy Father’s Day to the only dilf that matters 😩
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Retweeted by clovercity @othrrgurl If I had a milly you’ll come to me on ur own so I’m winning both either wayI also have this art with Noelle ✨ #BlackClover • #NoelleSilva 💖
Retweeted by clovercity"Asta clear of Deku" "Deku >>>> Asta"
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Retweeted by clovercityStarring Ricky Berwick!
Retweeted by clovercityOn top of being a stupid lie, the retconning of ancient male friendship as homosexuality has damaging implications…
Retweeted by clovercitygood afternoon 💓
Retweeted by clovercityNoelle's revenge and Vanica's retribution! #BlackClover #BlackClover296 #ブラッククローバー
Retweeted by clovercityA little more Bambietta. (Part 2/2) #BLEACH
Retweeted by clovercityThe only reason people try to downplay Noelle is because they know she's ridiculously clear if their fav
Retweeted by clovercity🌹
Retweeted by clovercity…
Retweeted by clovercity @showmehands Alright I thought It was gonna be some funny weird stuff not this unholy godless monstrosity
Retweeted by clovercity🧙‍♀️🍑(July2020)
Retweeted by clovercity @miraclesenshi I love Gojo and that scene is raw but your statement could not be further from the truth.乳の日 イラストのバックアップデータ全部飛んだ悲しみを背負って今後も精進していく所存です。
Retweeted by clovercityNoelle Silva con su nuevo traje espero que les guste :3 perdón la tardanza qwq #ブラッククローバー #BlackClover #fanart…
Retweeted by clovercitySana Sunomiya aka President
Retweeted by clovercity @MosIIey Ordering my dog collar for that say @RetroFirearms @dicksonnixon
Retweeted by clovercityThis women wounded Vanica so badly that THE DEVIL INSIDE HER told her to RUN....all that with seemingly NO SPIRIT,…
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Retweeted by clovercityBBAN-008
Retweeted by clovercityI CANT DO THIS
Retweeted by clovercityannie leonhart the prettiest bitch ever
Retweeted by clovercitySingle Mother's after posting "Shout out to all the REAL Father's today- the mothers" on Father's Day
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Retweeted by clovercity @M4HITO_ Yessir u know. Short stuffAnimating is fun until you realize you can only have 24 frames max in Clip Studio Paint pro lol #chainsawman…
Retweeted by clovercitymannn 🥵
Retweeted by clovercity @M4HITO_ 6’3 @treezyhere Maki is better than Nobara bro why would you humiliate yourself like this💆
Retweeted by clovercitySome of my work for Boruto #204!
Retweeted by clovercity @M4HITO_ Short stuff haha @3V4NGELION Damn so u didn’t see my hilarious top tier comedy reply? @3V4NGELION Damn so u be going to the gym topless? Ahaha can I get the gym address. I just wanna start working out… Shimura / 志村菜奈💪
Retweeted by clovercityManga: My Hero Academia (Ch.317) #MyHeroAcademia #MHA #BNHA #Deku
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Retweeted by clovercity @EthricBlaze It was nice. Fresh air. Look at the view after I climed that small mountain (or huge hill whichever).… @EthricBlaze I left my phone and went to live in the forest for a few days. I just got back home yesterday @EthricBlaze What being loveless does to a MfMha got one of the best anime adaptations it could have got these fans are ungrateful
Retweeted by clovercity「千雪の旦那さんになる人は幸せだな」
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Retweeted by clovercity @jokesdepartment Hold up what the fuck. I actually thought this was porn for a second…
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Retweeted by clovercitylittle tease 😺
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Retweeted by clovercityみんな大好き殺人鬼バニーちゃん!
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Retweeted by clovercityanon wants to find the smart people of twitter
Retweeted by clovercity @itszeke8_ CSM fans are so fucking annoying bro. I can’t believe I have to hide the fact that I like the anime when…
Retweeted by clovercitymona💙
Retweeted by clovercitywho said women cant be innovative
Retweeted by clovercityLate night President sketch💜
Retweeted by clovercityモナ
Retweeted by clovercitydid I do it right?
Retweeted by clovercity @RydBaphy As much as I love CSM the fandom needs to get fucked
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Retweeted by clovercityFanart de Noelle; espero que les guste #Blackcloverfanart #Noelle Instagram:
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