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Dennis Pascual @dennis_p SoCal most of the time.

Opinions=my own. RTs are not endorsements. Tesla Roadster, Model S, & Model 3 formerly BMW ActiveE. Organizer 4 @OCTeslaClub. Clean Tech Advocate and Executive

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@HideakiShibata1 @SuperRugby Thanks... I'm already signed up via DisneyPlus/Hulu/ESPN Plus bundle! @HideakiShibata1 @SuperRugby That NZ Saturday night match at 830pm is 🏅. Ideal Pacific time show! Midnight on Fridays are "good" too n @hillcountryfun It is good... it was a gift a few years ago and I didn’t mean to age it as long as I’ve done... @serenity64160 c'est bon. It was a gift. 😁 @SuperRugby Will this be broadcast on 🇺🇸 TV? Been watching SuperRugby 🇳🇿 the past few weeks, and would love to see… little Northern Rhone 🇫🇷 Syrah this evening... Some nights call for this... 🍷 @WholeMarsBlog About 2 more zeroes...
@arctechinc Show-off! 😉 @arctechinc That’s a big system! @arctechinc And I don’t think it will be ok by Independence Day as well... We’ll have to do it in the future. @dennis_p
Retweeted by Dennis Pascual😁🇨🇦👍🏽✌🏽🔌⚡️😜🚗 @thriveeachday @Tesla @elonmusk You never forget your first... Even though, it's my wife's car, and not mine. 😁🔌⚡🔋… @DrSallyL Have a good show... I'm going to bed soon, it's 0200... Just got off the @EVCouncil webinar... 😴💤Hey @BJafari, @harald_murphy question has most votes for this evening's conversation. 😁🔌⚡🔋🚗Up late, or is it early? 0100 PDT/1800 AEST... Thanks for the webinar @EVCouncil, it wouldn't be Tesla related i… support the #MovingForwardAct, H.R. 2, for a clean, electric transportation future! EVs provide benefits to… @TeslaStraya @DrSallyL @PhantomLaneFour Except it’s 0100 for me. 🤪 @DrSallyL @PhantomLaneFour Have a good show... I *might* be awake... (have a 6pm AEST webinar to attend) @TezLabApp @Tesla @TeslaRoadTrip @teslaownersSV @Teslarati @OCTeslaClub Can’t wait for C19 to be defeated so that I…
@TezLabApp @Tesla @TeslaRoadTrip @teslaownersSV @Teslarati @OCTeslaClub Nicely #EVolving app! Glad to continue to… @zachary1978 I believe used Teslas before this end of quarter are currently offered with supercharging included for purchaser. @zachary1978 Any cash back card can do that.. just at whatever levels is for regular spend.I got that offer too... and thought... woohoo! My beef jerky is now 3% back... but I think you went vegetarian...…
@vivivandeerlin @DelValTesla @Tesla @elonmusk That’s my understanding as well, but I usually couple a bug report wi… @vivivandeerlin @DelValTesla @Tesla @elonmusk Car has its own cameras @vivivandeerlin @DelValTesla @Tesla @elonmusk Store the image (save event) say bug info and report. That way they… @vivivandeerlin @DelValTesla @Tesla @elonmusk Bug Report and call it in! 👍🏽 @SethACutler @ElectrifyAm @chargeway Just realized, my colors were off... that’s 🟦4 for @Chargeway on @ElectrifyAm @cm2zw @Tesla And with the Roadster, @OpenVehicles let me unlock or lock the car with my phone, iOS or Android, not… sounds like Apple has finally enabled something I could do with my @Tesla for years... I don’t even need to… @SethACutler @ElectrifyAm That’s a tough one... no CCS on any of our vehicles and our CHAdeMO adapter is limited t… @MountainRatMatt @marc_benton But a BRUTE has a very masculine feel to it...
