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Simon Patterson @denkmit 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇮🇪🏁

Chases motorbike around the world for fun and airmiles. Freelance MotoGP journalist.

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Wow! @AleixEspargaro P7, @BradleySmith38 P8!! @DoesItM50815290 @AleixEspargaro He is - Aprilia know it!Nice touch from @ApriliaOfficial #ForzaAlex @AleixEspargaro goes P1 in the test, it’s further proof of the job well done by Aprilia in improving the bike an… @mariamaria_id TestingMinor gearbox problem according to the team @Desmo_Mash Afraid not! @VRHutch46 @btsportmotogp @btsport Because it's not airing live!15 minutes gone and the 2021 Repsol Honda team are first and second. Marc Marquez leads Pol Espargaro. @SteffanBow Yep on MotoGP websiteMotoGP IS BACK ON TRACK! @SteffanBow Seven Hondas in the top eight! Haha @andrewduthie_ @johnmcp17 Some people will do anything to earn an extra bit of cake eh? @SteffanBow @johnmcp17 100% @D0iph0de NopeSuperb start to proceedings for @johnmcp17 to top first Moto3 session since Qatar from Masia and Suzuki @UCanCallMe_RoB Brno @cristinaj71 @DomiAegerter77 @xaviersimeon10 @grantvickers7 @DomiAegerter77 @xaviersimeon10 Not long enough hahah @grantvickers7 @DomiAegerter77 @xaviersimeon10 Neither! I'm nearby, but don't want to be encouraging anyone who should go to goFirst session of the weekend and first of the year for MotoE, and @DomiAegerter77 leads the way from @xaviersimeon10 @doohanok01 Don't want to encourage any fans to do the same so I'm being responsible! @doohanok01 No mate, not allowed in. Nearby but not at the track per se! @TweetEhraz Well... yes! @gasa2mani @MotoGP 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ @cristinaj71 It's come on now thankfully! I'm not quite at the track - I don't want to encourage any fans who are… @jonoabroad @danielhumphires @cristinaj71 Yeah, it's only just been switched on though. Wasn't live for the first half of the sessionOh, wait, someone has remembered to turn on live timing 😂 @cristinaj71 It's not working for meI understand not having live video today, even though I'd really like it. Filling eight hours when you can't have g… @InoFSHS It's 0832 now and bikes are on track!Nope, MotoGP only. Jakub Kornfeil has taken over his MotoE spot. are back in business! MotoE first out in three minutes time followed by a crazy busy schedule of testing for all… @pifflenick We’re not. But I don’t need to be anywhere in particular right now and I’ve got some freelance work tha…
@SantiPage 🤣🤣🤣Gonna be a long time before I’m bored of big Spanish skies and great roads on this trip #vanlife @wicket2961 Nope! Normally the racer brain doesn’t work that way haha @tidyboiler Well, when we recorded it we speculated about Pol to Honda, Alex to LCR, Morbidelli to stay at Petronas… relevant today as it was a few months ago, especially as I’ve been tipping @FabioQ20 for a win in the next two w… that's high praise! you following us over on Instagram? It's basically like our Twitter but definitely more aesthetically pleasing.…
Retweeted by Simon Patterson @motogpscott @Spalders @TobyMoody 😂😂😂😂Had a listen yet? Promise it’s worth it! (expected) good news for Dovi and Ducati ahead of the weekend @ThomasBaujard That’s the French for you! 😉 @insidebikes Trust me after 800 miles it needed washing!! @Baad_teacher @JoanMirOfficial @suzukimotogp Rins is absolutely a front runner. But Mir will be closer than people expect to him. @motoprzygoda @JoanMirOfficial @suzukimotogp Suzuki have lost their best circuits in the reshuffle. No Silverstone,… @JoanMirOfficial the dark horse of the 2020 MotoGP grid? He might be missing @suzukimotogp’s favourite tracks bu… @Snoozer95 Nope not officially @jodycundy Convert one! It’s far easier than you’d think - I did it and I’m an idiot with tools haha. Drop me a mes… simply the coolest car wash in this history of car washes #NH69 @m0rph3u @sulturia And in the USA @m0rph3u @_moliveira88 @Tech3Racing I’ve got a backlog of content at the minute! It might come after the races as i…
@BSAA77 @CallisterPeter Apart from Cal @R__Pastry @FozzyJ_46 I hope so! @digitalcapcouk @all_about_bikes @WeatherTechRcwy Yep. Tiny place! @uproar1000 I can’t see the craziness of last year (with Zarco and Lorenzo) happening again @uproar1000 Full house at Suzuki @AdventuresHanks @polespargaro @HRC_MotoGP @alexmarquez73 @lcr_team @calcrutchlow Well. It’ll suit his riding style @bsabantam @calcrutchlow @MartinThomas53 @motomatters Except for that Aprilia deal on the table for him @CallisterPeter Jack. But no one has won more than one since Melandri @taurusmoonwitch @Suren0802 @gauravshamm @DucatiMotor He is unreliable @Ewar41 @tomporritt @Fraser_98 @lorenzo99 @crash_motogp Remember: the people who benefit the most from the rumours… @zoebrunt Yep! Man that feels like an age ago @Ewar41 @tomporritt @Fraser_98 @lorenzo99 @crash_motogp Lorenzo specifically denied them. His father (who is an unr… latest @wearetherace podcast featuring @TobyMoody, @Spalders and myself is online! We recorded it last week but… shot 😍😍’ve got a little over 2 weeks to get a refund on our Misano AirBnB. Will there be a limited crowd allowed there a…
Retweeted by Simon Patterson @Hady45028818 👍👍👍 @Rambo0032317038 @APater6076 @FTLOMotoGP @polespargaro @HRC_MotoGP @alexmarquez73 @lcr_team @calcrutchlow Yes and yes @tomporritt @andrewduthie_ He’s got a bet with me he’s gonna lose 😂 @tomporritt @Fraser_98 @lorenzo99 I see the potential, yeah. But I’ve yet to hear anything more than speculation @bhumiriady I think they’d start as equals. @sulturia I think they’d start as joint - Cal’s reaults alone warrant that. But Aleix himself has said that he’d lo… @Fraser_98 It’s speculation right now @Jacko_64 Rossi isn’t retiring! @TopToon99 He’ll end up at Ducati. They’ll eventually realise they’re each other’s only optionIs Cal Crutchlow leaving Honda, potentially for Aprilia, really a win for all three of them? @SantiPage @polespargaro @HRC_MotoGP He was moved because he wasn’t fast enough 🤷‍♂️ @stevieb119 @all_about_bikes @BradleySmith38 The think Aprilia is lacking is experience @SantiPage Suspected @EE I’ve tried laptop and two iPads and had the same thing on all of them so assuming it’s definitely the phone/network settings @MartinShand2 Three wins in as many attempts as Aleix, on a bike that no one but Marc Marquez can make work consist… @AthisF15 @FrankyMorbido12 @sepangracing Not sure @EE No good unfortunately. Still getting this when laptop connects, but phone doesn’t show an active hotspot connex… madison team in the 2021 @UCI_Track championships 😂😂 @andrewduthie_ I’d rather take a tenner off you 😂 @MartinShand2 Crutchlow: three race wins. Espargaro: zero race wins. Iannone: banned from racing. @dangibernau The 2020 bike is underrated @FozzyJ_46 YepIn recap before I get back on the road, here’s how I see the 2021 grid looking. Bold is confirmed, italic is unanno… @ken_sugar 😂😂😂 @Rambo0032317038 @FrankyMorbido12 @sepangracing He’s already signed. Cal is going to Aprilia @Rambo0032317038 @FrankyMorbido12 @sepangracing Yamaha can’t run a third bike. Rules prohibit it @EE Yep no problem at all with it. I can set up a hotspot, it’s not restricted. But when I connect any device I get… @mickycrone @SpeedweekMag recap from a few weeks back on why @polespargaro is the right fit for @HRC_MotoGP