@tonycapp @404GAS @Tesla Good plan... I'm close to that A on 3... On S, I run at 44, I have dual chargers and tha… Birthday @elonmusk! Thank you for all that you do and have done... We've enjoyed and continue to enjoy the… @marc_benton It captures both and is very descriptive of the vehicle. Plus keeps the Cyber part of the vehicle3rd weekend of @SuperRugby, 2nd match for the @crusadersrugby tonight against the @ChiefsRugby! 🏉 #Crusaders @marc_benton Let me point you to a good idea for both from our friends from Oz 🇦🇺 @TesLatino Your melting away! 💪🏾 @marc_benton The Aussies 🇦🇺 have a movement to call it the CyberbrUte! (They call utility vehicles Utes)… @kimpaquette Is that at the Arby's? That's a "classic" intercontinental stop... @kimpaquette @seanmmitchell Cheers to you both! 🥂 @404GAS @tonycapp @Tesla Level 1 = 120v (3-5 miles per hour on a Tesla) Level 2 = 240v (15-60 miles per hour on a… @404GAS @tonycapp @Tesla J1772 is the North American standard for all EVs to charge on AC. (Level 1 and Level 2)
@TeslaChillMode @atj721 @jpr007 @WholeMarsBlog @TesLatino Looking good Rafael @TeslaChillMode @Tesla Thanks 🇹🇩... there’s something Zen about shutting out the world and washing the car. 😁 @jcadman22 A lot of detailed work... @krpirrone @Tesla Glistening Perfection in Costa Mesa was always my go to place, but they are pricey. @raffaeru @TeslaStars @Tesla Winter is optional in Southern California. We get snow in the local mountains. @DeanFieldingF1 We are... hope things are well with you and the family. Loved the EV race you tweeted the other day. @raffaeru @Tesla How about this one... @TeslaGong @Tesla @elonmusk @teslaownersau @PhantomLaneFour @sydney_ev @TeslaStraya @DrSallyL @_TeslaTom Good job Nash! @dancinginEnc @Tesla @OCTeslaClub Glad you had a good time.Yup... today is a good @Tesla day... Had a great meetup with @OCTeslaClub members, 3 clean Tesla cars, and now a f… @IheartTesla Yes... it is. @BillM_HB It's on this... @BillM_HB Yes. @28delayslater @marc_benton Yup... not the same design aesthetic as the other vehicles... I’ve reserved a tri-moto… @sydney_ev @TeslaGong @PhantomLaneFour @_TeslaTom @DrSallyL @TeslaStraya Nash already has 12 on order from what I hear! @arctechinc @CA_DMV AAA services in California include some DMV services, especially around registration and the li… @marc_benton It’s still ugly, and I can’t wait to get mine delivered... 😁🔌⚡️🔋🚛 @arctechinc @CA_DMV I would suggest a AAA membership (I think there’s a referral program 😉). This service can be done easier at AAA offices.Thanks to @RPMTESLA, I had a modification done to my @Tesla #Model3 that has been perfect for social distancing and… @arctechinc @CA_DMV Call @damphouse My neighbors are used to us... Before one of them passed away a few years ago, he thought that I was a car dealer. 😁 @sydney_ev It's a "garage queen". It only goes out in perfect weather... Additionally, we've been at Safer at Home for 99 days today. 😁One is hiding! My better half wasn't happy yet... Until now... #CleanTesla #Roadster thought we were done cleaning the @Tesla #Roadster when I took these pictures... I was told we were not done ye… don't often post pictures of a #DirtyTesla #Roadster, but it's been over 100 days since the last wash... The S a… did a good job getting a #CleanTesla today! The @Tesla #Model3 looks as clean as it did when we picked it up… @Tesla 3 hasn't been washed in over 100 days... It's time for a wash... @sydney_ev 😁
Wine this evening is courtesy of a @LastBottleWines deal on Chardonnay... It's label is for a restaurant group tha… your enjoyment... @jhall @Teslarati I’m a big @jimcramer/@MadMoneyOnCNBC fan... but that correlates with when he changed his thesis o… @Teslarati I don’t know if I would call him a “Die-Hard”... I would say, recently convinced? How long ago was it… @elonmusk Turn on the PIN to Drive function!A little under 23 hours before the end of the submission period for @OCTeslaClub special raffle of the @evannex_com
The holy grail to enable mass adoption of #EVs may be Multi-Unit Dwelling charging solutions. @XcelEnergyCO has a…
Retweeted by Dennis PascualCongratulations to @ElectrifyAm on this accomplishment! 👏🏽🥂👍🏾🔌⚡🔋🚗 @SethACutler @eden4peace @omaze @ZelectricBug @Tesla @Petersen_Museum You know it... I'm picky in my winning Fantasy Lotto purchases! @eden4peace @omaze @ZelectricBug @Tesla @Petersen_Museum So am I... If I ever win a Lotto, I want @ZelectricBug to Jayson E from Berkeley, CA for winning the @omaze raffle for the @ZelectricBug converted 1968 Po… @mojosusan @TeslaChillMode @Tesla Thanks. The thumb wheel scroll, time it takes for a professional ad team and the availability of 3 vs Y. @MurilloRamons @OCTeslaClub @Tesla @evannex Are you in Southern California? Or domestic US? Sign up for the club… @TeslaChillMode @Tesla Model 3... with video manipulation for the steering wheel.Ok... Meetup is now OPEN to members of the general @Tesla Community... The raffle is for domestic club members.…'s parked outside... Have ceramic coating on it... But fully clean for this photo... For now... 😁 #CleanTesla We worked on it, and decided to go ahead and clean the car... So, we went from a #DirtyTesla to a… 97 days at home, for the most part, our @Tesla #ModelS is FILTHY. I'm sure this will make the #CleanTssla f… this evening... Another bottle of this same Riesling... It's so food friendly... 😁🥂
@Model3Owners A cybertruck? 😉 @WholeMarsBlog @elonmusk 🔌⚡️🔋🏎 @WholeMarsBlog @elonmusk Isn't Wile E. Coyote the better analogy? That's who tries to catch the Roadrunner... If…
@JohnnaCrider0 Laissez les bons temps rouler 🥳🎉🍾🪅 @marc_benton @Tesla Of course... It's a $100 call option @marc_benton @Tesla The question is whether there will be a confirmed Cybertruck sale from the Petersen Museum visit later in the week. 😉 @aminorjourney @45Drives That's around 90F... The question is... Is it a "dry" heat? Would be good to have as a heat source in the Winter!